tagNonHumanCollared Ch. 01

Collared Ch. 01


Author's note: This is my first time submission. Please comment (And Vote!) to let me know what you think of it. It's the intro to the story which I've already begun the next part. Also I want to thank my editor, for this story, Kammie Lynn for her help in making it better.

Collared: Part One


He was staring at her. From the corner of her eye, Autumn had caught him staring at her from the moment she had sat down at the table.

She flicked her eyes back to him again, blushing as her eyes met his briefly. It just didn't make any sense. She wasn't the only girl here, and she was far from the most attractive girl there. Also, he was HOT. So why was he staring at her?

She was there to meet up with some classmates in the library on campus to study for their upcoming midterms. They were all seniors in college; and the closer to graduation they got, the harder the classes became. Normally, Autumn did her studying alone. Being naturally shy, she had a difficulty socializing with new people. However, classes were getting harder, and she really needed to do well on this test. So when a study group was mentioned during class, she decided to join in. This was the group's first meeting, and she felt decidedly uncomfortable since she had never really gotten to know any of them outside of class.

Taking a deep breath, Autumn turned back to her notes and tried to focus on the discussion about the day's lecture. Despite her efforts though, she was still acutely aware of his eyes on her. Her face became hot as she tried not to glance at him again, which would have been hard to do even if he wasn't staring at her so hard.

Because, holy hell, the man had everything going for him -- dark hair and dark eyes, with a trimmed goatee and mustache framing full, firm lips. Not to mention TALL, and for her, that was a major requirement. Really, he would have still been attractive, but the tall part was a major bonus for her, being nearly six foot tall herself. Hooking up with short guys just felt weird to her, and he was well over six feet.

His long muscled legs were encased in soft looking worn jeans, stressed in just the right places. Hard chest and big arms were shown to perfection with the black fabric of his t-shirt as it stretched across his pecs and biceps, showcasing his muscles. Damn, she loved cut arms. Realizing she was looking at him again, Autumn's eyes widened as she glanced up at his face and their eyes met again. She jerked her gaze away quickly, but not before noticing the slight quirk to his lips that told her he had noticed her checking him out.

Once again attempting to focus on the discussion, she tried hard to ignore him completely while trying to get her face to cool down from the continuous blush that was making her light headed. The other students were going over some of the more difficult concepts from the lecture, offering interpretations to each other.

Autumn breathed a sigh of relief as his attention switched to the conversation, and she was finally able to focus. While not offering anything herself, she did take notes on the things the other students were saying that made sense to her. Autumn shivered as his deep voice joined in, and she focused completely on the sound of his low voice. It gave her a reason to look at him without being embarrassed.

As he and a thin blonde got into an intense discussion about the lecture, she sighed in disappointment. Although his attention was making her self-conscious, she hadn't really wanted to lose it completely. Autumn had known it would happen though. She simply could not compete with the other girls in the room.

Autumn may have been prettier than most of the other girls. However, when it came to men, they usually looked at the body first and the face second, with personality usually coming up somewhere after that, if at all. Saying Autumn was full figured was a polite way to put it. At a size 16, most of the pretty boys didn't even look at her once, let alone twice. Generally, she preferred it that way because that wasn't the kind of guy she really went for. She liked them rough around the edges with that dark dangerous vibe.

The group decided to take a break, so Autumn had a chance to take a deep breath. She really hadn't heard much of what had been discussed so far. She'd been so focused on him; she had barely registered anything else. She considered just packing up her books and leaving. Since this wasn't helping her study, she probably would be better off on her own. There definitely would have been fewer distractions that way. Although she seemed to have lost his brief interest he still had hers.


She almost jumped out of her skin as that deep voice came from just beside her. Heart pounding in her chest, Autumn jerked around to look at him with wide eyes. How had she not noticed him sliding that big muscled body down in the empty seat next to her?

"Umm...hi..." she replied quietly, her face once again burning red.

"What's your name?" he asked, once again staring at her like he had been earlier when she first came in.

"Autumn," she answered softly, looking around and wondering where the blonde went that he had been talking with.

"I've seen you around haven't I?" he rumbled in that rough voice.

Although Autumn was shy, she wasn't exactly the wall flower type. She smirked, "Well yeah, we are in the same class obviously. You would have seen me there."

He barked a laugh at her smart-ass reply, a bit surprised by her aggressive response. "Yeah I guess that is true. So, were you going somewhere?" His long fingers flicking towards where she had been packing her books into her bag.

She shrugged. "Well, I was thinking about going home. This isn't really helping me that much. I think I'd be better off studying by myself."

She noticed the blonde coming back to the table they had been working at, and she smiled ruefully. She wasn't going to have his attention much longer anyway, might as well go ahead and head home like she had been thinking.

"I know what you mean I don't think this crowd is helping me study either," he said, and the blonde decided to chime in at this comment. "Oh, same here!" she smiled suggestively at him, totally ignoring Autumn. "We could go back to my place and...study just the two of us."

Autumn rolled her eyes mentally and stood up, grabbing her bag before starting to walk away. She stumbled with surprise as he spoke up from behind her. "Actually, Autumn and I were just leaving, but, uh, thanks for the offer."

Autumn was confused, and she nearly squeaked in shock as she felt his hand at the small of her back. He'd already grabbed his books and was beside her as his hand directed her firmly towards the exit. She shivered as they made their way through the exit. His hand was hot almost, like it was branding her skin through her top. She took a deep breath trying to calm her pulse, telling herself that he just wasn't into the blond chick and was using her for an excuse to get out of there.

She dared a quick look to back at him, swallowing hard as her pulse sped up despite her efforts as she saw his dark eyes were on her. Though, he seemed to be watching her ass as she walked just slightly in front of him. Autumn blushed again. Though she was self-conscious about her size, she couldn't stand wearing loose frumpy clothes like many larger girls. They made her feel dumpy.

She was wearing tight destroyed style jeans that hugged her plump ass and full hips. They were tucked into mid-calf black furred boots. Her thermal Sinful top stopped just below her hip hugger jeans, the material of her top stretching across her C cup tits and showing them off.

He really seemed to be focused on the sight of her soft ass moving in those jeans as they walked to the library door. Autumn glanced at him a few times from under her long dark lashes, and his eyes never seemed to move from her ass. She debating putting on her hip length coat just to take his disconcerting attention off her ass, but she admitted to herself that she really was enjoying it. Between his gaze and his hand burning through her top just above where his eyes were locked, her whole body felt hot.

They walked in silence until they got outside. The chilly are outside felt great on her flushed skin. Autumn paused uncertainly. "Well..." she started, before she was interrupted.

"So where are we going?" he asked confidently, his dark eyes staring into hers now.


Declan stared down into the girl's silvery grey eyes, watching them narrow in delightful irritation as his question registered. "Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?" she demanded in her honey sweet husky voice.

He nearly growled in pleasure as her voice slid against him. When she'd stood up and he saw those full hips and thighs encased in tight jeans, he'd immediately started to get hard. Her scent had already been teasing him from the moment she'd come to the table. He'd been staring at her, trying to figure out why she smelled so good and why he hadn't noticed it in class before. He finally noticed how his intense stare was making her uncomfortable, so he'd started talking to the girl next to him so he wouldn't scare her.

At the break, he'd been unable to resist moving closer so he could talk to her and hear her voice, which was nearly as sexy as her scent. He'd been pleasantly surprised at her sassy response earlier, as he was now, since she seemed so shy and quiet. She hadn't spoken a word to anyone until he asked her name. He'd expected her to squeak like a shy, nervous mouse. Now, she was growling and glaring at him like an annoyed cat as they walked out of the library.

Declan grinned down at her, unable resist leaning closer to her. "I thought we were going to study somewhere else? Your place maybe?"

Her eyes glittered and her voice went cold. "I don't believe I agreed to that. Actually, I don't even remember being asked. I just met you and don't even know your name so do you really th-"


She stopped confused. "What?"

"Declan," he repeated. "That's my name. You didn't ask before."

"Oh...sorry...Still, I don't even know you..." her voice trailed off as the anger drained out of it.

He grinned. "That is true, but you won't get to know me either if you don't spend time with me. Why don't you let me walk you back to your dorm." He didn't say it as a question since he didn't want to give her a chance to say no.

"I don't live on campus, and my car is just over there." Autumn pointed to a car about halfway down one row.

Declan shrugged. "Ok well then I'll walk you to your car."

After a moment, she nodded slightly and started walking that way. He noticed her shiver faintly as he put his hand on the small of her back again. Walking beside her, instead of behind her this time, he watched her face during the short trip. She was looking down at her feet, her face a bright red while she chewed on her full bottom lip with her teeth. Just before they finished their short walk to her car, her eyes darted to him and she blushed even more as she noticed him staring at her again.

He saw the spark flare back in her eyes as she turned, just as they reached her car and she pulled away from his touch. "I really wish you would stop staring at me like that!" she said irritably.

Declan raised one brow questioningly. "Like what?" he asked, fighting the urge to grin at how pissed off she looked while she was blushing such a pretty shade of red.

"Like...like you want to eat me or something!" she exclaimed, then winced and dropped her gaze back to the ground near his feet. Declan struggled not to laugh this time. Then, that faded as he really thought about what she just said.

Heat sparked in his dark eyes, and he growled low and soft. "Mmm... Well, there is a thought..." He moved in closer, his big body crowding her close to the side of her car. He put his large hands on either side of her as he leaned in close. He rumbled in her ear, "Can't say that was exactly what was on my mind, but I think I could manage that too."


Autumn sucked in a breath as that deep voice she'd been so distracted by earlier breathed right by her ear, sending shivers down her spine. She wanted to moan at the feel of his hot breath on her neck, and that slight hint of southern accent just made it worse. Damn, she wasn't good at these things when she wasn't drunk... she thought, too much of her self-consciousness kicking in and holding her back from letting him know just how interested she was. She stood very still not wanting to move away, but unable to move closer either.

"I wasn't giving you an invitation." Her smart-ass mouth came to the rescue again...or not.

Autumn's eyes flashed wide in startled surprise as his hands moved, landing on her full hips as he chuckled softly against her ear. She jerked her head to the side and turned her face to look at him, realizing her mistake only after it was done. Her lips a bare inch away from his, where he had his head tilted down. His eyes were not on hers. They were fixed on her mouth.

Autumn's lips parted and her tongue darted out to lick her lips nervously. She heard another growl, and then his mouth was on hers, ruthlessly taking advantage of her parted lips as his tongue slid deep inside and rubbed against hers. His fingers dug into her hips, pinning her with his big body against the side of her car. His hard chest pressed tight against her soft tits, with her messenger-style book bag trapped between them as it their lower halves apart.

His tongue thrust in and out of her mouth, making her whimper. Autumn slide her arm up and buried her fingers in his short spiky hair as she pressed her mouth and tits tighter against him. Her nipples were hard and she began shifting her shoulders slightly, so that her nipples rubbed against his hard chest. A deep moan worked its way out of his throat as he felt her nipples harden against him, and he slid his hands around to her plump ass, digging his fingers in to yank her hips against his. A growl of frustration slipped out as her as her bag prevented her from feeling her softness against his cock.

He pulled back, intending to yank her bag out of the way. However, just then, headlights from a vehicle pulling into the library parking lot swept over them. Autumn jerked the as the lights made her realize where they were. The additional space between them helped her think. She wasn't a prude or anything and was far from being a virgin. However, she didn't fuck guys she had just met either. She was pretty sure had they been somewhere more private, that's just where this would have ended up.

She dropped her arms from around his neck hands, holding onto the bag in front of her like a shield. "Ummm... Look, Declan..." Her voice was a little shaky as she tried to move to the side, putting more distance between them. "Like I said earlier, I don't even know you. I'm not just gonna... you know..." She was blushing again as her eyes dropped back to his feet and her shyness kicked back in.

"What? Fuck me you mean?" his deep voice rumbled above her, and she nodded face bright red. She was really getting a headache from all the blood rushing to her head.

"Yeah... that," she said.

"Well, that wasn't really what I was thinkin'...ok yeah that was what I was thinkin'," Declan grinned. "But, I wasn't expecting it." He chuckled low and deep. "Mmm, but really thinking and wanting it hard."

Autumn gulped and forced her head up to look at him, that hot look in his eyes making her pussy clench with want. "I... umm... yeah... I mean..." She stuttered, unable to form a complete sentence.

He cocked his head to one side, eyes on her face, watching her intently, and asked, "How 'bout we just start with your phone number?"

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