tagErotic CouplingsCo-Worker Makes Her Move Ch. 04

Co-Worker Makes Her Move Ch. 04


Arriving at the Company sales meeting at 7: 30 am for the 8:00 am start, I immediately regretted the Limoncello martini's from the night before. After all, it was entirely possible that the night could have unfolded exactly as it did without the aid of alcoholic lubricant. My headache made me wish I had just stuck with beer.

Since I was the "new" guy, I made sure that I was the first one to arrive for the meeting. Unfortunately, I was greeted shortly thereafter by the next person through the door. In a nanosecond, I recognized her; the pretty brunette who watched us in the hotel bar with her friends. I think I may have uttered an audible "shit . ." as she approached and stuck out her petite hand to greet me.

"Well, hello there. Aren't we up bright and early this morning," she chirped. "I'm Kris. Mr. Flaherty's Executive Assistant." She beamed at me with a brilliantly white smile.

Mr. Flaherty was the Vice President of Sales. Kris, dressed casually in jeans, made me realize instantly that the dress code for today's meeting was more relaxed than I had anticipated. I was wearing a suit, without a tie, but it might as well have been a tuxedo. I was going to stick out even more than ever as the new guy in the room.

"Hi, nice to meet you. You don't seem any worse for wear yourself," I responded. "I was just regretting that late-night martini. Not a great idea."

Since we still had time before the meeting, I said. "I didn't realize the dress code for the meeting was casual. At my last job, we wore suits all the time. If you don't mind, I am going to zip up to my room and change."

"No problem. You have plenty of time," Kris said. "By the way, Lisa speaks very highly of you."

"Oh?" I blurted out. "Well, I'm glad to know that. Lisa didn't mention that she noticed anybody from work last night at the bar. Did she see you?"

"No, she must not have. You guys were already seated when my friends and I came in," Kris said. "I didn't want to interrupt."

There was no point in asking whether she saw what we were up to in the bar last night. I could tell by the look in her eyes. I was simply relieved that I had bought myself some time to ponder the situation with the excuse of heading back to my room for a change of clothes. I told Kris that I would be back in a few minutes.

By the time I returned, the other attendees had arrived. Lisa took me around the room to introduce me to some of the reps from the other regions. With the meeting ready to start, we looked for seats in the back row and Lisa motioned for me to sit next to her.

"I met Kris this morning," I mentioned to Lisa. "She was in the bar last night with some friends."

"Really?" Lisa asked, surprised. "Yikes."

"She seems really nice. But I'm afraid that Hank was not the only voyeur in the bar. She was there with two friends and they might have figured us out." I said.

"Oh well, there's no point in avoiding the obvious," she shrugged. "I know her pretty well. She will be cool about it."

The day's agenda actually moved along fairly quickly. Soon enough, it was 5 pm, and the meeting was over for the day. As we were preparing to head back to our rooms to change for the sales team awards dinner, Kris walked up to Lisa and asked her "what are you guys doing tonight after dinner?"

"I'm not sure yet," Lisa replied. "We asked for a recommendation from our waiter last night at the bar upstairs, but I haven't heard back from him."

"drumBar is fun," Kris offered. "It's the rooftop bar at the Raffaello Hotel. You guys should check it out. They have an outdoor terrace that is really nice."

The dinner was over at 9 pm. The awards ceremony itself was mercifully short. Lisa was recognized as the top sales rep for the previous year, and she earned a gold Rolex watch for her achievement. While we stood at the curb waiting for a taxi to drumBar, I congratulated Lisa and checked out her new watch. As a joke, I also texted her the "pussy" picture from the night before with the caption "Unfair Advantage." She was too busy chatting away and she didn't bother to look at her phone until we were walking into the Raffaello lobby.

"Oh my God," she squawked when she finally checked her phone. "You have to delete that picture right now, as in immediately."

Once we made our way up to the bar, I was pleased with the recommendation from Kris. It seemed slightly touristy and pretentious, but the atmosphere and decor at drumBar was interesting and there was a good buzz in the room. We both checked out the well-dressed crowd, commenting that this was a good place for people watching.

Outside on the rooftop, the center of the terrace had an arrangement of patio seats made of white wood with large, comfortable green cushions. The seats were oriented around a couple of fire pits. Along the four corners of the terrace - with a bit more privacy - there was a series of L-shaped lounges separated by planter boxes that served as divider screens. Unfortunately, those corner lounges were all occupied. We grabbed two of the seats at the center, near the fire pits, and took in the view.

"I just sent a message to Hank to let him know where we are," Lisa said. "Let's have a drink."

While we were waiting for our drinks to arrive, Kris stepped through the doorway. She arrived alone and did not seem at all surprised that we were there already.

"Isn't this place great? I am so glad you guys decided to come here too," Kris said. "My friends are supposed to come by, but I haven't seen them yet. Do you mind if I join you?"

"Of course not," I replied. "I'll track down the waitress and get you a drink. We just ordered. What would you like?"

"Chardonnay," Kris answered. "Thanks."

I left the ladies to chat while I went in search of our waitress. I glanced back at them once or twice and saw that their heads were close together and they were enjoying a very animated conversation.

Unlike Lisa and I, Kris had taken the time to change out of her outfit from the company awards dinner prior to making her way to drumBar. She was now wearing a coral pink bandage dress that complimented both her figure and her tan immensely. The dress was very short, barely covering her butt, and the fit was snug everywhere. The fabric seemed thick, almost like a neoprene wet suit. Kris was obviously super-toned, as you could not wear a dress like that otherwise and get away with it. She stopped a lot of men in mid-conversation when she walked towards us just a few minutes earlier.

When I returned with our waitress and the drinks, Kris and Lisa smiled up at me apologetically. Kris had taken my seat, but I didn't mind at all. Besides, Lisa motioned for me to share hers. The seats were more than large enough for two people and we were able to sit together comfortably. Lisa placed her hand on my knee and gave me a "mule-bite" squeeze, like you would give to a little kid, which made me laugh. While they were chatting, I recalled the events of last evening and began to wonder what might be possible during the remainder of this trip.

From my seated position, I could see straight up Kris's dress. Her dress was ridiculously short anyway, even more so now that she was sitting down. Although her legs were crossed, I noticed she was wearing very sexy cheetah-print underwear. Kris caught me looking. At first, she reflexively crossed her legs a little tighter, but a few moments later she seemed to have second thoughts about it. Looking me straight in the eye, she uncrossed her legs in order to improve my view. I reacted by raising my glass in an unspoken toast of appreciation.

While I was trying to cope with the noticeable bulge growing in my pants, Lisa excused herself to take a phone call. After Lisa walked away, Kris said, "We were watching you two last night. That was very intriguing. So raw. My girlfriends and I were pretty buzzed and – at first – we thought maybe our imaginations were getting away from us a little bit."

"Have you ever done something like that before, in public," I asked?

"Sort of." Kris replied. "I was in Atlanta one time, at a sushi bar called BluePointe, in Buckhead. It was a nice place, but it is not there anymore. It was unusual in that, in addition to regular men's and ladies rooms, this restaurant also had a couple of individual unisex restrooms - which were huge. There was a sitting area in there, big enough for two or three people. The restroom door was solid glass, but the glass itself was thick and had some type of opaque film on it. You could readily see movement inside, but really just shadows and light."

"It occurred to me that it would be wild to have sex in there, with people walking around outside the door. I went back to the bar, grabbed my date, and brought him in there with me. I told him, "I have a surprise for you." I unzipped his pants and started giving him a blow job. We could tell that a few people were gathering around, trying to watch us through the glass. It was a huge rush. He started getting close, but I stopped him, licked the pre-cum off his dick, and said "not yet." We moved over to a big leather chair and I straddled him and fucked him right there. It was electric. I had never been so turned on in my life, knowing that people could clearly see what we were doing, but not enough to know who we were."

As she was telling me the story, I noticed that Kris squirmed a little bit in her seat. It was obvious that she was getting excited all over again just from reliving that memory. We chatted for a few more minutes, scoping out the people around us and speculating on what they might have been like in high school. Kris stood up and said, "I'll be back in a minute."

I looked for Lisa but she was nowhere to be found. The waitress came around to check on us. Both women were elsewhere at that time, so I let her know that we would order another round of drinks shortly.

Kris returned a few minutes later. She said that Lisa's phone call was taking a while. With a bit of mischief in her eyes, Kris reached for my hand and said, "come with me."

Inside and past the bar, she headed towards the Ladies room. I could see where this was leading and just hoped that she wouldn't change her mind. Kris had me wait outside while she checked to see if anyone was in there. A moment later, she pulled me inside and took me into the handicap stall, closing the door behind us.

Without a word, Kris started kissing me. She loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, kissing me all the way down my chest and back up again. I reached under her dress, lifted the hem above her hips, and started groping her ass and fingering her wetness through her thong.

Kris turned her back to me, and asked, "help me with my zipper?" As I slowly lowered the large zipper, her lovely back came into view. I discovered that she was not wearing a bra. I helped her step out of the dress and hung it over the handrail. She was wearing 5" heels, which she chose to leave on. Kris was now wearing only her heels and the cheetah-print thong that I had gotten a glimpse of earlier. Her tits were truly fantastic, easily 34C, and perfectly shaped.

I dropped to my knees and started navigating her abdomen with my tongue, circling around her belly button, which had a tiny loop piercing with a small silver dolphin charm attached. She began to whisper something quietly and pushed my head lower.

Her personality was fairly confident and controlling, so I decided to keep her out of her comfort zone by being assertive with her. I tugged brusquely at her panties, pulling them half way down her legs, and left them there. Kris was completely bare, full Brazilian, and I took a moment to drink in the visual as she spread her knees apart, stretching her panties to their limit. I was intentionally rough with her, forcefully pinning her back against the wall with one hand. Not waiting any longer, Kris started fingering her clit urgently, but I stopped her and took over. Slowly pulling back its hood, I touched her clit with my tongue, first upwards and then side-to-side, quickly, repeating the pattern over and over. With my fingers working her labia at the same time, her juices started running. I withdrew my fingers and reached up to let her taste herself on my index finger while I still had my head between her legs.

I stood up and kissed her neck. Then, I put my fingers in my own mouth to taste her juices. I began licking her nipples, circling them with my tongue and biting them gently with my teeth. Kris started to grind against my hand, moving her hips back and forth in rhythm to my movements. She picked up her pace whenever I did.

"That feels so good," she panted. "I am so wet. Uhhhhhhh."

Just then my phone vibrated. I took it out of my pocket and pressed the phone - still buzzing away - between Kris's legs for a second. She giggled at my improvised sex toy. Lisa was calling us. I answered the phone, but Lisa jumped in before I could even say hello.

"So sorry about that. It was Hank. He's not coming," Lisa said. "He got a text message from his ex-girlfriend saying that she wanted to drop by his place to do laundry tonight. He said he had to rush home after class. Damage control. He had left my underwear in his pants pocket and was afraid that she would find them if she washed his clothes too. "

"Oh Man. Quick thinking," I replied. "By the way, Kris has dragged me into the Ladies room," I answered. "She is naked. Come here right away."

"What in the world . . . ," Lisa asked? "I was wondering where you two went."

After I hung up, I removed my tie and placed it over Kris's eyes, pulling it tight around her head to make a blindfold. I yanked her panties back up roughly and instructed her to turn around and bend over. Kris did so, and I helped her grab the handrail in the handicap stall for support. I took off my belt quietly and swatted her ass cheek with it. She wasn't expecting that at all. Kris flinched at the sting, but she said nothing. I waited a few seconds - to tease her - and then spanked her again, slightly harder. Kris's ass reddened immediately, but she just held the rail more firmly and stuck her ass out further, silently asking me to keep going. I spanked her two more times on each cheek, harder still. Kris tensed her body as my belt came down, anticipating the sensation.

Suddenly, a couple of women entered the Ladies room. We remained totally hidden from view in our stall, but we stopped making noise for a few minutes. I made a point of not touching Kris during this time, leaving her alone with her thoughts – blindfolded and almost completely nude.

Her magnificent ass, covered only by a tiny thong, was arched towards me suggestively due to her high heels and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of her.

The ladies finished up and began washing their hands and touching up their makeup at the mirror. I could see them through the louvers in the stall door. All the while, they discussed a certain gentleman at the inside bar. One of the ladies had arranged to meet him there from an online dating site. The other lady was a friend that she brought along for safety and support. They were pretending not to know each other, playing the game that they had just met at the bar while waiting for him to arrive. Apparently, he was proving to be a pleasant surprise. The man was more attractive than they thought he would be and funny as well. The ladies left the restroom and I turned my attention back to Kris.

Kris heard the door shut behind them. She said to me, "do it again. Harder this time."

Trying to follow her guidance, but not hurt her, I swatted Kris again across both ass cheeks three more times, reddening her skin with the sting of the leather. She winced, but I could tell that she still wanted more.

Finally, Lisa entered the bathroom. She uttered a quizzical, "Kris?"

"Back here," I said.

I unlocked the door and Lisa came into our stall. She saw that Kris was naked and blindfolded, and she also saw that I fully clothed, but holding my leather belt in my hand. She looked at me with a smirk and said, "oh wow. Seems like you two are kindred spirits, hitting it off pretty well."

"Your turn," Kris replied.

"Really," asked Lisa? "I have never done this before."

Lisa took a tentative step forward. She smoothed her hands over Kris's ass and admired the view, feeling Kris's soft skin and thong panties for a couple of seconds. Next, she traced her finger along the elastic of Kris's waistband. Kris started to react to Lisa's feminine touch and shifted her weight from one leg to the other as Lisa's hands explored her body. Lisa took the belt from my hand and teased Kris's back with the metal buckle. She was slow and deliberate, taking her time to enjoy the build-up of anticipation inside of Kris.

Lisa took a few light swats at Kris's ass. She then rubbed the spot with her hand to feel the heat rising from Kris's reddened skin. While she did so, I reached between Kris's legs. Her panties were soaked. I pulled them aside and put two fingers inside of her. She wasn't expecting that extra set of hands touching her, so it was like an electrical current shot through her. Kris let out a long, low, sexy moan as Lisa and I both touched her simultaneously.

Lisa asked Kris turn to around, so that they were facing each other. Lisa reached for Kris's tits and teased her nipples with both hands. She then basically repeated my earlier oral exploration of Kris's body. Lisa got down on her knees and pulled Kris's thong down, exposing her bare pussy for the second time. Lisa devoured her and, obviously, every single flick of her tongue made Kris quiver and go a little weak in the knees. I watched with envy, enjoying the site of two beautiful women having an intimate moment with no inhibitions at all.

Once again, the restroom door opened and a couple of ladies entered. However, Lisa and Kris did not stop what they were doing. We overheard a little gossip and laughter, and then – all of a sudden - they overheard a female orgasm happening in the handicap stall. There was no doubt about it. Their conversation came to a halt, followed by a curious murmur. The ladies lingered for a moment just to make sure and then politely left the restroom.

Meanwhile, I had a serious erection that was beginning to ache from all of the visual stimulation. I pulled a condom out of my wallet and handed it to Lisa, saying "will you do the honors?"

Lisa took the condom out of its packet while I dropped my pants and boxers. She reached for my cock and rolled the condom down my shaft slowly. I turned Kris towards the wall and guided her hands back to the handrail again. With her heels on, she was the perfect height for me to enter her from behind. Still blindfolded, Kris spread her legs for me and reached down between them to find my cock waiting there. She directed me to her dripping hole and I entered her pussy with one thrust. We quickly found our pace and fucked furiously. Needless to say, this was rough and animalistic and there was no hint of romance going on here. I needed release as quickly as possible, and this wasn't the time or place to set any endurance records anyway.

Out of nowhere, Lisa surprised me by supplying all of the commentary and dirty talk that the situation required, leaving me to simply grunt away. She placed her finger in Kris's mouth and said, "taste your pussy! It tastes good, doesn't it? You have such a tight little cunt. I can't believe it. I can't wait to eat you out again. You little whore. You are such a cock-tease. I see how Flaherty looks at you. He probably jacks off every day thinking about you."

"Your getting off on this, aren't you? Getting fucked in a bathroom in a bar, nothing but a little slut, a little cock-whore. You like having that big dick in you right now, don't you? You are such a whore. I saw you flashing your panties earlier. I am surprised you bothered to wear any, you little tease. But you looked hot, all of those men staring at you. Staring at your tits. Oh my God, your tits! They are amazing. Isn't this what you wanted, getting fucked right now? Getting bent over and fucked out of your mind?"

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