tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 04

Cobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 04


This is the fourth part of the six-part story. If you haven't already, check out the first three parts and share your feedback with me. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


The building security guard peered into the Knox County Sheriff's Department SUV once more, taking care not to direct his powerful beam into the passengers' faces.

"I have the ATF agent, the Marshal's deputy and the prisoner as approved visitors. I just don't have you, Deputy... McNamara."

"Yes, I understand that, and I've explained the situation." The brunette replied, dropping a hint of frustration in her voice. "I mean, I can drop them off here..." To which everyone knew it was not a viable solution, since the gatehouse was more than three hundred feet from the main entrance.

"All right. Let me call it in." The guard disappeared into the booth, and did not bother to come out again. Instead, he announced through the speaker: "Deputy, you have been approved. Lieutenant Samantha Dawson will meet you at Loading Area Two. Left past the entrance, down the ramp, then make a right." A loud screeching sound followed and the metal gate wheeled out of their path.

Jessica spun around, half-expecting the guard to run out and flag them down. He did not.

"Talk to me about Lieutenant Dawson, agent."

"I can't." Met with an angry stare from 'Cobra', the hostage agent was quick to elaborate. "I don't know who she is. I've only talked to Captain Carson Barnard on the phone. The lieutenant might be his report. It's getting close to midnight, the captain is probably home by now."

Cammy slowed the stolen police SUV as they follow the straight descent, down into the parking garage. Unsurprisingly, there was an assortment of both marked and unmarked vehicles scattered throughout the underground concrete structure. She followed the signs for "LA2", finally pulling up to an enclosed area with a slightly raised platform.

As Cammy backed the Tahoe into position, a tall, medium blonde stepped into view. The woman looked to be in her late twenties, and was professionally dressed in a buttoned-up, dark gray jacket, with a collared, cream-coloured blouse showing underneath. She also wore a matching, knee-length skirt with dark, sheer hose over her legs. Cammy noted her photo ID, access card and keys were clipped to her belt.

"Welcome to East Hudson. Deputy McNamara, I am Lieutenant Dawson." A curt handshake followed, after Cammy exited the SUV. The Cobra Crew leader took notice of her long blonde hair that was tied up in a bun, and the cool, large blue eyes on her pretty face. The blazer hid her curvaceous figure somewhat, but Cammy could tell the State police lieutenant placed a good deal of the self-confidence in her attractive physique.

"Special Agent Koch, pleased to meet you. Captain Barnard sends his regrets tonight, but he will be in at eight tomorrow."

"Very well, Lieutenant. This is Deputy Patrick of the United States Marshal Service." Jessica found her voice, and remembered to open the passenger door for the imposter Marshal's deputy. She wondered if the real Joseph Patrick has regained consciousness yet...

Ryan nodded at the attractive State Lieutenant, his business-like stare not betraying his instant lust for her. In contrast, Escobar leered wantonly at Samantha from his seat.

"Another policía whore."

"Let's go, Escobar." The imposter Marshal's deputy commanded, and physically moved him until he was able to slide out of the vehicle.

"Lieutenant, my instructions are to secure the prisoner and take an inventory of the evidence." The ATF agent repeated her lines almost-verbatim, while carrying a travel bag as instructed. Cammy gave the woman a subtle nod of encouragement.

"Of course. We anticipated the ATF's needs, so I have taken the liberty of checking out the seized evidence from storage. You can review them quickly tonight in my office." Samantha replied with a smug glow. In doing so, she failed to notice the positive, lightning-quick exchange between Ryan and Cammy.

"Thank you, Lieutenant."

"Marshal, do you need assistance with the prisoner? I can send for some Troopers." Samantha asked coolly. The question was largely rhetorical, given Ryan's overwhelming form, even compared to the hardened arms-dealer.

"No thanks."

"Very well. Right this way."

The visitors had to sign in when they passed through the building entrance, manned by a bored-looking civilian guard. The lieutenant then led the way through the basement level, often using her access card on the reinforced entrances. The group passed through several hallways until they arrived at the detention area.

At the entrance, the electronic locks were released after Samantha punched in an access code. The holding cells were empty, the lieutenant explained, since the State building rarely held prisoners overnight. "They are usually processed and held at our other facilities."

"How convenient." Cammy couldn't help herself.

There were two banks of holding cells. Thick metal bars lined the sides, but the cells were separated by concrete walls. The ultra-white fluorescent glow didn't make the dreadful gray surroundings any more appealing.

Samantha retrieved a set of keys from the locked control station, then proceeded to unlock the gates to the first cell. "Welcome to your private room, prisoner." She smirked. The jail cell contained nothing more than a single bed, with a built-in metal sink and toilet.

As others watched, Ryan released Escobar from the handcuffs and pocketed them. But when his hand emerged from his single-breasted jacket again, he held a Beretta semi-automatic -- and leveled it at the police lieutenant's temple.

Immediately, Cammy took the police-issue Glock and also trained it at the direction of the shocked policewoman.

"Don't move, Lieutenant Dawson. Escobar, take the agent."

"At last! With much pleasure." Just like that, the Mexican took the nervous Jessica in a bear hug, pinning her arms to her side. Instinctively, he began to grind his body against her backside.

"Special Agent Jessica Colleen Koch, please believe me, I have waited a long time for this." Escobar spoke in a hushed voice, after taking a long whiff of her blonde hair. "I shall be your interrogator this evening." The ATF agent bit down on her lips and cringed at the suggestion.

"What..? What the hell is going on?" The medium-blonde officer was too dumbfounded to comprehend the situation.

"Put your hands up, lieutenant." Cammy demanded.

"Now, bitch." Ryan stressed the message by pressing the gun barrel hard against her head. The lieutenant gasped, found herself backed up against the metal gate, before lifting her arms over her head.

"Are you carrying your weapon, lieutenant?" Cammy questioned, as she walked up to the shaking State policewoman.

"No. What--"

"Turn around, legs apart." As the cop complied, the Cobra Crew leader holstered her Glock and knelt down. "Don't move!" She warned when the blonde twitched at the probing hands -- especially when they disappeared up her dress, up along the smooth stockings on her legs.

"What do you think you're doing?" The policewoman gasped when her inner thigh was patted. The brunette responded with a smack to the back of her head.

"Garter belt? How cute, lieutenant." She chuckled, before thoroughly frisking the rest of her body. Samantha was about to scream when Cammy's hands cupped and massaged her tits through her clothes, but she found Ryan's gun pointed at her open mouth. She swallowed hard and kept silent.

"She's clean." She announced. Ryan nodded and kept an eye on the holding cell entrance.

Delighted with her brief molestation, the brunette pressed closer against her newest victim, her gun tracing along her cheeks.

"Listen very carefully. My crew is holding Deputy Rachel McNamara and Deputy Sofia Cortez hostage. Yes, bitch, I am wearing McNamara's uniform. The real deputies are naked, bound and gagged at the moment." Cammy smiled, after seeing the look of confusion on her face. Her expression gradually changed as she slowly woke to the truth.

"Agent Koch has been very wise to cooperate with us so far, ahem, to ensure the welfare of the deputies." She glanced over at Jessica, whose limited struggles simply weren't going to fend off Escobar's advances. "You will also cooperate with us, or else..." And the gun poked at the spot right between her eyes.

"You can't..." The lieutenant stammered. "I mean, there are State Troopers all over..."

"The what, five troopers left in the building at this time? We won't even get a second look -- unless you decide to do something really dumb." In a low, venomous voice, Cammy stared straight into those frightened blue eyes, and added, "But you'll be a good girl, won't you?"

The overmatched policewoman gulped and gave a slight nod.

"You'll now take us to your office. We will be taking the stairs." She took the woman's arm and pushed her ahead. "Mr. Escobar, we will meet back at LA2 at... exactly 0115. There is a change of clothes there." The brunette instructed, pointing to the bag that Jessica dropped. "You'll also find other items of interest there. Don't say we didn't take care of you." For the first time, they smiled at each other.

"Muchas gracias, La señorita Cobra. So little time -- I would have enjoyed teaching this one some manners also." His finger was directed at the lieutenant.

"You can focus on the ATF agent, Mr. Escobar. And you, I suggest you behave yourself, agent." Still restrained by Escobar, Jessica could only groan when Cammy unexpectedly turned to suckle on her lips, with the aggressive tongue overpowering her own. The fascinated arms-dealer leaned in, longing to join, but knew better than that.

After breaking the minute-long kiss, the brunette licked and lifted a wet trail of saliva on her cheeks. "We'll be in touch, Jessica." She breathed quietly to the shivering blonde.

"Mr. Escobar," She lowered her voice. "Please deal with the sentry before our exit." Cammy placed her stolen police baton on the ground -- followed by a 9mm pistol from her ankle holster. "Just in case, there is an alternative in the bag. Try not to draw too much blood -- or attention. And don't forget our deal."

"Of course, Miss Cobra. Everything is in good hands." The arms-dealer replied, though his hands were already busy unzipping the "ATF" jacket.

"Mr. Escobar, one more thing: code Seven-Seven-Four-Two-Nine-Nine to leave this area." She winked at the surprised lieutenant. "See you at 0115." The one-hour gap should reduce any suspicion of the group leaving too quickly -- and leave plenty of time for Escobar, Cammy thought to herself. "Let's go, lieutenant."

"What are you doing with her?" Samantha cried, as she watched the former prisoner drag the ATF agent into the holding cell.

"If I were you, I would be more concerned about myself, lieutenant." Cammy smiled, and pressed the barrel of the Glock into the small of her back. "Now move."


"Vixen, we have taken control here. Primary target is secured." The burst of audio came through loud and clear into Valerie's headset.

"Roger that, Cobra. The feed's been consistent, I have my eye on the action. The detention feed is also coming online -- yes, I can see Escobar and ATF in Cell One. Good job, guys."

"Excellent. Vixen, can you track us by location?"

"No, it's not precise enough. But the Department of Criminal Investigation is on the second floor, so if that bitch leads you anywhere else..."

"Perfect, thanks. Our guests behaving themselves?"

With a mischievous grin, the young woman landed a hard slap on Sofia's bare bottom. Cammy and Ryan heard the loud smack and resulting muffled squeal.

"Roger that, we are entering the stairs. Cobra out."

"All right, you horny police bitches, get back to work. NOW!" The harsh blow to Rachel's head set off the two officers to service their tongues on each other's pussy again.

Valerie wasted little time to toy with her captives after piloting the passenger van to the rendezvous point. Once she confirmed that Cammy and Ryan's smartphone cameras were performing and saw the live action on her tablet, Valerie jumped into the back and pulled the gags and blindfolds off of Rachel and Sofia.

"It's play time again, bitches!"

In no time, both pussies were puffy and drenched with fluids, with Valerie first teasing them with her skilled fingers, before penetrating their cunts with a clear rubber dildo. With all the restraints and spreader bar on them, all Rachel and Sofia could do was to moan their weak protests and tug uselessly at the rope.

With the deputies bound in the '69' position, they were also subjected to suck the invasive fingers and dildo clean -- after they have been deep inside the other woman's pussy.

"That's it, deputy cunt, suck it nice and clean -- or I will ram it down your throat." Valerie warned the wide-eyed Latino deputy, who was transfixed by the detailed, cock-shape tool, glistening with her partner's juices. An unimaginable act only hours ago, Sofia promptly parted her lips and did what she was told.

After much forced stimulation, the young assailant decided it was time to toss her own clothing aside, though she kept Sofia's police cap on. Even the bound deputies could not help but admire her hot, enticing body -- with her perfect, C-sized tits and their perky rose buds being the centre of attention. Most professional cheerleaders would be green-eyed over Valerie's gorgeous figure.

"I'll be the cop now, bitches." With the .40 semi-automatic in hand, she ordered her hostages to "eat your partner's hot cunt until I say stop". As expected, Valerie had to 'help' the strawberry blonde to get started by grabbing a fistful of her hair, slapping her cheeks, and burying her face in Sofia's sensitive mound. On the other hand, the younger deputy hopped to the task immediately, drawing a surprised but gratifying shriek from her partner.

The sexy assailant watched the intense action with growing lust, and began to sink her idle fingers into her own dripping pussy. On pulling out, she would either jam her slick digits into their already-occupied mouths, or to smack down on the bare asses of the bustling deputies -- and leaving a mess of fluids everywhere.

Cammy's radio call gave the briefest of reprieves to the two deputies, but now the licking began afresh in earnest, with Valerie busy pursuing both ends of the action.

"Fuck, yeah! Oh, oh, yes, fuck that dirty cunt, you stupid bitch! Yeah... who's a nasty slut? Now give that asshole a nice tongue bath. Yeah I said LICK IT, put your tongue-- here, swirl your tongue, do it! You too, Sofia bitch! Suck it harder, harder, NOW!!"

Unable to contain herself, Valerie dropped to her knees and slithered forward until she was directly over Rachel's disheveled face. "Out of my way, bitch!" The two powerful swats to Sofia's rear convinced the Latino officer to press forward as much as the ropes allowed.

With little fanfare, the sexy criminal lowered her cunt to the policewoman's face and began to hump away. There was no shortage of delicate flesh for Valerie to grab, whether it was her own aroused nipples, or Sofia's dual, musky cavities. Valerie's ample breasts bounced up and down as she grinded harder and harder on the deputy.

"Yeah-- that's right, bitch, you get to-- oh! Mmm, yeah, slut, you get to taste my ass too. Stick out your fucking tongue now!" She moaned aloud in her girlish voice. But temporary relief was at hand for the two deputies, for their sexy abductor was hurtling toward another explosive climax.

"Uhh YES, yes, yyyyyyes!! Fuckin' slut.... Yes, oohhh, ooh yeah--"

Washed in the bliss of the surging wave of orgasm, Valerie barely noticed the strawberry blonde panicking and struggling beneath her. Already drenched in a coat of slick discharge, Rachel was smothered in the heated oven of Valerie's shapely rump and neatly trimmed pussy.

"Shit, that was a good face fuck." The deputy took a loud gasp of air when Valerie finally rose up from her face. "Oh no, I'm not done with you yet. Clean me up, deputy slut."

The policewoman groaned in despair when the familiar folds of pussy lips slowly descended over the top of her face again. "Let's go, cop, before I fuck your partner's creamy cunt with this." Rachel looked up to see 'Vixen' raising her silver handgun until the cool metal of the barrel touched Sofia's soppy pussy. The young deputy screamed in fear.

"Or maybe I'll fuck her hot piece of ass instead?"

"No, don't," Rachel gasped. Her mouth climbed up and began scooping up the piquant juices with her lips.

"That's right, ooooh. Don't you dare miss-- oh shit." The young woman's voice shifted abruptly when her headset came to life. "Yes, Vixen here. Roger that, Cobra. OK, gimme a minute. Vixen out."

"Damn it... well, don't go anywhere, cunts. I'll be right back." She snickered at the bound policewomen, before climbing up to retrieve her laptop.


"Cobra, I have the image. Just need a minute for the analysis to run."

Their brief stroll up the stairs was uneventful. The police building was even more deserted than expected, and the pair of detectives they saw on the second floor did not even glance up at the trio. On arrival at Lieutenant Samantha Dawson's spacious office, they drew down the blinds, and made the policewoman login to her computer. For the second time tonight, the lieutenant was unable to protect the confidential code from her assailants.

Cammy went around the room and opened all the drawers and cabinets, using the keys attached to Samantha's ID card to unlock as she went along. She found her Sig Sauer service semi-automatic and two cell phones in her top drawer. She noticed two unopened messages on the pink Blackberry, and their content were shown -- 'Done w/ ATF?' and 'Still coming?'. Both text were from "CB Personal Mobile".

The brunette thought it over, then took the gun and the pink phone. She noticed a small safe tucked away behind some hanged clothing.

"The combination, lieutenant."

"Y-you can't. That's my..."

"The combination, lieutenant! And I'm only going to try it once." She raised the Glock 22 until the barrel was touching Samantha's forehead.

"Twenty-four... F-Five... Thirty-Two." Came the stuttered, soft reply after a long pause.

Cammy allowed a slight smile when the safe opened. She assumed ownership of the Walther compact pistol and ammunition, a digital camera, and some DVDs and memory cards. Some labels had cryptic, handwritten text like "C-Nov17", "T-Jan2" and "M-Mar3". She noticed the lieutenant turning pale, her hands trembling.

"Romeo, secure her." She ordered, before turning to her device and tapped out a message in silence.

"Get on the ground. Lie down -- face down. Hands behind your back. Cross your wrists."

"What you are doing? Wait, no--" Samantha's feeble protest was followed by the sound of her own handcuffs being used on her. Given his victim's vulnerable position, 'Romeo' couldn't help himself but run his oversized palm across her plump ass cheeks. Her audible gasp was enough for Ryan to dig the Beretta barrel hard on her cheek.

"One more sound and it will be your last. Understand?" She nodded and kept her face down.

"Thanks for saving us the trouble of fetching these out of the evidence room, lieutenant." Cammy couldn't help but smile at the sight -- four document boxes, two oversized gym bags and three long, wooden crates, sitting on a pair of metal carts.

They found the piles of neatly stacked hundred-dollar bills in the gym bags. The money were divided up and stored in clear plastic bags, all labeled "Sealed State Police Evidence -- Do Not Temper".

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