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Colleen's Cuck


It started out to be a normal summer party with all of our closest friends. There were about 20 people in all, enjoying drinks and food though our house and deck during the humid August Saturday evening. Most of us are in our early to mid-thirties and the couples with young children at home started to leave around 9:30, the sun finally going down. I said goodbye to another couple out on the deck and I decided to start cleaning up. I had a handful of half-full drinks, and stepped through the sliding door into our kitchen when I realized that my friend, Rob, was still here, chatting with my wife on the couch in the living room. I went into the kitchen and cleaned up a bit. I gathered all the empty beer bottles, cleaned the wine glasses and took out the remaining trash. I looked over to the clock on the stove and noticed it was 10:30 now. I headed back into the living room, to my surprise, Rob was still chatting with my wife ... in the same spot for the last hour.

Rob has been one of my closest friends for over 10 years or so. We met when I just got out of college. We've played in a few recreational softball leagues together, and he was even part of the bridal party at my wedding seven years ago. At 36, he's a couple years older than me, but still single. He's one of our last single friends, but he is rarely lonely. Rob plays the dating scene very well. The ladies seem to flock to him. As opposed to me, Rob keeps in shape, working out and running regularly. At 6'3" he stands very tall and normally dresses very sharp. When we go to ballgames or the bar together, he puts no effort into starting up a conversation with a lovely lady. Me, on the other hand, I sit back and laugh to myself. The ladies don't notice a married guy, about 6" shorter than him with the beginnings of a "spare tire" around my waist.

"Rob, I didn't know you were still here. Can I get you guys something else to drink? I'm going to grab a beer," I ask.

Rob and my wife, Colleen, look up from their conversation. "Sure, Mike. I'll have a beer as well," Rob answers.

I look at my wife. She nods, "Wine please, honey."

I head into the kitchen, thinking to myself that my wife looks great tonight. Colleen and I have been married a while now, seven years, with no luck at having children, even though we've tried over and over. In the meantime, she's been able to concentrate on her career and we've lived comfortably with two full incomes. In fact, after trying repeatedly for over 4 years to get pregnant, in the last year we've barely tried at all.

Colleen is my age, 5'3" and keeps in good shape by attending regular aerobics classes. She has jaw-length, layered blonde hair and blue eyes. She's fair skinned, has an average chest and normally pampers herself with regular hair appointments, manicures and pedicures. She still has a gorgeous body that looks as good, if not better, than when we started dating. She's always been extremely conservative and reserved, and the way she dresses fits her personality. Colleen is the one that all our female friends go to for advice. She's always helpful, sweet and polite. In fact, I think I've only heard her swear about twice in 11 years of dating and marriage. "OK, drinks are coming up." I head into the kitchen to fix the drinks. As I'm pouring Colleen some wine at the counter, I can see them on the couch chatting quietly. Rob is dressed in jeans and a collared t-shirt, his arm alongside the back of the couch behind Colleen. She's wearing a flowered sundress with an open, white summer sweater. She's sitting right next to Rob, with her legs crossed and jiggling her foot in her white sandal, displaying a fresh pedicure with maroon polish. Her legs, arms and face have a nice, even summer tan on them. I take the caps off two beers and grab the wine. As I head back into the living room, Rob is leaning over and whispering in her ear. Colleen starts to giggle and abruptly stops when I step back into the room.

"Drinks for everyone," I say as I hand the beer to Rob and wine glass to my wife. They both take a sip and I take a seat opposite them in an overstuffed chair.

"Great party tonight, Mike," Rob breaks the silence.

"Thanks. I think everyone had a good time. You two seem to be having a nice chat in here," I say as I sip my beer. Rob clears his throat as Colleen stares at the ground in front of her, legs still crossed, jiggling her foot.

"Yes, well, Colleen and I have been talking about relationships. You know how good she is with advice," says Rob.

"Oh I know. The phone is always ringing; most of the women we know look to cry on Colleen's shoulder from time to time. Don't they, sweetie?" I reply.

She nods her head. "Uh-huh," she answers without looking up.

Rob clears his throat again. "Yes, I know Colleen is a fantastic listener, but, ah, tonight she was actually looking for some advice, from me."

I sip my beer again, then holding it in my lap. "Really, what about?"

"Your relationship, Mike. The relationship you and Colleen have," he answers.

I look a little inquisitive, not really knowing what he means. "Our marriage?" My eyes dart from Rob, over to Colleen. "Sweetie, is there a problem?"

My wife just sighs, still not looking at me. Both of her hands in her lap, fidgeting. Her foot is jiggling more, her sandal dangling off her painted toes. She looks up and over to Rob, as if he needs to answer for her.

"Ah, there is, Mike. Not that the two of you aren't great friends, I mean, I've known the both of you for a very long time, and you guys seem made for one another," Rob answers for her. I feel a bit more relaxed, thinking this isn't so bad.

"But," Rob continues, "Colleen isn't, shall we say ... satisfied." A deep breath can be heard from Colleen.

"Satisfied? I don't know what you mean. We've got a great house and careers. A ton of friends." I look confused as I set my beer down. "What is it?"

I stare at both of them. Rob turns and looks down at Colleen as she looks up at him, nodding, as if giving approval. Rob turns back to me. "Sexually satisfied, Mike," he answers as he lowers his arm on the back of the couch and places it around Colleen's shoulder.

I feel my face and ears start to get hot, stunned by what Rob just said. It's got to be a gag I thought. I let out a nervous chuckle.

"Ok, guys, what do you really mean?" I pick up my beer and start picking at the label. "You guys are pulling one on me, right?"

Rob takes a deep breath before he answers, and gently squeezes Colleen's shoulder. "Sorry, Mike, but I'm afraid we aren't. Colleen has actually talked to me about this before, just not as in depth. It wasn't until now that I realized how frustrated she really is."

I feel my palms getting sweaty, my stomach slowly turning. I look back at my wife; she's still staring at the floor, her foot not nervously jiggling anymore, but now just making small circles in the air. She looks like she has no intention to talk to me. I put my beer down and rub my face.

Rob continues "Look, Mike, I know this is hard for you to hear, and I've been close to you guys for so long. Colleen just felt like she had to get this off her chest."

I start to feel anger for the first time; I look back at my wife. "Colleen, why didn't you talk to me fi -."

Her head snaps up, interrupting me as if she knew this was coming. "Michael, I have." Her blue eyes boring a hole into mine, her jaw is tight. "I've been trying to tell you for years now." She rests her hand on Rob's thigh. "You're not the best listener, among other things."

I'm speechless, and feel my face turn red. I shift my weight in the chair, my mind spinning, thinking about our sex life. There hasn't been much sex for over a year or so, and even when there was, it was a routine missionary session. Colleen has always been so reserved that I figured she enjoyed our sex life as much as I did. I'm staring at my beer and I can feel both their eyes staring at me, I take a deep breath.

"Honey, I'm sorry. You know how much I care for you. I can try harder, or maybe we can try, I don't know, different things?" I look over at Rob, who finally looks away. It looks like he is smirking a bit, hearing me start to plead with my own wife. His hand is still squeezing her shoulder. Colleen is staring me down, her hand now slowly rubbing on Rob's thigh. She answers me in a sarcastic tone. "I'm way ahead of you, honey. We are going to try something new, or should I put it ... I'm going to try something new." She raises an eyebrow as she talks. Rob chuckles under his breath.

"C-Colleen, wait, uhm...please, I-."

"No, Michael, I've waited way too long. Rob and I have talked this out and he's going to help me." She stands up and casually smoothes down her dress. Rob stands next to her. Even with Colleen wearing healed sandals, Rob stands almost 10" taller.

My stomach starts to knot. "Honey, please ... can't you and I talk about this first?"

She snaps. "No, Michael. This is going to happen." She reaches over and takes Rob's hand, interlocking their fingers. "I suggest you take advantage of this situation to learn something from Rob. In fact, I insist you do." She flashes a wicked smile and pulls Rob over to the stairs. Rob turns around and gives me a cocky wink, his hand in my wife's; she leads him up the stairs to our master bedroom.

I'm panic-stricken. I put my beer down and feel my face go hot and flush, wringing my sweaty hands together. I'm pacing in circles. "What the hell just happened?" I keep asking in my head. I hear Colleen softly giggling as they climb the stairs together. I walk to the bottom of the stairs and see them turn the corner to our master bedroom. I place my shaking, sweaty hand on the banister, contemplating whether to go upstairs or not. I'm torn. I can stay down here, and pretend nothing is happening. Or, I can follow them and take the chance of being humiliated in front of my wife and one of my best friends. Sadly, I realize that it's going to happen whether I'm upstairs or downstairs. I take a deep breath and slowly ascend.

As I near the top, I can hear them.

"Mmm, Colleen, that perfume you're wearing is incredible." I hear my wife answer him with only a giggle. I finally reach the top, and, with them leaving the door wide open, peer into our master bedroom. I see Colleen and Rob in a tight embrace in front of our perfectly made king-size bed. Her back is to me. Her head is against his chest and his arms are wrapped tightly around her. My wife's body looks so small against Rob's large frame. I see her perfect nails with the French manicure rub his shoulders.

"Mmm, God your shoulders are so broad, I love it. So strong," Colleen says. Her words start to cut right through me. Rob looks up and finally sees me.

"Oh, look who finally made it, c'mon in, Mike," Rob says to me as he stares right at me and tightly gropes Colleen's small ass through her dress. She responds with a playful squeal. I sheepishly walk into the room, keeping my distance. Colleen turns to look at me. "It's about time, Michael," she quips as she breaks their embrace and steps back, kicking her sandals off. "Now, come on over here and undress me for Rob."

I start to notice Colleen's tone slowly becoming more demanding and confident, a side I've never seen before. My stomach is doing flip-flops.

"C'mon, Michael ... we're waiting." Her hands are on her hips, softly tapping her bare foot on the plush carpet. I feel myself shaking even more as I slowly walk behind my wife. Sweat is beading up on my forehead; both from the situation and the windows open in the master bedroom, bringing in the hot, humid air.

I reach around, in front of my wife's neck and unbutton the top button on her summer sweater, it easily slides off her arms and I place it in the corner. I then start to slowly undo the zipper in the back of her dress. I look up at Rob as I'm doing it. The two of them are staring into one another's eyes, acting as if I'm not even there. Once the zipper is undone, the sundress easily slides off her shoulders and falls to her ankles. She steps out of it, careful not to break her stare with Rob.

Colleen is standing in front of Rob in just her matching turquoise bra and panties. They've left the lights on and her tan looks amazing.

"Wow, Mike. Colleen has got quite the body, huh?" Rob asks me while looking her up and down.

I ignorantly start to answer. "Yes, I gue--."

Colleen snaps her fingers. "Enough chat, Michael. The bra and panties."

My fingers are twitching as I unclasp the back of her bra; she guides it down her arms. I look over her shoulder and see Rob staring at my wife's exposed breasts and he slowly cups them in both his hands and gently rubs. I hear Colleen cooing as I pull at the waistband of her panties and guide them down her tanned legs.

I step back from the two of them, off to Colleen's left. I watch her as she slowly licks her lips and flutters her eyes as Rob continues to caress and rub her breasts. The only thing my wife is wearing now is her earrings, necklace, wedding band and huge diamond engagement ring. She takes that same hand with her rings and guides Rob's right hand lower, over her flat stomach. Her trimmed, but full, black bush is exposed and she runs her fingers as well as his through it, sighing as he's still rubbing her breast with his left hand. Rob moves his hand under her and starts to rub. Colleen rocks her hips slowly, grinding on his hand.

"Ohhhhh," Colleen gasps as I watch her raise her hips and momentarily move up on her tiptoes. Rob's slipped a finger inside her and I watch the motion of his arm as he slowly pumps it in and out of her. Colleen's hand grasps his forearm as she grinds harder on his hand, sighing. She finally opens her eyes and Rob's other hand moves away from her chest. Colleen looks down then over at me. "Michael, have you ever seen me this turned-on before? Look at my nipples, look at them."

I do. I'm thinking to myself that it's rare I've even seen them erect, but now they look more swollen and hard than I've ever seen them. They're longer than I ever knew they could be. "Honey, yes bu—."

She cuts me off again, turning her gaze back up to Rob, ignoring me. "I've just got to see this body of yours, Rob." Rob answers with a chuckle and pulls his finger out of my wife; I notice how wet and shiny it is with Colleen's juices. Suddenly, I feel it. I feel myself start to get aroused. I shift my weight to try and hide my arousal in my shorts. I feel so confused as to why I'm getting turned on watching my wife get turned on by my friend. I try and fight it, but it's no use. I feel myself getting harder and stiffer as I watch Colleen slowly peel Rob's shirt off and undo his jeans. As he steps out of his jeans, I see Colleen run her long fingernails softly all over his defined chest and ab muscles.

"Now THIS is a body," Colleen giggles and beams. She sounds like a schoolgirl excited about a first date. Rob stands with his hands on his hips, grinning down at my wife. I can't help but glance down at the growing bulge in Rob's boxer-briefs. Colleen squats and her perfect nails dance over the bulge and grip the waistband, she yanks them down and her face glows as Rob's huge cock springs free, bobbing in front of her face, sticking straight out.

"Oh ... my ... God," Colleen blurts out, one of her hands covering her mouth, her eyes wide. She quickly grips Rob's cock in her left hand, and starts to slowly stroke him. I hear Rob groan as my wife's hand slides up and down his still growing shaft, her diamond and wedding band sparkling. Her fingers spread apart as Rob's cock gets thicker and swells, growing to over 9" and too thick for her to grip her hand all the way around. She lifts up her right hand and cups his heavy balls; they're too big to fit them in her hand. "Rob's balls are huge, aren't they, Michael? They've got to be twice the size of yours. Michael?"

Colleen looks over at me, raising her eyebrow as to ask why I'm not answering. I stand there dumfounded, hands in my pockets, trying to hide my arousal.

"Michael, Rob and I have already undressed, now it's your turn," she says with an evil smile.

I look over at Rob. He's still standing with his hands on his hips, grinning as my wife still slowly strokes him. "Yeah, c'mon, Mike. Do what she says," Rob adds.

I feel my face redden again; I look away, but still feel their eyes staring at me. I clear my throat and slide off my sneakers. I'm still confused as to why I'm aroused or even doing as they ask. I pull off my shirt and hear a soft chuckle from Rob. I know it's aimed at my flat chest and 'love-handles.' "Wait, Rob ... it gets even 'better'," Colleen loudly whispers to him, purposefully loud enough for me to hear. I know there will be no hiding the fact that I'm aroused as I unbutton my shorts and slowly pull them down with my boxers. I gingerly stand up and vainly try and suck in my stomach. My thin, fully erect 4" cock is sticking straight up.

Rob chuckles some more. "Shit, babe how did you last 7 years?"

"Don't forget, 4 years of dating before that," Colleen adds and laughs. I feel my face and ears get hot again, no doubt a bright scarlet red.

"Well, you've certainly paid your dues, Colleen. Why don't you hop up on the bed and enjoy what you should have been getting all this time." Rob turns to me. "Mike, be sure to watch just how horny your wife can be."

Colleen stares in my eyes and struts in front of me on her way to our bed. Her eyes are still locked on mine as she climbs on the bed, positioning herself on her knees and elbows. She thrusts her ass up in the air, her feet hanging off the edge. I've never even seen my wife in this position, let alone had sex with her this way.

"C'mon, Rob, fuck me. I've waited way too long," Colleen demands. My jaw drops as I hear her swear and she wiggles her ass in the air, displaying how wet she already is. Rob confidently walks up behind her, stroking his shaft. He methodically rubs the meaty head of his cock up and down along her slit. "I'll go in easy, babe. I now know you've never taken anything this big before," Rob taunts.

Colleen glares at me as Rob's cock head disappears inside her. He repositions his feet and slowly starts to feed more and more of his thick member inside my wife. I watch Colleen as she takes a deep breath, biting her lower lip with a look of slight pain, her nails digging into the bedspread. She gasps loudly and her eyes roll back, her toes spread as Rob buries the rest of his cock, stretching Colleen's pussy wide. He grunts. "Damn, you're tight, Colleen. You feel so fucking good."

"Mmmm ... so do you baby, so do you, unnnhhh," Colleen gasps as she pushes back on Rob and slowly grinds on him.

"Fuck me, Colleen. Let loose," Rob adds as he again places his hands on his hips, he turns to me. "Watch, Mike, watch your wife enjoy a real orgasm."

Colleen props herself up on her hands now and starts to slowly move back and forth. I watch Rob's now slick cock appear and disappear over and over again into my wife's sopping, tight pussy.

"C'mon, Colleen, come get it, fuck me, babe, yes"

"Oh, God this feels so fucking good, Rob." Colleen's petite body slides back and forth, her thighs shaking and loosing her breath every time Rob's cock is all the way in her. Her breasts are jiggling under her, nipples still fully erect and she's tossing her head back and forth.

I watch my wife intensify her humping and I reluctantly grip my throbbing hardon and slowly stroke. I can't stop perversely enjoying my wife get off on Rob's huge cock. He stands there rigid as Colleen fucks him faster and harder. She starts to slam herself back on him, her ass making a loud, wet slapping noise against his hips and thighs. I watch her in total bliss, as her back is now shiny with sweat, her normally perfect hair becoming more and more mussed as her passion intensifies.

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