tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCoed Dorm Ch. 02

Coed Dorm Ch. 02


In the first chapter of this story, I told of my problems in finding temporary housing as I started teaching at a liberal arts college in New England. When my original interim housing was destroyed by an accident in the boiler, I was offered an empty room in a coed dorm on a floor with an all girl population. With only one shower and restroom, the girls and I have accepted the situation and are all free to be naked in the showers and halls.

After living at the complex for one week all my concerns were gone. Eating and talking with the students was a new experience that I found to be very enjoyable. One student named Janie was very attentive and I was trying to figure out why.

On Friday night, Janie and I were alone at a table in the dining hall. We had been discussing a variety of topics and Janie was very free about expressing her opinions. I enjoyed the talk and finally when the conversation waned, I asked, "Janie I really enjoy your company but I am worried that you are cutting off your other friends and spending too much time with me."

Janie did not immediately answer. We continued to look at each other and a tear formed in left and then right eye. "I am sorry if I am bothering you but I enjoy being with you."

"That's fine Janie but you can't avoid your friends."

"I know and I do not intend to embarrass you. But as you probably know, my dad died last summer. I really miss him and when I came to your first class, I started to cry because you reminded me so much of my dad. Then when you moved in here, I nearly died and I can't help wanting to be with you. I am sorry and will stay away in the future."

"Janie, I enjoy being with you. You are becoming like a daughter to me and I enjoy being with you. On the other hand, you need someone besides me."

"You do not realize. You are just like my dad; you look like him, talk like him and you do some of the same things. Most people do not realize that after my mother left us, dad and I started doing many things together. Like you, he liked to shave after a shower and even though I am a little old, we took showers together and washed each other's back. When you moved in, my dad was back and I did not want to lose him again."

"I am so sorry Janie. Do you have any other family?"

"Not really, my mother calls once in awhile and wanted me to visit over the Holidays but I came back early."

"OK, now that we have all of this on the table, I know what to do. By the way, when is breakfast tomorrow?"

That brought a big smile on her face. For the rest of the evening we continued to talk and I began to imagine that Janie was my daughter.

On Thursday, a note went up on the board announcing that Rachel's mother would be staying with her on Friday and Saturday. Attached was an announcement that the floor would be closed to guests after 11:00 both nights. I decided that I had better discuss with Rachel what arrangements she wanted for me with her mother. When I finally got around to talking with Rachel, she told me, "Mom's cool and knows there is a man living on the floor. I don't know how she would handle it if you were in the shower with her but it will be sort of fun to find out."

I was introduced to Rachel's mother on Friday and we both laughed over the living arrangements. Later on, I was getting ready for bed when there was a knock on the door. I wrapped the towel around me and opened the door. Janie was waiting and told me, "Rachel sent me to ask you to take a shower. Her mother is getting ready and Rachel wants you to join them."

I thought about it and decided that it was my normal routine, so why not. I walked down the hall and entered the restroom. I hung my towel on the hook and turned back to brush my teeth. With clean teeth, I walked into the shower area. Rachel and her mother were facing away from me and didn't notice me. When I turned on the water, Rachel's mother responded to the noise and turned towards me. As soon as she realized it was me, she screamed and tried to cover up with her hands. She finally recovered and said, "What the hell?" She turned around and resumed washing as if I was not there.

As she was drying off she made no effort to hide her breasts or pubes. I tried not to stare but as usual, I had to look if just for a moment.

The next day, the campus activity director called at my office and asked if we could get together. We set a time and I resumed my class prep.

David Raines had been the activity director for the school for the last three years. He asked in a quiet voice, "The school has recognized a Naturist club for several years. Last fall, the faculty advisor resigned and the club was forced to become inactivity. Since you are living in a coed environment, I wondered if you would be the advisor for the club?"

"What would I be responsible for?"

"Well, preceding advisors did not participate in the activities. What I mean is, they did not undress. They basically attended the meetings and activities."

"How active are they?"

"They meet once a month before they have a nude swim in the small pool in the activity center. We reserve the pool for them and they usually have 50 or 60 kids attending."

"I assume most of them are guys?"

"No, the ratio is 2 girls to 1 guy. Most of the guys will not join because they are afraid to undress. The guys who are active are generally attached or pursuing one of the girl members."

"OK, I will think about it. Anything else I need to know?"

"No, but I would appreciate a yes, since so many students are involved."

"By the way, can a member of the staff be an advisor?"

"Yes, the school allows an administrator and/or a faculty member to be club advisors."

As soon as he left my office, I picked up the phone and dialed Jan Ame's office. After exchanging pleasantries I got to purpose of my call. "I was just asked to become the advisor of the Naturist club and the first person I thought of to help me was you. I learned last week that you seek out coed nude social events and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for you to be with students and let them get to know your better."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, I will if you will."

"Let me think about it. I wonder if we or I should undress in front of the students?"

"Well, I do it every day and on one occasion you did too."

"You are right, I will advise with you and we can decide what is proper attire later."

I said good bye and immediately called Mr. Raine's office and told his machine. "David, I will take that advisors job and I have lined up Jan to be my co-advisor."

The following Wednesday was the first meeting of the Naturist club. The members were all excited that they again were able to have a meeting. After a rather boring business meeting, everyone adjourned to the only dressing room that was attached to the small pool. I guess a coed dressing area was OK if everyone's intent was to undress and be naked with each other.

Jan and I walked onto the pool deck and found chairs to observe the pool. We chatted about the weather and a few of the kids in the club. Both of us avoided discussing whether we should join in the fun. After watching the kids play pool volleyball I said, "The water sure looks inviting, I think I will join them."

I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it down my arms. I then unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. This exposed my swim suit as I walked to the edge of the pool. Jan looked at me with a look that could kill if she had the chance. I joined in the pool activities until everyone was ready for a break. As I moved to the edge of the pool, I looked up to find Jan walking out of the dressing room without any swimsuit.

"Well I guess you have decided on the proper attire for the advisors." I laughed as I pulled my suit down and tossed it on the pool deck. For the rest of time we swam in the pool as naked as the kids.

When the swim time was over we all adjourned to the dressing area. Ms. Ames and I took a shower before dressing. Most of the kids just dressed and left.

As we walked out, "that was fun. I look forward to next month." I said with a smile. I walked back to the dorm and packed a few things for my trip home the next night.

My trip home was uneventful, the flight was on time and my wife and daughter picked me up. After a quick greeting, we drove to a favorite restaurant for dinner. After a pleasant time, we drove to the house and sat down for some TV sports.

My daughter asked me about the school and classes. Neither she nor my wife asked or wanted to talk about my living arrangements. At 10:30, it was time to get ready for bed. We all headed for the bedrooms and as usual I undressed for my evening shower. I had been under the water for only a short time when the shower curtain was pulled back and my wife and daughter were outside. Both were naked and my daughter said, "Dad, we thought you might want some company in the shower. We know that you are used to showering with naked females, so we decided to make you feel at home."

They both proceeded to step into the shower with me. Even though it was an oversize shower, it was a little crowed with all three of us. Later after we had dried off and I was enjoying the after glow of sex with my wife, I started to think about what all had happened tonight.

First, I had seen my daughter naked for the first time in many years. My wife and she joined me in the shower. Because of the small space, I had touched my daughter's body several times with my penis which reacted to situation. By the time we were drying off, I was slightly erect in front of my daughter and her mother.

Later my wife got in bed without any pajamas and we made love. She did not get up to clean up and we snuggled in the nude enjoying the wet spot on the sheets. When I awoke in the morning, my wife was still beside me and we again had sex, a rarity for us in the morning.

Other than sex again that night, the weekend was normal and the hours flew by till it was time for me to leave. My wife informed me that she was planning to visit me and we were going to look for a house. We decided that the best time would be in two weeks. She also told me that she wanted to stay in the dorm with me.

The next two weeks passed quickly and the night before my wife was to arrive, she called and told me that our daughter wanted to come with her and stay with her dad. I tried to discourage that idea but finally consented.

After hanging up the phone, I walked down to Janie's room. "Hi, are you going to be here for the next week."
"Sure, why?"

"My wife and daughter are arriving tomorrow and I wondered if my daughter, Julie could stay with you?"

"Sure, I would love to have her. Since, we share a dad, we'll sort of be sisters?"

The next day I picked up my family at the airport and headed back for the dorm. Janie had ridden with me and she was getting to know Julie in the back seat. My wife talked about the people who were supposedly interested in out house and the rumor that one couple wanted the house in forty days.

I parked the car and between Janie, Julie and I we carried all the stuff to the rooms in one trip. Janie and Julie were becoming the best of friends even though there was four years difference in their ages.

My wife met some of the girls and we walked into my room just before eleven. After putting all her clothes in the closet, I told her that it was time to get ready for bed. I undressed and gathered my toiletries in preparation for evening shower. Ever since she had announced that she wanted to stay with me, I wondered how she would handle the nudity of the girls on the floor and also how she would get around taking a shower.

As I started to leave the room, she said. "Wait for me, I need to shower and brush my teeth." She immediately undressed and wrapped a towel around her body and headed for the door. We walked down the hall and entered the restroom. We took care of our other needs and walked to the shower room. Two girls were in the shower already and both said "hi" as we walked in. I hung my towel on the first hook and waited for my wife to either hand up her towel or go into the privacy stalls.

To my surprise, she put her towel beside mine and followed me to the right side showers. The other girls were finishing and after drying headed out into the hall. My wife and I were now in the shower alone.

"Wash my back, please."

I smiled and said, "sure." I soaped up a cloth and began to wash down her back. When I had covered everything between her waist and shoulders, she took my hand and put it on her bottom.

"You missed a spot."

I started to wash her buttocks and then leaned down to wash down her legs. When I finished with her feet, she turned around and told me, "you might as well do the front too."

I stood back up and began to soap up between her legs before moving up to her breasts. The water had already aroused my wife's nipples and I could tell that she was becoming sexually aroused. After we had rinsed the soap off, I put my hand back between her legs and found that she was not only wet on the outside from the water but also in side with all the juices flowing from her vagina. I slipped first one then two fingers into sex as my thumb gently touched her hooded clitoris.

When ever my wife's clitoris pops out of its protective hood, she normally was ready for sex. My fingers felt her arousal and my other hand was around her back. I could tell that she was starting to relax and I easily slipped a third finger into her vagina.

She pulled away after a short kiss and turned her back towards me. She bent over and pushed her butt into my body. I too was becoming aroused and was now fully erect. She turned her head towards me, and said in a soft voice, "Please, fuck me."

My wife had never used that word before nor had she ever given any indication of wanting to risk public sex. I guess the idea of nudity in public caused her to want sex regardless of where we were.

I slipped my penis into her vagina with ease and we quickly got a rhythm of thrusts. My arousal was such that I would not be able to hold back and after only a few strokes she started to moan and I could feel the pressure build in my groin. Her body stopped moving and tensed up as I sprayed my seed into her body. She put her hands on the wall to steady herself as she regained her awareness. I started to recover quickly as I realized where we were. My penis deflated and slipped out of my wife.

As my wife stood up, we were both startled by very soft clapping behind us. I turned and found Janie and Julie standing naked at the doorway watching us. Our daughter came to us and put her arms around both of us. "Please don't be mad at us for watching, it was such a beautiful sight watching you and mom make love. I really appreciate the chance to share this with you."

My wife was beat red from the heat of the sex and the blush from the shock and embarrassment of being observed. As we stood talking with Janie and Julie, I looked down and noticed that my wife had our sex fluids running down her inner thighs.

After a few minutes we regained our composure and quickly rinsed off and walked to our towels. After quickly drying off, we wrapped the towel around our waists and with my wife topless we headed down the hall to my room.

Back in the room, my wife dropped her towel and put her arms around me. "I guess that worked out OK. I never expected to have sex in front out daughter and another girl."

"I think they appreciated the opportunity. I know that Janie is as experienced as Julie with boys. I guess seeing sex as a love event rather than a recreational activity is good. Besides, it was good sex and I enjoyed it."
"Me, too."

After kissing and holding each other we fell into bed and resumed deliberate foreplay which led to more sensual sex.

On the following Wednesday, the Naturist Club was meeting again. I had made arrangements to miss the meeting since I expected that my family would not want to go and I was not going to leave them for the evening. At dinner, Janie joined the three of us and we talked of many things but again avoided discussing Friday night in the showers.

My wife had been acting like a new bride, each night she either was receptive or initiated sex. We had showered several times but so far nothing exciting had yet happened. At the end of dinner, Janie asked, "are you going to the Naturist Club meeting tonight?"

I smiled and said, "No, I made arrangements to miss the meeting and spend the evening with the family."

My wife all of sudden acted very mad. "Are you ashamed of me? Don't you want me to skinny-dip with some students?"

I stammered and said, "I just assumed that you would not want to go."

My wife looked me in the eye and with a smile, "you would have been right last week, but this week I would like to go swimming in the buff."

"Dad, what is the Naturist Club?" My daughter asked with a most innocent look.

"Well it is a club of students here on campus. They meet once a month and go for a swim."

"That sounds like fun."

"Yes it does, your dad forgot to tell you that before they get in the pool, they all take their clothes off. That is called going for a skinny dip."

Janie looked at me, "how many members are there?"

"Last month we had 56 students." I said with the sound of authority.

Janie looked at Julie and I could tell they were communicating without talking. Julie looked at me, "can Janie and I go with you?"

"Yeh, can I go too?" My wife asked in a very emphatic voice.

"Sure you two can go."

"What about me? Janie asked.

"It is up to you. I am sure we will all be welcome and you kids will have fun."

The four of us arrived just as the meeting was starting. We took seats in the back with Ms. Ames. I introduced my family and we sat through the meeting. With adjournment, everyone headed for the dressing room. My wife did not hesitate and beat me and Ms. Ames getting undressed.

Janie and Julie were a little slower and everyone else was in the pool when they came out of the dressing room. They quickly jumped in the pool and within a few minutes were enjoying all the activities. The three adults stayed on the deck and made sure everyone was safe. Finally, my wife pulled me into the water and we joined in the activities. Ms. Ames joined us in the pool and we joined in a water basketball game.

I found that the purpose of the game was not to get the ball yourself but to keep your opponents from being able to get the ball. As a result, there were many times when you were groped by an opponent or you inadvertently touched a female's breasts or between her legs. The girls were not bashful in grabbing at the guys and as we climbed out of the pool after the game most of the guys were at least partially erect.

During the game, Janie was on the other team and on at least two occasions touched my pubic area. I also inadvertently touched the breasts of Janie and one time I brushed Julie. However, the best feel was at the expense of Ms. Ames when I cupped her breast and pulled her back into my body. After I apologized, she backed away and gave me a big smile. She reached out and cupped my jewels and told me, "I guess we are even."

Again, most of the kids dressed and left very quickly. The four of us joined Ms. Ames

Two days later, Julie and my wife flew back home.

Six months later

With my family settled into our new home, we all enjoyed a going away party in the dorm. For old times, the girls insisted that I take one more shower at the end of the party. I borrowed a towel which my wife and I shared. I realized that I was going to miss seeing all these naked females each day. Even though my wife and daughter were nude a lot at home, it was fun being one of the "girls" in the shower.

We settled into our new life. Janie came over at least once a week for dinner and will be joining us for a trip south during spring break. Julie will finish High School and plans to attend the college.

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