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Close Shave


I was stuck working late, and I had an interview in the morning. My hair was shaggy, and I needed to get it cut. As I drove home, I noticed a chain hair salon still open, and swung into a parking place. They closed in 20 min, so I figured that there would be enough time to get my locks trimmed.

When I walked in, a very sexy, dark haired woman greeted me. She took my information and guided me back to a chair. She said she was almost ready to lock up, but she would take the time to do what ever I needed. She flashed a sexy smile as I sat in the chair.

As she whirled a smock around by neck, I noticed she had a very nice shape. Her tight shirt pulled up, and displayed a very firm tummy. She noticed my glance, and smiled. She told me that her name was Zenia.

She stood very close, and her fingers thru my hair, and asked how I would like my hair to be cut. I told her that I just needed a trim, and to thin it out a bit. As she moved past me to get her trimmer, she ran her fingers lightly across my shoulders, and down the length of my arm. Her tools were in a bottom drawer, and she bent over at the waist to pull out what she needed.

Of course I checked her out. Her stretch pants were pulled taught across a very appealing ass. The material pulled a deep crevasse between her cheeks. I liked what I was seeing, and I began to take inventory of her nice body.

Her hair was long, about to the middle of her back. Her legs were slim and ran right up to that round firm ass. Her tummy was flat and slim. Her boobs were nice, about B or small C cup size. A very nice package, I thought.

She looked at her watch, and excused her self. She walked to the door and locked it. She turned off the "Open" light and turned off the front lobby lights. She explained that she had to close up the place, so that no one else could come in, while she walked back to me.

She pressed her boobs into my shoulder as she clipped here, and trimmed there. She would drag her fingers across my back, arms and shoulders, as she moved from side to side. She moved closer when she started the back of my head, brushing her boobs against my back.

When she moved back to the front to trim, she lowered my chair, and nearly straddled me. She placed her chest scant inches from my eyes. They jiggled as she moved to and fro. I'd been to this place before, and none of the other girls had ever been so playful. I really began to wonder if she was actually hitting on me, or was just being extremely friendly.

She returned to my side and began cutting again. I decided to see if she really was hitting on me. I let my arm drop, and then when I pulled it back; I ran my hand along the outside of her leg. She kept working and did not move, so I did it again. This time she purred softly.

She raised my chair slightly, and from the side reached to get the top of my head. I moved my hand up to her waist, and along the exposed skin at her beltline. She shivered and purred again. She changed sides, and this time I moved my hand up her waist. I began to pet her tummy, just under the boobs, and another soft purr escaped her lips.

Emboldened, I moved further up her chest and cupped her breast. When I gave it a light squeeze, she purred loudly and said that it felt nice when I did that. Surprisingly though, she stepped back. I looked quizzically at her, figuring I had gone too far.

She said she wanted to complete the job, and due to the lobby lights being turned off, that would require me to come to the back room. There, she said, she would finish the haircut. I got up and followed her through a door to the back.

There was a barber chair there, which she said they used for training and practice. She pointed to it, and I sat as I was instructed to do. She took off the smock, and tossed it to the ground. Then she asked me to remove my shirt. I was a bit surprised, but I did as she asked.

She came over and ran her hands all over my chest. She licked my nipples and kissed them too. I was rock hard, in an instant. She let me remove her shirt. She wore a white, plain, bra. I pushed that up, and out popped a very lovely set of tits. Her areolas were full and round, and the nipples large hard. She reached around, unhooked the bra, and tossed it aside.

I suckled on her breast, and her moaning grew in intensity. She stepped back and pulled a lever. The chair reclined into an almost fully horizontal position. She reached down, undid my belt buckle, and fumbled with the button on the pants. I rose up my hips and she tugged my pants and shorts off.

"Now would you like one of my special hair cuts," she asked?

Dumbfounded, I just nodded yes. She used her fingers to get me very hard, and lowered her mouth onto my cock. She slathered it with spit, and then moved her mouth up and down. When she was happy, she walked over to the sink. She picked up a can of shaving cream, and brought it over to me. She filled her hand with the stuff, and coated my hairy balls and pubic area with it.

After one last lick of the tip of my cock, she began to shave me. I was harder than I had ever been before. I reached out and shoved my hand down her pants, finding her pussy. She moaned loudly, but kept up the shaving. She stepped back and took off her pants, and gave me better access to her near hairless pussy.

My fingers split the tender folds, and entered her body. Her juices coated my hand, and her moans filled the room. When she was done with my shaving, she got off my hand, and then cleaned my groin area. It was baby smooth, and I was hard as steel.

I was still lying back, and she climbed up onto the chair, and lowered her self onto my cock. She was so wet, that it was like sliding into melted butter. She began rocking back and forth, and then moved up and down. Her muscles clinched my cock tightly, and it was the most amazing feeling I had ever had.

I reached up and devoured her tits, while she was impaling her self on my cock. I told her that I was about to come, and she said that she wanted me to fill her up. With one mighty thrust upward, I finally released my load. She came, and her sounds filled the room. Once spent, she fell forward onto my chest.

We laid like that until we both had the energy to move. My cock dropped from her pussy, and she whimpered. I told her that I was not done yet. I rolled her over, spread her legs wide, and slathered on shaving cream. She shivered and goose bumps formed on her body. I told her it was my turn.

I shaved off the tuft of hair, and her pussy flowed like a river. I teased her clit with the handle of the razor then, pushed it into her opening. She was coming like she had never had an orgasm before.

When she begged me to fuck her, I was hard again, and I plunged into her steaming pussy. She came immediately. I sawed back and forth, building her up. Then, I flipped her over and pulled her to the edge of the chair. Again I entered her, and her juices were flowing everywhere.

I pulled out and began to coat her ass with those juices. She asked me to go easy with her ass. She liked it; she just wanted me to go easy. I nodded, and eased myself into her very tight hole.

Surprisingly my cock slipped in easily. She moaned and asked me to stop. I did, and in a moment, she said to fuck her ass, and to do it hard. She gasped, when I thrust deep inside her, but she said it felt good. I pulled back, and she came. I began a steady pace, and she matched me stroke for stroke.

Being inside her ass felt so good that it did not take much time. I told her I was ready, and thrust faster. She was climaxing, with her fingers inside her pussy, when I finally fired off my load. It felt like I had dumped gallons of cum into her, and she was writhing on the chair in ecstasy.

After pulling out, I saw that her ass took a while to close, and watched as my cum dribble from the hole. I walked to the sink, washed my cock, and returned to her. I flipped her onto her back, and slid back into her pussy. Her gasps told me that she was ready for another round.

After two more rounds, we were both exhausted. We washed off and dressed. As I paid her for the hair cut, I asked why she chose me for the fun. She said I was cute, it was late, she was horny, and the timing was right. She said that she enjoyed our time together, and hoped that we could do it again sometime.

One week later I returned, and we repeated the scene all over. We've been doing it for months now, and at times she invites a coworker to help out with my haircuts.

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