Closing Time


"We'll be closing in fifteen minutes," Marion called out into the crowd at the bar. She was behind the bar washing glasses, and she was dead tired from the long evening's work. She reached up on tiptoe to replace a glass on the rack, her tank top lifting to reveal her stomach and her short denim skirt riding up. She adjusted it, quickly checking behind her to make sure no one had seen a hint of her white lace thong under her skirt. No one. She sighed as she shifted her weight to relieve the pain in her feet; the stilettos were killing her.

"Marion," her boss called from the back, "I've gotta leave early. Can you close up?" He poked his head around the door, looking harried and tired. She nodded. He gave her a big grin and disappeared around the corner. She heard his car sputter and then start, and then the sound of gravel as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Ten minutes!" she shouted, wearily picking up another glass to wipe. Looking up, she jumped when she saw a man sitting at the bar in front of her. He must have come in very quietly; he hadn't been there the moment before. He was tall and well-muscled, and a spicy smell of smoke and sweat drifted from his leather clothing. He lit a cigarette lazily, gazing straight at Marion.

"I'll have a whisky." His voice was deep, throaty. The voice of someone accustomed to being obeyed without question.

"I'm sorry, but we're closing soon," Marion replied. He smiled, his gaze traveling unhurriedly from her eyes down her body and then back up again. When his eyes met hers, she felt a sudden shock of fear. She crossed her arms, covering her breasts in the thin tank top. She opened her mouth to ask him to leave, but his hand shot out and grasped hers. She pulled away quickly, and discovered that she was holding a hundred-dollar bill. She looked at him in disbelief.

"What's this for?" she asked, bewildered and more than a little scared. Men had tried to pick her up before, always at closing time, and she suspected this guy was trying to pull something. The bar was emptying; everyone was gone except for one man who finishing up his drink at a table by the door. She looked back at the man in front of her. He was smiling.

"I'd like a drink," he said, "and I think you deserve some extra rewards. You must be tired from all that reaching." So someone HAD been watching! Marion blushed, and her hands went convulsively to tug her skirt lower. It didn't help much; it barely covered her round ass.

Her hands shaking a tiny bit, she reached for a glass and poured him a whiskey. She pushed it toward him, and their hands touched as he took it. He raised it to his lips, his eyes never leaving hers. She was suddenly aware of his broad shoulders, muscular arms, and strong jaw. A jolt went through her and her cheeks flushed a little.

"Come around and have a seat," he said, "You must be dying to get off your feet." It was true, and she lifted the bar and slipped onto a stool, her skirt riding even higher. She realized with chagrin that, except for the man still at the table by the door, she was alone in the bar with this man. Again, she felt a little thrill of fear.

"Now that we're on equal footing," he said with a smile, "I'll introduce myself. I'm Jared."

"Marion," she answered with a little smile. Wordlessly, he passed her his glass, and she drank, trying to still her pounding heart. She looked down into the amber liquid for a moment, and when she looked up, the man had left his table and sat down on the other side of her. He was a big man, wearing the same black leather outfit as Jared and smelling more of sweat. She smiled uncertainly at him, and he returned her smile, though his face seemed unused to the expression. Suddenly, she felt Jared's hand on her knee, cool and dry on her hot skin. She looked up at him, and he was smiling.

"You're very beautiful, Marion." It was a whisper, but the bar was dead silent. He leaned forward so that their faces were almost touching and looked into her eyes. Then he kissed her, his lips surprisingly soft. She felt paralyzed. It was a moment before she returned his kiss, but then she opened her mouth a little, letting him taste the inside of her lips.

She was beginning to relax when she felt his hand on her breast. Her eyes flew open and she jumped back, suddenly terrified. What was she doing kissing a strange man after hours with no one around? He could do anything he wanted to her! But as she recoiled from Jared's touch, she was blocked by the hard muscles of the man who had been sitting on her other side. He had moved around behind her while her eyes were closed, and now she was caught between the two of them and the bar.

In panic, Marion tried to push them aside and run for the door, but the big man quickly had her arms behind her in an iron grip. She struggled hard, kicking out vainly with her heels, but she couldn't free herself. As Jared moved close to her, she caught him in the shin with her stiletto, making him draw in his breath quickly. She kicked again, aiming for his groin, but he dodged her kicks and then she felt her ankles pinioned by the legs of the man holding her. He held her arms behind her back, forcing her back to arch. Her breasts were thrust out in from of her, quivering with her heaving breaths.

Jared leaned very close to Marion, smiling at her. She spat at him and it hit him in the face. Deliberately, he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his face. Then he reached out and slapped Marion on the face, hard. The blow snapped her head to the side and the tears sprang to her eyes. He slapped her again, his hand leaving an angry red mark on her cheek.

Jared turned and grabbed a pitcher of water from the bar, and then he poured it over the front of Marion's shirt. She gasped from the cold, and her nipples immediately went rock-hard. The white tank top was thin, and she wasn't wearing a bra. Her pink nipples showed clearly through the fabric. Marion began to twist and struggle with renewed energy, but Jared slapped her again and she went still.

He reached for her nipples, pinching them hard. He rolled her breasts in his hands and then drew back and slapped them gently. They bounced with the slap, and he smiled. He slapped her breasts harder, and Marion gasped. The big man holding her grabbed her by the hair, forcing her head back, but she could feel Jared's hands traveling down her body. She heard him unsnap her skirt and it fell from her, revealing her white lace thong. She trembled.

Suddenly, she was moved, jerked into another position. The big man pushed his knee between her legs, forcing them open, and bent her over a barstool. He still held her arms behind her back with one hand and her hair with the other. In front of the stool, her breasts hung down under the wet cloth. She still couldn't turn her head, but she felt Jared pulling her thong aside. As he parted her pussy lips and pushed two fingers into her, juices dripped down her legs. God, was she enjoying this? Jared's fingers found her clit and she moaned in spite of herself.

"There," he said, "I knew you'd warm up to me." He lifted his hand and slapped Marion's upturned ass. "What do you say? Want to get started?" Marion realized that he was talking to the big man and not to her. The big man assented with a grunt, and let go of her hair. He reached into a pocket of his jacket and pull out a length of rope. He bound her hands behind her back with it and then released them. Then he walked around and tied her ankles to the legs of the stool, spreading her legs wide. Now she was totally helpless, and the big man was coming back around to her head, unzipping his fly.

His cock sprang out, long and thick and pulsing, and he pushed it against Marion's lips. She turned her head as far as she could, willing them to leave her alone and leave. But the big man grabbed a handful of her hair, winding it around his hand and forcing her head up and forward. She still kept her mouth tightly closed. The big man pulled his cock back and slapped her face very hard, making her wince. He slapped her again, even harder.

"Don't play with me, you little bitch," he whispered. "You try to resist me and I'll stick it in your ass instead. Do you want that?" Marion's eyes widened. He slapped her again, and this time she opened her mouth to gasp and his cock was in her mouth. He grabbed her hair with both hands, forcing his cock into her throat until she gagged.

As he fucked her mouth mercilessly, she felt Jared's cock nudging against her dripping pussy. He rubbed the head against her swollen lips, making her moan around the cock in her mouth. Then he rammed into her, rocking her forward on the stool, his huge cock stretching her pussy almost painfully. The two cocks were jolting her back and forth, and her tits bounced back and forth with every thrust. She moaned and gasped, her body betraying her by responding even though they were raping her.

"You like that, don't you bitch," Jared grunted. "You like having two cocks fucking you, don't you?" Marion moaned as he pounded her pussy even harder. Jared was fucking her brutally, slapping her ass hard as he slammed her hips forward into the stool. And the other man was fucking her throat so hard she had to struggle for breath. She was going to cum, she was sure, but suddenly the big man pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Let's switch, Jared," he said, "I want a piece of that ass."

Jared pulled out of her pussy, leaving her empty and shaking right on the brink of orgasm. He slapped her ass hard again, and then walked around to her head. He pushed his cock toward her head and she opened her mouth greedily to take him in. "That's a good girl," he murmured approvingly. "Suck my cock. Harder, you little bitch!" She sucked harder, and Jared groaned, pushing his cock deeper into her throat. She thrust her hips backward, her pussy empty and pulsing, reaching for the big man's cock.

Marion gasped as she felt the big man's fingers playing with her asshole instead of her pussy. She jerked away, but he only laughed, slapping her ass. He dipped his fingers into her sopping pussy and started working the juices into her asshole. She was terrified, making little panicky noises around Jared's cock as she futilely tried to get away. She had never had anything up her ass before, and the big man was poking the tip of his little finger inside her tight hole. Marion gasped as he forced it into her, trying to wriggle away.

"Damn, this bitch is tight! It's going to hurt when we rip her open!" They both laughed, and Marion began to cry, sobbing around Jared's cock as he continued to fuck her throat. The big man placed his hand on her ass to keep her from struggling and shoved a second finger into her asshole. He worked his fingers in and out, stretching her virgin asshole just enough to hurt a little. Then he pulled his fingers out of her and rammed his cock into her pussy. She was relieved. Maybe he wasn't going to rape her ass after all. But he only pumped her pussy a few times before pulling out again and pressing his slippery cock against her asshole.

The big man grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them as wide as he could, then he started to force his cock into her tight little asshole. At first he was just pressing against her ass from the outside, her hole too tight to let him in. But then suddenly the head of his cock forced its way inside her, and she felt like she was being torn apart. Marion screamed in pain, and Jared and the big man laughed. "That's it, bitch," he said, "Take it in the ass like a good fucking whore." He started to slide his cock deeper into her, stretching her virgin asshole even wider. It hurt unbearably, but there was also an odd pleasure building in her as the big man fucked her ass. She moaned.

The big man's balls were slapping against her ass as his cock brutally pounded her asshole. As he fucked her throat harder than ever, Jared reached down and pulled Marion's soaked shirt up, freeing her tits. He slapped them and squeezed the nipples hard. The two cocks fucking her ass and her throat felt so good, and she came hard, her back arching as she screamed in ecstasy.

Both men pulled out of her and left her panting, but she saw that their cocks were still rock hard. They quickly untied her and made her straddle the big man on the floor. His cock slipped easily into her soaking pussy and she moaned as she felt it slide inside her. He grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up and down as his hips rose to ram his cock into her.

"Hey, let me in too," Jared said, "this bitch needs two cocks in her!" And the big man pulled her forward over him, spreading her ass cheeks with his hands. Marion knew what was coming and she braced herself, but she still wasn't ready for it when Jared forced his cock into her asshole. She had one cock in her pussy and one in her ass, and she felt stretched and filled to the limit.

Jared groaned as he slid his cock all the way into her asshole. "Uuuh, she's so fucking tight!" He stayed still for a moment and then he starting pumping her ass hard while the big man fucked her pussy. They were both ramming into her mercilessly, and it hurt so much. Jared slammed his cock into her asshole incredibly fast, forcing her ass cheeks as wide as they would go. He grabbed her hair, forcing her head up, and the big man slapped her face again and again as they both fucked her.

"You like that, bitch?" he grunted, "You like having a cock in your pussy and a cock in your ass? You like getting double fucked like this?" He slapped her face again and then her tits, making them bounce wildly.

It felt so good to be fucked like this, with her back arched, her tits bouncing, and the two cocks pounding into her harder than ever. She screamed as they fucked and slapped her, giving her so much pain and so much pleasure at the same time. They fucked her harder and harder, until Jared grunted and shoved his cock even deeper into her ass, shooting his cum deep inside her. As he came in her ass, she screamed, cumming all over the big man's cock as he shot his cum into her pussy.

She lay exhausted between them, all three of them panting and shaking. She moaned when Jared got up, slipping his cock from her dripping asshole. Both men got dressed and made for the door, leaving her naked on the ground. With a sigh, she rolled over and went to sleep. She hoped they would come back tomorrow to rape her again.

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