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Please enjoy this latest story of our adventures, some truth, some fiction. This is FFM and there is plenty of Anal towards the end so be warned if you don't like that. Please vote and say what you do or don't like in this or our other stories [to come]. At least we can improve with constructive feedback be it positive or negative. Isn't that the point of it?

The bar was crowded so they sat a one of the high tops near the pool tables. The club itself was usually quiet early and it was the same tonight. As ever, Steve and Anna spent their time chatting and eyeing up the 'talent'. The game was in full swing as the club filled later in the evening though nothing in particular had appealed to either.

"Not much talent yet," smiled Steve.

"Oh, I don't know," Anna responded with a smile, "I saw you looking at those two over there." She nodded towards the two women at the end of the bar.

Steve smiled back, "I think they're a bit young for me. Nice though," he continued, "lovely arse! Say, how about we put yours on show and play some pool?" Anna smiled. She was dressed to kill tonight. Wearing a vibrant white large necked soft woolly sweater, skinny jeans hugged her figure exaggerating the shape of her fulsome, and oh so desirable, arse. The sexy nature of her dress was increased by the thigh length boots with four inch heels.

Anna smiled indulgently at him, "OK, you can get a good look!"

"So can all the other guys," he laughed back.

Leaving their things on the chairs, they moved to one of the pool tables and fed the machine. Steve racked the balls. "You break," he said to Anna.

She laughed, "No you do it! You are much better with your rod than me!"

He laughed, "I don't know, you use a 'rod' pretty well yourself!" With that he broke the pack, sinking a stripe. They played through the game which Steve won then Anna cleared up the rest of the balls. "Another?" asked Steve.

"Mmm, why not? We are being watched by the way."


"Other end of the bar. Where those two were earlier." Steve followed Anna's gaze to the end of the bar. There were two women there, apparently alone. Both were looking in their direction. Steve nodded and smiled.

"Mmm, they certainly look OK," he laughed, "from here anyway." He turned back to the table, fed the machine, and re-racked the balls. Steve broke again but nothing dropped then he missed a stripe. Anna took over and sunk a few solids then missed one. Steve bent over the table and took his shot, sinking his first ball. As he moved around the table he bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry," he said turning to see who was there. He noted the short red hair on a very attractive lady about 45. He stopped and smiled, "but it was a pleasure," he said with a smile. It was returned with a nod. Anna watched with a soft smile on her face.

The woman smiled back, "Thanks," she said, "sorry. You carry on. We didn't mean to interrupt." Steve smiled and settled down for his shot. He potted three balls then missed a sitter – it might have been because the woman had bent slightly, her tight jeans stretched across her arse!

"There," smiled Anna, "I reckon it's my game now!" and she bent to play her final shots, potting all the solids. Meanwhile Steve had spent some time surreptitiously examining the two women who were watching them. Both were considerably shorter than Anna. One, the one into whom he had bumped, met his eyes and smiled. About 5' 7", she wore her red hair short, cropped in a cut that framed her attractive face. Steve figured her to be in her mid forties. She had a pretty face with brown eyes and a nice figure too, breasts not that large, something Steve liked, and impressive hips that swept to a very appealing bottom. He unconsciously licked his lips as he cast his eyes over her. She smiled at him, clearly noting his appraisal and interest.

Her friend, shorter and blonde, was of a more fuller figure. Her blonde hair was shoulder length, similar to Anna's. She was dressed in a long skirt and boots and didn't seem quite so interested in the game of pool that Steve and Anna were playing. Nor in Steve and Anna themselves. Her interest was focused on the door into the club. Obviously, she was waiting for someone.

"You two play quite well," said the redhead with a smile.

"I don't know," Steve smiled back, "we just knock the balls about don't we Anna?"

Anna smile he sexy suggestive smile, "Mmm, I particularly like playing with the balls!" Steve laughed. The redhead's eyebrows raised then she laughed nervously as well.

"Now that is always good fun," she said.

"What?" said the blonde apparently missing both the conversation and the double entendre.

"Nothing really," said the redhead then, turning to Steve said, "I'm Kate, this is Carol."

"Hi," smiled Steve, "I'm Steve and this lovely lady here is Anna. It's good to meet you. Do you play?"

"Yes," she smiled, "but not pool very well," she said, "and Carol doesn't play at all!" Steve smiled at her obviously flirtatious nature. "We're waiting for our dates," she continued dashing Steve's rising hopes of an interesting evening.

"Here's Don now," said Carol, "He's on his own? Strange."

"Better go," said Kate, "see what's happening."

As they left Steve's gaze lingered on her rear, swaying as she walked away. "You certainly seemed interested in her," smiled Anna as she followed Steve's gaze.

"Mmm, very nice," he said with a wink at Anna. "Lovely arse! No luck though. It looks like they have company. Anyway," he continued laughing, "there are two of them. I can't handle three!" Anna laughed as she continued to watch the two women. In truth she had found herself somewhat attracted to Kate the redhead.

"Only one 'company' by the look of it," Anna said, nodding towards the doorway where the two women were in conversation with a man. There was lots of head shaking and apparent apologies on his part as they moved to bar. Sitting down they ordered drinks as Steve turned to Anna.

"As I said, no luck. Another game?"

"Might as well," she said with a smile, "not that much talent about at the moment." Steve racked the balls and, perhaps distracted by Anna's gorgeous arse as she played her shots or the thoughts of lost opportunities with the lovely redhead, promptly missed enough shots to give Anna the game easily.

"You're not much competition," she smiled, "your mind seems on other things!"

He laughed, "What with you sticking that gorgeous jean clad arse of yours out like that and thinking of that other very nice arse, I couldn't really keep my mind on the game!"

"Mmm, she is rather nice," said Anna pensively.

"You fancy her as well?"

"Mmm, I think I do." Steve knew that Anna occasionally found another woman attractive and enjoyed female/female play with those ladies. "She certainly lit your touch paper!"

"Mmm, you know me, Sucker for short haired redheads – especially with hips and arse like hers!" He nodded toward the trio where Kate was perched on a bar stool. They both laughed, "Had enough?" Steve asked.

"I think so. It's getting busier and the band will start soon. Let's get a drink and sit." Steve got the drinks and they sat checking the 'talent' as people entered. The club became more crowded and, though he was keeping an eye on the two women, they were soon hidden by other groups. The band began to play and people ebbed and flowed about the club, generally to and from the dance floor. They were both facing the band when Steve was tapped on the shoulder. Turning quickly he faced a smiling Kate.

"Mind if I join you two," she said with a shy smile.

"Of course not," said Steve raising his eyebrows quizzically. Anna turned to listen.

"I'm at a bit of a loss," Kate said shrugging her shoulders. "Carol's boyfriend was supposed to have fixed me up with a date: a friend of his but he didn't show! Feel a bit of a gooseberry with those two lovebirds," she laughed, "so I thought I'd 'gooseberry' you two?" There seemed to be a subtle question in her comment and Steve looked at Anna who nodded.

"You're very welcome," he said with a smile, "I am particularly fond of gooseberries. I like the feeling of the hairs on my tongue," he added with a suggestive smile. "Now, let me get you a drink! Anna?"

"Washington Apple please," Anna smiled, "Kate? What can Steve get you?"

Kate looked slightly embarrassed. "Look, errmmm . . . I didn't . . . you know . . . just to get a drink."

Steve smiled, "I know that," he said with a wink at Anna, "it was the sparkling company wasn't it?" He looked at her with an innocent expression on his face. Both women laughed and he finally joined them. "Now," he said, "what would you like to drink?"

"I like Sex On The Beach," she said with a wicked smile. Did she really, thought Steve, or was she playing. OK play along.

"Not fond of it on the beach, sand gets everywhere, prefer the bedroom!" Anna punched his shoulder playfully. "OK! OK! I know it's corny but I couldn't resist it. This lovely lady is too much!" Kate seemed pleased although she did cast a nervous look at Anna. Mmm, thought Anna, she's not sure about this. She thinks I might get upset.

"You like sex anywhere," said Anna with a wink at Kate, "he's a bloody ram!" she bent and whispered loud enough for Steve to hear.

Steve laughed and bowed from the waist, "Thank you milady for that vote of confidence! Now, back to matters in hand. A Sex On The Beach for you Kate?"

"Perhaps I'd better steer clear of Sexy drinks," she smiled, "can I try the same as Anna?"

"Of course. Back in a moment."

"So you're left on you own?" Anna said turning to Kate as Steve left.

"Yep," she replied with a smile, "let down again. Didn't really want to meet him anyway so I'm not that upset." She fixed Anna with her eyes, "I like your man though. Love his accent! He's English isn't he?" asked Kate hesitantly. Anna nodded. "He seems older as well?" She is obviously interested and fishing thought Anna smiling to herself. So I'll play along!

"Yes, he is a bit but," she smiled, "everything works very well indeed – and I love him!" Kate looked surprised. "We're engaged," Anna said showing her ring to Kate."

"He is very nice," Kate continued, "I'm not surprised. Polite! I think you are very pretty too," she added bashfully almost as an afterthought. Anna, perceptively, realised that perhaps Kate was like her and enjoyed the occasional lady.

Anna smiled, "Thank you! You're not so bad yourself," she continued causing a rather bashful look from Kate who seemed not quite so experienced in this repartee. "Steve likes you, I can tell you that," she laughed, "those jeans!"

Kate stood just a little straighter and ran her hands over her hips, "Mmm, I like dressing like this. I like to be, I don't know, wanted I suppose." This struck a cord with Anna who felt the same way.

"Well, as far as Steve is concerned, you have certainly achieved that. I see you don't wear a wedding ring? Are you divorced? Sorry to pry but it's nice to know and you know about us."

"I don't mind Anna," Kate smiled, "I'm divorced. Came through 6 months ago. This one of my first ventures out to the dating scene again. Have you two been together long?" she asked hesitantly.

Anna smiled, "For about a year now. Both going through divorces at present. Will marry as soon as they are finalized."

"You seem very easy with him flirting," said Kate, "even now with me." She seemed to be asking a question but Anna wasn't sure. Was it possible, she thought.

"We're pretty open," she said with a smile.


"Yes, we have other lovers and we swing."

Kate looked rather surprised at Anna's frankness but not shocked at her revelation. "I've heard . . . you know . . . about swinging. You and Steve . . .?"

"Yes, me and Steve," Anna laughed, "not often but now and again. It's fun and we meet new people, make new friends."

"I often wondered about that," said Kate wistfully, "but my ex was something of a prude – 'til he ran off with one of his work colleagues!" she ended bitterly.

Mmm, thought Anna, perhaps now is the time! "Well," began Anna with a smile, moving closer to Kate, "we swing, we both like you so, if you like us . . . ." Kate's eyes met Anna's and a subtle message passed. Kate nodded shyly as Steve returned with the drinks.

"Here you go ladies," he said handing the drinks then realised that he had interrupted something. "Is everything OK?" he asked.

"Oh yes," smiled Anna, "I think everything is fine don't you Kate."

Kate smiled, "Yes Anna, I think everything is fine just now." Puzzlement crossed Steve's face but he was used to Anna's games so he just smiled and sipped his coke.

"Not drinking Steve," asked Kate.

Steve smiled, "No I don't drink if errmmmm . . ."

Anna laughed and bent to whisper in Kate's ear, "He doesn't drink if he knows he is going to 'perform'," she bent her head back up as Kate blushed lightly, "says it 'blunts a man's sword'!" she said out loud. She bent her head again to whisper, "And he IS going to 'perform' later on!" Kate blushed a bright red then giggled and glanced frankly at Steve who smiled back innocently.

They all laughed then at Steve's slight embarrassment and continued to talk about the club, themselves, and everything in general. It was soon nearing 1 0'clock and the club began to empty slightly, The band had finished for the night and Anna had begun to think about leaving. It seemed, as the evening progressed, that Kate had become more at ease with them both even touching Steve occasionally when chatting.

Steve was impressed by this lovely woman. Of course he had Anna but, and she knew it, he loved being between two women - what man wouldn't he'd often thought. He also sensed something between the women. Not overt, just a feeling he had and, whilst not overly arrogant, did feel that Kate was attracted to him.

"I think it's time we got moving Steve," Anna said turning to Steve. He immediately picked up her message – get lost for a few minutes!

"Bathroom for me," he laughed, "all this bloody coke!" and he left the two women together.

Anna turned to Kate, "Well, Kate? We live in Springfield about 10 minutes away. I didn't ask, do you have a ride?"

"Oh goodness no!" said Kate with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry Kate, we'll drop you. Unless you want to come home with us?" she added with an enquiring smile and raised eyebrows.

She could see Kate hesitating, almost sense the wheels turning in her head. I hope she does, thought Anna, Steve will enjoy her – even if she doesn't take it in her ass! I think I might enjoy her too! Kate finally seemed to come to a conclusion.

Kate considered things. She liked them, liked them a lot but it was surely risky to go home with someone you'd only just met. They seemed OK though, she thought, and she felt at ease with Anna. She made her decision! It was worth the risk! "I like you both," she said with a smile, "and I trust you. You seem like nice people. If I'm going to 'play' – and I really want to," she giggled, "it's been nearly two years!" Anna raised her eyebrows. It was inconceivable that she could go that long without a man inside her!

"Two years! Really! Oh my goodness! Two years! It will be good Kate," whispered Anna, "he is something else!"

"Two years since I had sex, but not two years since I had an orgasm! I know how to take care of myself when the need arises." she added with a slight blush and a laugh. "He's a lot older than you," said Kate quietly, "and me."

"Mmm, I like older men," Anna said with a smile, "and he is very experienced. He likes your ass!" she added nodding down.

Kate smiled, "I like my ass as well," she said, "I think it's my best feature. Haven't got anything up here to interest most American men!" she laughed as she cupped her breasts.

"Certainly enough as far as I am concerned!" laughed Steve as he returned. Kate blushed attractively.

"Kate is coming back with us," said Anna with a smile then she leant forward and whispered in his ear, "two years Steve! She hasn't had a man for two whole years!"

Steve turned to Kate and his eyes appraised her, "Two years?" Kate blushed bright red! "You know you look exceptionally sexy when you blush!" he said with a smile.

Anna laughed, "Take no notice Kate, he's a terror – thankfully! Come on, home!" Hesitantly Kate followed Steve and Anna then, taking a deep breath, stood proud as they walked to the car. Ever the gentleman, Steve drove and let the ladies sit in the back together. He noted, in the mirror, that heads were often close together and there was little conversation directed at him. He was aware they were probably plotting! As he drove he contemplated being with two women. It hadn't happened often but it was an awesome experience and tonight he was sure that Kate would be as good as any - he knew Anna would be.

In the back of the car Anna was introducing Kate to the coming situation. "If at any time you feel uncomfortable all you have to do is say the word and everything will stop," she said. "If you are unsure Kate, but curious, just keep with it and go as far as you are comfortable. There are no expectations, so there are no disappointments." Anna was trying to help put the other woman at ease with both herself and Steve. These were ground rules that the two had established as they had experiences. Learning a little more each time, and taking the best from each one.

"I have found that if you are not ready for a full on girl/girl experience, then it is easiest to focus all of our attention on Steve. Each taking our time and just lavishing him with attention. That takes the pressure off him and lets him just sit back and enjoy." Anna whispered to Kate and tried her best to help her feel comfortable.

"Will you stay the night?" Anna asked as they neared home.

Kate nodded, "Yes," she said breathlessly, "I don't want you to have to come out again – and I think I am going to be busy!"

Anna laughed, "Oh yes, you will be – all of us will be!"

They got back to their apartment pretty quickly and parked. Anna led Kate to the door as Steve watched the two women he was to be with the rest of the night. As a devout worshipper of the female arse he could not have asked for more. Anna, her tight skinny jeans shaping her gorgeous arse, an arse he knew so well. Then next to her Kate. An unknown quantity. Did she even like anal sex; would she take him there? He hoped so for she was as shapely as Anna, if not more so. Gorgeous hips flowed into the shapeliest of arses. Full and proud, round and firm. He sighed and hoped. Hoped she would and hoped he would be up to it if she did! The Cialis he had taken in anticipation of a busy night with Anna was going to earn it's pay!

Into the warmth of the apartment, coats came off and an awkward silence settled. Anna, however, was equal to it! "Kate," she said with a smile, "are you really up for this? Everything?"

Kate laughed nervously, "I errm . . . haven't done anything like this before, I'm a bit out of my depth."

And smiled and put her arm around Kate's shoulder, "I'll guide you through," she said, "come on, let's go upstairs. Steve, give us a few minutes." Steve nodded and smiled as they left.

In the bedroom Anna turned to Kate and asked again. "Are you sure about this Kate?" she asked softly her eyes locked on Kate's. "No pressure, ever!"

"I . . . I'm not sure," Kate replied hesitantly, "I said . . . I . . . ermm . . . well I haven't don't anything like this before." Then she smiled, "but you have Anna. I want to . . ." she took a deep breath as if coming to decision, "I want to do it all! There," she smiled. "and I really like you as well!"

Anna smiled, "And I like you!" They moved together and kissed. Tentative at first the kiss turned more passionate as all barriers disappeared. Hands flowed over bodies as both women explored the shape of the other. Anna, leading the way, gloried at Kate's hips and ass and the desire to taste her increased as they kissed again. They moved apart and looked into each other's eyes. Anna raised her eyebrows questioningly. Kate nodded a shy yes.

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