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Co-worker Dan


Selene's first day on the job went more smoothly than she'd hoped. She hadn't worked while married to Allen. After they'd gotten married Allen refused to let her work since he made enough money to support them both. That was three long years sitting at home, running errands and trying to spend time with friends that had jobs themselves.

But one night while Allen was showering, Selene heard his phone vibrate in the pocket of the pants he was wearing earlier that day. So Selene decided to pull out his phone to see who it was. Selene rarely got into Allen's business, but she figured he has nothing to hide, so why not pull out his phone, see who it was and let her husband know he had a phone call when he got out of the shower?

When she checked the phone, she noticed it was from Amber, Allen's secretary. "I wonder why Amber is cal...no texting Allen at this time of the night?" Unusually curious, Selene opened the phone and saw a very short message and a picture included. It read: 8pm tomorrow, can't wait. Along with a picture of the large busted redhead in black lingerie.

Selene couldn't believe her eyes. When Allen returned from the shower she confronted him about the message. He tried many excuses but finally admitted to having an affair for almost six months. Selene was furious and thus ending their three-year marriage.

Selene was feeling good being back at work. Being a single woman again and having fun with different men. Not to say she slept with all of them, just enough to ease her wild sex drive.

As a 29 year old Selene was horny almost the entire day. She couldn't help it; her body was just always ready to be fucked.

Selene was a very pretty brunette with intense dark brown eyes. She had lips that looked so moist all the time and a petite figure with an hourglass shape. Her breasts and ass seem to be so well proportioned to the rest of her. I guess the redhead's tits were just too good to pass up for Allen. In bed, Allen was a little too gentle with Selene. Though the sex was good, it was never great.

She began daydreaming about how she'd love to get fucked right here in her office right now by some man who'd do anything to please her, when suddenly there was a knock on her office door.

"Come in." "Hi, I'm Dan, I work three offices down, and I was wondering if you had those Barnes Files ready for me to look over?"

Wow, Dan certainly is attractive. He looks to be athletic. Nice dimples, light brown hair and hazel eyes. And no wedding ring.

"Sure I have them right here." She got off her chair and met Dan halfway into her office to hand him the files. She couldn't help but give him that smile that says "I am so interested!"

Dan smiled back. He too was very attracted to Selene. There was no doubt about their chemistry heating up quickly in such a short amount of time.

Before the day was over, while Selene was getting ready to leave her office, Dan asked her if she'd like to join him for dinner that night at his place. Selene, not wanting to look too open said she had plans but would love to tomorrow night around 6:30. Dan agreed and they went their separate ways.

The following morning which was a Saturday made Selene a bit more nervous and anxious to see Dan. With no work to do during the day, she decided to head out for a run and stop by Annie's deli to meet up with a friend. By the time Selene got back it was nearly 2pm.

Selene didn't plan on having sex with Dan but if that's how things went, she'd be just fine with that. But in the meantime Selene was way too horny to be feeling this way before a date.

So she undressed, climbed on top of her already made bed, closed her eyes, and began massaging her breasts. She could feel her cunt throbbing and ready for penetrating. With no man or toys around, Selene slipped her fingers inside and caressed her swollen clit with the palm of her hand. She felt so wet and so aroused she came almost instantly.

The self-session she had had helped her only a little but it would have to be enough to get her through for the rest of the afternoon and possibly the rest of the evening.

At 5:30pm she took a shower and decided to wear her black laced bra with matching thong and her not-so-low cut but tight black dress. While finishing up, she received a text message from Dan with his address and directions.

Selene showed up at Dan's at 6:35. Dan's house was a nice size and cozy at the same time. And well decorated with the hand of a bachelor.

"Make yourself comfortable, dinner will be ready in a few." Dan motioned for her to sit at the dinner table. As Selene sat she also noticed his sexy ass moving from side to side and back and forth while he was reaching up for plates and adding food to them.

The pasta dish looked great, smelled great, and tasted great, but both Selene and Dan just couldn't eat much. Their conversation was flowing and still so was their sexual chemistry.

Selene had to do something, so she scooted her chair closer to Dan, grabbed his hand and put it on her thigh closest to him. Dan allowed it and slowly but intensely went for Selene's lips.

Their hands began roaming all over each other. Selene felt his cock and gave it a massage and a light squeeze.

Dan then got up and holding Selene's hand he led her to his bedroom. There, he turned Selene around, undressed her and himself completely, bent her over and knelt down.

He began kissing her ass while his hand touched her very moist womanhood. His strong, manly fingers making her so weak and so much more wet almost had her coming.

Dan pulled his hand away, got up, and began kissing her lower back and went up until he reached her shoulders and began caressing her breasts and gently squeezing her erect nipples.

She could feel his thickness between her ass cheeks and was waiting so wantonly for his dick inside her, but instead he turned her around and began kissing her lips. She allowed his tongue to slip inside and taste her hot mouth. She did the same in return.

Then Selene decided to give him more, so she kissed his chest and trailed down towards his belly button. She knelt down, looked up and eagerly placed his member into her mouth. Spl, spl, spl, spl, spl, cghl, cghl, spl, spl, "Mmm, mmm ahh." Selene loved cock in her mouth as much as she loved it in her pussy.

"Oh yeah, muttered Dan. Mmm suck it, fuck my dick with that sexy mouth of yours." That totally and completely aroused Selene even more. Her head bobbing faster and faster tasting Dan's pre juice.

Selene stopped before she felt Dan had to come. He then got on top of the bed and motioned for Selene to ride him. Her motions were slow and passionate then wild and fast.

"Ohhhh Dan your dick feels so fucking good. I am going to come soon." "Do it babe, come on my dick."

Selene had to let go and release the pleasure that had been building up for too long.

Dan turned her on her back and he nearly jammed him penis inside Selene and fucked her hard, fast, and slow. He pulled out and turned her over so he can insert doggy style.

"You're so fucking hot Selene, mmm I love fucking your pussy. Mphh, mphh, mphh. He pumped harder and harder, banging his throbbing penis deep inside harder and faster.

"Ughhh, oh yeah I am going to come all over your sexy ass."

Before Dan pulled out, they both let out a loud moan and Selene couldn't help but climax once again.

Out of breath and lying together under the sheets, Selene checked the time and noticed it was getting late. Dan asked her to stay over and promised he'd make her breakfast in the morning. Selene agreed and knew this was going to be one long passionate night.

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