tagRomanceCoco and Ben at Xmas

Coco and Ben at Xmas


Ben and Coco celebrated the holidays despite the fact they were both agnostics. They preferred celebrating the meaning of the season rather than its vague and ever changing religious background(s). Christmas Eve was their holiday night together, the next day was their holiday together with family, as well as, give each other the "real" gifts. Well, Ben had his family, Coco didn't have one. However close they were, Coco never really went to any holiday family activity, she always felt weird, an outsider, so they used the day before Christmas as their special day.

It began in the morning, with a three-hour sleep in, no alarms to wake to, nothing but glorious extra hours of sleep. That was followed by an additional hour or two of heavy cuddling and groping, sleepy-eyed and sleepy-minded body grinding and exchanging body heat in the cold morning and/or afternoon. They kept most of the touching above sleepwear, only occasionally kissing, trading hot morning breath with one another.

After waking, Ben used all of his kitchenette powers to make a gigantic breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles or pancakes, oranges, sticky rolls, coffee, hot cider, pounds of cinnamon spicing everything, and gallons of syrups. Every year, without fail, they overate on the breakfast, even if either of them were on a diet of some kind, they broke it here. Befuddled by the insanity of the meal, they flopped (which was the operative word in this case) onto the sofa for a movie marathon. Star Wars, James Bond, whatever floated their boats that year. Usually, it was something on TV, rarely did they have to go to full DVD. They stayed inside during this time, not wanting to get caught in the holiday rush. Crowds of late gifting fathers, screaming mothers, doddering grandparents, crying babies, and teenagers eying Coco's butt were all exceedingly annoying.

So, on the couch they sat, under a large blanket, Coco wearing bright red pajamas with little reindeer and trees on them, knitting a scarf or hat or something, and Ben, in jeans and a t-shirt, was carefully detailing a model train. It was one she put together, but he was a far better painter and detailer than her, so he usually ended up doing it. Several movies passed by and their neighbors Tim and Amanda swung by. Their wacky Japananime obsessed neighbors celebrated in their favorite way, with a big ass Christmas cake. A half chocolate, half vanilla fluffy cake with several tons of whipped cream on it and strawberries on it. The four of them took slices of the cake and chatted around the table. It was the usual banter mixed with holiday stories. They didn't really exchange gifts, aside from food, and the visit added a bit of variation to the Xmas Eve relaxation.

The day moved on, slowly turning to the early winter's night. Dinner was special, especially on a holiday like today. Ben made the meal, turkey (in a bag), potatoes (from a pouch), gravy (from a packet), corn (microwave steamable), cranberry sauce (from a can), salad (from some bags), and an apple pie (from the store). He laid out the table, lit red, green, and white candles, and set the lights down low. He was in a dark suit, per usual, with a deep red shirt, and to lighten the mood, a bright festive Christmas tie (nice and tacky) and Santa hat with a long tail. Coco always surprised him with a new holiday outfit, usually a dress with the colors red, green, and white, with various Xmasy things added to it. This year, she did not disappoint.

She came into the room and leaned against the wall, leering at Ben, her eyes tearing through him. The dress was little, bright red, holding her body tightly. It pushed her amble breasts up, shaping them into fleshy spheres, over which were bands of puffy, white fuzz, which went all the way around the top of the dress. The bottom of the dress was looser, coming down her thighs only a little bit, and when she moved her legs, it bounced away from her, providing tantalizing glances at the flesh of her long legs. The dress was strapless and was made of a material like suede, which shimmered slightly when she moved. She had a tight choker around her long, thin neck, a strip of red fringe and white fluff. The shoes were candy apple red, platformed, spiky-heeled, shiny, with a puff ball the straps that went over her toes.

Ben held her chair out and she slowly sank down, pulling the short edge of the dress under her butt and she crossed her long bare legs, letting him see almost every smooth inch of the peach, shapely columns. He served her a bit of wine and they ate slowly, staring across the candlelit table at each other, not talking, letting there eyes trade the compliments, lustful words, and sweet nothings.

The dinner and dessert quickly disappeared, Coco said, "mmm, that was good" she sipped the wine, her eyes were locked on him as he cleaned everything away from the table. She said, "I think it's time we exchanged the gifts, hon."

She emphasized this by standing up, arching her back forward, thrusting her breasts towards him. She slowly moved into the bedroom, Ben following, making sure the candles were out at the dinner table. When he got in the room he saw more candle lighting, a rich and inviting orange filled the room. The usual bedding was gone, replaced with the red silk one. Various types of richly smelling foliage was spread around the room, a smell that only seemed to generate around the season permeated the air. A very gentle and quiet music played, Ben couldn't tell what it was, but it had the vague sound of holiday instrumental music. It was all warm and welcoming.

She sat on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, holding a small, thin, square package in her lap. He snatched a square package from his sock drawer and they swapped the little gifts. Coco had wrapped her's in full holiday paper regalia with ribbon and label, which he tore through in a few seconds. His gift was a simple box, with a complicated painting/drawing on it, a ribbon holding it closed. She untied it and opened the box, a naughty, little smile appeared on her face.

They held up the little gifts at the same time, looking at one another with large, wicked grins. She had gotten him a red, silk, male g-string, a pouch of soft fabric with a string running through the wider end and a string connecting the small end. The pouch would be as wide as it needed this way. She held up the lacy, red, hand-knit, crotchless panties he had gotten for her.

"Mmmmhmmhmmm," she silently laughed, deep in her throat, "luckily baby, I didn't wear any under this dress."

His eyes focused on to her, drilling into her with lust. She said, "why don't you slip them on me?"

She stood, he crouched down, she handed him the panties, he ran his fingertips down her legs and his hands eventually got to her feet. He tapped her left foot, she raised it, and he slipped the thin strap around her ankle. He tapped her other foot, repeated. He slowly slid the soft fabric up her shapely legs, his fingertips guiding the lace butterfly up to her hot waiting crotch. His hands were under the dress and the panties were snugly on her.

"Mmmm, those feel nice, so soft and smooth," she let out with a tiny gasp. Ben slowly rose, moving his fingertips up her legs again. They met with a kiss, a deep exchanging of thank-yous. They pulled apart and Ben said, "I'm gonna go slip your gift on, baby."

Coco smiled as he quickly moved to the hallway to change. She heard the rustling of clothing and in a second he was back. She waited on the bed again, gentle moving her thighs back-and-fourth, feeling her new sexy underwear pressing against her special place.

Ben sat next to her, their hips touching and she leaned into him. They kissed deeply, intertwining their fingers on their hands in front of them. Their lips and tongues exploring the depths of electric energy they exchanged.

"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays," Coco said, pulling away and moving up the bed, Ben following. He returned, "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays."

His warm hand gripped her thigh as the met for another kiss, bodies fully pressing into each other over the sheets, which rippled and moved like a liquid given form. She pulled on his coat and Ben pulled it off. As he did so, her hands moved over his chest, groping and squeezing him under his smooth maroon shirt. She flicked his tie away and began unbuttoning the shirt, her lips leaving peck on his progressively bare chest. His tie and shirt joined his jack on the floor.

He pushed her back and turned her so the pillows were under her head and his hands began numerous scouting missions and adventures. They stroked her hips, gently groped her breasts, touched her face and neck, and rubbing her back in deep circles. On her side he found the tiny zip of the dress and slowly opened it down to the base, the fabric that had been holding her breasts finally gave way, her fleshy mounds spilled out in a delicious cascade, jiggling against each other and the bed. He gently sucked a nipple into his mouth as he moved the dress down her body. Coco let out a soft sigh, moving her hands across his shoulders and back.

He kissed her between her breasts, then start of her abs, then her belly button, then that sensitive spot right above the new red panties. The dress made slow progress down her legs as Ben placed his lips against her lower lips. Her scent filled his nostrils as his tongue gently parted her softness, the thin, soft strings of the ornate, crotchless panties provided easy access. Coco sighed softly as Ben began moving his tongue around her moistened sex, exploring the paths of folded, pink flesh. Her hands gently pressed on his head, gripping the red Santa hat as the tense feelings of a rising orgasm built deep within her. A gasp and arch of her back was her reaction to Ben's fingers, their digits joining his tongue in the exploration of her pussy.

"Mmmm, baby, I love you," she moaned. Ben tried to respond but could only let out a moan, as she held his head betwixt her thighs. She shuddered, her back jolted, her tits bounced, she let out a deep, throaty groan. She came on his mouth and hands.

She smiled as he returned to her head. She placed her hands on his chest and forced him on his back. She kissed him, flavors of herself mixing with the scent and taste ambiance of the night. As she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, she kissed his neck, collar bone, his nipples, the top of his abs, his belly button and the special place above the red silk pouch that contained his hard member. His pants and shoes completed the clothing pile about floor.

Coco pulled the soft and smooth blankets around her body and his legs and she slipped between them, the two layers of smooth fabric was like a solid water around them, she kissed the tight tent that was now his underwear. She hooked a finger underneath one side of the tent and pulled it aside, his turgid, pulsing rod popped out. She giggled at the erection and wrapped her strong, cool fingers around it. She swirled her tongue around the head as she stroked it, the foreskin providing for quick and easy hand play. Her eyes locked with his, she took his head into her mouth, a low humming "mmm" escaped her. He gasped, feeling her warm mouth wrapping around him. Coco began to bob her head on his manhood, taking more inches into her mouth, Ben's hands gently stroking her hair, encouraging her masterful work.

"Mmmm, baby, I love you," he said, breathing heavy. She could only respond with a deep moan, as she plunged his member deep into her hot mouth.

Once he was nice and covered in her saliva, she moved back up him. Her legs wrapped around his hips, Ben moved the soft and subtle sheets around her as she moved, and she slowly lowered her waiting tightness onto his prepared rod. They both moaned, the plugging transferring energy from one to the other. Coco put her hands on his chest and she touched base with him, pelvic bones and muscles meeting. She slowly began to move up and down on him, her hips moving in slow, soft circles as she raised and lowered herself on his manhood. She rode him there, like an R-rated movie star. She ground on him, his hips worked to met her, the blankets wrapped around their hips, hiding everything from the room, only their bare chests exposed to the air. Her head was thrown back and her supple lips were part in a continuous moan as the penetration continued. Ben's hands moved from gripping her hips to squeezing her gorgeous breasts as they soft moved with the motions of her riding.

Ben quickly and expertly, sat up, wrapped his arms around Coco, and spun her onto her back, she giggled and jiggled all the way in the turn. As he pulled the smooth, slick sheets around them she said, "mmm, this feels so wonderful, my love."

Her arms wrapped languidly around his neck, they kissed. Their bodies pressed against each other as Ben increased his rate of love making. The fiery heat of passion exchanging between them, ebbing and moving across them as their bodies touched each other and slid between the silken pocket in which they were contained. His animalistic instincts took over and his hips moved harder and faster, her body responded in kind and her hips ground him against him, matching his thrusts. The rhythm worked up and soon they were in a perfect metronome of heated loving. The passion connections and electricity that started with the initial kissing was coming to a head, steaming towards the inevitable climax. Coco's tight womanhood has crushing his him, squeezing and pulsing, responding to Ben's invasion.

Orgasm flared, a new universe exploded in their minds, cumming together, everything in the world was gone. For all they knew the only existence was in this state. His cum filled her, hot and thick, filling every bit of her spasming, wet folds. She burst, womanly juices covering his member, hot and slick. The world slowly came back, the white hot light of climax receding, the smooth sheets and warm smells of the room returning to them. They opened their eyes at the same time, looking into one another. They kissed, deep and passionate, mouths attempting to devour each other.

Ben shifted to his side, Coco curled against him, the sheets around them in a tight cocoon, wrapped around shoulder, necks, and feet, and the only visible skin, their red faces. Coco's fingers moved the silky material of Ben's new underwear back over his relaxing manhood, she giggled and gave him a little kiss, a signature at the end of the night's love letter.

Ben and Coco pressed together, letting the warm bed carry them off to Christmas morning.

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