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Club Fantasy


Club Fantasy is a place that exists only in my imagination.


My lover and owner wanted to take me to Club Fantasy, which he had heard about through friends. It's an exclusive, members only club that is not only a BDSM dungeon, although they have a fully equipped basement for kink. It also has a bar and nightclub, private rooms, and bedrooms where you can open the curtains and allow others to watch you if you prefer, and also invite others to share in your pleasure if you wish. It also has vanilla lovemaking equipment and toys, all kinds of feathers, vibrators, dildos, whips, handcuffs, video and photography equipment, and everything anyone would need to indulge in any fantasy imaginable.

To gain membership to this exclusive fantasy club, you have to be pre-screened physically and mentally for complete health, and that way you can interact and make love with anyone else there you choose with complete impunity. You also have to prove that you are on some type of birth control, so there will be no unwanted pregnancies from the interactions you might have there. They have an exclusive, member's only web site, too, and you have to pay a hefty yearly membership fee and you need a personal referral to get into the club, but we came to find out that it's worth every cent.

My master and owner told me to get us a membership and I signed us up and filled out all the forms, and got all the paperwork done. He told me to look over the web site and familiarize myself with the club, and he said he wanted to take me there often and fully enjoy me using all their various rooms and facilities. As his personal sex slave, I am not allowed to have any say in what we do, but am expected to obey his every wish and totally satisfy him or anyone else He chooses in the club, or anywhere else for that matter.

When Master took me there for the first time, I was quite nervous but very excited. I had poured over the web site for hours, and looked over the introductions. Each member is required to post a profile about themselves, saying what their sexual preferences are, what they do, where they live, that kind of thing. You can post G or X rated pictures, but you have to post at least one photo of yourself, even if it's just your driver's license, so there are no imposters.

For our first visit, master told me this time we would just go and visit and play with each other, and I was not allowed to speak except to express sounds of pleasure or pain or my safe word. He told me to wear a black knit miniskirt, high black boots, a low cut black blouse which was quite sheer, and that exposed my nipples and breasts nicely. I was forbidden to wear any undergarments and was also told I would have to service him orally in the car before me entered the club so that he would not be too distracted for our first visit.

When we got there, he told me to get us some drinks and I did, but first he made me unbutton my blouse to below my breasts. When I walked around, this attracted quite a bit of attention, but I was not allowed to speak to anyone, and he made it clear from his behavior that I was his property. He had also made me put this on our profiles for the club, which he made me fill out in advance. I actually love being his slave and his possession, because I have quite an active libido and I know he is protecting me from myself through his total care and control.

At the club I was allowed only two drinks, and then he told me to go and dance with someone while he looked around. I found a younger man who was quite interested in me, but I told him I was an owned slave and couldn't speak to him, and only had permission to dance. He seemed to understand this and we danced together for a while as master looked around and got familiar with the club.

When he got back, he said he wanted to use one of the bedrooms and make love to me, but he wanted the blinds opened. I was helpless to stop it, although I am quite shy and was very embarrassed. He soon took me to a bedroom, and opened the blinds, and I was made to strip, stand for inspection, and then kneel and orally service him while others were allowed to watch us. I noticed that the young man was watching me suck and fuck my owner, and this humiliated me and excited me to no end. Finally my owner fucked me doggy style, while I was completely naked, he was still in his gray suit and had just unzipped his pants. There was a small crowd watching us and smiling, yet I was so embarrassed I could have died. Still this seemed to turn us both on more, and we both had very strong, intense orgasms, and then he ordered me to lick him off and clean his cock. I did as I was told, lying there after he ravished me, his juice still wet between my legs, my head spinning from the sex and exhibitionism.

When he was done with me, he instructed me to put my clothes on again, he wanted me to just walk around the club with him. I was still forbidden to speak. We hung out and danced and I was allowed another drink, and we had a wonderful time. Although several men and even a woman approached us to join us, he turned them all down, and just said he was my owner and this was our first time here.

The next weekend we went back the club again, and he told me ahead of time that he was going to give me a public enema and fuck me up my ass as I was exhibited in one of the bedrooms. He also said if and when he ever wanted someone, either a man or a woman to join us, I was expected to fully welcome them, and suck and fuck them as if they were my master. I was still forbidden to speak inside the club, I could express pleasure and pain, but nothing else except my safe word which was "pineapple."

The second time we went to the club he had me collared and I was wearing a leash. This was extremely difficult for me, he knows how much I hate being publicly leashed, but he said I needed to get used to the mental challenge of being an owned slave, and to totally forget about my needs and only serve Him. I also knew he was going to give me an enema in public, and hated the idea, yet was helpless to stop him.

When we go to the club for the second time, he had me unbutton my blouse completely. I had been instructed to wear a micro-miniskirt which exposed my naked body every time I bent over or moved a certain way. I was very embarrassed, and yet it excited me, and he enjoyed watching my predicament as I tried to walk around the club on very high black heels in my leash. Again, several people wanted to taste me, but master forbid it, and told me to get us some drinks and then he told me to dance where he could watch me. He was sitting by the side of the dance floor, and started talking to a very attractive blond woman. I was jealous of course, but helpless to stop him from doing anything he wished. I overhead him tell her he was going to give me an enema that night and take my ass, and I was so humiliated and upset that he would share this with her, but there was nothing I could do.

After we had a couple of drinks, he said to come to the bedroom now. I did, walking carefully on my extremely high black heels, my blouse unbuttoned now all the way, and my skirt so short you could see my pussy whenever I bent over even just a little.

When we got the bedroom, he opened the curtains and told me to undress, and lie on the bed face down. He told me to stretch out my hands and hold them over my head. I was bound hand and foot, and he moved my ass so that he could have access to it, and yet my arms and legs were tied so there was nothing I could do but let him take me any way He saw fit.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the dreaded pink enema bag. I begged him to close the blinds, as I was so embarrassed, but he just said to be quiet or he would gag me, which I hated. I had never had an enema before, but Master said he wanted me clean and fresh before he took my ass, and he also said he wanted me to learn to take whatever humiliating or degrading things he wanted to do to me without question, as I was his to do with whatever he wished.

He prepared the enema with warm water and a little mild soap, and started to fill my bottom with the liquid. Master told me to relax and breathe, and to take it all. To my surprise, he was very gentle and tender, and I began to enjoy it, although it was very embarrassing to know that anyone in the club could watch what he was doing to me. He tenderly filled my bowels completely with the warm soapy liquid, and told me to hold it until he ordered it released. It was a very full, naughty feeling, knowing I was being cleaned, inside and out, for His pleasure, and after a few minutes he pulled out the nozzle and told me to release the liquid. I pushed it all out with a gush, and he emptied it into a bowl and said good slave. Then he tenderly dried and cleaned me off, and unzipped his pants. He applied some lotion to my ass and his cock, and told me what a good clean slave I was and how he was going to enjoy my ass now and I should hold still and open myself to him as best I could.

He gently entered my ass, which was quite tight and a tiny bit sore from the enema, but he slowly and carefully entered me, and my body opened to him, and he took my clean, tight, fresh ass, and started to fuck me there in earnest. It was a tight, hard, intense fuck and I enjoyed it, and came quite loudly with him. There were several people watching this through the windows of the bedroom, which also seemed to add to my humiliation and excitement.

When he was done and had cum deep inside my cleaned out bowels, he said, good slave, and untied me, and we cuddled together while the others watched and smiled at us. He covered us up and I fell asleep at his feet and he lied there, smoking a cigar and watching the people coming and going outside our room.

After awhile I woke up and he said good, slave, now I want you to masturbate yourself while we watch. I didn't think I could do this, because I am very shy about that, but he said if I didn't he would whip me and not lightly. He gave me some lotion and told me to do it, he wanted to see me cum after having had my ass cleaned and fucked. I was quite nervous and embarrassed, but soon spread my legs and closed my eyes. I just pretended it was just the two of us, and although there were several people watching me, I had a strong, intense orgasm as they all watched. He said good slave again, and held me and we lied there for a long time before he said it was time to go.

As I was not allowed to speak to anyone else in the club, Master would decide when and if I would be shared with anyone. As we left, an attractive couple came up to him and asked if we could get together. He took their names and said he would get back to them.

I was led out of the club, my freshly cleaned and fucked ass a little sore, my body satiated and tired, and my mind reeling with the erotic and embarrassing events of the evening.

The next weekend he said he wanted to share me with the couple that had introduced themselves to us. He said I was to wear something very sexy and colorful, and wear very high heels and no underwear. He took me there and said the couple who would remain nameless to me would meet us in about an hour. He allowed me to dance, asked me to unbutton my blouse again, and let me have a couple of drinks and dance to get loose. A couple of men came up to me, but I had to tell them I was an owned slave and they would have to ask master if they wanted to use me.

After about an hour, the couple came in. They were very handsome and had been members for some time. The man asked master if he could dance with me and master said he could. He took me to the dance floor, and danced very close. Although he was quite handsome, I was very shy, and found myself blushing and yet getting very turned on. When the song was over master told me we were going to swap partners, and said I should fuck and suck and do whatever he wanted with my new friend as master was going to taste his wife or girlfriend, I was not told which.

We went to a large bedroom that had two king sized beds in it. Master asked the other couple if they wanted the blinds opened and they said no. Master told me to undress sexily and orally service our friend. Master and the man's partner watched as I stripped, got on my knees, and took the man's cock deep inside my well-trained mouth and sucked him for dear life. I knew that he would have to be healthy and disease free to get into the club, and this helped me let go and not worry. I also knew if I disobeyed Master I would be cropped hard, and I hated that.

After awhile the man started to lick and suck me, and I was then fucked hard while forced to watch my beloved master take another woman while being fucked by a relative stranger. This was difficult for me, as I am often quite possessive, but Master is training me to learn to share and not be so possessive and uptight.

After awhile we all started to cum noisily, I was being fucked with my legs held open, high in the air, and Master had his woman on top of him, something I know he loves, while he grabbed her breasts and she rode him like a whore. We all came noisily together, laughing, and then Master told me to clean off his woman, he wanted me to clean all his juices out of her beautiful, shaven cunt.

I had never licked a woman before, but knew what would happen if I disobeyed. He watched me with amusement lick and suck every drop of his and her juices from between her legs, and then my other man said he wanted to take my ass as I sucked her. My owner said sure, and my owner watched as his slave sucked and licked his friend to orgasm while being fucked in the ass by our new friend.

It was extremely exciting and yet very naughty for me, and I came again, and then Master held me and said he was very pleased with me. Our friends cuddled and we all fell asleep for a while, and then they said they had to leave for the babysitter, so we stayed on for a while they took off. Before he left, the man told my owner that he really enjoyed me and would like to use me again sometime, and my owner said he would keep that in mind.

We go back to the club nearly every weekend and I have been used and abused in every way imaginable inside there. I have been publicly bound and flogged, fucked while suspended, and have shared all kinds of couples. I have been forced to take two men at once, one in my mouth and one either in my ass or cunt, and Master has also arranged for me to watch, bound, helpless, while he tastes another woman there.

Last weekend was memorable because I was stripped, bound spread-eagled by hands and legs, tied to a table in one of the bedrooms on my back, and the bedroom curtains were opened. Then my owner started pelting my body with raw eggs. The eggs were still shelled, and the shells would break on my skin, which hurt a little, and then the egg whites and yolk would drip deliciously down my skin, all over my body, down my thighs, my legs, on my chest, all over. Afterwards I was covered with eggs and shells and looked a mess, but it was very erotic, and master took pictures and watched me squirm for a while. Then he finally untied me and told me to take a shower, which I did, and then I was told to orally service him while anyone who was interested watched his naked slave service his cock expertly as they watched. It was erotic, humiliating, and very hot for me, because he knows I am actually rather shy.

I am not allowed to speak or complain and if I do, I will be publicly flogged, and that would hurt much more than the pain of watching him with another woman. Master says I need to work on being more open and less possessive, and says that otherwise he is pleased with my progress. I'm also going to have to learn to control my emotions more, he says, something that is a work on progress. Otherwise he says he is very pleased with his slave and with the club, and he also plans to start photographing and videotaping our encounters and putting them on a paying web site to help pay for our membership fees and expenses. He's a great master and really knows how to handle me expertly.

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