tagLoving WivesC'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 05

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 05


My wife Tina had set me up with her friend Carol while she got to fulfill her fantasy of making out with Carol's husband Alan.

After meeting my date at the Paradise Lounge, I had followed her back to her house. We got out of the car and Carol wasted no time in unlocking the front door of her house.

Entering the house I noticed that it was quite a cozy place and furnished in good taste. A small table lamp lit the living room from a distant corner, creating a very romantic atmosphere in the house.

Carol locked the door behind us and we stood facing each other, my hands holding her by her waist while hers rested on my shoulders.

My lips approached hers and she pouted her mouth to receive them. She crushed her mouth against mine and our tongues met in a duel of illicit passion.

After a long deep kiss we stood in a tight embrace, gazing into each others eyes.

"Let's go upstairs, darling," she suggested with a seductive look on her face, "Tonight I want to loosen the bonds of my marriage. Tonight I want to forget that I'm married. Tonight I want to be all yours. I want you to take me as your woman ... And I want you to take me on my marriage bed."

"I can't wait to make you all mine," I whispered back, "Tonight you belong to me and only me."

"Do what you feel like doing with me tonight, darling," Carol was really turned on, "Use me as you wish ... Use me as your toy ... Use me as your fuck meat for tonight."

Carol took my hand and led me up the stairs.

"Here we are," she muttered, almost to herself, as we entered the dimly lit master bedroom, "I can't wait to get into bed with you. I can't wait to get this new relationship consummated. I can't wait to have you between my legs."

We collapsed onto the bed together, and immediately my lips sought hers. We kissed passionately like we had never kissed before, opening our mouths to let our tongues meet. I explored the sweet recesses of her mouth and sucked gently on her tongue.

My hands kneaded her breasts through the soft material of her dress. She had average-sized but firm breasts and I longed to get them out of her clothes.

"My husband loves to suck my breasts," she said, gasping for breath, "I can imagine how he must be working on your wife She's going to have really sore milk bags before the night is over."

I could not imagine another man having full access to my wife's private bodily assets. But that was what she wanted and, looking at Carol lying under me, I had no regrets whatsoever about letting my wife have her way with Alan. Tina had been fantasizing a sexual relationship with Alan, and now she would get to fulfill that relationship.

We rolled over so that Carol now lay on top of me. I undid the knot of her halter dress at the back of her neck. Then I took her by her shoulders and gently pushed her up into an upright position, straddling my stomach. Her dress slipped down and off her chest, and I reached for the hook at the back of her bra. It did not take me long to unfasten it, allowing her wonderful breasts to spring free. I eased the bra straps off her shoulders and she removed the bra, depositing it on the floor next to the bed.

I stared at Carol's bare tits dangling seductively before my eyes. Occasionally my mind would change channels and I would get flashes of my wife's breasts being offered to her new lover.

I looked at Carol in the soft light and tried to focus my mind fully on this woman who was now all mine for the taking. I grabbed her full breasts impatiently and squeezed and massaged them rather violently, making her wince in painful pleasure. Then I pulled her down to lick and kiss her magnificent boobs before plugging my mouth over her erect nipple. Now I began to suck on her like a hungry infant.

Carol let out a subdued scream of pleasure and pain. "Oooooh ... " she cried, "That feels so good ... suck me harder ... suck me dry ... suck me the way you want my husband to suck your wife ... "

"You think only your husband knows how to suck breasts?" I growled, as I shifted my mouth to the other nipple, "I'll show what I can do with your boobs, and the rest of your voluptuous body."

Carol's frequent references to Alan and Tina were having a strange effect on me. Visions of my wife with another man were arousing a rather wild side of my sexual desire. Maybe that was what Carol really wanted -- some really wild sex.

I suckled hard on her nipples, sinking my teeth into her areoles, while kneading her breasts vigorously with my hands.

"Let's see what else you have hidden under your clothes," I was beginning to sound and act a little harsh as I tossed her sideways onto the bed. Her little dress still clung around her waist and hips. I got onto my knees and caught hold of the dress, easing it down her rounded hips. I let out a soft gasp when I suddenly caught sight of her naked crotch. She wasn't wearing any panties. I was in a daze as I pulled her dress down to her thighs. Carol helped to get the skimpy dress down and off her long legs, leaving her completely naked.

"You mean you were not wearing any panties all the time?" I asked.

"It's more comfortable," she replied with a devilish sort of smile, "And more convenient."

"You ARE a beautiful bitch," I continued to lovingly taunt her, "Am I glad to have you for the night ... "

"Then fuck me like you would fuck a bitch," Carol seemed to be going along with my rough tone, "Give it to me like the dog gives it to the bitch ..."

I unbuttoned my shirt and Carol helped to get it off my back. Then she unzipped my pants and pulled them down my legs. She grabbed at my hard cock straining against the material of my underwear.

"Aha ..." she teased me, as she pinched the elastic top of my underwear and pulled it down to expose my cock, "Looks like my lover boy is all ready to do his job."

Before I knew it Carol had enveloped the head of my penis with her mouth and was easing my underwear down my thighs. Then she let my cock out of her mouth for just a moment. "My husband simply loves this," she said before slipping my hard monster into her mouth again.

She worked on my cock like an expert, taking the full length of the shaft into the depths of her oral cavity. I could feel her lips wrapped firmly around the base of my penis as she applied a gentle rhythmic suction that sent waves of tingling sensations rushing up my spine.

With my eyes closed I tried to picture my wife with Alan's cock stuffed up her throat. That sent a shiver of excitement gushing through my whole body and magnified the wild sensations that were being generated by Carol sucking on my cock.

After what seemed like a very long time my lover moved up to lie facing me. "My husband must be getting the same treatment from your wife," she tried to remind me, "I'm sure your wife must be really enjoying his cock."

That sent a another chill through my spine, and I could feel my cock pulsating as I thought of my wife.

"I'm sure she must be completely naked by now," Carol continued, "I'm sure she must also be wanting to be fucked like a bitch by someone who's not her husband."

Now Carol moved herself up until she was squatting over my face. I stared at Carol's naked genitals positioned over my face, but what I saw were visions of my wife's hot pussy hovering over Alan's face. The excitement was becoming too much for me.

I caught hold of Carol by her thighs and adjusted her bottom so that my tongue could get at her vulva. Then I got to work on those glorious labial folds, savoring the illicit taste of her sizzling sex. Her pussy was simply delicious.

With my mouth firmly plugged over her vaginal opening, I let Carol topple over onto the soft bed. Soon I was licking and sucking on her clitoris while she lay writhing helplessly on her back. She began to moan in pleasure, and then, as I continued to work on her sensitive love button, she suddenly let out a shrill cry and went into an orgasmic spasm.

"Ohhhhh ... " she cried, "Darling, you are fantastic ... I love you, darling."

I moved my lips over her pubic thatch, delighting in her sexual odor along the way. As I moved up over her flat tummy I admired how she had maintained her body. Reaching her magnificent breasts, I suckled on her taut nipples and bit rather firmly into the succulent tissue of her boobs.

When my lips finally reached hers, I clamped my mouth against hers and positioned myself between her parted legs.

After a long kiss, I moved my face back a little and looked into her dreamy eyes. "You ready for the grand finale?" I asked softly, "You ready to be fucked? You ready to be filled with my sperm?"

"Yesss ... " she murmured dreamily, "Please fill me up with your juices. Please fill me up with your adulterous sperm."

"Do you love me?" I asked her.

"Yes ... " she responded without any hesitation, "I love you, darling ... At this moment I love you more than I love any other person ... I need you inside me ... I need your cock inside me ... please ... "

"I'm not your husband," I continued to torment her, "Do you love me more than you love your husband?"

"Yes ... " she replied, "Right now I love you more than I love my husband. Right now you are my man and I belong only to you. Right now I need you and only you." Her legs were wide apart in full consent for the illicit fuck.

As I positioned the tip of my cock at her love slit, she raised her hips up shamelessly to receive me. She guided my tool to the entrance of her glistening wet pussy. With one single thrust I penetrated her, driving my cock all the way into the depths of her vagina. She let out a low moan and tightly pressed her pelvis up against mine.

As I felt her warmth engulf me, I was suddenly overcome by the vision of my wife's chastity being violated by another man. But that only served to arouse my lust to even greater heights. My cock throbbed in excitement as I buried the shaft deep inside my lovely slut. We were now finally bound in coital unity, my cock enveloped by her warm and wet pussy.

She screamed as I pulled back and slammed into her again with even more force. I was going to give her a sample of some real good sex, like she had never got from her husband.

Then I began to pump in and out of her, and she screamed ecstatically with each stabbing thrust. I groaned as I enjoyed the feel of her tight vagina massaging the full length of my cock sliding back and forth inside her.

I could feel Carol's pelvic tissues tightening around my swollen member, and her thighs gripped my waist as she was finally overcome by a powerful climax.

"Ohhhhh ... " she moaned, her body writhing and squirming under me, "Ohhhh my god ... "

At about the same time I felt a strong spasm gripping the whole length of my body, and I began to rock and jerk uncontrollably as I shot my hot fertile fluids into her womb. The thick sperm spurted strongly into her depths, releasing the pent-up passions in my groins.

As I fired round after round of cum into the deep recesses of her cunt, I gloated in the glory of having sexually conquered another man's woman. Alan's wife was at this moment all mine. My cock was embedded deep inside her and her womb was overflowing with my seminal fluids.

We continued to groan and pump furiously, relishing every moment of our illicit extramarital coital union, squirming together until we were fully spent.

When I finally collapsed onto her, I heard her soft voice, "Oh, darling, that was really great ... it was really fantastic ... having your big cock inside me ... and now having your fertile seed inside me ... I love you, darling ... I really love you ... "

I kissed her tenderly. "I love you too," I whispered, "You were simply wonderful. You were just great."

We lay together in a tight embrace, exchanging gentle caresses and soft sweet kisses. It felt really great to have Carol's naked body pressing against mine.

It was just past 3 o'clock in the morning when I took leave. I slipped on my clothes and kissed Carol passionately as she lay naked on the bed.

"Bye," I said to her, "Your husband should be coming back soon."

"Bye," she responded, "Just switch off the lights, and please shut the front door as you leave. It gets locked automatically. My husband has the key."

I drove around town for a while to allow time for Alan to leave my house. I didn't really fancy meeting a guy who had just finished fucking my wife.

Then I decided to give a call to my wife on her mobile phone.

"Hi darling, he's gone?" I asked.

"Yeah," my wife mumbled, sounding quite lost for energy, "He just left."

"Okay, I'll be back shortly," I said and headed for home.

While parking the car I noticed that the house was in total darkness. I unlocked the front door and entered. As I closed the door behind me, I felt like an intruder. My wife had just spent the night with her lover. Now she must be lying in bed with his juices oozing out of her vagina.

I crept upstairs, opened the bedroom door and stepped inside. In the darkness I could just make out the silhouette of my wife's naked body lying sprawled on her side on the bed. I got out of my clothes and slipped into bed right next to her.

The smell of sex was very strong indeed. There was no doubt that my wife had got her fair share of illicit love. The ruffled state of the beddings was evidence of a fairly vigorous encounter.

Tina stirred in her sleep as I got very close to her and wrapped my arm around her waist from the back. When I began to caress the nape of her slender neck with my lips, she let out a soft sleepy murmur.

While I continued to kiss her neck I moved my hand down to her smooth thighs. The crusted cum clinging to her inner thighs betrayed her marital infidelity. Shifting my hand to her vaginal opening I felt the thick seminal fluids still oozing out of her beautiful body. Her pubic hair was matted with dry cum. My wife had ultimately surrendered to the lingering lust that had been haunting her mind for so long.

My hand wandered lazily up her flat abdomen to her chest. As I cupped her breast, Tina turned around slightly so that she now lay on her back. Her eyes were still closed. I kissed her on the cheek and she turned her face towards me to let my lips meet hers.

Then she turned her body towards me and spoke with a slight slur, very softly, as if she were speaking in her sleep.

"Thank you, dear ... thank you very much ... thanks for being so loving and so understanding ... "

"Did he give you the love that you were yearning for? Did he live up to your expectations?" I asked.

"He was very loving, and I love him even more now. He really gave me the best fuck of my life."

Not long after that we were in deep slumber, holding each other in tight embrace.

It was about 8 in the morning when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. The sunlight was already filtering in through the curtains. Tina was still fast asleep. She looked absolutely ravishing as she lay in her naked splendor among the sheets.

A little later, as I emerged from the bathroom and made my way back to the bed, I caught a glimpse of CAROL'S DARK BROWN HAIRPIECE lying on the side-table. I also noticed CAROL'S LITTLE BLACK DRESS still lying ruffled, together with her bra, on the floor next to the bed.

I crept into bed next to Tina and lay on my back, pondering over the events of the previous night. I glanced at my wife and felt so glad to be married to her.

It seemed so long before my lovely wife woke up and cuddled up close to me. She broke out into the sweetest smile and wrapped her arm around me.

"Hi, lover boy," she said, "Good morning."

Without giving me a chance to reply, she brought her lips to meet mine. It was a long, soft kiss filled with lots of love and passion.

"Let's go down and have some breakfast," she whispered, reluctantly breaking contact with my lips.

Over the next few days it became obvious that a completely new kind of relationship had blossomed between Tina and myself. We were no longer taking each other for granted. We seemed to be taking every opportunity to show our affection and love for each other. We began to give each other's needs more priority over all the other daily chores. And most important of all, we began to take the trouble to share our deeper thoughts and inner feelings with each other.

One week later, on Saturday afternoon, Tina and I sat on the sofa munching tidbits, sipping vodka and watching TV.

"Did you like Carol?" Tina suddenly asked out of the blue.

"Yeah," I replied, the answer just spurting out of my mouth without a second thought, "I love her."

"Would you be happy married to her?"

"I'm not really sure about that, but she makes a fantastic girl friend."

"So you want to continue your relationship with her?"

"Of course, I'd love to."

Tina went to the kitchen to top up the tidbits. When she came back she sat closer to me.

"How was that guy you were dancing with that night?" I asked rather casually.

"Oh, you mean Paul? He's just a kid. Nineteen plus. In college. He was just too excited. Not much experience with girls. Nice chap though."

"He seemed quite keen to make out with you. He tried desperately to kiss you on your lips. Why didn't you let him?"

"I almost did. But I didn't want to ruin the evening. I wasn't sure how you would react. I was afraid you might not like it."

"But you did let him get real close. His body was almost glued to yours."

"Well, that's how Carol is. Sometimes she loves to get away from all those inhibitions."

"And he had his hands blatantly groping that ass of yours, even having the cheek to pull up your dress to fondle your bare bottom."

"I guess I did let him go a little too far. But then, I'm only human, you know. Maybe I just wanted him to touch me somewhere a little more private."

"And you weren't wearing any panties."

Tina burst out laughing. She seemed very amused. "Of course I wasn't wearing any panties. You should have noticed that when I unzipped the slit on my dress at the lounge. We want to add some spice in our lives, don't we?"

"Did Paul know that you didn't have any panties on?"

"He only realized it when he dug his fingers into my rear. Before that he thought I was wearing a thong"

"He seemed really turned on. The way he was grinding his crotch against you I thought he might just lay you on the dance floor and stuff his meat up your cunt."

"That would have been fun. Having a virile young cock inside me, and having some hot teenage sperm spurting up my cunt."

Throughout our married life my wife had projected an image of absolute chastity and had never used such explicit language while conversing with me. I liked the new Tina. And I wanted to know more about what was going on in that mischievous brain of hers.

"And what kind of crazy stuff were you trying to lecture him on?" I asked, "You were whispering something or other into his ear almost non-stop while dancing with him."

"Oh, now when I look back, I think I was just being cruel. Tormenting him with sexual innuendos. Lots of suggestive talk. Painting erotic fantasies in his naive mind. I think it was just too cruel of me."

"What exactly did you say to him?"

"I told him that I was a virgin ... "

"And he believed you?" I interjected.

"Not only did he believe me, he was so excited about it. I don't know why. Maybe he had the notion that virgins were just waiting to be screwed."

"So my wife was a virgin slut on the dance floor. What happened then?"

"I told him that I would love to lose my virginity to a stud like him. That really turned him on. I could feel his bulge getting bigger and firmer. That's when he first tried to kiss me on my lips."

"You should have let him."

"Maybe I should have. It would have been a good experience for me too. Tasting the innocent lips of a young stranger."

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