tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaudia Ch. 01

Claudia Ch. 01


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack


This is dedicated to one of my fans, thanks for being a motivation. ;)


It's always the same boy meets girl, boy grows up with girl and girl always falls for wrong guys. My girl has always been the girl next door Claudia. I always loved growing up next door to her we were always so similar yet so different, similar in sense of having the same bullshit in our lives yet different in the way we expressed it. My way was ignoring it by losing myself in movies, music and video games but her methods were a bit extraordinary. I remember last year on her 18th birthday she got her first tattoo and piercing since then she was hooked.

Knock. Knock.

There she was the girl of my dreams standing 5'4", 12 piercings including 3 tongue rings, 8 tattoos, mid back length hair, the most beautiful hazel eyes you could get lost in, her body was so sensually sexy, it was averagely toned with a nice firm ass and 38d tits!

"So what do you think?" she chirped throwing my attention to her new black and blue hair.

"I always preferred you as a blonde." I joked knowing she hated her common hair color.

"Whatever!" she snared walking to the living room. Dam I love the way her ass sways in that skirt.

AS I grabbed the popcorn and drinks I noticed her sitting in her usual spot of the couch and I knew exactly what this would lead to...

"Massage!" she said throwing her feet into my lap as the opening scene began.

I began to slowly massage her feet and tease a bit I always knew what it would lead to but tonight I wanted to take it slow, push her more to the edge. During the movie my touch became gentler... sensual... teasing. I brushed my hand up and down every inch of her leg barely touching till I felt Goosebumps begging me to make contact. This was always our quiet time, knowing never acknowledging. My hand slowly crept up her creamy thigh and with each brush they moved further and further apart.

As I made direct contact with her cotton panty I moan feeling the dampness and my dick twitch against her feet. I was no longer focusing on the movie I was now concentrating everything to this sexual goddess.

Her eyes were now closed and with each movement of my hand her breathing got deeper, each time I would try to put my finger under the panties she would always take it away... I knew my boundaries'. I moved my thumb to her clit and now was moving back and forth with my fingers grinding deep into her slit wishing I wasn't restricted by these panties.

She was now biting her lips grinding her hips towards me, helping with the pressure pushing her more and more to the edge! I wanted to stop... tease... and drive her insane but she looked so sexy lying on her back skirt around her waist and nipples trying to tear through her tank top.

I pick up my pace.

She shutters "yes..." she moans, sending herself into a convulsion pulling her hands to her huge chest turning away from the television.

My hands caress her legs as she dies down from her orgasm.

A small vibration was heard throughout the room.

She pulls down her skirt and pulls out her cell phone. As she glanced at the text message her face lit up "Jayce..." she whispered. "Gotta go Dean, I talk to you tomorrow!" she said rushing out the door leaving me with my throbbing cock and the thought that I knew exactly this would happen, another tease and she running to that Jerk of boy friend Jayce.

Since as long as I could remember we were always flirting and having a good time but anything more asked she would always give me the same excuse, that she didn't want to do anything more because she doesn't want to ruin our friendship.

Glancing out the window seeing her jump into his arms pulling him into her house I can't help but get jealous on what they were about to do, being in the friend zone always got me the great details on how much she loved sucking cock and some of her fantasies but the bad part I was always stuck with a hard on and the image of her bouncing melons. Life sucks!

I can't believe how quickly life can turn on you, I should have expected it because she was always a tease but I really wanted to spend time with her tonight, sometimes in life you just can't help but love someone.

As I dialed her number I just wanted to be there for her.

"Hey..." she answered the phone.

"What happened?" I asked knowing that the asshole must of done the stupidest thing on earth.

"We were getting down and dirty and I find out that the fucker cheated on me with some fucking slut!" she ragged on the phone.

"What happened?"

"I don't want to fuck talking about it!" she hissed.

"No need to bitch at me, I wasn't the one that cheated on you!?" She now lit a fire in me.

"Yea but you're the one pissing me off even more!" she finished turning off her cell.

Wow what a bitch! My mind was spinning; I was so tired of her shit.... I was furious... and so fucking hard! I knew that was the last straw, I wanted to punish her, make her feel my pain... my love... my lust!

As I crept over to her house knowing her parents wouldn't be home till next week I stood in the shadows of her living room wearing a complete black hooded sweater with a bandana below my eyes and over my mouth... waiting. I pulled out my cell phone and started calling the house phone knowing the only ones connected were in the basement and kitchen. Falling for the bait my angel skipped down the stairs towards the ringing phone.

In a quick motion I grabbed her pinning her to the wall "Don't make a sound bitch!" I say hoarsely in her ear "...if you do as I say you won't get hurt!"

With my hand holding her mouth shut she can only nod her head in fear.

I felt so powerful, like a kid opening his gifts on Christmas my hands lightly move down her neck followed by my eyes to her delicious cleavage. I grabbed the fabric and in a swift movement ripped her delicious firm 38 d tits from their confines.

"Please don't hurt me..." she whispers breathing heavily.

"mmmmmm..." I kneaded her breast as I notice her sensitive nipples start coming to life. I wrap them with my lips.

"nooo..." she said inhaling deeply with her hands holding my hair.

No??!? I stand in a swift movement I pull her over the couch top "No!?" I express out loud. "You have no right to ever say NO to me!" I say sternly swatting my hand hard on her tight firm ass.

"uhh..." a slight exhale escapes her breath as I make another contact with her hard firm ass.

I touch her thighs and slowly move my hands slowly raising the skirt to see all I have ever lusted for... her perfect ass! With the sight in front of me was so delicious but it made me even angrier.

"A thong...?" I whisper, slowly tracing my fingers along the strap and her clean shaven pussy, hooking my finger under it "... You wear a thong for that PIECE OF SHIT!" I say even louder tearing the weak fabric off her.

I bring my hand down on her ass even more upsetting "I'm sorry..." she whimpered as I continued on my punishment.

I trail my hands on her ass "you promise to be good?"

"Yes..." she sobbed.

I see the damage I have caused the pain of her punishment is now the guilt I carry; I kiss it, slowly covering her ass with my lips. My hands caress her cheeks. I must have more as I part her cheeks and bury my face into her cunt!

"oooh God..." she moans as her hands squeeze into the couch.

She taste so delicious, I devour all her juices and hope for more as I feel her breathing gets heavier. My lapping on her cunt I can't help but lick everywhere, I make contact with her asshole.

Her body shutters at contact as I keep up my assault till her dies from her orgasm.

As I stand she falls from the couch onto the floor, she looks up and all she sees hovering is my 7 inch shaft twitching in anticipation.

"So I heard you got some skills, slut?" I say in a deep voice.

She licks her lips as I slowly approach, before I could get anymore words in she wraps her lips around my hard cock like it's the last drinking supply on earth, her head picks up speed as I know what she is wanting. In a quick movement she pushes my shaft to my stomach and starts sucking on my balls, while looking up to me she moves her tongue all along the shaft and engulfs my cock back into her mouth... she is a pro!

"You need to stop..." I say but she picks up speed sucking even harder.

"YOU NEED TO STOP!" I say sternly but she keeps sucking.

I pull my cock from her mouth "you need to starting fucking listening to me!" I grab her lifting her by her chin throwing her back over the couch in a fury.

She needs to be punished, taught who was in control. I take my aching cock and place it at her asshole.

"No a..." she says in a pleading voice" I never..." I cover her mouth with my hand and in a swift movement I slammed my hard cock into her asshole.

She screams into my hand biting down as the pain adds to my pleasure and tears stream down her face.

I wait till she is somewhat relaxes and I pull out and shove my cock back deep into her ass, with each powerful thrust she her breathing gets heavier.

"You gotta be taught... a... lesson..." I said between each stroke "... and I'm gonna teach you ... whore!"

With each thrust more powerful than the other I feel myself building to climax, I want her to cum, my hand reaches for her clit to find her already playing with herself. She is actually enjoying herself being raped by a complete stranger!?

I pick up my pace as streams of cum burst into her tight hole.

"Oh god..." her ass tightens as she throws her arm around my neck pulling me into her, and pushing her ass to meet my final thrust!

"mmmmmm... I love you..." I whisper as my climax dies.

"I love you too Dean..." She replied, sending me into shock wondering how she knew it was me.

I pull out my deflating member as she rolls herself over the couch; she looked so sexy lying there torn shirt, chest out and skirt hiked up to her waist.

I lightly touch her face as she removes my bandana I can't help but meet our lips in a lock of passion. I drop myself besides her kissing every inch of her face slowly moving down her neck. I finally get to love her the way I want with passion and the thirst to take care of her and treat her the way she is meant to be treated.

I kiss my way down her heaving chest, her hand slowly moves from my back to my hair, slowly playing in it. Our eyes meet and she pulls me to her nipple. Man how long have I craved for the nurturing of her tits.

"mmmmmm..." she was now biting her lip, staring at me... I couldn't help but stop... god she was beautiful.

Before I could make my next move she rises up pushing me back to the other end of the couch giving me one of the sexiest smiles ever.

Grabbing my cock she places the deflated tip in her mouth and just starts sucking for all its worth, I was at a lost moaning and getting lost in the hotness of her throat, in no time I was rock hard.

"So..." she asked slowly while stroking my cock "you wanna... fuck... my... tight... CUNT!" having half her hair covering her face and one of the wickedest smiles, I couldn't help but pounce on her hot hole.

Seeing me move forward she jumps on the other end of the couch and spreads her legs wide, I move my dick to her now waiting pussy. I move my cock along it... it's hot... its wet.

"What do you want?" I tease.

"Please..." she says with a puppy dog face.

"hmmmm?" I continue mockingly.

"FUCK MY DIRTY PUSSY... please!" she begged forcefully.

I Penetrate.

"That's it..." she is lost "mmmmm... harder baby!"

I pick up my pace.

"Don't stop... I am so close..." she wraps her legs around me.

"I need to..." I plead.

"I don't care just shoot your hot load deep inside of me!" she whispers into my ear.

With that her walls latch down on my cock milking it for all its worth and I can't help but releasing my load deep into my best friend... my lover... the girl next door.

To be continued...


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks.

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