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Clean or Dirty


After a great night out we leisurely walk back to our hotel room, hand-in-hand. When we get to our room, you suggest a shower since we're a bit sweaty from walking around on such a warm day. I readily agree to anything that allows me to see your naked body, especially glistening with warm water running over your skin; water droplets hanging from your hard nipples; your hips shining with the light reflected off of the wetness that is coating your entire body. As you run your fingers through your hair to wash away the heat of the day, I wrap an arm around your waist and pull you closer to me so that my lips can touch yours and my chest can feel your soft breasts press against me. My tongue presses into your mouth and your crotch presses into mine. My hand slides from your waist to your slippery wet ass, and I pull you even tighter against me. As we kiss, my hand caresses your wonderful ass; my other hand around your back keeping your whole body as close to me as possible.

After what seems like forever with our lips locked together, we pull apart for a breath of air; the water of the shower doing little to cool down our bodies at this point. I am drawn back to your mouth to continue our kiss when my eyes are drawn to your breasts -- all shiny and wet, nipples hard, looking to me like the most desirable things on Earth. Completely beyond my control, my lips lower instead to those hot hard nipples, and I suck one into my mouth, pressing my face fully into your chest as both of my hands, now, grab and squeeze your ass. I am lost into your tits as the water runs down your body and over my face; your arms now wrapped tightly around my head and pulling me face even further into your heavenly breasts. I could not pull away from you now, if I wanted to; but I don't want to. I suck your nipple like I need it to live; my tongue flicking across it and around it, pressing against it and teasing it. As I moan in pleasure you can feel the vibrations from my voice go through your breast and inspire a new shiver down your spine.

I pull away, briefly, for a breath of air, then immediately latch on to your other breast -- I don't want it to feel left out. As I suck and play with your other nipple, my hands are going to town on your ass. The water running down your body makes your skin slippery, and my hands glide over your hot cheeks rapidly as I am enjoying the feeling of having your ass in my hands. Occasionally my fingers pass over your asshole, and even tease it a bit; as I continue to suck, and even nibble a bit, on your nipples. Each time I touch your asshole, you convulse, involuntarily, and press back against my naughty finger as if you are begging for me to touch you more.

But I don't. Instead, after several minutes of doing this, I pull away from you and look into your eyes. I see in your eyes the unbridled passion and lust that tells me you putty in my hands. You see in my eyes a desire that borders on burning; I am looking at you with such lust and intent that you have no doubt about what I want. Before you can speak, I put a hand on your waist and turn you around. Your hands press against the wall of the shower to keep yourself standing as my hands grab your hips and pull you back towards me. As your ass reaches me, you feel my cock -- hard and wet -- press against you, and you moan softly at its touch. My cock can feel the heat coming from your pussy, and the wetness dripping between your legs that does not come from shower. With both of my hands on your hips, I pull you even closer; at the same time I thrust my hips forward, shoving my throbbing rock-hard cock straight into your steaming pussy. You scream at the sensation of feeling my inside of you so suddenly, and press your hips even further back into me as you try to pull my cock as far into your pussy as possible.

Your hands against the wall, still, you lean down further as I begin to slide my cock in and out of your pussy, causing both of us to moan in pleasure at the sensation. I can feel the walls of your pussy squeezing against my cock; I can feel the your skin against my balls as I am fully inside of you; and I can feel the lips of your pussy spread invitingly to welcome my cock back in after I pull back and almost out of you before thrusting back inside as far as I can go. With one hand on your ass, my other reaches around to hold onto your breast -- a dangerous idea as the sensations of your pussy on my cock combined with the reward of feeling your soft breast and hard nipple in my hand are sometimes too much for me to take without cumming. But somehow I keep going as you close your eyes and enjoy the sensations your body is feeling from the water, my hands, and my hard cock.

Just as you think you can't take much more, though, you feel my hand pull away from your breast. But instead of feeling it return to your hips, you feel it smack against your ass at the same time as my cock thrusts hard into your hot pussy. You scream in surprise and pleasure, and I can feel your pussy convulse around my penis as your body shakes. Before you can recover I pull back, almost pulling my cock entirely out of you; I hold there for what feels like forever, but is really only a matter of seconds, before thrusting all the way back inside of you and again spanking your shiny ass which sounds even louder due to its wetness. This is too much for you, and you begin to shake and shiver as an orgasm racks your body. My cock is throbbing inside of you as it feels your pussy spasm as it cums; without pulling out of you my other hand suddenly smacks your other cheek, and as you scream in pleasure I am sure that the entire floor of the hotel can hear you. But neither of us care about that as I pull back, stroking my cock against your spasming pussy walls, before pounding back in as far as it can go and spanking your ass harder than I ever have. At this sensation your body becomes almost limp as your orgasm radiates through every nerve of your body.

Seeing you bent over in front of, your ass red from being spanked, and your pussy relentlessly squeezing my cock is too much for me. As your orgasm keeps going, mine begins. You feel my cock begin to throb and thrust and you know that I am cumming. "Yes!" you scream, "Cum with me! Fill me up with your hot cum!" As I hear you I push even further into you, and smack your ass one more time before my cock erupts sending jets of hot sperm straight into you. Your orgasm regains some strength as you feel me cum, and you push back trying to get me even further inside of you as my cock spews forth hot cum. My body begins to shake as the sensations are almost too much, but with my hands and your hips again I am able to keep standing while we both keep cumming for what seems like an hour.

Finally, our bodies relent, and we begin to come down from our high. I reach over to turn off the shower while our bodies are still enjoined. Pulling slowly from you, I reach for a towel to wrap around you, and grab another for me. Your eyes are glazed like you hardly know where you are as I lead you back to our bed. You fall backwards on to the bed in a daze and your eyes roll back as you sink into the soft mattress. Your legs and hanging slightly off the bed, and are spread wide as you feel the cool air of the room across your skin. Looking down, I can see your pussy all swollen and red and still excited. It is still shiny from your wetness, and I can see the first drips of my own cum beginning to leak back out of you.

You open your eyes and look at me, standing above you, and see that my cock is still as hard as it was while I was fucking you in the shower. It is shiny and wet from being inside of you, and you can see traces of both your cum and mine coating it. You look into my eyes with renewed lust and pull your legs up so that you can spread your hips even wider. You look me straight in the eyes and say, "Do it, Jason, eat me!" as you stick your legs into the air with your pussy spread wide open before me. My cock bobs up and down in excitement at the sight of you, and I step forward towards the bed. I lower my face to your crotch as I can begin to smell the unmistakable odor of sex. Bringing my face even closer I can see your lips are still spread from being fucked, and your smooth pussy is still soaked with our combined juices. As I am taking in this unbelievable sight you decide that you have waited long enough, and you reach down, grabbing the back of my head, and pull me face straight into your crotch.

As soon as my mouth touches your pussy, your hips thrust against my face and you let out of pure pleasure. My lips spread to take in your pussy, as my tongue extends and thrusts inside of you. You pull on my head even harder, now with both hands, your legs still spread wide in the air. I begin to lick and suck on you tasting your cum and mine mixed together inside of you, and feel our mixed wetness all over my face. I stick my tongue as far inside of your as I can as I begin to lick and suck trying to get as much of our cum from you as I can. My passionate ravishing of your cum-filled, freshly-fucked pussy is too much for you and you start to cum again, rubbing your pussy against my face as I helplessly continue to suck and lick your steamy, cummy, pussy. My hands are on your ass, at this point, pulling you back into me as much as you are pulling me into you. By this point, of course, enough of your wetness and my cum has leaked from you that your asshole is coated and slippery with it as well. One of my fingers discovers this, and slides straight into your ass while you are cumming all over my face. Your body goes rigid as you cum hard, almost blacking out from the sensations of my tongue eating the cum from your pussy and my finger sliding in and out of your ass.

As you begin to relax, your hips come back down the bed, your legs come down, and you let go of the back of my head. You even pull away from my mouth as my tongue is too much for your hyper-sensitive pussy, now. You lay back, completely content after so much sex; but as you look at me you can my cock still hard and dripping with pre-cum as it throbs relentlessly in the air. You look me at me knowingly, and sensing what I want you roll over onto your stomach. As I slide up higher, with my legs on either side of you, you slide back against me and feel my cock slide between your ass cheeks. "You know what I want, don't you?" I ask, as I begin to slide my cock back and forth against your ass, feeling it glide easily through the wetness that is everywhere.

"Yes..." you say hesitantly, "I know."

"That's what you want, too, isn't it?" I ask.

"Yes ..." you answer, after a brief pause. Your words indicate hesitation, but your ass is pushing back against my cock as I continue to slide back and forth between your cheeks.

"Are you sure?" I ask, as I position the head of my cock against your pulsing, slippery asshole.

"Please!" you beg, "Do it. Fuck my ass, Jason!" And you slowly push back against my cock, feeling the head begin to spread apart your ass as it pushes its way inside.

Knowing that it is sensitive at first, I hold still, letting you set the pace. You go slowly, getting used to the feeling of my hard cock entering your ass. It seems like forever, though it is probably only a minute, before I feel the entire head of my cock suddenly slip inside of you. The hard part is over, but you pause for a second to get used to it. You can feel me throbbing, still, sending electric sensations through your ass and your entire body. Now that the head is inside of you, I begin to slide forward, still slowly, so that I can get my entire cock into your ass. You want the same thing, and even though I am going slowly, you begin to push back harder so that pretty soon I am buried inside of you and you can feel my balls against your pussy below me.

You begin to rock back and forth, slowly, feeling my cock filling you up. Your other hand is on your clit, rubbing it furiously as your body begins to drift away, again, in sexual pleasure. I start to slide back, pulling my cock almost all of the way back out, and the slowly pushing it back in as I feel your ass spread to accept me. Back and forth I go, slowly for a few times, before I begin to lose all semblance of self-control. After a few attempts, I give up, and begin to fuck your ass outright, picking up speed and pressing hard into you. Each time I thrust forward you let out a grunt of pleasure and thrust your ass back against me trying to get me just a bit further inside of you. Your fingers are now sliding in and out of your pussy in time to my cock sliding in and out of your ass.

This cannot last long, as soon you can feel me getting ready to cum again. Knowing that I am about to cum inside your ass sets you off, and you begin to cum again yourself. As you start to moan with an obvious orgasm, my cock begins to shiver inside of you and starts to shoot out more cum straight into your ass. I push into you as far as I can go as your ass drains the last of the cum from balls, as you begin to wind down from your own climax.

As with both come down, I slowly pull back, withdrawing my still hard cock from inside of you. Your ass is red and wide open as I pull out, and still as shiny and wet as when we started. Your body is limp and exhausted on the bed, as I flop down on my back next to you. A contented sigh escapes your lips as you roll over and lay your head on my shoulder. Seeing my cock still hard and shiny and gently throbbing in the dim light of the room, you reach down and wrap your hand around it. You gently slide your hand up and down my slippery cock, not in any attempt to make me cum again, but out of the pleasure of feeling my hard cock in your hand. As you hold onto me, we both drift slowly into sleep; just the two of us, together, in a big, soft bed.

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