Clean Up -- Aisle Eight


The aisle she turned into was chosen for much the same reason. There was a window directly across from it, but soda machines blocked most of it. Someone looking between the machines might be able to see, but not a person just driving through the parking lot.

"Sandra, you can't be serious," Dan said with nervous laughter in his voice as he followed her.

Sandra turned to face him and responded, "I'm dead serious. I want you — right here, right now. Fuck me, Danny." He stepped closer, and she pushed his hands away so she could wrap her hand around his cock again. Using that convenient handle, she pulled him close and kissed him hard.

"God, I want you," Sandra said in a husky whisper when she pulled away from the kiss. With those words, she spun around and pushed back the product on the shelf, giving her a place to rest her hands.

Sandra bent down, presenting her heart-shaped ass to him, and then reached between her legs to part her nether lips. She looked back over her shoulder to see Daniel moving in behind her, his inhibitions obviously evaporating from the sight of her giving her body to him in the bright store lights.

Daniel squeezed her ass, and let out a groan.

Sandra thrust her bottom back at him, and demanded, "Don't make me wait."

His left hand slid upward to her hip, and Sandra moaned as she saw him take his big cock in hand. She flexed her buttocks and licked her lips, further encouraging him with the sexy display. She sucked in a great gasp of air as the purple helmet of his cock pressed against her folds.

"Fuck," Daniel groaned as he slipped into her pussy.

"Yes — please," Sandra responded as he filled her full, pushing through the resistance of her tightness to settle in her depths. "Hard and fast," she added.

Daniel left his cock buried, and moved his hands from her hips to her breasts. He squeezed them, feeling the weight of them, and then tweaked her stiff nipples.

Sandra growled, and then exclaimed, "Oh yeah," as he pulled back, his hands sliding to her hips once more.

Daniel's hips slammed forward, driving his big cock deep inside her. Sandra yelped from the surprising power, and grabbed the shelf rail tighter with her left hand. As he withdrew and thrust again, her right hand found her throbbing clit. She slapped her fingers over her hood a pair of times, in sync with his thrusts, and then pressed hard to rub it in a fast circle.

"Fuck — you're wet," Daniel spat out as he pounded his cock home.

"Make me wetter. Make me come. Fuck me hard, Danny."

"Oh yeah," he growled, and gave her more of his muscle.

"Oh, that's it. Right there," Sandra cried out, his fast-pumping cock igniting a bonfire of tightly coiled energy behind her mound.

Sandra's breasts swung hard and erratically from the power of his thrusts, her knuckles turning white on the shelf rail from the effort of holding on to it. Bottles of dishwashing detergent tumbled to the floor as the shelves rattled. Dan's thighs collided with loud smacks against her ass, echoing through the empty store.

A steady stream of loud, barely articulate cries tumbled from Sandra's lips as Daniel pounded her. "Oh! Oh! Yeah! Ah! Oh! Fuck!"

Daniel grunted with effort, giving her every ounce of speed and strength he could muster. More bottles and rolls of paper towels dropped to the floor by the second, littering the aisle with bouncing, rolling product.

The itch of Sandra's approaching orgasm glowed white-hot under Daniel's assault, and her fast-moving fingers. Her screams grew even louder, her body afire from the feeling of him taking her with his big cock, stretching her with its girth and nearly knocking at the entrance of her womb.

"Gonna come," Daniel growled, his voice tight with the effort of holding back an explosion.

"Don't stop. Come inside me. Come in my pussy," Sandra cried out, her voice warbling as she teetered on the brink of orgasm.

"Yeah!" The word blasted from Daniel's lips, and somehow he summoned up even more strength, his cock driving into her with jackhammer force. He let out a loud, angry-sounding grunt with every thrust.

Sandra's eyes and mouth both popped wide open when her orgasm claimed her. It hit her without mercy, her pussy alive with crackling jolts of ecstasy that shot up her spine to spread to every inch of her body. She screamed, the sound high and loud — almost ear-splitting — though it sounded as if echoing inside a drum to her, over the thundering of her rapid heartbeat in her ears.

Sandra's head bumped off of the shelf in front of her when Daniel let out a blast of air and buried his cock in her depths. She trembled and twitched from the waves of nearly painful orgasm shooting through her, but she could still feel his cock pulsing in her tightly clenched pussy as Daniel filled it full of cum.

"Fuck. Fuck!" Daniel cried out as his hips twitched involuntarily. "Still coming!"

"Give it to me!" Sandra squealed, still deep in the throes of her own orgasm.

Daniel panted as his climax slowly played out. Sandra could barely manage to draw air into her lungs. Her throat would close every time she tried to gasp, and she had to swallow before she could manage to exhale. Between her incredible orgasm and the lack of air, she started to feel lightheaded.

"S-shit!" Daniel exclaimed when he couldn't take the rhythmic squeeze of her pussy on his over-sensitive cock any longer. He jerked free of her with a growl, and stumbled backwards to lean against the opposite shelf, causing more product to drop to the floor.

Sandra at last was able to suck in a long, noisy breath when the swirl of cool air touched her hot, quivering folds. Daniel's cum dribbled from her gaped pussy, running down her thighs and dripping to the floor to form a puddle between her legs. She could still barely stand, the arm she'd used to frig her clit now resting on the shelf to help support her — and she was still coming.

Even though she was untouched, Sandra's orgasm held her for several more torturous seconds, and then finally released her. Only her arms resting on the shelf, her head leaning against another, and her knees coming to rest on yet another kept her from collapsing when her legs gave way. It wasn't enough, and she had to let her knees sink to the floor. Once she knelt on the tile, she laid her face on the shelf, the cold metal feeling good against her hot, flushed skin.

After a couple of false starts, and a minute or two to catch her breath, Sandra managed to sit down, the chill tile a shock on her bare ass. She looked across the aisle to see Daniel sitting back against the shelf, his pussy-slick, softening cock lying across his thigh. He was staring at the ceiling through closed eyelids, the back of his head resting against the shelf as his pants for breath slowed.

Sandra twitched when she slipped two fingers between her legs to gather up his cream, which was still oozing from her. She sucked her fingers clean, and then went back for more. She noticed Daniel watching her, and said, "We taste good together. My, you came a lot — again."

"Fuck, I don't know where it came from," Daniel responded, his voice weak and lethargic.

"I know where it all went," Sandra said with a chuckle. She then dipped her fingers into the bittersweet treat once more. "And I know where it's going, too."

"You are... Fuck..." Daniel shook his head and smiled. "Just too sexy."

"You're not so bad yourself," Sandra said, and then stretched out a foot to tickle his toes with hers. A devilish grin spread across her face, and she said, "I close tomorrow. Do you think you might be able to stay late again?"

"Oh, fuck yeah," he answered, and then laughed.

Sandra already had a vision in her head of him standing in the front of the store, right in front of the window, with her on her knees below the panes, sucking him dry.

Daniel looked up and down the aisle at the product lying everywhere. "Damn, what a mess."

"And we're the only ones here," Sandra said, punctuating it with a sigh.

"I can't get up," Daniel groaned in protest.

Sandra turned around and gave her ass a smack. "Not even if I hinted that I might let you fuck my ass over a break room table tomorrow night?"


Sandra let out a growling moan. "God, I'm going to wake up in a puddle of pussy juice dreaming about it tonight." She gave him a little kick and said, "Come on — you stud, you. Clean up on aisle eight."

With a smile of anticipation, Daniel grabbed the shelf and stood. "Yes, boss."

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