tagIncest/TabooColleen Ch. 03

Colleen Ch. 03

byTexas Refugee©

Copyright © 2007 Texas Refugee. All rights reserved.

Author's Preface: Yes, I am well aware of the fact that it has been a year and a half since I submitted Chapter 2. But I told you before you agreed to go into this reader/writer relationship that I was lazy. There are parts of Chapter 3 that you will not understand unless you read Chapter 2 and there are parts of Chapter 2 that you will not understand unless you read Chapter 1. So here is what you need to do. Because it has been so long, go back and re-read Chapter 1 and then Chapter 2 (or read them for the first time if you haven't already done so,) before you read Chapter 3. Go ahead it will be fun…try and see if you can read all three chapters in one setting.

I dare you.

I double dog dare you.

(Don't make me issue a triple dog dare.)

~~~~~ * o0o * ~~~~~

"I'm ready for the rest of my birthday present."

Colleen closed the bedroom door behind her and watched at me lying on the bed. If I didn't love her so much I would have been terrified at the grin on her face. The look in her eye was that of a starving predator and I was tonight's entrée. She slipped off her shoes and walked over to stand by the side of the bed looking down at my mid-section.

"Oh my, and you went to all the trouble of wrapping it too."

I lay on the bed, hands clasped behind my head, completely naked except for a large red ribbon tied in a bow around my cock.

"I wonder what could be inside. I guess I better unwrap it."

With that she bent over and grabbed the end of the ribbon with her teeth. She raised her head to untie the bow and pulled the ribbon the rest of the way off with her hands.

"It looks absolutely lovely but what am I supposed to do with it?"

From the second she had told me earlier at the restaurant that she was not wearing any panties, my brain started pumping blood into my dick. At this point it was about to burst as Colleen slowly stroked it with her warm smooth hand. She said nothing, her eyes smiling as she waited for my answer.

"I don't know. It didn't come with an instruction manual."

Colleen turned her head slightly, looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand biting her lower lip, and then looked back at me. She climbed up onto the bed, straddling my ankles. She walked on her knees up my body until she was directly over my cock. Colleen bent over and placed her hands on either side of my head and whispered in my ear.

"I love you so much Bobby."

Colleen took a soft nibble of my ear lobe and began gently kissing down the side of my neck until she reached the crook of my neck and shoulder. She straightened back up then reached down and took hold of the hem of her dress. With agonizingly slow movements Colleen raised her dress until it was up over her hips and around her waist. Her silver stockings were thigh highs that were held in place by a large band of black elastic lace. This was in contrast to the creamy texture of her thighs and stomach.

By this time all of her pussy hair had grown back after having been shaved off for Brigid's birth. Once again there was the thick mass of dark silk threads that covered her pubic area and continued down between her legs. My cock had been hard since the restaurant and now I was about to pass out from lack of blood to my brain.

Colleen reached down between her legs and wrapped her fingers around my cock. My cock was so stiff that it almost hurt as she gently pulled back until it was pointing straight up towards her. She lowered herself until the tip of my cock came into contact with her pussy. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth, pushing my cock through the thick forest until I could feel the lips of her cunt. Still holding my cock, she slowly slid it back and forth against herself until I could feel the juice begin to drip out of her. Slowly her pussylips opened and I slid the tiniest fraction of an inch up inside of her.

Colleen kept her eyes focused on mine and continued to rock her hips, slowly working my cock deeper inside of her. I felt her cunt begin sucking on me as the head moved past her pussylips, following the path to its home. Colleen's eyelids made small fluttering movements as she pulled her hand away from my dick. With a sigh she relaxed her leg muscles and slowly let gravity pull her down forcing me further up inside of her. When I felt my balls nestled in the dense forest of her hair I knew that I was deep as I could possibly get.

Colleen stopped moving and was breathing deeply. She bent forward again, leaning on one arm. With the other hand she kissed the tips of her fingers then gently pressed them against my lips, slowly stroking my face then sat back up.

She began a small slow gentle rocking motion with her hips, back and forth, not even an inch in distance. I slowly slid my hands along the tops of her thighs. Colleen placed her hands on top of mine and slid one of my hands to the inside of her thigh and pulled it up until it was tangled in the thick mass of her hair. She pushed down on my middle finger until it lay between the lips of her pussy, rubbing against the nub of her clit. Colleen showed me the slow rhythm she wanted then let go.

As she continued the slow undulation of her hips, Colleen looked to the side and studied the clock again for a moment. She turned her face back to me and smiled. Still rocking back and forth, she raised herself ever so slightly and then lowered herself back down. Her cunt kept a slow rhythmic sucking, gently squeezing and releasing. I could feel the pulsating motions of her cunt walls against my cock.

I raised my hips to drive my cock deeper into her as she pushed herself down. Her hips were constantly in an agonizingly slow movement, her cunt grasping and releasing my cock while my fingers slid around and against her clit. I placed my hands on her hips to pull her down tighter against me and began to force myself even harder and faster into her.

Colleen put her hands on my wrists and pulled my hands away. She was breathing deeply and her eyes were starting to glaze over when she looked at the clock again. She looked back to me and panted, "Not yet…it's not time yet…slow down."

She stopped the movement of her hips but I could feel her increase the pressure of her cunt gripping my cock. Her silk clad thighs closed even tighter on my hips as she reached around behind and I heard the sound of the zipper on the back of her dress. Slowly the shoulder straps began to slide down her arms and the bodice of the dress gently fell away from her breasts. She pulled her arms free from the dress and pushed it down until it lay at her mid-section. The dress was now just a band of black velvet wrapped around her waist.

Colleen's breasts were full and heavy with milk for Brigid. The slightest movement, each breath, each twitch of her body as her cunt continued to suck my cock caused the breasts to ripple and wobble before my eyes. I raised my head up until I was close enough to kiss and lick along the side of each breast. Colleen put both of her hands on the back of my head and pulled me to her until my face was buried in the valley between those two glorious fountains of motherhood.

Dear God I love doing that.

Gently she pulled me away from her chest and quickly glanced at the clock. Slowly, ever so slowly she began the rhythmic rocking of her hips again, raising herself up on my cock and then sliding back down in an effort to push me even further, deeper inside of her.

I could feel the pressure building in my balls, ready to explode large streams of sperm deep into my sister. The pace of pushing ourselves against each other was becoming more rapid. Colleen's breath was deep and heavy and her eyes were starting to become unfocused. Her head started wobbling around on her neck when she looked at the clock again. In a voice filled with frustration and anguish she said, "Not…time…yet…oh God…"

Colleen stopped all of her movement and looked into my eyes. Her look was one of hunger and need and she was almost incoherent.

"Not time yet Bobby…oh sweet Jesus I love you…"

As her breathing began to slow down I made my cock twitch inside of her. She moaned and began the gentle undulation of her hips again. Again she started the torturously slow rhythm of our fucking, building up the tension inside of us both until we were both ready to explode. Again she looked at the clock and with voice filled with pain that came from deep inside of her soul she wailed, "Not time yet…not time…" and almost began to cry as she stopped all movement.

If I had been capable of rational thought at that moment I would have gotten up and thrown the clock out the window but the only thing my brain could process was my need to cum.

That was the pattern of our love making over the next hour. The slow gentle cadence of pushing our hips together as Colleen slid up and down my cock, gradually picking up speed almost to the breaking point and then stopping all motion just before the explosion when Colleen would look at the clock and her voice would weep as she moaned, "Not time yet…"

Over and over we did this until I was ready to throw her onto her back and continue fucking whether she wanted to or not. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled down in an effort to shove my cock deeper inside of my sister when she looked at the clock and grunted, "Now Bobby…now…it's time…put your sperm inside me…oh God yes cum inside me…"

That was all it took. I don't know how many orgasms I have had in my lifetime, but none have ever been as intense as that one. So intense that it was almost painful.

The second Colleen's cunt felt my sperm rocketing out the end of my cock, it clamped down hard to squeeze the life out of it. Her thighs gripped me tighter as her hips began uncontrollable spasms and her body began to convulse. She frantically grabbed the pillow that was lying next to her and brought it to her face. She bit down hard and began screaming into the pillow in an effort to not wake the girls that were sleeping just across hall from us.

Colleen's body gave one last major shudder and then stopped all movement completely. The pillow fell from her hands and she slumped forward to lie on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. Slowly the blood began to drain from my cock and return to my brain. The only thing I was physically capable of doing was the slow stroking of my hands on her back while her face was buried in crook of my neck. Gradually my heart rate began to slow down and the ringing in my ears stopped.

My hands slid up until I could cradle her head between my two palms. I kissed her on the lips and looked deep into her eyes. All of the love that we have for each other could be felt in that look.

"What the hell was going on with you watching the clock?" I asked.

Colleen began to grin and then laugh. She placed her lips next to my ear and through the laughter she said, "Let's just say that right now Mike and Jimmy are two very happy campers."

Colleen woke me in the middle of the night by pulling on me until I was laying on top her.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to play with my birthday present again."

"Ok…but don't you dare look at the clock…"

I was down in the depths of a well deserved sleep when someone dropped a 20 pound sack of sugar onto my chest. The air rushed out of my lungs and my eyes popped open. There in front of me, no more that two inches away were the dark smiling eyes of Noelle. She threw her arms around my neck and began chanting half of her thirteen month old vocabulary.


She bent her head down to give me a kiss and in the process smacked her forehead into the bridge of my nose. My eyes immediately unfocused and one eyelid slammed shut as I moaned out something that sounded like "owgranabunakeek."

Noelle began sliding away from me as Meghan grabbed her ankles and pulled her backwards on her tummy. When she was close enough, Meghan picked up her sister and held her on her lap.

My eyes were tearing as I struggled to sit up and look around. Colleen was still next to me but she was propped up by a large pile of pillows leaning against the headboard. She was smiling as she held Brigid to her breast and I could hear the quiet sucking noises as mother and daughter continued to cement their bond. Meghan and Molly were sitting at the end of the bed with their legs crossed Indian style. Noelle was settled into Meghan's lap, leaning back against her chest. She would occasionally bounce up and down while babbling something and then settle back down against her big sister.

Everyone was smiling except for me. I was struggling to get my brain and both eyes to focus on the same thing while uttering a series of unintelligible sounds. I was finally able to wiggle and scoot around until I was sitting up and leaning against the headboard myself. By the time I got my body into a comfortable position the girls were snickering at my efforts.

"Mom, is daddy always this funny when he wakes up?" Molly asked.

"Yes, he is and now you see what I have to put up with every morning," Colleen replied.

Brigid had finished nursing so Colleen handed my daughter to me. I held her on my shoulder and was gently rubbing and patting her back. Brigid made a sound like a small hiccup and then let loose with a belch that was loud enough to rattle windows in the next block. This sent everyone into an explosive fit of giggles and laughter. Even Brigid had a smile on her face.

As everyone began to settle back down I looked at my family and made an executive decision.

"All right campers, everybody up. Girls, take your sisters and get dressed while your mother and I take a shower. We'll meet you at the front door in exactly thirty minutes. We're going to Waffle World."

Meghan and Molly popped up and began shouting and jumping on the bed. Noelle just laid back laughing and clapping her hands.

"OK girls, get going. Let's get this show on the road."

The girls headed out of the bedroom, Noelle hopping while holding onto Meghan's hand and Molly holding Brigid on her shoulder.

"Bobby, we don't need to go out, I was going to…"

"Nope, not going to happen," I interrupted Colleen. "There's a stack of waffles out there with my name on them. I'm going to find them and eat them and not think twice about it."

I got out of the bed and walked around to Colleen's side. I reached out and took her by the hand, tugging until she stood in front of me. She slid her arms around my waist and pulled me close, slowly rubbing her nipples against my chest.

"Watch it woman, don't get anything started. The girls could come back in here any second."

"Ok, but you're going to owe me big time tonight."

I reached down and squeezed one of her ass cheeks. "You know that I always pay my debts."

Holding hands, we walked into the bathroom and got in the shower.

Meghan and Molly had Noelle and Brigid dressed and were waiting for us at the front door by the time we came out of the bedroom.

"What took you guys so long? You said thirty minutes and we've been waiting forever. We're hungry."

Colleen leaned over and whispered loud enough for the neighbors to hear. "We would have been here twenty minutes ago but your father couldn't make up his mind about his wardrobe."

Meghan looked at me with total amazement. "And that's what you picked out? Dad you need some serious help."

I had grabbed the first pair of jeans and sweatshirt I could find.

Colleen was wearing my favorite pair of jeans, the ones that hugged her ass and thighs and always left me imagining naughty thoughts about my sister. She was wearing sandals that left her toes bare for me to see the red nail polish and a light blue scoop neck T shirt. She was still wearing the necklace and earrings that I had given her the night before. Meghan and Molly were buckling Noelle and Brigid into their car seats while I was locking the front door.

As I pulled the key out of the lock Colleen whispered in my ear.

"I'm still not wearing any panties."

"Wife, you're trying to kill me."

Colleen just smiled and pulled me towards the minivan.

Breakfast at Waffle World was uneventful except when Noelle discovered that the metal tray on her high chair made an interesting sound when she slammed her spoon down on it. She found this so intriguing that she began slamming it down repeatedly until we had to take the spoon away from her. This brought a collective sigh of relief from the rest of the patrons in the restaurant. Noelle crossed her arms on her chest then stuck out her lower lip and pouted for the next ten minutes until Molly began poking her in her ribs and made her start laughing.

We finished eating our late breakfast and got out of the restaurant just as the lunch crowd started showing up. When we got settled into the van I asked the question, "Where to?" The vote was 5 to 0 in favor of the park (Brigid was abstaining because at two months she didn't care where we went.)

In the van we always kept one of Meghan and Molly's soccer balls and an old blanket that we used for picnics. After we got to the park, Colleen and I spread the blanket out in the shade of a tree while the girls began practicing some of their soccer drills. At the tender age of thirteen months Noelle was able to demonstrate that she had a firm grasp of the three basic fundamentals of soccer.

One - chase the ball until you collapse on top of it.

Two - grasp the ball firmly in both hands and throw it straight up in the air.

Three - chase the squirrel that just ran in front of you.

After an hour of chasing the squirrel and her two older sisters, Noelle toddled over and sat down next to me on the blanket. She very slowly crumpled over sideways until her head was in my lap, her eyes closed with a tiny line of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth. Colleen carefully picked up Noelle and laid her next to Brigid who was already passed out on the blanket on the other side of me. Colleen sat between my legs and leaned against me, her back against my chest and my arms around her as we watched Meghan and Molly play a pickup game of tag with several of their friends from school.

When the girls began to show signs of running out of steam, we packed up and went home. After getting a snack and resting for a few minutes, Colleen stayed home with Noelle and Brigid while I took Meghan and Molly downtown to the library so they could get the books they needed for their school projects. By the time we got back, Colleen was minutes away from having dinner ready for us.

In twenty-four hours we had gone from a limousine and dinner at Gypsy Sally's to hotdogs and chips at the kitchen table. If I am given the choice I will choose Café O'Conner every time.

Afterwards I cleaned up the kitchen while Colleen supervised personal hygiene activities for the girls. Finally all four kids were tucked into bed and it was time for Colleen and I to turn out the lights and head for bed ourselves.

With the door firmly closed we began to undress each other, all the while kissing and gently stroking, caressing. Colleen folded the sheet and covers back and then lay down with her legs spread. I carefully lay on top of her, my hips settling between her thighs.

Last night the sex had been about celebration, celebrating Colleen's birthday, celebrating the closeness of family, celebrating the end of two months mandatory celibacy. As I slowly slid inside of her, we recognized that tonight was about experiencing the love just between Colleen and I. There were no wild gyrations or bouncing around on the mattress, just slow and gentle movements and soft murmurs of unconditional love for each other. When our orgasms came they were slow, small and barely noticed, but the emotional exchange was greater than anything that happened the night before.

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