tagGay MaleCollege Days Ch. 02

College Days Ch. 02


After our first night of playing around, Stephen avoided me the next morning, sneaking off to class while I was in the shower room. So, when I saw him later between classes, I smiled and waved as always, acting as if nothing had happened. When I returned to the dorm room, about three in the afternoon, I stripped down and laid on the bed to nap. I woke up around five when Stephen came in.

"Man! You do like to be naked don't you?" He exclaimed, turning quickly to his bed.

"Well, it's a hundred degrees outside, and besides you told me I could be naked any time," I quickly reminded him.

He sat his books down, sat on the side of his bed and said, "I can't believe what happened last night, I've always wondered what stuff with a guy would be like, I just never really thought I'd try anything."

"Well, really, not that much happened," I smiled at him, "but a lot more can happen, if you want to."

He was blushing, "I don't know, I mean, I don't think I can do it."

"Okay," I knew I had to take it slow, "no problem. Just so you know though, I think you have a great dick and I wouldn't mind playing with it again at any time." I then rolled over onto my stomach, mainly to hide my hardening cock.

He didn't say anything for several minutes, then I heard him moving around. As I turned over and looked at him, he was dropping his boxers to the floor. His cock was fully erect and I could clearly see it in the afternoon light bathing the room. It was very thick, and I was sure only about four or five inches long at the most. The small tuft of hair above his cock was a very light red. His balls were hanging just below and I could see that they were hairless and looked heavy. The tip of his cock was glistening, with just a drop of precum smeared around the head.

"Changing clothes," I teased.

"No, I thought you might want teach me a few more things, if you want to." His voice was almost a whisper.

I rolled over and sat up, my cock now fully erect, "Sure, come over here."

He walked towards me, his cock bobbing up and down, a nervous grin on his face. I thought about what we should do first. I decided it should go slowly.

As he reached my bed, I looked up from his cock and then patted the bed next to me. He sat down, I took his right hand and placed it on my cock. He slowly wrapped his hand around it and squeezed it lightly. Then he let out a soft moan.

"See, it doesn't bite," I said, "now slowly move your hand up and down."

As he started his stroking of my cock, I reach over and grabbed his fat cock and copied his motions. Another moan escaped his mouth.

"That's it, nice and slow, just like that," I instructed. His hand was applying just the right amount of pressure, slowly sliding up and down my cock. "Good, very good, do you like it?"

He nodded, "Oh yea, your cock feels awesome! I can feel every ridge and ripple," his voice was shakey, "it's so hot and hard, it's awesome!"

"Are you ready for you next lesson?" I asked.

"Sure, what do you want me to do next?" he said, letting go of my cock as I released his.

I moved up onto my bed and spread my legs slightly, motioning for him to get on the bed. He must have known where this was heading, he knelt between my legs, his breathe short and shallow.

"Now, just lean down and lick the tip," said, wrapping my hand around the base of my cock.

He leaned down and slowly began to lick the head. His tongue was warm and wet. He was running is tongue all around my mushroom head, licking slowly and softly. I squeezed my cock, forcing a small amount of precum up to the tip. I pointed it to his mouth. He licked the precum off and savored the taste. He then smiled and began to lick the tip again. I moved my hand and told him to lick all the way down to my balls, then around the base and back up to the tip.

He did. Licking slowly up one side and then back down the other. He kept this up, slowly licking my shaved crotch too. I felt his lips once, as he lightly kissed my shaved pubic area.

"Lick my balls now," I instructed. He bent lower, grabbing my cock and pushing it aside so he could better reach my nuts. His tongue began to bathe my shaved balls, licking and lightly kissing first one then the other. He then ran his tongue back up my shaft and settled his lips at the tip of my cock, smearing the precum all over his lips. He then opened his mouth and took just the head into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the tip.

I moaned, and said, "very good...now slowly ease a little at a time into your mouth." He followed my instructions, taking a little at a time into his mouth until he had more than half in his warm, wet mouth.

"Nice," I said, my own breathing becoming heavy, "now start bobbing you head up and down, be careful though, no teeth."

He slowly pulled his mouth upwards to just the tip, then slowly went back down, slightly further than he had been before. He continued to bob up and down, his tongue teasing my cock on all sides.

"Now, suck in like a vacuum, make it really tight, but don't stop going up and down."

He then began to suck while bobbing, creating a tight seal around my cock. He couldn't go as deep now, but his hot mouth was incredible. He kept this up for some time. I then placed my hands on his face, helping him slide up and down, especially down, gently forcing his head a little further down, and more cock into his mouth. He was moaning slightly, which caused an even more intense feeling on my cock.

"Reach up with one hand and gently play with my balls," I instructed.

I felt his hand begin to lightly squeeze and rub on my balls. He was now bobbing up and down a little faster, taking more in each time, not much but some. And, his hand was gently rubbing my balls. I knew I was about to blow.

"Stephen, I'm close to cumming," I started, "do you want me to cum in your mouth? Don't stop sucking, just lightly nod or shake your head no."

Without missing a beat, he gently shook his head, indicating that he wanted me to not cum in his mouth.

"Okay," I said, "I'll pull out when I'm very close, but I'm going to cum on your face, okay? Just nod or shack?"

He nodded. Then he seemed to suck harder and his tongue began to play with my cock even more. My breathing got faster and my balls began to shrink up against my body, I knew I was very close, but I waited a bit more.

As I felt the cum rising in my shaft, I pulled his mouth off of my cock and quickly began to jerk it, after only three strokes, I began to shoot my cum, spraying Stephen's cute freckled face. The first blast landed on the right side of his nose, spraying upwards to his eye and down past both lips. The next three I pointed to different parts of his face, until covering his nose and upper lips completely. I then began to rub my cock across his lips as the rest of my cum sprayed out. He opened his mouth slightly, letting just a taste slip in.

After I had finished, I pulled him up the bed closer to me. His entire face was coated in my cum. I took my finger and wiped his mouth clear and gently pressed my lips to his. He responded by opening his mouth and we shared our first kiss. I then wiped his eyes clear and waited for him to open them, when he did, I slid my cum covered fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean. He grinned and wiped some of my cum from his cheek and slid his own fingers into his mouth, tasting my cum.

"Mmmm...not bad," he grinned.

"You like that, watch this," I said, as I leaned over and licked most of the cum from his left cheek, then I moved my mouth to his. When he opened his mouth, I pushed my cum onto his tongue and we shared a cum kiss. After leaving that load in his mouth, I returned to cleaning his face with my tongue and depositing my cum into his mouth.

After he was fairly clean, we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up about thirty minutes later. He was still sleeping soundly, but his cock was fully awake. I slid down the bed and slowly began to lick his cock. Now that it was much lighter in the room, I could see his beautiful red public hair. It was very light, and very soft, as I ran my tongue and lips over it. His thighs were creamy white, with a light freckle here and there. His tummy was creamy white too, with freckles appearing lightly on his chest. His cock was only about four and a half inches long, but very thick, at least as big around as a coke bottle.

I went back to the task at hand, licking up and down his very thick cock. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and slid it over the top of his cock. It took some work, but I was able to push my mouth down over the tip, past the helmet of this cock, and down about two inches. I pulled back and forth, sucking as much as I could.

I felt his legs moving and knew he would wake up soon. I then reached up and began to play with his perfectly smooth balls while my other hand began to jerk the remaining two inches of his cock, my fingers bumping my lips.

I heard him moan, "OH man! That is so hot! I'm gonna blow!"

He then tried to pull away, but I grabbed his hips and held him steady, continuing to suck and jerk his small, fat cock. Soon, I could feel him trembling and knew that he would be cumming any second. Then, his first blast blew into my mouth. I began to swallow, but I couldn't keep up. He came as much, if not more, than he had before. I had to pull off of his cock to keep from choking, cum still shooting from his cock and now, draining from my mouth. I waited until his cock was dry, scooped up the cum and presented to him. He began to lick it off of my hands, as I pushed them into his face. He opened his mouth and took it all in.

After licking and sucking my hand clean, he leaned forward and kissed my sharing his cum with me as I had with him. We cleaned each other up, then got up and got a towel to clean the huge wet spot that he had created.

"So, how was all that?" I asked.

He smiled, cum soaked towel in his hand, "awesome!" He exclaimed, "I never thought I'd want gay sex, but this was awesome."

"Well, you can be bi. That's what I think I am, especially since I get so hot watching girl porn." I said, trying to make him feel even better.

"Maybe, but I know that I instantly get hard looking at you and your cock," he smiled.

"Well, then how about we set up a couple of ground rules," I started, "like every time we are alone, and it's after say, ten at night, we get naked."

"Okay, what else?" he asked.

I thought for a minute, then said, "Well, if one of us is horny, the other agrees to at least jerk him off, if not suck him off."

He smiled, "deal!"

It was getting close to dinner time, so I suggested we dress and go get dinner. I also suggest that neither of us wear underwear, at all. I had plans for him in the car.

After dressing, he asked me about the video stash I had in my bottom drawer, which he had seen as I was putting my thong underwear up.

"Well, if you're really nice, I might let you watch them. They are of my best friend who's at another school." I then added, "it's all gay sex that he, his brother and his fraternity have."

"No way!" he exclaimed.

I nodded, "Oh yea, that's what they are. The quality isn't the best, but the scenes are usually pretty hot. I even have one that I haven't watched yet, " smiling, "as I said, if you are good, I might just watch it with you later.

"I thought I was pretty good," he replied, smiling and turning to head out the door.

I smiled back and said, "well, we don't know how good you are at fucking yet!"

He stopped dead in his tracks and went whiter than usual, if that was possible. And started to say something, but I stopped him by saying, "When you're ready, if you ever are. Trust me though, I think you will really like it."

With that, we left and headed to dinner.

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Very Hot!

Oh to have had an experience like that in college! So much fun. And cum!! Another 5er. cp

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