Coffee & Cream


Then he pulled her close and traced a line of red hot kisses all over her stomach as his hands slowly stroked up and down her legs. Leaning into him, she placed her hands on his head and slowly stroked her fingers around and over his ears, murmuring to him as she closed her eyes and revelled in the new sensations.

Sliding his hands up her thighs, Rikesh slid them around the back and onto her buttocks, his fingers kneading the flesh as he kissed her stomach, his tongue playing on her hot skin. Sliding his long fingers up, he caught the top of her shorties and eased the material down until his fingertips could touch her skin. Looking up, he smiled at her and slowly eased the cotton down over her hips and to her thighs. He desperately wanted to look at what he was revealing, but she was nervous and he didn't want to push her too fast. God what was he thinking? He was already pushing her faster than he had a right to. Pushing them off, he tossed them aside then leaned back to look at her. Reaching out, he traced a finger over the trimmed hair at the apex of her thighs, then he slid the finger down, following the line of her body. She was hot and wet, her moisture seeping out and onto his fingers.

"Rikesh," she breathed softly, her hands sliding to her stomach and then inching lower.

"Yes, just like that," he teased as he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss to her groin.


Laughing softly, he leaned back and pulled off his jumper. As he reached for his T-shirt he was surprised to find her hands under his, tugging the cotton off his body and throwing it aside.

"Someone is eager," he teased as she kneeled on the floor with him. Smiling shyly, she leaned forward and caught him in an awkward kiss. Sliding a hand to her neck, he held her steady as he deepened her kiss, slowly teaching her what to do as he stroked his thumb just below her ear. Breaking the kiss he leaned back and looked down as she fumbled with the fly of his jeans. "So quickly?" he asked with raised brows.

Nodding quickly, she looked down shyly as she fumbled with the buttons. Sliding he hands aside, he released the buttons then let her take over again. Her fingers clasped the denim of his jeans and tugged it roughly, trying to remove his jeans as quickly as she could. Wriggling a little until the wet material slid off his hips, he laughed as she drew her breath in.

"I never wear underpants," he explained as the denim was pushed aside.

"So I see!" she squeaked.

Pulling her against him, Rikesh held her gently and kissed his reassurance as he awkwardly pushed his jeans down his thighs. "Honey I have to take them off," he explained softly.

Drawing back, she watched as he sat down and slid the trousers off and tossed them away. Staring with wide eyes, she leaned forward, her hand flat on the floor as she drew a long finger a long the scars on his thighs. "What happened?"

"Nothing important," he said with a shrug. "I'll tell you another time." Catching her hand, he pulled her to him and slowly leaned back until he was lying on the floor, the thick pile of the carpet cushioning them. "Now I believe we were in the middle of something?"

Giggling at his question, her breasts shook and pressed themselves to his bare chest. "Rikesh, I..."

"I know," he said with a gentle smile. "Only at your speed."

"Ok," she agreed. Lowering her head, she caught him in a kiss, more sure than her last. Stroking the back of her neck, his fingers became entwined with her wet hair. Stoking a finger down her spine, he was rewarded with a whole body shiver against him. Doing it again, he laughed deep in his throat as she moaned gently. Her heat against him was making him harder than he had been in a long time. So much vitality there.

Sliding his leg up her's he trapped her between his thighs. His hardness was caught between their bodies, pressed tight. Inhaling sharply as she moved against him, he had to laugh as she jumped in panic. "It's OK," he soothed.

"But you sounded hurt," she said in concern as she strained to look down.

"Not hurt," he assured her. "More pleasured."

"Oh!" Her face tinged pink as she looked down, then her mouth was set in a hard line and before he knew what was happening she had slithered down his body to lie between his legs.


Ignoring his question, she studied him closely, his hard length standing proud of his body. Reaching out, she gently slid a finger the entire length of him, then looked up as he groaned and closed his eyes tight. Trailing a nail his length, she smiled slowly as he muttered under his breath and squirmed a little. Circling his shaft between her finger and thumb, she gripped tight and moved her hand up and down slowly, the feel of him under her skin as he grew hotter and harder.

"Best student I've ever had," Rikesh mumbled. Tipping his head back, he gritted his teeth and clenched his hands into the carpet. "Dammit Kit don't do this for too long."

"I won't" she promised. Looking up shyly, she lowered her gaze back to his length then leaned forward. Opening his eyes as he felt her warm breath on him, Rikesh raised his head in time to see her place her lips to him. "Oh God!" he groaned.

Pressing her warm lips to his head, she touched her tongue to him, the salty taste in her mouth for a few moments. Sliding him a little way into her mouth, she licked his shaft, her tongue wrapping around him as she tasted and savoured. "Kit! Stop!" he gasped. "Not yet."

Looking up, she raised her head and frowned. "You don't like that?" she asked in confusion.

Catching her wrists, he dragged her up the length of his body and kissed her. "I liked it too much," he growled. "I don't want to come too early." Sliding his hands down over her back, her wrapped his fingers around her full backside and squeezed. "You and I haven't finished yet."

"Haven't we?" she asked with a small smile.

"Nowhere near," he promised.

Taking her in a kiss, he stroked and caressed her buttocks and back, his fingers dipping low to the curve of where her thighs began. The heat was spreading, and her body was growing damp with their heat. Pulling her higher up his body, he raised his head to take into his mouth the nipple that hung over his face. Playing his tongue over it, he teased it as it grew hard in his mouth. Suckling it, he slid his fingers down her body until he could slide them over her backside and down between her thighs as she straddled his stomach. Smiling as she gasped, her slid his fingers into her hot centre and revelled as they dove into so much wetness he couldn't keep her open. Moving on him, Kit moaned and rubbed herself against his fingers as he slid them inside, searching out the sensitive areas.

"Roll over," he ordered. "Lie on your back."

Biting her lip, she slid off him and settled onto the carpet, her hot body sinking into the deep pile. Rubbing her hands all over her torso, she closed her eyes as she reached down. Sliding her fingers down, she spread her thighs before he could move and slipped her fingers into her opening. Spreading herself wide, she opened herself with her fingers, revealing the hot wet pussy she was quickly stroking and teasing.

Moving over her, Rikesh settled on his stomach between her legs and watched her busy fingers in fascination for a few moments. As she raised her hips off the floor and groaned, her caught her in his hands and held her still. Lowering his head, he eased her hand out of the way and placed his tongue against her. Holding tight as she tried to raise herself again, he slowly licked her entire length, his face becoming covered with her wetness as she pressed herself down on his tongue. Moving against the carpet, he stroked his hard shaft gently as he worked his tongue in her pussy, lapping and tasting and teasing her as her juices ran freely over him.

"Please," Kit gasped, her eyes screwed tight shut. "Please!"

"What?" he asked.

"Your fingers," she gasped. "Put them in me!"

Sliding in two fingers, he gently stretched her to her tight limits. God she was going to be a very tight fit for him. Slipping his fingers in and out of her tightness, he licked her slowly, his tongue playing over the sensitive little button of hers as it grew redder and throbbed gently. Gripping her hips tightly, he looked up over her stomach as she writhed in his hands, her body taught and quivering softly. Kissing his way up her torso, he paused at her breasts to nip and suckle her again as his fingers worked in her pussy, teasing her to new heights of arousal as he prepared her for him.

"Rikesh," she purred, her eyes half closed as she reached for him.

Sliding into her arms, he kissed her gently, his tongue twining around her's as she raised her head to him. Sliding his hands under, he cradles her head gently as he slid between her legs. By instinct she drew her knees up and opened herself wider. Taking his opportunity, Rikesh pushed forward gently but incessantly, opening her to him. Placing the head of his hard length to her, he pushed forward with his lips, his kiss muffling her groans of discomfort. Pushing forward sharply, he winced as her nails bit into his back at the sudden intrusion, then her grip was loosened as he broke the kiss.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly, nuzzling into her neck as he soothed her.

Nodding jerkily, Kit closed her eyes and moved gently to ease the tight stretched sensation of having him inside her. Swallowing carefully, she forced herself to relax and accept him.

"Good girl," he soothed as he placed a soft kiss on her throat. Moving slowly, he eased himself out of her, and then back in again, taking his time as her body resisted for a few moments before accepting him back. "That's it, just like that," he soothed as she closed her eyes and relaxed under him.

Placing kisses to her throat and face, he watched as her face flushed again and a soft smile played on her lips as he stroked her back to arousal. Her body was so soft under him, accepting him all over as he moved in and out of her hot centre. She felt so good wrapped around him, so tight and hot and her muscles were moving all the time, stroking and caressing him. Suddenly she would grip him tight, pushing down as she drew him deeper into her. Then a shiver would run the length of her body again, echoing through him as he pulled her body tighter to his.

Wrapping her arms around him, Kit raised her hips tentatively, pulling him in deeper as he slowly thrust in. Groaning together, she arched up and dragged her nails up his back. Grunting deep in his throat, Rikesh pushed deep into her in response. Gasping in surprise, Kit narrowed her eyes and scratched him again. Sliding into her, Rikesh buried his face into the curve of her shoulder, carefully sinking his teeth into her skin in warning. Laughing softly as she hissed air between her teeth, he resumed his careful stokes into her body as he reached down. Sliding a hand between their bodies, he roughly slid a finger in and began to stroke and tease her clitoris, watching in interest as she screwed her eyes tight shut and bit her lip.

"Let it go," he ordered roughly. "Don't fight it."

Shuddering under him, she dug her fingers into his hips and forced him into a faster pace. Pulling her knees as far back as she could, she rested her feet on his back as she pulled him into her. Shaking as he forced his way in and out of her, she panted heavily and raised her head to him. Catching him in a rough kiss, she wrapped her arms tight around his body as the first shudder of her orgasm broke, and with it the rush of hot juices from her body. Slamming into her body as she shuddered under him, Rikesh flexed his hip several times as he drove himself deeper into her, and then he went rigid, coming deep inside her as she drew him closer.

Holding him tight, Kit stroked the wet skin of his back as he rested the length of her, dragging in deep breaths as he recovered. Staring up at the window, she watched the rain run down the glass as the storm settled over the town. Relaxing into his embrace, she dragged the throw from the nearby sofa and slung it over them. This was infinitely more enjoyable than any lecture.

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