tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCoed's Classroom Fantasy

Coed's Classroom Fantasy


They walked into the darkened lobby at about one in the morning, he leading her by the hand. As the doors closed behind them, they made straight for the elevator bank, crossing the dimly-lit open space as quickly as possible. After jabbing the button for the fifteenth floor, they quickly wrapped their arms around one another and spent the whole trip up in a long, passionate kiss. Both of them were clearly looking forward to this little excursion.

Out of the elevator and down the long hallway, then, after a quick peek to make sure no one was watching. Once inside room 1510, he closed the door.

"So, this is where you have Western Civ?"

"Yes," she replied. Right here, three days a week at nine in the morning."

He dropped an overstuffed backpack to the floor beside the teacher's desk.

"And this is where you want to be?"

She grinned as her eyes adjusted to the dim lights of the room, dialed down for the evening but never turned completely off. The university was well-endowed and quite proud of this newest building, and it stood out as a faintly glowing tower throughout the night.

"This is exactly where I want to be," she purred, unbuttoning his shirt. "This class is so boring - most of the time, I just drift off and dream about making love to you, right there on the desk."

"So, I guess this is the night to make that fantasy come true, hm?"

"Yes - yes, definitely."

Hands sped into motion, and soon they stood naked, facing each other. He stroked her belly and cupped a breast, and she gripped his warm cock in her hand. He sighed, and she smiled - then, she led him around to the front of the desk, facing the empty classroom.

She eased him up onto the edge of the desk, then turned to face the room.

"For a special treat today, class, I've brought my lover for Show and Tell. First, I'm going to show you just how much I like sucking his cock."

She turned to face him, knelt, and took the head of his cock into her mouth. As she worked the tip of her tongue up and down the sensitive skin just below it, she felt the head swell against her tongue. He leaned back slightly, braced himself with his arms, and surrendered to her lips.

She toyed with him for several minutes, then eased back and turned her head to the side.

"You can see how much he likes it - can everyone see just how big he is now? I could do this for hours," she continued, flicking the tip of her tongue across his tip. "I can tell when he's about to come, so I just back off and let him calm down for a minute or two. Then, I get him all excited again."

She circled the base with her thumb and forefinger, took a deep breath, and swallowed him whole, sticking out her tongue to make more room and lick the top of his scrotum. He gasped and balled his hands into fists, but otherwise remained stock-still as she gulped at his slick flesh.

"He really, REALLY likes that, too," she laughed huskily as she looked back over her shoulder. "I have to be careful with that, because he sometimes catches me by surprise and squirts right down my throat. Not that that's a bad thing, of course - I love it - but sometimes I want to go a little longer than that."

After a few more minutes of fellatio, he was breathing hard and sweating. She stood up to face him, then sat beside him on the edge of the desk. Holding his pulsing cock in one hand, she tossed back her hair and smiled.

"All this is very nice, but it really just leads up to the main event. See how wet I've gotten?"

She opened her thighs and trailed a fingertip along her damp pussy lips, opening them like a warm flower.

"Now, it's time for the real action. I like to be fucked, and fucked hard, and then fucked some more."

He stepped in front of her, lining himself up. She rocked back and held herself up with her hands behind her, crossed her ankles behind his head, and drew him in. He braced himself against the desk and eased inside her, guided by her fingertips. As his head forced her lips apart, she shuddered.

"Oh, yes...," she murmured. "That's what I want - give me all of it!"

He took the first few strokes slowly as she addressed the classroom.

"I love the feel of him inside me - first, just a little bit, and then later on I like him balls-deep in me, stretching me with that big cock he's got. I get so wet I make a real mess, but I don't care."

He picked up the pace, and she moved her legs down around his waist, digging in her heels and spurring him on. He slammed into her hard enough to rattle the drawers in the desk, gritting his teeth as he buried himself to the bone. She was gasping for breath, snapping her head from side to side, squeezing him with her thighs and pussy in time with his thrusts.

"And - class - this is where I - I - "

Her stuttered speech dissolved into an animal howl, and she launched herself up off the desk and into his arms. Her fingernails ripped angry welts down his back as they writhed together, and he squeezed the breath completely out of her when he erupted in the middle of her orgasm. She hung limply in his arms, panting hoarsely into the nape of his neck, and he shivered from head to toe like a wire in a high wind. After a moment, she looked over his shoulder at the classroom.

"This is where I come. I like to come hard, and I almost awlays howl just like that."

She felt a rumbling chuckle in his chest, and she nipped him on the earlobe.

"You think this is funny?"

"Not at all," he laughed. "I just hadn't realized how well-developed this little fantasy of yours would turn out to be."

She eased back and supported herself with locked elbows, searching his face for any sign of mockery. Seeing none, she smiled and traced idle patterns on his chest with a fingertip. He smiled down at her, then reached around to snag a pack strap with a toe and drag his bag within reach. He hauled it up onto the desk, fished out a towel, and handed her one end as he eased out of her.

After wiping up, he sat on the desk beside her while the sweat cooled on them both. After a few minutes of rest, her hand strayed between his legs. He responded quickly, looking forward to another round.

He grinned, swept the bag off the desk, and climbed on top of it. The desk was wider than a standard desk - another monument to excess like the all-night dim lighting, he supposed.

"What are you doing?"

"Mount up, cowgirl," he said as he lay down across the width of the desk, head facing the room. He caught the chair with a foot and rolled it into position to support his legs, then grabbed the base of his cock and stuck it straight up like a flagpole. "Show 'em what you've really got!"

She threw him a shocked glance, and he deduced that they had reached the end of her fantasy script and were now writing their own sequel. Then, she grinned impishly and climbed atop his hips.

"As you can see, class, he's ready to go again."

She eased his hardening cock past her lips and settled down with a coo of pleasure, then faced the room.

"He's already hard, and he's so long and thick that this feels like I'm fucking a fire plug. A lovely, warm, wet, throbbing fire plug. I can actually feel his pulse deep inside me - every time his heart beats, he gets just a little bit longer and thicker for a second, stretching me just a little before relaxing again. We can stay this way for hours - when we do, I don't always get great big orgasms, but I get dozens and dozens of little ones without even moving a muscle. Well, without any voluntary movement, I mean - after thirty minutes of this, my pussy will take on a mind of its own and there's nothing I can do to stop the contractions."

During her speech, his thumb stroked her clit - soon, it was engorged and standing at attention. Her nipples were rock-hard in the cool air. When he gripped her hips and rocked her, she stuttered to a halt. She ground her public bone against his, and he spread her ass wide by gripping her cheeks. She collapsed against his chest, clawing at his hair and writhing against him as she kissed him.

As he rotated his hips and pumped away inside her, her toes curled and her hands balled into fists. He gripped her to him with one arm, crushing her breasts against his chest while he stroked between her cheeks with a fingertip. When he felt her start to shudder, he reached between them to grab a breast in each hand and lever her upright.

"Now, class," he rumbled, "you can see that she's just about to climax again. I'm going to fuck her silly in just a moment, but you'll notice that her clit doesn't have anything to rub against in this position. So, she's just going to have to use her own fingers for that."

She looked down at him in a confused haze, panting through wet lips as he kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. After a moment, his words registered and her hand darted to her pussy. As she rolled her soaked clit between her fingertips, he straightened his elbows, lifting her upper body and placing her breasts on full display. She arched her back and started riding him hard, bucking against his hips and gulping for air.

"So, in a few seconds, you're going to see her 'O face' - she'll be fucking me and playing with her own pussy all at the same time, and -"

This time, it was he who was caught by surprise. He finished with a roar, and she bounced around on top of him like a cork on a rough sea. She wailed as her pussy clamped down tight around his thrusting cock, and she wanted to grind her whole body against his. His arms were iron bars, holding her upright and thrusting her breasts at the room. After a brief struggle, she raised her face to the class and howled out another shattering orgasm. Only after he felt the rippling waves in her pussy subside did he relax his arms and draw her to him, dripping with sweat.

"Oh, you..."

He chuckled.

"Oh, man..."

The room was silent for many minutes, interrupted only by the sound of harsh breathing that slowed gradually. Sweat pooled on the desk, and the air was filled with the moist, musky smell of vigorous sex. She drifted off for a few moments, sprawled bonelessly atop his chest. When he felt himself soften and start to slip out of her, he kissed her on the ear and eased her up to a sitting position. She reached down to the end of the desk for the towel, bunched one end between her legs, and rolled off him with a practiced move that caught the gush with the towel. He wiped himself down with the other end while she flexed and wiped up, then sat up to let the sweat dry from his back.

"That was - intense."

"I thought you might like that - just another mental image to get you through a boring lecture. Where do you sit, anyway?"

She dropped the towel on the desk and stood up, stretching and pointing.

"Right over there."

"Go and sit down at your desk," he instructed. He wiped down the desk and sat behind it, propping his elbows on the desk and steepling his fingers.

She walked slowly to her desk, stared at it for a moment, and sat down.

"Well, class - it seems that this young lady has somehow managed to come to class without her clothes! You've all had this nightmare, I suppose?"

She flushed deeply, crossing her arms across her breasts and making herself small before looking up and seeing his grin.

"No, no, my dear - we can't have that. Put your hands in your lap, please, and show us all those nice fine breasts you have."

She complied slowly, and he noticed that her nipples were once again hard and erect.

"That's much better. Chest out, shoulders back - yes, like that. We've been wondering all semester what you've been hiding underneath your blouse, and now it's time for everyone to see."

Her breathing grew rapid, and her eyes darted from side to side.

"Very nice, very nice. Now, stand up and walk to the front of the room, right here beside my desk."

She flinched, bit her lip, and stood up slowly, feeling the eyes of forty students and a senior faculty member rove up and down her bare body. As she walked to the front of the room, she could almost hear chuckles and whispers all around her. She stood beside the desk and faced the room, hands clasped in front of her.

He picked up the long wooden pointer from the chalk tray and stood beside her, tracing the curve of her breast with the rubber tip of the pointer.

"Very nice, very lovely. Note the smooth curves, beautiful skin, and delicious nipples."

She shivered as the pointer tapped one nipple, and then the other.

"Please clasp your hands behind your back."

She complied, hissing through her teeth as he separated her lips with the pointer.

"Such a nice pussy, too, don't you think, everyone? Just move around now to the front of the desk and hop up on it, please - yes, that's nice - now, show us what you do when you're all alone. Play with your pussy for us."

She threw him a shocked look, remembering to breathe only when he dropped his professorial demeanor for an instant and winked at her. Deep in the moment, she braced herself with one hand and shakily reached for her pussy with the other. She was hesitant at first, but soon worked her way past the fear and stroked her lips and clit urgently. She rolled back on her hips and spread her thighs wide, and he watched with stern approval as she pinched and fucked herself, slipping two fingers in and out rapidly and grinding her hand against her clit. Soon, a growing puddle pooled on the desk.

"Now give us a good strong orgasm, if you please."

She never looked up - after another moment, she just clamped her hand down hard and gasped heavily. She pitched forward, rocking on her hand, and he applauded.

She looked up and around the room with a wild start, eyes huge and unfocused. She started to reach for him, but he stopped her with the pointer.

"Very impressive. Now, what happens to girls who play with themselves? Anyone? You, there in the third row - what was that?"

As he spoke, he laid the pointer on the desk and dug a length of rope from the backpack. Crossing her wrists, he bound them together tightly. She looked up at him, still panting, and he drew her to her feet. He turned her to face the desk, then walked to the other side with the other end of the rope, drawing her face-down across the width of the desk. He spoke again as he tied her wrists to the center drawer handle.

"Yes, that's correct! They get spanked!"

He picked up the wooden pointer and moved to the front of the desk. When he lightly slapped her ass, she struggled briefly, unable to rise or move away.

"Well, let's see what we can do about that, shall we? This is such a nice ass, it's almost a shame to spank it, though."

He spread her cheeks wide, exposing her. She writhed, acutely aware of her complete exposure and her utter helplessness to avoid it.

"Here we go, then!"

The first couple of swats were very light, but she jumped each time as if she'd been shot. The next two were stronger, and she hissed in pain as he raised a perfectly matched set of welts, one on each side. As she quivered in fear and anticipation, he addressed the classroom.

"Is that sufficient, do you think? Has she learned her lesson? Has she been humiliated enough?"

To his surprise, she answered.


He blinked, frozen in surprise.


His eyebrows climbed his forehead, but he shrugged and said nothing. He worked her over slowly and with great care, up and down both thighs and cheeks until she was transformed into an abstract landscape of throbbing welts. Tears poured from her eyes, but she made no sound whatsoever for many minutes, hissing ragged breaths as the pointer whirred through the air and snapped viciously into her tender skin. Finally, he stopped, worried that any more caning would draw blood.

She lay panting and shaking on the desk, and she gulped and swallowed convulsively when he stroked her pussy. When he stroked her again, she moaned and shuddered.


"Please what, my dear?"

"Please fuck me."

"A little louder, perhaps? I don't think the students in the back quite caught that."

She raised her head to look over her shoulder.


"You see, class? Not content to come to class completely naked and show off her tits and her dripping cunt to everyone, no, not at all. Even after finger-fucking herself right in front of you and being publicly flogged for it, now she wants to be tied like an animal and brutally raped. Well, we can probably oblige her."

He grabbed her cheeks with his thumbs, wrenched her crotch wide open with a jerk, and slammed cock into her pussy. As she moaned and cried, he slammed into her over and over just as hard as he could, sending the pointer flying off the desk and onto the floor. Lying on her face in a pool of tears and snot, she yelped out a desperate, clutching orgasm and collapsed, sobbing.

He pulled out and left her there, her gaping pussy exposed to the classroom and dripping onto the carpet.

"There you have it, class - what do you think? Do any of you have any plans to come to class naked after this, now that you've seen the consequences? Would any of you other ladies like to be exposed, beaten, and humiliated this way in front of all your classmates and potential boyfriends?"

He untied her hands, and she reached for the towel. He took it away from her, drawing her wrists together behind her back.

"There's just one more thing, class. Please watch closely."

He guided her to her knees, then sat her back on her heels with her hands tied behind her. When he stepped close, she sought his cock with her lips. He let her suck him for several minutes, then reached down and wound his fist in her hair.

Holding her head steady with one hand and pumping his cock with the other, he sprayed a hot load of semen straight into her face. As his climax slowed, he dribbled the remainder across her breasts, then hauled her to her feet.

"Now, get a good look. This is what you can expect when you misbehave in my classroom!"

She stood there shaking, semen dripping off her face and across her breasts, with her pussy lips and upper inner thighs glistening with her own juices. He pinched her nipple sharply enough to make her gasp, then hooked two fingertips deep inside her pussy and clawed her until she squirmed in his grasp.

He wiped down the table, stuffed the towel into the bag, and dressed quickly. She walked over to him and turned her back to him, expecting him to untie her wrists. Instead, he stuffed her clothes into the bag and headed for the door.

"Wait! What the hell? Close that door!"

He was already out in the hall, but he stuck his head back through the open doorway.

"Come on!"

He took off like a shot. Her heart stopped beating, then rebounded at triphammer speed. She sidled along the wall and peeked out the open door, trembling. He was nowhere to be seen. Semen slid down her cheek, and she tried to lick it off her face to no avail. She considered trying to rub the worst of it off against the wall, but then decided she really would prefer not to look at a gigantic semen stain for the rest of the semester.

She tested the knot that held her wrists fast, but could find no slack in it at all. She felt faint, but was afraid of hitting her head if she fell while unable to break her fall. She clamped her thighs together, but she could not rub off the slickness there.

Finally, she stepped out of the classroom into the brighter light of the hallway. Gritting her teeth, she jogged down the hallway to the first turn. With every step, she saw her reflection in the classroom doors - saw her sloppy pussy, the huge network of welts on her thighs and ass, and her face and breasts covered in semen. Her breasts bounced as she trotted along, and she imagined the hallway full of leering students and faculty. Right out front, as if enjoying the view, her throbbing clit peeked out from between her swollen pussy lips.

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