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Climbing Twin Peaks



I am Sam and am about to relate a wonderful experience I had a few days back. I love trekking and have enjoyed roaming around in the wilderness for years now. I usually go out with a bunch of friends, but that day none could make it. So I decided to go alone.

I decided to try and free-climb a cliff called Khagri Pinnacle. I parked my car at a safe place near the highway and made my way upto the base of the secluded cliff. I got out my gear and pulled back a little bit to mentally mark the footholds and handholds and the path I would possibly take. As I was watching, I saw a scarf fluttering around midway to the top, behind a projection in the rock. I walked around that part of the cliff and saw that someone was stranded right in the middle of the cliff. I rushed to my gear, quickly packed some food, a spare rope, a few essentials and the medicine kit in a smaller haversack and started climbing the cliff.

Being experienced, I knew that if I was not careful, I could slip and fall off. I continued at a steady pace, fixing bolts on the way. It was now afternoon and the sun was up, making the rock very hot to hold. Also, I couldn't look up without the sun getting into my eyes. I managed to reach a shouting distance of the other climber. I could see that it was a girl. I shouted to tell her that I was reaching her very soon. I got no reply in return. Worried, I increased my speed and at the place where the rock jutted out, I almost slipped and fell. But the bolts I was fixing on the way saved me from meeting a certain death. Catching my breath, I peered around the rock. There she was, with her back turned to me. Behind her was another girl, who seemed to be unconscious, and the first one was holding her steady. They were on a wide ledge, so were not in danger of falling.

Carefully, I navigated the projection and reached them. It was now late afternoon, but the rock was very hot and had the heat and the fast climb had left me completely drenched in sweat.

The girl noticed my arrival and turned to face me.

"Thank God, you have come. She fainted as soon as we reached here. I couldn't leave here to get someone. She might have rolled and fallen off the cliff."

"But didn't you bring any ropes or gear?" I asked.

"No, we did not mean to climb this high. We had just come here to practice a bit. We just kept on climbing and forgot that we were without water and gear, I guess. Anyway, we are not new to climbing and would have climbed down without a problem. It's just that she has been over-working the past week and got exhausted."

I pulled of my backpack, and going to the other girl, picked her up in my arms, and placed her in a little shadowy portion of the ledge. I sprinkled some water on her face, had a swig and offered the bottle to the first girl. She gulped down some water thirstily, but I could notice that she was an experienced climber too, as she drank just enough to wet her lips and throat. The other girl moaned and woke up. We helped her into a sitting position and gave her the bottle. She was dazed, but she too drank a little and kept the bottle aside.

Only now I noticed that I was with two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and surprise .. surprise, they were identical twins. Even with their mud and sweat stained faces, they looked beautiful and I couldn't do anything but gawk at them, speechless. Both of them looked at my dumb struck face and started laughing.

"Hi, I am Jenny and this is Jane." One of them said.

"Hi, I'm Sam" I said, breaking out of my idiotic stupor.

"Well, thanks for helping us. It was very sweet of you to climb up so fast, risking your life."

"Oh, I would have come up double fast if I had known I will be rescuing two of the most gorgeous creatures on earth."

"Hey, if you have enough gear, Can we continue our climb? I am OK now."

"You sure you don't want to go down?"

"No, I feel rested and am quite OK. Let's go up. I can always rappel down if I feel tired."

"Yeah Sam, you don't have to worry, we are quite experienced and this is just a one off thing that has happened. Let's go up"

We planned and decided that I should lead, fixing bolts on the way. We decided to continue from behind the projection, which shaded us from the sun. By now it was late afternoon, and if we had to make it home by nightfall, we needed to hurry up.

I took the lead and decided to make my next halt at a narrow ledge a little more upwards. I climbed steadily and reached the ledge, and fixed up the ropes. I chose a spot which had ample space for the three of us to stand. I signaled with the rope and immediately felt the tension as they started climbing. I sat down on the ledge and lit a cigarette. As I waited, I saw an arm approaching the ledge. What I saw next made me drop my cigarette from my lips. Jane or Jenny, I don't know which, had climbed up first, buck naked. She just climbed on top of the ledge, walked over to me, caught the rope in one hand and motioned to me with her index finger.

"We have decided to reward you for helping us. Come on."

Seriously, believe me, I had not thought of sex all this time, as we climbers get our high from the climbing activity itself. But I would have been stupid to deny myself this pleasure. My cock was hard as the rock I was standing on. I got up, peeled off my clothes, placed a large stone on them, and rushed towards her. She was standing there, facing the rock, almost making love to it. I stepped up behind her, caught the rope and held her tight from behind. I secured us both on the rope, first making sure that the bolt was secure and rammed my cock into her from behind.

God, she was wet and tight. We were like animals, fucking on the cliff, suspended on a rope. It was wild wild sex. I continued to fuck her hard and fast. She took support of the rock and bucked back with all her strength. Being secure on the rope, I just let go of my hands and mashed her breast with both my hands. She was jammed between me and the rock, and getting scratched in the process, but we just didn't care. I pulled out as much as I could, suspended on the rock and rammed her repeatedly till both of us came with loud screams.

We calmed down a bit and slowly detached ourselves from the rope and got down to the ledge, exhausted from the frantic love making and trying to maintain our balance in the rock.

Meanwhile the other twin too had climbed on the ledge and was frantically rubbing herself with abandon. I went to her and took her hand away. I kissed her sweet pussy and drove my tongue into her. I fucked her with my tongue till she came, screaming wildly into the wilderness.

We lay there on the narrow ledge, close to each other, our bodies touching, trying to regain our breaths. After a while, we pulled up their clothes and my backpack which was tied to the free end of another rope.

By now it was late evening and we did have to hurry. We had another patch to climb and though slightly exposed, was an easier one and not really vertical. It was an easy, gradual incline, which we could have climbed almost walking up. But still, this time Jenny who had came up first started climbing up, still completely naked. Her ass was a view to behold and watching the sight made my cock hard once again.

Jane started sucking me to bring it to its full hardness and was successful within seconds. By now Jenny had reached the top. She pulled our belongings up and let both ropes down after securing them to a tree. Jane said that we needed to start climbing. Slightly disappointed, I decided that it made sense to reach the top before nightfall and both of us, fixing ourselves to two ropes started the easy climb.

When we reached half way on the patch, I had an idea. I motioned Jane to come near me. I told her to face the rock, and like before, suspended on the rock, pushed my cock up her pussy. I told her to keep climbing very slowly, with my cock inserted in her. I stopped pumping, and slowly but very carefully, we started negotiating the holds. The only fucking we were doing was happening while we had to slowly get apart to move up every step.

Readers, I assure you, the pleasure of this slow fuck was fantastic. For every step we took, we wanted to stop then and there and start fucking wildly. But we both resisted and kept our patience. Besides, there was no stable foothold on this face of the rock. We could just about keep together and it did take a lot of skill for me to keep my cock in her all the time. It was thrilling and frustrating at the same time. We were experiencing something which was simply out of the world. It was an agonizingly slow fuck. The tension kept building up.

Jenny was watching us from the top. She sat on the edge of the cliff with our ropes in her hand, firmly anchored to the tree and ready to cross the ropes, lest one of us slipped.

It was very dangerous, but I guess it gave us a thrill which we had never experienced before. By now, we were hot, sweaty and near the edge - both sexual edge and near the edge of the cliff. We still continued our slow climb. I was climbing the rock and was also climbing on Jane, with my bolt firmly lodged into her. With every step she took, the bolt slid slightly out and immediately, when I stepped up, it slid right back in. I stuck to her, supporting her with my arms on the rock and also with my dick. I could feel her muscles contracting and knew she was going to cum soon. Deciding that it could be dangerous if she came right there on the cliff, I pushed hard into her with my dick and forced her to climb faster. We reached the top soon and immediately went into a frenzy, fucking very hard.


"YES, YES, take it baby"

BANG BANG BANG. Our groins slapped against each other loudly with a terrific force. We had to let go of the tension we had built up for such a long time. We moaned and screamed with pleasure and fucked with abandon. It took hardly any time for us to reach our climax and we came at the same time screaming our pleasure like wild animals. I erupted inside her pussy which flooded me cock with her juices. I think I must have cum in gallons. Both of us immediately passed out, oblivious to the surroundings. Jenny slowly brought us back after some time, sprinkling water on our faces.

We all sat up and hugged each other, almost sobbing with pleasure. We spent some time watching the setting sun and then washed at a nearby stream. We dressed and packing our belongings, rappelled down the cliff without doing anything naughty.

We reached down and ate whatever I had brought with me. Our mood had now sobered and we laughed at the reckless abandon of our fuck session. Though we did not regret it, we decided that whatever we did was extremely dangerous.

Well we parted ways there as they too had their car parked nearby. We still keep in touch and do have threesomes, but definitely on good old earth, certainly not suspended on a rope.

This is only my second attempt at writing anything. I hope you have enjoyed this story. Do vote and do leave comments. And I HAVE fucked on a cliff, but definitely now suspended on a rope, but on a nice, very wide ledge, about a thousand feet above ground, on a sleeping mat, with a nice campfire raging near us, while watching the stars winking at us naughtily.

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