Clown Car



Katrina Tassel was not happy. She was in a new town -- new job and here she was outside her new car that had just broken down. "This is never a good sign." She thought.

Halloween was well underway and even on a normal night the road to Tarrytown had a reputation known to everyone in area. Kat heard about the mysterious disappearances whenever she mentioned where the house she was renting was located. The car had stopped about a mile from the old covered bridge. Road was dark and sparingly traveled after certain hours. Of course, it was after those hours.

"The best thing that could happen is that no one finds me until morning. But that assumes I would be found in the morning." She nervously giggled. "I have to quit thinking that way or I will do something stupid." She looked down at the road. "It is about seven miles that way." Then she looked up the hill and into the woods. "And about who knows how many miles that way." Neither sounded promising, however, hiking through a moon lit forest that she was only vaguely familiar with, in heels, seem to be a good way to end up in the "never to be seen again" category. Katrina started down the road, "Wait," she thought. "I need to calm down."

She checked her phone. "Roaming. Perfect. But I should have guessed that. "

Katrina had just lost sight of her car when she heard a low rumble and ghostly light appeared at the edge of her sight. She could taste her panic freshly kindled in her and she picked up her pace. By the time the man called out from behind her she was almost at a jog.

"Ma'am, is that your car back there?"

Katrina turned around and found herself staring at a tow truck. Her eyes still had not entirely adjusted in the headlights but she could still make out the words "Ludwig's Towing" on the door as it opened and the driver stepped out. Again she thought of running until the driver stepped into the light. He was about six foot tall and despite the slightly dirty mechanic's suit his black hair, blue eyes, and razor sharp cheekbones would still have put him in "the stunning boy next door" column.

"My name is Johann but everyone calls me Joe. I can take you back to your car. If nothing is too out of sorts you should be back on the road in no time. "

"And if that is not the case?"

"Well, I do have a tow truck."

"It seems odd you just being out here.' Katrina said still unconvinced.

"Fair enough, but I am the only towing company for 30 miles. You have no phone signal, right? Don't worry about answering that I don't either. Do you know how often I pick up a stray on this stretch of road? About twice a week. So, you can keep walking or let me take you back to your car, your call. But I get the concern." He stopped, walked back to the truck and leaned through the window. The action displayed a certain "charm" that even through his overalls put Katrina more at ease.

"Damn nice ass, "she thought.

He emerged from the window with a small CB style microphone in hand. "Station."

Katrina heard what sounded like a garbled female voice reply from the other side. "Yeah, Joe."

"I'm out here near Crane's Run Bridge. There's a lady broken down out here and I'm going to see what I can do for her. "What is your name?"

"Katrina Tassel." She shouted her name at the microphone for some reason. Joe repeated it into the small box.

"Are you scared Joe?" The signal had cleared somewhat and Katrina could hear the sarcasm.

"No but she seemed a bit concerned."

"Has she gotten a good look at you yet?"

"Well, it is a bit dark out here."

"That explains it. Show her your pearly whites and fix her or tow her. I'm ready to go home."

"Roger that."

Katrina felt herself ease a bit and apparently so did Joe. "Thanks Belle." With that Joe threw the handset back into the truck through the window and shrugged. "How about it?" Although she could not see it she was pretty sure he flashed a smile.


"Well, good news, bad news." Katrina saw Joe's face appear as he dropped the hood. He held something snake like in his hand. "It's fixable. And it ain't costly. That's the bad news for me. The good news for you, however, your bad news is I cannot fix it here. I don't have the part. "

"What is it?"

"It is just a belt. Probably something was thrown up into the engine and nicked it. At some point the tension just took it. I'd say it was from wear but you have a pretty new car -- so I kind of doubt that. Could be worse."

"And the good news for you is?" Katrina asked.

"Well, I guess I get to sit up front with you and then there is the tow charge."

At that moment a small orange hatchback barreled down the road. It passed them by about 20 yards, then suddenly stopped and reversed its course -- only to jerk to a halt right behind Joe. A young man with hair that fell about his face hiding his features popped out of the window on driver's side of the car. Sitting on the sill of the window he leaned over the roof of the car. "Hey, we are so lost. Could you point us toward Danbury? It's all Halloween and we have a gig to get to." He seemed confused or stoned. Perhaps both.

"You're about 45 minutes away."

"Really? You idiots." He hit the roof, "I told you were headed in the wrong direction." He turned to Joe, "If you would not mind coming with us to show us the way we be much obliged."

"Yeah, I don't think so. I am helping the lady right now. "

The driver smiled at Katrina. "Hey, nice lady."

Joe stepped forward. "If you just go back to 684 and head north you'll be there in no time." From her vantage point she saw Joe put his hand on a wrench he had in his back pocket.

"Thanks. There was a sudden change in the young man's demeanor. "I know I will never remember all that." The driver rapped on the roof again. The hatch popped open and caught Joe on the chin. As he started go down to one knee it seemed that half dozen hands came out of the blackness of the car and pulled him in before he could resist. Just as quickly the back shut and a car began to rock and shake. Wherever it was in there was apparently delivering a savage beating to the stunned mechanic.

Katrina tried to start her car. Suddenly she remembered why Joe was there. Jumping out of the car she found herself crashing into a near seven foot tall clown. "How did you sneak up on me?" She looked down noticing his red footwear. "Especially in those shoes." The smell of grease paint filled her senses as a towel was clasped over her mouth and nose. She struggled for a second. Before passing out Kat thought she saw the young man's face clearly for a moment -- it was a clown face tattoo and then nothing.


Katrina awoke in a ramshackle cabin. In front of her she could see the beaten, unconscious Joe sitting naked propped up against the wall with hands shackled above his head. His legs were outstretched and straddling them was curvy female wearing fishnets, a tiny top hat, and a corset. Her face was covered in make-up. She was riding him as hard as she could. When her head stopped spinning Katrina tried to move but she was tied tight.

Between grunts the female clown spoke. "I see you. He's so fucking hard. You might've had this but we showed up. Unlucky you." She started to grind on her captive. "Sweet Jesus, he fought." Katrina could see the bruises forming on his face underneath the smear of paint that she assumed was from the woman. "The secret is when you have a stud like this and he cannot get passed the clown thing or his helplessness or the fact he is just knocked the fuck out you have to finger or tongue that asshole. Never fails." She turned to Catherine smiled. Every tooth was file to a point. Her eyes roll back into her head as she started to cum. She turned back to Joe and bit his chest. He screamed and started to thrash. The clown released her grip and some of his blood dribbled down her chin. "That's right empty into my pussy." She laughed hitting Joe couple times in the face with her taped right hand. He went limp. "What a fucking gift. Lucky me, so much for the overture." Katrina tried not to move. "Don't play; I can smell your fear and your wetness."

Terrified, Kat had not noticed her own excitement until the clown pointed it out.

Katrina willed her eyes to stay shut as she felt teeth through her shirt on her left nipple.

"However, if you want to play I could just chew it off."

She felt the finger start to play with her ass pucker and the skin of her nipples start to pull apart before she screamed.

"Boys, she is awake."

"No. No. No." At that point Katrina became incoherent.

"Don't worry you are safe," The female clam laughed. ", at least for now. You are a sacrifice to the clown God. You'll be hunted. Ran to ground. Then and only then will I finish you with this. Savage." She displayed a huge blaze orange strap-on that Katrina doubted any woman could handle.

"Unlucky you." A young male voice came from behind her. Katrina could feel the hungry eyes. "She got the long straw this year." Clara licked her lips and grabbed the young man's hair pulling him to her she started to suck on his neck. "Maybe lucky you." He clicked a double pierced tongue against his teeth. "Get her ready."


"Why?" Kat whimpered as her jaws were pried apart and set in place with an open mouth gag that looked like the muzzle of a clown. As the straps tightened she felt a lock pull her hair and heard the click as it shut. Her hands of been placed into white mittens that bore a strong resemblance to boxing gloves.

"Because the Old One is bored." The Driver Clown spoke. "He and his minions, us at present, have amused ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages since the beginning of time. We provided levity, "insight", introspection, and sacred knowledge. But we, and even he, must contend with boredom and no one really pays attention. We cannot have that happen. We thought about using Clara but it was decided she would surrender way too easily."

"True!" the woman cackled.

The large clown that Katrina had tried to run through grabbed Clara and kissed her hard. As they broke she licked her lips. "Zippers, for an old bastard you sure can curl the girls toes."

The young man spoke, "Zippers is the oldest of us but not the Old One. That is the Old One. "He made a gesture toward a painting of what would appear to be the love child of Bozo the Clown and a succubus. There's Clara, you and your boyfriend both had the pleasure of meeting her. Then there is Jojo." He pointed to a powerfully built man about a head shorter than Zippers dressed in green overalls. "And then there are the twins Coco and Bobo." The first was a tall black man and the other shorter white man. One wore overalls of white with red dots and the other red with white dots. Placing his fingers on her muzzle he said, "I know I barely see the resemblance myself."

Clara cleared her throat.

"I was getting to that. I am Eugene. Not the best name. However, I do not have my true clown name yet. Only Clara and I speak to you the audience. Although after tonight I hope to find my name. Claire hopes to ascend to a level where she is mute like the others. So, we may need another apprentice. Perhaps you?" Eugene grabbed Katrina and started to fondle her she struggled to pull away. Unable to she kicked at him but as they had placed her feet in huge clown shoes, Kat almost fell down. Other than that she wore almost nothing -- a pointed cap and a short cone shaped white dress with large buttons that left nothing to the imagination.

Eugene pulled himself away. "Fine then don't enjoy it. Put her on her knees. "

Katrina was forced to the ground. Eugene unzipped his pants. The young man's dick was angry and purple. However, all the action in the room stopped as Zippers slammed his fist into the wall.

"I know I can't fuck her, Zip. Well, at least not until she surrenders herself. I just want to give her a taste of what she should be expecting." He looked at the older clown.

Zippers shift at his head from side to side is he mulled this over and then smiled but shook his head "No." Eugene started to tuck himself away grumbling. It was disproportionately longer and thicker than Kat would have imagined. The sight combined with the fear, and danger triggered something in her. Her clit caught fire and she trembled.

A combination of piss and sex formed in between her knees. "Now there is a seltzer I would not mind taking a shot of in the face." Eugene laughed. Katrina fought vainly to control herself but quickly submitted to it. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to given into this humiliation. The fear and exhilaration of being watched was intense.

The group roared with terrifying laughter -- again, Katrina found herself in a panic as they loaded her into the small hatchback. With the seven of them crammed in the small space it truly was a clown car from which there was no escape.


She was in the middle on JoJo's lap with Coco and Bobo on either side. Hands pulled at her from every direction -- groping, fondling. Katrina felt herself cum more than once as she twisted and dry-humped Jojo's hard cock tucked away in his overalls. Or perhaps it was just a banana. Kat was sure she had felt Clara's head between her legs at least once but that seemed impossible as she was being treated to the sight of the young female clown riding Zippers reverse-cowgirl, as the car flew down the back country roads at reckless speeds. By the sound of his breathing Zippers was either terrified by Eugene's driving or he was about to cum in Clara's tight box -- maybe both.

"Zippers I am going to pop!" Clara cried.

Zippers growled as Clara started to shake uncontrollably. Katrina knew he was filling her up. Katrina started to shake herself even though she was being manhandled she so wanted to be filled.

They stopped and Katrina was rolled out of the car. As she pulled herself to her feet, Eugene screamed at her through the car window trying to see around Zippers and Clara, who were still furiously making out. "Run or don't -- we'll be back for you." He laughed as the car squealed away into the darkness.

Katrina was back where all of it started on the side of the road near her car and the tow truck. She collapsed against the car and started to sob. For herself, for Joe wherever he was and in whatever condition he was in, and her emptiness. While the last few hours where a nightmare she ached for someone, anyone to fill her, own her. Even Clara with her Day-Glo monstrosity would have been welcomed. She tried to open the door but with her mittened hands she could not pull the handle or even relieve her own itch. Although it would have meant performing in public like some desperate, caged animal she would have, if she could. Kat looked at the clown shoes on her feet there was no way she would make it back to town. She would definitely kill herself in the woods or the road -- they could terrorize her at will. A pulse racked her body at that thought -- so many hands, all the attention, the fear, so much humiliation and horniness. The wind blew through her costume as she made up her mind to surrender herself to the troupe the next time she saw them. Katrina barely managed to pull herself up onto the hood and curl up into a ball. The hood held only a little heat but it was better than nothing.

Katrina awoke to the blue strobe lights of a police car and men screaming for her to get on the ground. She slid off the car and immediately -- due to the shoes -- face planted into the gravel. The officers with guns drawn approached her still yelling, "Do not move." Suddenly as the beam of the flashlights blind her completely she heard on of them say. "I think that is a lock. Tom, I don't think she is with them. Get a blanket and the first aid kit from the cruiser."

Katrina spent most of the night at the police station giving her account of her and Joe's experiences.

"You mean old Harold Ludwig?" One of the officers broke in at some point. "Ma'am I don't know who Johann Ludwig is..."

She described him again.

"What I was saying is Harold Ludwig's tow truck was stolen couple of nights ago. I don't know who that other guy was but he was not a tow truck operator. And he was certainly, was not Harold Ludwig. From your descriptions he was with them, maybe the clown called JoJo."

"How did they know someone would be broken down?"

"It appeared your belt had been cut."

"The female on the radio?" Kat asked.

"Probably the female clown. You said her name was Clara and whoever Joe is called the lady on the radio Belle. You are probably too young to remember this but there once was a famous clown named Clarabelle."

"Bob, I have something." The younger officer handed the older one his cell.

Bob wiped his face with his hand, "Johann Ludwig...great... Ms. Tassel, There is or was a Johann Ludwig. He was the originator of a circus staple, the clown car stunt. Have the boys take her home Tom -- I think that is enough for anyone, I know I am done. Set a car outside her house for tonight. We will check in with you tomorrow to see if you remember anything else."

It was just before dawn before Katrina arrived home. She was confused, alone, electrically alive, and needy.

"Do you want to us to check the house for you?" One of the officers said.

"No. If they wanted me they could have done whatever they wanted while they had me."

"I am sorry. If you need anything call out."

Katrina mulled over inviting both officers in with their handcuffs and batons then decided against it. They would most likely refuse if she asked both. And one would have been so mundane. She was not ready for anything near normal. "I will. Thank you."

She entered the house and although she heard nothing she knew someone was there. On the bottom stair there was a red rubber nose. Katrina reached down and placed in on her nose. Turning around Katrina saw the clowns standing in the living room. "How did you?" She sputtered.

Clara put her fingers to her lips, and then beckoned Kat over. She knelt before JoJo and unzipping his overalls devoured him in one gulp, while the woman positioned herself behind Kat. Lowering down the now soaked pants on the set of scrubs the police had given Katrina she pushed her orange self inside. Katrina sucked for air as Clara went "balls deep" into her wetness. She had been wrong a woman could take it all just barely. Jojo and Clara held her completely still as the top of the scrubs where cut off. Bobo began to play with her breasts as her hands found Coco's cock and started to stroke it roughly. Feeling a very distinctly pierced tongue on her clit she shifted her eyes down and could just make out Eugene. She started to cum immediately, unceasingly. Kat was sure that he would drown as he attempted to drink her in completely.

Katerina did not know where Zippers was in this orgy of a Clown Car but as soon as it started to pick up speed she knew he was fucking Clara from behind from the sounds she was making and her rhythm. One by one Katrina and the clowns erupted again and again.

As she lay spent on the floor coated in cum Kat heard the female jester remark at her predicament, "Now that is a lovely whiteface." The clowns laughed and so did she. JoJo scooped her naked form up.

"Joe that is you -- right?" She asked. They kissed deeply and she dropped off to sleep.


Officers Bob Lunderman and Tom Bower stopped by around noon to relieve the morning shift and to talk to Katrina. They rang the bell for several minutes and then tried the door only to find it unlocked. After a search of the entire home they found nothing, except the set of scrub pants near the couch and a red rubber nose.

Katrina Tassel was never seen again in Tarrytown, nor were the clowns.


Somewhere in the Painted Desert of New Mexico a cotton candy Cheshire Cat of a female clown pilots a hopped-up orange hatchback chasing a young couple down a dark isolated highway. Makeupped maniacs howl from its windows. In what will become a night of chaos and madness.

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