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Co-Ed Coercion


-This is completely fictional, all names and such are completely made-up.-

I am Kevin Gonzalez , a humble but proud janitor at Colmillo College for at least 3 years. It has grown from a small humble college to one where several of the richest parents in town would send their sons and daughters to attend. I never had a chance to study there myself, but was content making ends meet with what I earned there. After all, no one could keep the place cleaner and in tip-top working condition better than I can. Soon with the earnings combined with those of my long-time girlfriend Delia , we'll make enough to move in together and make it easier on ourselves.

I'm an average guy, of Mexican descent, just hit 30, about 5'7, short dark hair and an average composition. My girlfriend Delia is 5'6, also Hispanic, rather slender with flowing long dark hair, going past her shoulders. She usually dressed in red, loose outfits, mostly reserving the more form-fitting attire when we were alone. She was a C-cup, nice perky and firm, and she had a cute round ass for one so slender. Even at 27 she was still a virgin, and I respected her decision to remain so. But this weekend was finally going to the night we decided it was time to take that step. Even after 6 years, I was still very attracted to her... the thought of finally being to take her body and make her completely mine still made me throbbing hard.

Now, working at the college there were lots of lovely co-eds wandering around worth a second look. I was strictly a one-woman man, and would never do wrong to Delia , but the eyes could still wander. Most of the girls in their senior year were already sexually active and the rumors would fill the halls with who slept with who and how good or bad it was. I couldn't help but fantasize that I was the one popping their cherries rather then the jocks on the football teams. Several of them caught my eye, but there were three I lusted the most for, since I would run into them the most frequently as I made my rounds.

The first was Tabitha , a cute blonde that, from what I heard, just celebrated her 18th birthday 2 months back. She was around my height, her golden locks reaching her shoulders, small tempting B-cup breasts, and nice hips. She had adorable blue eyes, and a lovely smile on her slightly roundish face. I could tell she had a nice ass, though she would usually wear her shirts long enough to cover it. It just made it that much more tempting whenever she did wear something that made it easier to appreciate her round little ass. She was mostly perky and upbeat, and occasionally she would greet me, or come to me directly when she needed help stuffing all her books and junk in her locker.

Next was Sarah , probably Tabitha 's complete opposite. While Tabitha was sweet, and probably pure-hearted, Sarah was a lustful little minx. At 19 she could already boast about having sex with most of the jocks and other attractive guys at the school. Rumors floated around that even a professor or two has sampled her sweet pussy. Also around my height, Sarah dressed mostly in black or purple clothes, sporting short bushy dark hair and was thick in body. Maybe a tad on the chubby side, but still had a smokin body. I'd have to say she had bigger plumper tits than Delia , and wider hips with a nice big round ass to boot. I don't think she was all out goth or emo, but she was usually dressed in dark colors, and would occasionally dye her hair red or purple. Even I wasn't safe from her occasional flirting. While I turned her down and reminded her I very well might be her father's age, she usually hinted she'd show me a better time than Delia ever could.

And finally there was a woman that wasn't a student at all, but recently graduated. She was none other than Michelle Colmillo , the daughter of the grandson of the original Owner and Founder of the college, as well as the Principal. At 22, she took in her passion for teaching by returning to her college to tutor some of the co-eds there. She was recently Tabitha 's tutor in her Advanced Physics class. At 5'8, she was tall and slender, usually wearing heels to make her even taller, her dark hair flowing almost to her waist. She was a C-cup, bigger than Delia 's though, and had a nice little ass, matching her long slender though shapely legs. Refine and a tad snobby, she would turn down many a guy during her college days for not meeting her standards. Her beauty would attract several guys that were just out for a quick fuck, leaving Sarah to snatch them up upon her refusal. She was loved as a teacher for her patience and easy-going personality, and rumor has it she was still very much a virgin since none of her past boyfriends ever wanted to wait long enough for marriage to seal the deal.

Of them all, Michelle probably caught my eye the most. I was there to admire her delicious perfect body since she a Junior, and was there to clean up the halls after her graduation. The fact she returned to teach at my college was a delightful surprise since it gave me more chances to check her out. We rarely exchanged words, maybe an occasional 'good afternoon' or so, but after a while I knew she at least knew my name. What I never knew, or rather, what noone that's ever known her ever knew... was that she was hiding a bit of a darker side. Underneathe her virginal churchgirl facade lied a more selfish and manipulative personality, and I was soon to be the first to find that out.

It was Friday evening, around 6, and I was doing my last rounds of the day. I was in my usual blue worksuit, the sounds of my black shoes echoing in the empty halls. I made sure all the floors were mopped, all the classrooms I was assigned to were organized and cleaned up, and I even had time to fix the leak on the 3rd floor women's bathroom. As far as I knew, the only people left in the building were the tutors and the occasional bookworm in the library or the Role-Playing addicts in the computer lab. As I passed by the Physics class, I heard someone call out for my name. Sure enough, Michelle was peeking out of the doorway and calling for me, "Hurry up Kevin . We got a problem here."

"Really, what is it?" I said as I headed her way.

" Tabitha spilled soda all over the floor. Come help us clean it up."

I nodded and was about to grab my mop, but she stopped me. "No no, you don't need that, just come in."

"Well geez, I'm gonna need my mop, what else am I gonna clean it up with?" I said as I followed her into the room. As soon as I stepped in Michelle was quick to close the door behind me. I could have sworn I heard her lock it as well, but my attention was focused on Tabitha and this other girl sitting in desks in front of me. Tabitha was wearing a tight blue shirt slightly hidden under a darker blue vest and some black jeans. The girl sitting next to her was a tad shorter and very thin wearing a black shirt and grey slacks. Her black hair was shoulder length and considering how slim she was, she did have a nice rack on her. They both just looked me, rather quiet. Tabitha gave me a shy smile, while this other girl just stared at me. Both of them were blushing. Michelle herself was dressed with a classy blue long-sleeve blouse with a matching dress and heels.

Another thing I noticed was that the girls didn't have any books with them. There weren't any papers or pencils or anything at all on their desks. There was no sign of food or drink, and there sure wasn't any spill to clean up. "Um... what's going on Michelle? Where's the biiiiig spill?"

Suddenly, something that I never thought would happen, happened. Michelle came from behind me and started to rub my shoulders, "We didn't call you here for that... Just relax... My, you're so tense... Bet you had a long day at work..."

"Um... Michelle ... what are you...?" Suddenly I would feel her lips pressed upon mine. The shock and disbelief of this, who I was thought was so wholesome and pure suddenly kissing me like that just froze me. Even if it was for a few seconds it felt like something I'd remember for the rest of my life.

Sense came back to me as I broke the kiss and pushed her back, " Michelle! What the fu--... what the hell?" I could never bring myself to swear in her prescence. Hell probably wasn't much better than fuck, but I wasn't thinking straight at the moment. She smiled at me and gave me this lustful look, which I never thought I'd ever see on her face.

"I'm tired of this Kevin ... of being proper all the time.. of being the woman my father always wanted me to be..."

Tabitha whispered to her friend, "I can't believe she's calling Mr. Gonzalez by name.."

Michelle corrected her, "School is out Taby . We're all equals here. Just call him Kevin . How do you expect him to fuck you if you call him 'Mr.Gonzalez' all the time? How lame is that?"

I looked over at the girls, both of them blushing. Tabitha couldn't keep eye contact after what was just said. " Michelle .... what are you talking about..?"

"I want to have sex... I don't want to be a virgin anymore... I want to know what it feels like sooooo bad, but I always had to focus on my studies and not much else. I'd be considered the black sheep if I had sex before marriage. The family whore. Well, I can't take it anymore. I want to fuck... not make love.. I want a good hard fuck.... But not from these idiot jocks that have who-knows-how-many diseases from the school tramps here, or the dipshits in my neighborhood. I want someone I know will give me a good time, but hasn't been around the block like some two-bit playa. I want you Kevin . I know you'll be good to me... and give me what I want..."

I was speechless. The thought of fucking the hell out of her was already getting me hard. Hearing her talk this way, so lustfully, swearing, it was turning me on. " Michelle ... you know I have someone... You've seen us together before..."

She walked over to me again, "I know. Dalia , right?"

" Delia ..."

"Whatever. I know you never cheated on her. You probably only have sex with her right?"

"No Michelle ... actually we haven't gone that far yet.."

"Oh, gonna wait til marriage? Now who's the goody-goody? Don't be a fool like I was... just take it. I know you want me, you don't think I never noticed the way you looked at me all these years? I've felt your perverted eyes on me whenever I bent way over to pick something up. You think I never purposely dropped things when I was around you?" This was starting to turn ugly. It was time for me to leave before I was tempted further. I was supposed to make love to my girl, not anyone else.

As I headed for the door, Michelle grabbed my arm, clutching my wrist firmly. "Oh no you don't. You're here for us tonight."

I looked at her and the other two. "Us..? You mean..."

Michelle smiled again, "I'm not the only one that can't wait anymore. Tabitha and Kaitlin also want to play with you."

I blushed as I looked at Tabitha , she couldn't face me but was as red as a beat. The thought of taking her as well was getting my cock even harder now. "Look...girls, I'm flattered, really I am, but I have someone and don't intend on having an affair with the Seniors here. Even if I was single, if anyone found out about this, I'd get fired."

"You're not looking at the big picture here ' Mr. Gonzalez '. Do you forget who my father is? All I have to do is cry rape and he'll throw your ass in jail, if he doesn't kill you first."

This was insane. "What? You wouldn't do that! Michelle , I can't believe you're saying this! What the fuck, bitch?"

She smiled as she ran her hands down my chest, as she was standing right in front of me, her baby blues staring like daggers into my hazel browns. "Oh, I'm a bitch am I? Well, how's this for bitch? Crazy Mexican janitor rapes the innocent church-going tutor, daughter of the principal? Two witnesses that tried to pull him off her."

"Witnesses??? Tabitha would never go along with this!!" I turned to face my friend, who I was sure was still on my side, "I mean... you wouldn't right...?"

Tabitha still looked down, "I'm sorry Mr. Gonzalez ... I want you too, but I was hoping you'd go along with it... I don't want to make you, but if I don't go along with Michelle 's story, she'll tell my parents about the boy I gave head to at her party last month... and my parents will kill me..." I didn't know what to do. I was facing losing my job, going to jail, my good name being smeared all over college, and having to cheat on the woman I loved.

Michelle set her hand on her cheek and turned my head to face her, "Why make it so difficult? It's not like we're ugly or anything.. and what your girl doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, don't tell me you don't want this." She reached down and took a firm hold of the buldge already formed in my pants.

The look on her face showed me that she liked what she felt, "God.. you're so fuckin hard... and thick... Damn, I wanna see it."

" Michelle ... this is wrong... you're not like this..." She tightened her grip on my cock, squeezing it almost painfully now.

"You don't know what I'm like. Now, will you cooperate or do I have get nasty? I already told you the consequences. Don't make me repeat them."

They had me. I couldn't think of anything besides that this was wrong. Besides, being the daughter of the principal and with such a clean reputation... noone would ever believe she was the one doing the seducing. And with Tabitha and this other girl willing to back her claims... they had me. The thought of fucking them was getting to me as well... it wasn't long before my eager cock had reached its full length and thickness in Michelle's stern hand. My own body wanted this to happen more than I did. "Fine... we'll do this... but just tonight OK?"

With this Tabitha and Kaitlin got up and started walking over to me. Michelle finally stopped stroking me and nodded, "OK."

Tabitha blushed and smiled lightly as she looked at me while Kaitlin had her eyes fixated on the large bulge almost bursting from my work clothes. "Alright Kev... we can start this by showing us what you got down there." Michelle said with utter confidence in her control of the evening. I unzipped my pants and pulled my boxers down, unleashing my 7-inch cock, fully throbbing hard and more than willing to take them. I blushed as I heard the girls blushed, I could literally feel their eyes stuck on it.

abitha was the first to reach out for it, feeling its girth in her quivering hand, "Oh god.... it's so hard Mr... um... Kevin .." Kaitlin just stared as the curious blonde started to stroke my shaft.

Michelle smiled at me and ran her heads across my chest, "Wow... if I knew you were this big, I might have done this sooner..." She then moved in for another kiss, this time alot deeper and alot more lustful.

I felt her tongue force its way in, and soon I was wrestling against it with my own. She breathed hard as she started to unbutton my shirt. I suddenly gasped as I felt something warm and moist envelop my shaft. Michelle pulled away enough to let me see that Tabitha had started to suck my cock. Very nervous and definitely inexperienced, the cute blonde sucked mostly on the head and tried to bob her head back and forth, taking only half of it. She didn't know what she was doing, but the feeling of being inside Tabitha 's innocent mouth was still incredibly intense. I couldn't help but breathe harder and moan a little. Instinct made me set my hand on her head.

Michelle however wanted her attention. She soon took my hands and set them on her breasts. I could feel their warmness, their firmness, she wasn't wearing a bra under that blouse. "What's wrong...? Can't handle two women at once?"

She kissed me again, resuming the tongue battle. I couldn't focus anymore. Tabitha 's mouth felt so good around my cock, I started to squeeze and fondle Michelle 's luscious tits. Hearing the woman moan arroused me more, feeling her amazing breasts that I lusted after for so long, finally in my hands was driving me wild with desire. I couldn't myself anymore as I groped her tits hungrily. Tabitha was already slurping on most of my cock now, stroking it as she did so. I unbuttoned Michelle 's blouse and was glad to see I was right. No bra in sight, just her tempting big tits with hard perky nipples right before my sex-starved eyes.

"See, it's not so bad, is it? Just give in and let us have our fun." Michelle smiled arrogantly.

I looked down to notice that Tabitha pulled my dick out of her mouth now. Kaitlin moved in and rubbed some of the spit off my head, which also felt so good. She looked up at me before she also took it in her mouth, focusing more on licking the head. Unlike the girl before her, this one also started to rub my balls, which we pretty hard by now too. I gasped for air before Michelle would push my face up against her chest. I started sucking on her right nipple while my hands squeezed and toyed with her left breast. Michelle 's lustful moans were driving me crazy, as was Kaitlin's first blowjob on me. She'd continue to twirl her tongue around the head, her free hand pumping the rest of the shaft. Tabitha watched and couldn't help but unzip her pants and rub herself.

Kaitlin would soon tire and give up, panting hard, but happy to have her first taste of cock. Michelle then pushed the girls aside and got on her knees in front of me. She took firm grip of it and started to jerk it roughly, "They're just learning.. but I'll make you cum, don't worry."

With that the churchgirl soon sucked my cock and took most of it in from the start. I gasped and could only hold onto her as I saw her take my length completely. Tabitha blushed and looked at me, swallowing a little before finally working the nerve to kiss me. It was much more tender loving kiss, but my mind was lost as I felt my cock rubbing up against the back of Michelle 's throat.

Kaitlin broke her silence by saying, "Oh fuck.. look at that..." as their leader now had her face right up against me, my balls up against her lips.

Tabitha also stopped to watch as her tutor continued to deepthroat me while playing with my balls. I grabbed the back of her head and started to pump it in and out of her. I didn't care anymore and just needed to cum. Lust consumed me as I fucked the mouth of the woman I secretly desired for the longest time. She didn't gag at all, taking it all without a problem, slurping on it roughly every time I pulled back. I kept pumping it down her throat for another few seconds until I finally felt myself shoot hard. The woman let out a muffled yell and tried to break free, but I didn't let her. She wanted this, now she's gonna take it! Michelle let out some groans and tried to pull away, but she soon found no choice but to swallow my load.

I let her go as she finally coughed my dick out of her mouth, gasping for breath and giving me a mean look. "You asshole... I've given head a few times before.. but I DON 'T swallow..."

I chuckled a bit, "I thought you wanted to be a bad girl tonight."

Michelle frowned but started to pull down her dress regardless. "Funny... but don't forget who's in charge here. Your dick probably needs a rest, so how bout you repay the favor and make me cum in your mouth?"

Kaitlin looked at me, "Oh my god... please eat me out too... I heard it felt soooo good..."

The woman addressed me as she sat on the desk and rubbed the crotch of her panties, "You've eaten pussy before... right?"

I nodded, "A few times.... with Delia ..."

"Good, then do me." I approached her and kneeled in front of her. The look on her face suggested I was the one that had to take her panties off her, so I did. They were already so soaked, and the sight of her pussy made my cock twitch in desire. A slightly trimmed brunette patch decorated her soaking wet virgin cunt, and the sweet smell was already drawing me in.

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