tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 01

Coerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 01


As a writer for Literotica, I receive a lot of emails from readers who enjoy or identify with my stories which are mostly cuckold/femdom in nature.

I started receiving emails from one reader, Dan. I liked his attitude and personality so we started exchanging emails on a regular bases. He would send me some of his stories and ask for my input.

I liked his writing but found his build-up a bit lengthy for most porn addicts and told him so. When someone shows you stories of their erotic fantasies, it’s about as personal as you can get. Being naked shows others what’s in your pants but exposing fantasies show them what’s in your brain.

Like many of us, he had a “wanting to see their wife properly fucked by another” fantasy but knew she was too inhibited to ever go along with that idea and in fact she found it very distasteful.

He had a complex about penis size like most men and truly wanted to see his beautiful wife of thirteen years fucked the way she deserved to be fucked. He also was very intelligent and realized the reality could destroy his marriage. So he kept it inside and visited cuckold story sites to relieve his frustration.

I easily identified with this and shared some of the same fantasies but at least my wife was willing to talk about it and found the idea a turn on, but also realized the reality was too slippery a slope to tread. She also explained that I satisfied her completely and didn’t need any extra-curricular activity.

Dan and I exchanged revealing pictures of our mates and complimented each other on how hot our wives were. At one point we decided to co-write an erotic story together and what you are about to read is the result. As you read, the story is told randomly by the four characters.

Kelly and Angel-Married couple in their 60s-70s who live in Los Angeles.
Dan and Jill-Married couple in their 40s-50s who are visiting from the North-Eastern United States.


When Dan mentioned that he and his wife had taken a vacation to Hawaii and enjoyed the islands but hated the long airplane flight I told him that my wife and I enjoy taking a four day cruise ship from Los Angeles to Hawaii, spending a day each on four different islands and then unwinding with a four day cruise back to Los Angeles.

He really liked the idea. No planes, no hotels, just one big floating fun palace with a private cabin, balcony view and the variety of spending a day on four different islands.

I told him that Angel and I would love to act as their guides if they cared to join us on our next cruise. Dan asked his wife and she thought it was a great idea. Dan had showed her some of our, less explicit emails and she felt comfortable about being with Angel and I.

Two days before the cruise, Dan and Jill arrived in Los Angeles. We picked them up at the airport and took them to our apartment to drop off their bags and then continued to go out to dinner.

That evening we took them to our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was fun to finally meet them in person. They were both in their early fifties but looked much younger. We had seen pictures of them, some quite revealing although Jill didn’t know.

Jill was quite attractive, dark hair and brown eyes. She wore naughty Librarian classes which gave her a cute, sexy, owlish look. I like it when Angel wears her glasses. It’s like fucking a teacher or a secretary. She had a nice figure with firm, large breast but of course, we already knew that.

Dan was a well-built guy with a nice friendly face and lots of sandy colored hair. We also knew he was sporting a smaller than average penis between his legs that he was very self-conscience about.

We made small talk, which was interesting because Dan and I had given each other many intimate details of our lives by email which I had shared with my wife, so Jill was the only one who really knew nothing about Angel and me, where we knew many very personal things about her.

We knew that she was sexually uptight, and had very little sexual experience. We also knew she had a dream once of being taken and used, much to her enjoyment, by two men who she refused to identify.

Part of the purpose to the trip was to try to open her up and help her let her hair down a little so she might be more open to Dan’s fantasies or at lease talking about them.

If anyone could help her feel at ease, it was Angel. Her sweet, intelligent manor and her friendly smile could win anyone over.


I was really feeling nervous. It seemed like Kelly, Angel and Dan were old buddies. They all knew so much about each other, and me. You would think they had been friends for years, but they had just met.

Kelly, although a good twenty years older than Dan, had a kind of charisma about him. He was very handsome and had a youthful state of mind and wisdom at the same time. I liked him.

Angel was amazing. She was so beautiful, with a very sexy body and manner. Her smiles and laughter were quite contagious. She was so easy to talk to and was so knowledgeable, maybe this foursome traveling thing would be just fine.

After a delicious dinner, we went back to their apartment. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like walking into an island paradise. South Sea tapa cloth, fish-netting, mermaids, masks from Indonesia, the bedroom looked like a beach, with the waves, glass balls, palm leaf murals on the walls and night-time sky with planets and stars, tacked to the ceiling.

We drank some wine while Kelly and Angel explained their life style. I couldn’t believe how open and free they were.


We explained to Jill and Dan that we were strictly monogamous but liked to play. We especially enjoyed cosplay. Where we decide on our characters, create our costumes and attend whatever event we had chosen to go to. An Edwardian Ball, Steampunk Party, Masquerade Ball or a Kinky Club event.

I showed them some pictures of our costumes, which they loved and Dan said to Jill, “I wish I could get some pictures of you in a sexy costume!”

Jill turned bright red and replied, “I would never let some man take a picture of me looking like that, it would be too embarrassing!”

I quickly added, “I could do it, just us girls, tomorrow while these men are out getting some last minute supplies for our trip.”

Jill gave it some thought and said, “Just you and me? Nobody sees them but you me and Dan?”

“Absolutely” I replied. “We can lock the doors. I have a lot of things you can try on. It will be fun!”

“Ok!” answered Jill as her husband Dan just sat there with his mouth open.

I’m not sure if it was the drinks or what but Jill started to open up and ask us questions. I think she was checking us out to see what she had signed up for.

“That picture there of the two of you in your black leather outfits and whip and chains, are you really into all that stuff?” Jill asked.

“Sorry to disappoint you Jill,” I answered, “Our sex life is pretty normal. Kelly has a few fetishes which we occasionally play and joke about. If I have some errands to run, I might say, “I’m not sure when I’ll be back. If I run into a man who interests me, I could be late”

Angel continued, “Kelly might answer back, “Ok but give me a call and let me know how it’s going.” You see, we play but to really be unfaithful, even with his permission, could destroy our marriage.”

Jill seem relieved and intrigued at the same time. Then she asked, “Don’t you feel devalued that he wants you to sleep with another man, I mean, it’s like giving you away.”

“Not at all,” I replied. We all have fantasies occasionally. They’re fun. The thing to do is to communicate them, play with them. Share with each other all the dark corners of your sexuality instead of hiding it, shamefully away. You don’t have to act on it, just feel free to express and talk about it.”

Jill sat there contemplating my words. Dan was on the edge of his seat. I knew I had really struck a nerve, talking about this, but he seemed pleased that I brought it up.


I couldn’t believe my ears, Angel had just laid all my cards on the table, and Jill seemed to be seriously giving it some thought. I felt like we were making progress. My wife said she was willing to pose for some sexy pictures with Angel tomorrow and she was even seriously considering Angel’s advice about at least talking openly about my fantasies.

It was getting late so Angel and Kelly opened up the Queen-sized Hide-a-bed and made it up for Jill and I to stay the night. They then, excused themselves and went into their bedroom. Jill and I undressed and got into bed.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well what?” Jill replied.

“Well what do you think of Kelly and Angel? Do you think you’ll enjoy the next two weeks, hanging out with them on the cruise?” I said.

“I do like them both,” Jill said, “They are bright, funny and nice looking. I saw you staring at Angel and her pictures. You seemed very turned on with her. Am I going to have any trouble with you?”

“Have you ever?” I asked.

“No, darling, and let’s just keep it that way.” My lovely wife answered as she put her hand on my ass and pulled my hips to hers, causing my small erect penis to press against her pubis.

We made love quietly in the front room and drifted off to sleep. I was awoken in the early morning hours to the sound of Angel in the bedroom, giggling and laughing while making slurping sounds. She was obviously sucking Kelly’s cock. I could also hear him moaning softly and giving words of encouragement to his wife. It really seemed like she was enjoying giving him a blow job.

She made more noise and seemed more turned on going down on him than Jill does when I make her cum. Note to myself: Try to learn his secret. I can’t even get Jill to suck me hard before fucking or let me lick her pussy.

All of a sudden I felt Jill’s hand on my cock. This is always a sign that she wanted me to fuck her. I quickly obliged her. Twice in one night, say this trip was going well.


That morning we went out for breakfast at our favorite Deli. Dan and I were given a list of last minute things to get for the trip and told to stay away until one or two in the afternoon so the ladies could do their photography thing.

Both Dan and I wished we could be flies on the wall and watch, but knew that couldn’t happen. As a rule Angel won’t even let me watch her pose and shoot her pics. She likes me to see the finished product. I get it. Dan and I dropped the women off and went out to do the shopping.

After the shopping we still had a couple of hour left so we decided to do some sightseeing. I took him to the Venice Boardwalk which is a site to behold. People from all walks of life and every country in the world gravitate to the boardwalk to watch all the free entertainment that transpires there. Chainsaw jugglers, standup comedians, musicians, poets, you name it. You can walk a block and hear at least ten different languages.

In addition there are little shops with arts and crafts from all over the world there and they sell their wares at very reasonable prices. Dan bought Jill a hand crocheted rainbow bikini. He said she probably wouldn’t wear it but a guy can dream.


When Jill and I returned, we set up the living room for our shoot and I dug out all my sexy lingerie for her to try on. Just to make her comfortable, I put on a see-through top and a pair of panties so she wouldn’t feel like the Lone Ranger in the skimpy outfits.

She first tried on a black, spiral, partially see-through nightgown with spaghetti shoulder straps. Fortunately we are about the same size and it fit well. It was the kind of gown that gave you the impression that you could see everything when actually you could only catch glimpses of T & A. It looked great! Her ample breasts pressed against the material and her sweet little nipples grew hard and made an obvious impression against the satin fabric.

I decided she needed more make-up and she was more than willing to go along with the game. When I was finished, the sweet little school teacher looked more like a high-priced call girl.

Next she tried on my Mermaid costume which is skin tight. She left off the top and I added a little rouge to her nipples to give them that “just sucked” look. She posed on the bed in a beckoning mermaid pose that I knew Kelly would later photo shop and place her in some exotic location. I didn’t tell her he would do it because she was very shy and these were for her husband’s eyes only.

I showed her how to pose in sexy positions and use facial expressions that would turn any guy on. At first she was all giggly and self-conscience but soon got into the swing of things. There is something about posing for sexy pictures that really turns a woman on. And we were both getting hot.

Soon she was relaxed enough to really try some nude shots. She had a beautiful body and I enjoyed touching her as I helped place her naked body in the right poses. I asked her if she had ever considered shaving her pubes. She replied that the thought had passed through her mind and had always thought of surprising Dan but it seemed like a difficult and risky task and was a little afraid to try it.

She asked if I had ever done it so I slid my panties down and showed her my naked pussy. He eyes got real big and her mouth opened as she looked at it.

“Oh my,” She said, “It’s beautiful! But I don’t think mind would look that good!”

“Of course it would!” I replied, “Maybe better. I would be more than glad to help you with that little task if you want?”

Jill got a wicked look on her face and said, “Wouldn’t Dan be surprised? He had been such a dear and given me so much. I guess I haven’t given him back a lot lately with all the stress in our lives. What the heck, if I don’t like it, I can always let it grow back. Let’s do it that is if you’re sure you won’t mind?”

“Not at all,” I answered, “It will be fun!”

Jill quickly disrobed and I got a towel and laid it down on the bed. Then I filled a basin with warm soapy water and got my razors and shaving cream. She had very dark, thick pubic hair so I had to use my scissors and electric shaver first. After trimming her down, I applied a warm wet towel to soften her skin. I know she was enjoying this because her labia was glistening and I could smell her excitement.

I started by applying a light coat of shaving cream on “Mount of Venus”. I carefully shaved it until it was completely smooth and hairless. Next I concentrated on her vulva and inner thighs. This and her labia took some time because I didn’t want to nick her. Then I had her turn over and did her anus and taint. I rinsed her off, patted her dry and applied soft lotion to the area to relieve the burning and itching. I could feel her body responding to my touch. We were both getting very turned on!

Finally I had finished. She looked beautiful! Like a virgin ready for sacrifice. I brought her a mirror and watched her admire my handiwork. She was astonished. She kept feeling it with her and said, “Oh, it feels so soft and sensitive, and really looks pretty! Oh thank you Angel, Dan will love it, but I think I will wait to show him when we are on the cruise, so, not a word!

She gave me a nice hug and a kiss and we resumed our photo shoot. This time she put on a garter-belt and stockings to help frame her newly acquired bare pussy. After our shoot, she asked me not to give Dan the pictures until after the cruise and to mail them to their home so she could surprise him later.

After about fifty pictures, we could hear our men, knocking at the door and pleading to come in. We quickly picked up our clothes, dressed and let them in.

“Let me see them, let me see them!” Dan begged but Jill told him they need to be proofed, touched up and photo-shopped by Angel and then mailed to their home. Dan was disappointed but as they say, “beggars can’t be choosers.”


I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I had posed for naughty picture, some completely naked and allowed Angel to shave my cunt. It was like I was turning into some kind of hussy! Although I must admit, Angel didn’t seem like a hussy and she did this all the time. Maybe I needed to re-evaluate some of my values.

Kelly had mention that the BDSM Club they go to was having a “Naughty Broadway” show tonight and the entertainment promised to be excellent, if we were interested in going. I wasn’t sure about this. Things were moving too fast. I knew Dan wanted to go. I told them yes but only on the condition that we could leave if I didn’t like it or felt uncomfortable.

Everyone agreed so I guess “this is another fine mess Dan had gotten me into,” as Laurel use to say to Hardy. Angel prepared a wonderful Italian pasta dinner with vegetables and after eating suggested we all play a little dress up for the club tonight.

Dan, would wear a pair of jeans and a studded, black leather vest of Kelly’s and some boots. I chose a pair of Angel’s skin tight black pants, some boots and a low-cut blouse. Kelly wore a sleeveless white shirt with a bow tie, that showed off his numerous tattoos and jeans, boots and top hat while Angel was wearing jeans, see-through blouse, with no bra, studded black belt and boots. We looked like an elderly motorcycle gang. Well, “When in Rome,” I thought to myself. After everything else I had been doing, I might as well try this too.


I kept thinking to myself, where was the real Jill and what have you done with her. It’s like she was magically transformed into this different person. I’m not complaining just astounded. I attributed it mostly to Angel.
She has worked some kind of magic on Jill. Angel is so sweet and classy, she could walk down the street naked and offend nobody!

We arrived at the club about ten, it was, what first appeared, a rather small place in the industrial area near the Los Angeles Airport. The waiting room reminded me of a French whorehouse, not that I have ever seen one but it looked like what I would imagine one to be.

Once inside we began to see just how huge the place really was. As we entered, we saw a huge room with a stage, two stripper poles, a bar, tables and very artful photographs of nude women hanging in suspended bondage gear. Kelly who was in his wheelchair due to some immobility problems, held a front row table for us while Angel showed Jill and I the rest of the club.

There were seven playrooms, each with a different theme going on. School rooms, jails, drag dressing room, anjd dungeons. In some of the rooms there were naked or near naked men and women being whipped or tickled or otherwise tormented. They were being observed by other people who looked like they were watching a normal everyday thing. Jill and I were in awe. I can best describe what was going on with a poem that Kelly had written and shown to me.

The Club
Not knowing just why
Angel and I
Decided to try on each other’s gender
And so for a gag
We dressed up in drag
And attended a kinky club bender
I looked kind of weird
In my dress and my beard
She was right out of an action adventure
We walked thru the rooms

Where people assumed
The roles of master and slave
Leather clad fannies
And guys wearing panties
Were taught to be nice and behave.
And around us were seen
Boys and girls being mean
Dispensing what each other craved

No one seem offended
As subs hung suspended
Exposing their bodies completely
Whips cracked thru the air
Which added a flair
Of danger and drama so neatly
Genitals bound so tightly around
Were enlisting moans oh so sweetly

Pelvic exams
And stocks holding hands
Were auspiciously there on display
With plenty of toys
For bad girls and boys
Who wanted to command or obey
Public humiliation
With group participation
No matter who’s straight or who’s gay

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