tagExhibitionist & VoyeurClose-out Special

Close-out Special

byAvalanche Man©

Timidly, she approached him as he was loading his grocery shopping into his large SUV. "Excuse me, but could you help me with my car??" she asked in a very demure voice. He finished pulling bags out the cart and turning looked her over noticing her baggy dirty T-Shirt and ragged jean shorts. She knew she looked at bit worse for wear, but really needed his help. Quietly, she explained that her car would start, but wouldn't keep running but a second or two. Since, he still hadn't said a word, she went ahead and told him that the Security guard had said for her to move it or he would call a tow truck.

"Let's see what we can do." he finally replied in a deep, low rumble, and motioned for her to lead him to her car across the car lane from where they were. "Get in....Pop the hood... and start it", he said, when she had just stood there beside it and looked at him. He thought, "Like I can do magic and wave my hand over the hood and cure whatever problems it has", as he patiently waited for her to do what he told her.

Leaning under the hood, he had her start it several times, as it would start, run just a bit, and then die out. Telling her that that was enough for right then, he told her to get out of the car, as he didn't want her trying to start it again when he was checking things with his hands under the hood. Looking for fuel leaks or loose vaccumn lines he heard a loud, sorta squeaky voice asking, "ARE you gonna get it fixed?? OR do I have to call a tow truck??"

Turning and raising up, he fixed the Security Guard with a cold, hard glare, and strongly told him, "WE"LL take care of it!! AND, no you don't NEED to call any tow truck!!!!" With a quick "OH", the Security guy got his golf cart in gear and took off to find something on the far side of the parking lot. A giant smile was on her face as she came up and stood next to him and murmured a soft "Thank You".

While tracing down different lines and feeling for possible leaks, she had stood right beside him, and kept asking, "Is there anything I can do to help??" Leaning back and raising up again, he looked her over from head to toe, but didn't say a word. Nervous under his stare, she explained that she had lived with her brother for the last year, but he and his wife had thrown her out three days ago.

Telling him her life story even when he didn't say a word, but just kept looking at her made her more nervous. Thirty-two years old, 5'5", and 110 lbs, and married once, but no children, she was down on her luck and had slept in her car for the last two nights. Why she felt compelled to tell him everything, she didn't know, but hoped that he would understand and help with her car problems.

"Take off your bra!" he said quietly, interrupting her and shocking her as she closed her mouth and just stood looking at himfor a minute or two.

"You asked what you could do to help, so take off your bra" he repeated.

Glancing around the parking lot at the other cars and people, she looked back at him and asked, "NOW??? HERE???"

Nodding his head, he continued to look into her eyes and waited without moving. Totally not understanding what he would want with her bra, she reached up the back of the T-shirt and unsnapped her bra, then slipped the straps down her arms, and pulled it from under the T-shirt.

Holding her bra in her hand and not sure if to offer it to him, she gave a quick glance down to note her nipples jutting out the front of her shirt. As he just starred at her and her nipples, she finally had to ask, "UHHHH, what do you want me to do now???"

Motioning with his head toward a shopping cart about three cars away, he said, "Go, put it in that cart, as you don't need it any more."

Almost afraid this was some kind of a joke, she had walked over to the cart he had indicated, and with quick glances back at him had dropped her bra in the cart. Still, not sure of what was going on or why she was doing it, she almost ran back to where he was standing beside her car.

Her bouncing under the T-shirt had seem to please him, and he was smiling at her as she nervously smiled back at him. Proud of what she had done, but wondering the why, she had listened when he explained what they need to do to fix her car. Getting some tools from his SUV and a empty can, he had unhooked the fuel line. Without meaning to bother him as he was so confident and knowing about what he was doing, she had again asked several times what she could do to help.

Starring at her and her nipples sticking out two hard points in the front of the T-shirt, he told her that he would need her to hold the fuel line in the empty can and see if gas spurted out when he tried to start it. He patiently explained that a clogged fuel filter was most likely what was her car's problem. Not understanding a thing of what he was saying showed in the blank expression on her face.

"Do you have another blouse or top???" he asked, as she was still trying to process all that he had told her about her car.

"HUH???" was all she could say as she starred back at him.

Once they had gone through the starring at each other procedure again, she said all her clothes were in the bags in the back seat and trunk. Thinking about what she had and he might like, she told him about a sleeveless, short top that she knew was in a bag in the back seat.

"Change!!" was all he said and waited for her to do the "Now....Here" routine.

Keeping constant eye contact with him, she had gotten in the back, found the little top, and stripped off the T-shirt and put on the other top. While buttoning the three buttons on it, she never looked down but into his eyes the whole time. The faint smile on his face was enough approval of her firm 36Bs, and one inch nipples.

She had been teased all her life about her one inch nipples, and from when she was 12 years old and trained to always wear a bra. Even though it was uncomfortable to wear one, she was well taught to hide her nipples behind a bra. So, finding someone who not only encouraged her to let her nipples be free, but insisted that she uncover them was a wild and new experience.

When they had gone through the testing of the fuel line, and he had cleaned the fuel filter, did she realized that bent over the fender and stretched under the hood, she had shown her breasts to anyone nearby. Giddy with excitement, she had hugged and hugged him to thank him for fixing her car.

Hugging him and pressing her breasts into him, he had asked, "How much gas do you have???"

Not wanting to let go of him, she had finally admitted that 5 dollars was all she had put in two days ago, and that was all she had. Smiling down at her, he growled and told her to follow him to the gas station, and then they were going somewhere to eat.

She finally let go of her hug, and he said, "Undo the top button!!"

Stepping back, starring eye to eye with him, she had reached up and with a big smile, had unbuttoned the top button.

Following him to the gas station, her car had seem to run better than it had in a long time, and that really helped to improve her mood. Once, he had filled the tank while she stood beside him she couldn't help herself and had to ask, "What can I do to help???"

"Undo the middle button," was his reply without even looking up at her.

When he had replaced the gas cap and stared back at her, she had reached up and unbuttoned the middle button while looking into his eyes and not at what she was doing. "GOOD, now, let's go eat," he said with a smile.

A six course meal in a fancy, gourmet restaurant couldn't have made her feel any better than sitting across from him in a fast food place dipping her fries in catsup. She might be back to sleeping in her car tonight, but for now it was running, had a full tank of gas, and she had real food in front of her.

"Slow down," he smiled and sorta whispered, "I won't let your food run away or go bad."

Laughing, she tried to tell him how much she appreciated all that he was doing for her, and how much better she was feeling about the world in general. Letting her rattle on for several minutes, and when she had stopped to stuff her mouth again, he said, "Undo the last button."

Glancing around at the other customers, she looked back at him with big, wide eyes, and not saying word, asked "now.....here" with her expression doing the actual asking.

Nodding his head and smiling, he answered her question without a word spoken between the two of them. Blushing and unsure of what she was doing, she held her back up straight and starring him in the eye had reached for the last button.

Ten years later, people would ask them how they got along so great, and where they had met. He would quietly smile and reply, "I got her at Wal-Mart........she was a one of a kind, close out special", and would gently rub her cheek with his finger.

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