tagMind ControlCold Eyes

Cold Eyes

bylil pixie©

Opening my eyes slowly feeling at a loss as to my surroundings. Feeling the aching in my body as I begin to rise up. Suddenly realizing my body is unable to move.

Looking around me seeing my hands and feet bound by small pieces of silk rope. As I lay naked and alone in a dark room.

My eyes can barely make out a wall in the dim light, filled with things I have never seen before of metal and leather. Panic rising in my body as the realization of my situation sinks in.

Desperately fighting the ropes as I struggle in vain for my freedom.

Looking up as I hear the door across from me opening, for a moment a small amount of light brightens the room. Then my eyes begin to widen as I see him walking toward me.

Stopping just inches away as he looks down at my naked body laying helpless before him. His eyes roaming my body inspecting every inch.

Fear fills my mind as I feel his hand lifting my head looking into his icy unbending eyes. His face a mask unreadable… No emotion showing in his cold eyes as his gaze pierces into my soul.

My breath a nervous whimper pleading on deaf ears for my release.

My eyes widen with fear as I catch a glimpse of a small leather whip he is holding.

Screaming out with pain as the sting of the leather whip strikes my body.

His cold eyes watching my every reaction as tears flow down my cheeks. As my hollow cries go unheard. His expression never changing as the whip strikes my body.

Feeling his hands moving against my thighs almost a caress as his fingers slide along my skin.

Laying the whips down on a table as his hands continue moving upward on my thighs. Teasing me with now gentle caresses.

Unable to breathe for a moment as I feel his fingers sliding across my pussy lips. Frozen in fear as I feel his thumb begin to gently rub my clit. Then slipping his fingers inside my pussy his other hand holds my lips apart as he begins to finger fuck me.

Slipping his other hand lower as his fingers pinches my clit. Crying out not sure if from the pleasure or pain. Unable to hold back my responses.

His eyes never once leaving my face as his harsh hands begin their rough play of my pussy. His nails biting into my tender clit as he pinches me.

Watching as his hands move to his clothing as he begins to slide the fabric from his body unable to look away at his hard male frame. Excitement mingled with fear fills my body as I watch him moving closer.

Feeling his hard body covering mine as I struggling in vain against the silk ropes holding me prisoner.

Shamed at my weakness, knowing I cannot prevent him as he moves between my legs.

Closing my eyes as I feel his cock moving between my pussy lips then slowly sinking inside me stretching my pussy until his cock is completely inside my body.

Moving as if in a trance beneath him as his forceful thrust begins pounding me.

His hands reach for my breast, his cruel fingers pinching and twisting at my tender nipples until they become hard for him.

His mouth moving, licking the tears of shame from my face as his cock continues its punishing thrust within my body.

His cruel laughter ringing in my ear as my body begins to betray me as I feel myself giving into his demanding body.

Rising try meet his thrust. The ropes prevent my movements as I struggle now from the passion over taking my body.

Crying out from the pleasure as my pussy floods his cock, feeling myself being tossed into a whirl wind of emotions as I begin to climax unable to deny his demands.

Unable to believe my weakness as I feel his force pounding me thrusting hard and fast in my pussy.

Hear his groans as his body begins to tense. As I feel his cock raging deep inside my body.

Feeling his cum pouring in my pussy mixing with my juices with his release his final thrusting pushes hard against my body.

Watching as he rises from my body moving away from me dressing then opening the door leaving me alone in the cold dark room.

Tears of shame at my weakness streaming down my face. As I realize my fate has now been sealed.

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