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Coed Sex Slave


Melody Morgan lay spread-eagled on the unfamiliar bed, hoping her captor would soon return and let her go. The last thing she remembered was sipping the coffee her Uncle Jerry had prepared for her and, after that, everything had gone blank. When she came to again, there were pillows under her head and hips and she was manacled, completely naked, to the four posts of a bed that was covered by nothing but a fitted sheet. Obviously, the coffee had been drugged, and her uncle had made her a prisoner, most likely in the basement, because that was the only part of the house she hadn't seen until then.

Once again, Melody looked around at her surroundings. She was in a small room, no more than ten feet square, with no visible doors or windows, although it was well lighted by a fluorescent fixture directly above her. The walls were painted white and looked like they were made of cement blocks. Besides the bed, which she had never seen before, there was a small chest of drawers against one wall. Apparently, there was a small table or stand next to the foot of the bed, and on top of it sat a boxy object that was covered by some kind of sheet or tarpaulin.

She had no idea what the object was, but it made her nervous. It was centered at the foot of the bed, squarely between her legs, and there seemed to be some kind of an arm or handle pointing in her direction, as if aiming at her naked, vulnerable pussy. The pillow that was under her hips and elevating them made it seem even more as if that part of her body was being targeted by the unknown object.

She was not completely surprised that her uncle would do such a thing. All of his relatives gossiped about him and expressed disdain for him, especially her mother and her mother's sisters and in-laws. Uncle Jerry had an unsavory reputation as a roué and a womanizer but, at least, all the women she had heard about in his sex life had been willing partners. There had never been any kind of hint that any of them had been coerced or forced or made to do anything against their wills. At least not until now, because she greatly feared he had some kind of carnal designs on her helpless nude body.

Melody hadn't actually wanted to stay with her creepy uncle while attending classes at the university, but her parents had insisted. "Don't be silly," they had told her. "He may be no good, but he's family, after all, and it's much too far to live at home and drive there every day, and we can't afford to pay for a dorm room."

She had agreed, although reluctantly, and had gotten on well enough with him, at least until that morning, and, especially, with his two daughters, Joan and Annette. The former was 18 years old, the same age as Melody, and Annette was one year older. She had become quite fond of them, especially the younger of the two sisters.

Wanting so badly to attend the university, earn her degree and go on to bigger and better things, she had let them talk her into it, and fervently wished now that she hadn't. Melody also wondered if Joan and Annette had ever been put through the kind of ordeal that was happening to her. She thought it probable, because of the way they seemed to fear the man so much, but she was more concerned with what was going to happen to her, and she feared it would be much worse than what had already occurred that morning.

"Are you awake yet?" asked the voice of her Uncle Jerry. The question was followed by the heavy "thud" of a door closing and the solid "click" of a bolt being thrown.

"Uncle Jerry, what's the big idea?"

Melody tried to keep anger from her voice, but it was a losing effort. The idea of the man drugging her and stripping her naked and chaining her to the bed suddenly aroused her ire as much as it had been causing her fear. She also tried to cover her naked sex organs with other parts of her body, but that was equally futile.

"You know, I'm not really your uncle."

That was true. Gerald Sorenson had been married to Melody's mother's sister-in-law, and was not actually even related. Even so, she had always called him by that title. "What should I call you then?"

"You call me 'Master' if you know what's good for you. Because, as of today, I am your lord and master."

"I'll never do that." Melody was trying to look back and see the man she was addressing, but he was standing behind the headboard, and she was unable to turn her head or swivel her eyes far enough to see him.

"Oh, yes you will."

Her uncle, as Melody still thought of her captor, stepped into her field of vision, and the level of her shock and fear multiplied. He was tall and a few years younger than her father, with his head shaven and a bristly black mustache. What made his appearance truly frightening to her were the facts that he was as naked as she, and a huge erection was protruding from his crotch. Any small hope she may have had of not being raped on the bed in the basement was dashed by the sight of his arousal.

Slung over his shoulder was the leather case that Melody knew was where he kept his expensive video camera. Although despised by many of his relatives, the man was welcome at weddings and other family gatherings because he always used that camera to videotape such events. Jerry stopped and set the case on the chest of drawers and stepped over to the mysterious object at the foot of the bed.

"I've got something really nice for you, Sweetie," he said, grinning evilly.

Melody made no response. Her captor removed the cloth covering the device, and she gaped in consternation. She had never seen anything like it, although parts of it looked familiar. The part of the device aiming at her crotch ended in a huge white penis that looked like it might have been a replica of the real organ that Jerry Sorenson was then pointing in her direction. The arm was attached to a machine of some sort and, when the man beside it turned the device on, its obscene ending began moving back and forth, slowly thrusting the penis in her direction.

Melody's horror increased. She had almost reconciled herself to having her body violated, but then she realized she was about to be raped by a piece of machinery. Her tormentor grinned at the fear that flickered across her face and turned off the ugly, frightening device.

"What do you think of that big dick?" he asked. Do you think it'll give you a better time than what your boy friend's got?"

"Please, Uncle Jerry, don't stick that big thing into me."

Although quite pretty, with a sexy, plump body and fine, regular facial features, Melody had very little sexual experience. She had been too much of a grind in high school to get involved with boys until late in her senior year. Just a few months earlier, she had agreed to go steady with one of her classmates, and he had also talked her into having sex with him, claiming it was always part of such a relationship. He had been quite jubilant at her acquiescence and very much enjoyed taking her virginity, but it had just been painful for her. Since that time, Melody had felt obligated to let him do the same thing to her a few more times, but it had never been much fun, at least not for her.

That had been the only real erection she had ever seen until her uncle walked in naked, Although it was only about half the size of the artificial one that was menacing her that morning, her boy friend's organ had always given her more pain and discomfort than pleasure. It looked to Melody as if the huge thing that was attached to the machine would split her in half.

"Call me 'Master' and beg me, and maybe I won't."

"Please, Master. Please don't stick that thing in me."

"What thing is that?"

"That big white thing on the end of the machine."

"You mean this?" He patted the plastic cock that was aimed directly at the helpless girl's pussy. "This is a dick or a cock. Now beg me again, and call it by its right name."

"Please, Master. Please don't stick that dick in me."

"What do you mean, 'stick it in you?' Tell me exactly what you don't want me to do to you."

Although inexperienced, Melody was familiar with the various four letter words that were used in referring to sexual activity. She was also intelligent enough to figure out what her uncle wanted her to say and how to say it. "Please, Master. Please don't fuck me with that big dick."

"Keep begging me. Beg me not to fuck your cunt."

"Please, Master. Please don't fuck my cunt with that big dick." Melody was blushing at saying aloud the words she had only ever whispered to her giggling girl friends, but she felt she had to use them to protect herself. She implored him again, afraid it wouldn't do any good, but believing she had to try.

Jerry stroked his chin, as if pondering the choices. "No, Melody, I'm afraid not. You're just too sexy, and your sweet little cunt is just too nice not to fuck. I'm going to have to use this dick on you this morning. It won't hurt you; you'll like it."

Having told his victim what was going to happen to her, Jerry went to the chest of drawers and took a small bottle of clear liquid off the top. He returned to the bed where Melody was lying helpless, poured some onto his hand and started rubbing it on her pussy lips.

"Don't touch me there!"

Gerald Sorenson just laughed at her meaningless demand, then scowled at the young woman who had just issued it. "I'll touch you anywhere I want, Bitch, even fuck your cunt if I want to. And, the sooner you learn it, the better off you'll be." As it to emphasize that fact, he inserted his fingers in the hole that would soon be occupied by the big artificial cock and continued spreading the lubricant inside her helpless pussy.

When Melody was properly prepared, Jerry covered the dildo with more of the oily liquid and used the bed sheet to wipe the excess lubricant off his hands. He picked up the machine and set it on the bed between her legs with the head of the attached cock almost touching the pussy of his victim. Melody flexed her arms and tried to pull herself away as well as she could, until she reached the end of the chains that held her ankles to the bed frame. Her tormentor merely shrugged his shoulders and moved the machine closer again.

She had retreated as far as she could. The helpless coed looked down at her pussy, but all she could do was watch the further preparations of the cruel man who had her in his control. He extended the arm that ended in the huge dildo until she felt it press against the most private part of her body. As close to her as it was, the penis seemed to be even bigger, and she also noticed something sticking up from near its base. It reminded her of the spurs that people in western movies wore when riding on horses, but she couldn't imagine what it was for, and hoped she would never find out.

With the tip of the dick pressing against his captive's pussy, the man who had just placed it there stopped long enough to spread her lips with the forefinger and thumb of one hand. The tip of the plastic cock moved slightly forward, enough so she could feel how it was positioned between the lips and starting to penetrate her soft, pink portal.

Melody had resisted crying so far but, when she felt those rough fingers and the end of the penis against her helpless vagina, she knew for certain she was about to be raped by a horrible machine. Her tears could no longer be held back, and they began flowing as she once more pleaded with the man who was in complete control of her. "Please," she begged him between sobs. "Please don't stick that big thing in me."

"Now, Melody, we've already been through all this. It's not a thing, it's a dick, and I'm not going to stick it in you; I'm going to fuck your cunt with it. You already asked me nice, and used all the right words, and I thought about it and decided I just couldn't not fuck you with it. You're too cute and sexy, and your cunt is too damn pretty for me to not fuck you. Now, just hold still, because you're really going to like this, whether you know it or not."

Having turned down her plea, Jerry solicitously wiped the tears off Melody's face. He wasn't really being nice; he just didn't want them visible while he was completing his plan. Next, he pressed the head of the dildo against the tiny orifice it was keeping open and gently pushed on it while twisting it back and forth until it wedged inside the lovely pink hole.

Melody screamed at the unaccustomed stretching, and at the wave of pain that shot through her body. She screamed again, but the second time was from humiliation, not pain. The head of the dildo that was just inside the entrance to her vagina felt strange, and it was unwanted, but it was not actually painful. In fact, although it was still stretching her open, the initial pain was almost starting to evolve into unexpected pleasure. She didn't scream again, but she glared at the man who was making her undergo such extreme humiliation.

He grinned back at her. "Doesn't hurt as much as you thought it would, does it?" As if to prove his point, he eased a little more than another inch into her.

Another wave shot through her body, but it was discomfort at the presence of the big intruder, not actual pain. Melody hated what was happening to her, and she hated the cruel man who was abusing her but, under that discomfort and hatred, her pussy was actually starting to feel a twinge of pleasure, and that message was being sent from it to her brain.

Jerry stepped forward to inspect the way the dildo was situated in the pussy of the young woman. Although he didn't mind inflicting a minimal amount of pain and a lot of humiliation on her, he had no wish to do Melody any injury. He had actually gotten to like her and admired her beauty, but those soft feelings wouldn't keep him from using her in taking revenge on her mother and all the other women who felt so much contempt and loathing toward him. That was what his intent had been when he suggested she stay with him, and he was not going to let any feelings of affection stop him.

The plastic dick seemed to be entering her cleanly and smoothly. He slipped a finger inside her pussy and ran it all around the circumference of the dildo, wanting to make sure there was no potential for any injury or excessive pain, before returning to the controls of the machine. The cock was inside her deeply enough that he no longer needed to guide it, and the rest of Melody's introduction to sex with a machine would be controlled by her mechanical partner.

"I'll take it easy at first, until you get used to it," he assured his captive. "You are about to get the best fucking you have ever gotten."

Jerry set the speed of the thrusts so they would be slow and the depth so they would be relatively shallow, not much deeper than the dildo was already inside Melody. He would increase both of them later. With the adjustments made, he flicked the switch to "on," and the arm of the device started slowly moving forward, while he watched Melody's face to see her reaction.

At first, it was terror. Nothing but her own finger and her boy friend's cock had ever been inside her pussy until that morning, and the thing that was starting to plunge into her was far longer and thicker than either of them. She felt it surging more deeply into her, continuing to stretch her open, but even the discomfort was less than it had been, and it no longer hurt at all. The dick drove into her for no more than a couple more inches, paused there for a few seconds and started to glide back out. Melody was quite surprised at the odd sense of loss and disappointment she felt as the intruder slowly backed out of her.

That sense didn't last very long, because the withdrawal halted with the wide, mushroom-shaped head still inside her and, seconds later, the big dick began driving back into her. Melody was even more surprised at the strange and pleasurable feeling it gave her as it surged into her pussy, stretching her open all along its path. There was no pain at all, and only minor discomfort. She moved her body slightly while the big, white cylinder was still entering her, and even that very small amount disappeared, to be unexpectedly replaced by an increasing sensation of pleasure.

As the plastic dick continued plunging in and out of Melody, its presence began feeling better and better to her. After a few seconds of the increasing delight, her eager pussy started thrusting forward to meet it, as she wanted to make sure of getting even more of the feelings of joy that were still so surprising to her. Those feelings were completely outside her experience, but that didn't keep her from wanting more of them.

Jerry Sorenson smirked as he watched his prisoner respond as he thought she would. He prepared his video camera, which he had loaded earlier with a new tape of the best quality, one that would catch all her movements and even record all the moans and other expressions of pleasure that he knew she would be uttering within seconds. Before beginning to record what he knew would soon become Melody's, wanton behavior he increased the speed of the strokes being made by the machine and set the other control so the dildo would drive more deeply into her.

She noticed the difference immediately. Melody's pussy had already been fucking forward, meeting the plastic dick every time it surged into her. With the increased pace and deeper penetration, the huge giver of pleasure started massaging places inside Melody that had never even been touched before. The intense pleasure radiating out from those virginal areas and from the entire pathway of the big dick elicited soft moans of bliss, sounds she had never uttered before in her entire life.

Jerry smirked as he taped the whole erotic scene, starting with a close shot of Melody's face, and making certain he was recording those sounds of delight. Besides the audible proof of what a wonderful time she was having, her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted, obviously with bliss, and she was drawing her breaths in between her teeth. He panned down to her body from there, zooming in on her fully erect nipples, then back out and down farther until he was focusing on her pussy and the surrounding parts of her body.

For almost half a minute, he concentrated there, recording how the sexy coed was bouncing up and down on the bed and fucking back to meet the big white dildo that was plunging in and out of her. He zoomed in for a very tight shot of the repeated penetrations, so that any viewer would see the stream of juices as they flowed from her pussy and lubricated the big sex toy that was giving the beautiful and highly excited woman so much carnal joy. The excellent video camera even recorded the soft, wet sounds being made by the plastic cock as it moved in and out through her heavy flow of juices.

After assuring that any viewer knew what tremendous pleasure the woman was receiving, Jerry trained the video camera on the source of it. His lens followed the length of the dildo as it exited Melody, continued down the pistoning metal arm to the mechanical device that was driving it in and out of her dripping wet and very active pussy.

Once the nature of her lover had been clearly shown, Jerry panned the video camera back to once again to show how the dildo was plunging in and out of Melody. After recording her pussy's highly enthusiastic responses, he trained it on her face to let future viewers see how she was well on her way to ecstasy. One thing he meticulously avoided taping was any hint of the manacles or chains that were keeping the delighted young woman in captivity on the bed.

She hadn't quite reached the apex of joy yet, but Jerry knew how to help her complete the journey. Holding the video camera in one hand and keeping it trained on the mask of pleasure that was Melody's face, he slightly increased the speed of the fucking machine. More importantly, he increased the depth of the penetration so it was at its maximum. Until then, the dildo had been driving in and out of her pussy with no direct stimulation of her clit. With the deeper strokes, that would change.

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