tagBDSMCollege Days – Domination 101 Ch. 03

College Days – Domination 101 Ch. 03


Linda and Lori turned their attention to Pam when she walked in with Joe. They complimented her on how sexy she looked. Pam enjoyed the attention. "Joey did a nice job preparing me for my date," she said as she presented herself. Next the girls attention went to Joe and they laughed at the sight of him covered in black marker and dressed as a slut in red panties and stockings.

Lori circled Joe, taking in the sight of all the perverted words written on his naked body. "My...my....Joey. Looks like you've been a bad boy." Lori looked at his forehead and read the word out loud that Pam had wrote, "Whore." Next she looked down at his chest and read the word 'Slut' out loud.

Linda stood behind Joe and laughed at how Pam had labeled his asshole as a pussy. She traced her finger down the arrow that Pam drew. "Ooohhh Lori, Joe has a pussy and it says here that he is a sissy boy." Her finger slid between his ass cheeks and slightly poked him in his hole, causing Joe to flinch. "I can't wait to fuck his tight little pussy."

Lori laughed and cupped his balls. "Mmmmm. Yes, it will be fun, won't it? Do you want us to fuck your tight little pussy, Joey?"

Joe was not sure what he wanted. The thought of being fucked in the ass seemed wrong, but he had to admit it felt good when Pam had played with his ass earlier. Even the small amount of poking from Linda released new erotic feelings within Joe. Despite the wonderful pleasure, Joe could not admit that he wanted to be fucked in the ass and so he replied, "ahh...I don't know?"

Lori cupped his balls tightly and spoke softly and firmly, "Let me rephrase that Joey....You WILL have your pussy fucked by us, won't you dear?"

Getting the point, Joe replied, "Yes ma'am."

"Yes what," asked Lori.

"Yes. I want to be fucked by you."

Lori was amused at how Joe did not mention that he wanted his pussy to be fucked. It was subtle, but intentional. She could see that Joe was avoiding all feminine references or trying to play them down. His resistance only added to her excitement.

Lori stroked Joe's cock, keeping him fully aroused. Her tone change from firm to sexy and playful "Let me hear you say it Joey....Beg me to fuck your pussy sweetie."

Joe could not resist her playfulness. Her sexy voice penetrated his resistance and he begged, "Please fuck my pussy Miss Lori. I want you to fuck my pussy." The more he begged, the more Lori stroked his cock and the more excited he became. Finally Lori stopped stroking. "See Joey, you really are a slut....getting all excited over having your pussy fucked. It seems that you've been a bad little girl for Miss Pam, and bad girls don't get the pleasure of being fucked. Bad girls need to be punished."

Lori was confusing Joe's emotions and thoughts. He had gotten so excited and aroused from begging. He was not sure whether to be happy or upset that his pussy wouldn't be fucked. His thoughts were interrupted by Pam.

Pam handed a paper to Lori and said, "I kept track of Joe's infractions. He definitely needs training. He has a good attitude and is trying, but he has a lot of work to do." Pam playfully cupped Joe's balls. "I'd love to stick around for the training but I'm due for my date with Jake. Bye girls."

Lori and Linda wished Pam good luck. Then they focused their attention on Joe. Lori instructed him to get down on his hands and knees. When she walked in front of Joe, she had a leather riding crop in her hand. Lori dangled it in front of his eyes, making sure that he saw it. Then she placed the flat part on the back of his neck and walked behind him, dragging the cool leather slowly over his spine. Joe arched his back from the light, ticklish sensation. His body shivered and tensed in anticipation of what was to come. Linda slid his panties down to his ankles, exposing his ass.

Joe was expecting a smack against his ass. Instead he felt the leather caress his ass cheeks. Lori slid the riding crop between Joe's legs and lightly rubbed the underside of his cock, causing more shivers. Joe breathed heavily from the wonderful feeling. Lori brought the leather whip back to his ass cheeks and circled the crop around them. She continued to tease and caress his ass and cock while she talked, "This is quite a list Joe. It seems you don't know when to keep your mouth shut." Lori slapped the crop across his ass lightly. The unexpected slap caused him to flinch

Lori resumed tracing his ass with the riding crop only to slap it again after a few seconds. She loved the way his body jerked uncontrollably when she spanked him. Joe's body tensed, waiting for the next slap. Instead the crop traced the underside of his cock and balls once more putting him at ease. Lori slid the crop back and forth over his cock, causing him to rock on his hands and knees in a fucking motion.

Lori handed the list to Linda and asked her to read the items out loud. Linda took the list and said, "It would be my pleasure."

Lori gave Joe a quick slap for each item that Linda read off the list.

"Hesitates to obey when given an order."

"Needs to clean bathroom when preparing bath."

"Close door when preparing bath,"

"Hesitant to eat his cum,"

Lori was skilled in how she spanked Joe. She started with light slaps and slowly increased the force in which she spanked him. Then she varied between soft slaps and hard slaps. In between the slaps she would trace the crop over his sensitive areas. Joe did not know when to expect a gentle caressing, a slight slap, or a hard slap across his ass. The combination of spanking and caressing proved to be highly arousing for Joe. His cock was dripping precum. Never in his dreams would he have imagined that a spanking would be this pleasurable.

Linda was watching carefully and she observed that Joe was enjoying the spanking. She said to Lori, "My, my, my Lori. I think Joe is getting off on this little spanking."

Lori laughed and moved the crop under his cock. Then she lightly slapped his cock several times. The light repetitive motion caused his cock to flinch with pleasure. Joe became lost in the erotic emotion. Lori asked, "Are you enjoying this slut?"

Joe could not lie, "Yes. Ma'am."

"Mmmm. Such a naughty boy. You will find that my discipline sessions can be quite pleasurable. Discipline is not a bad thing Joe. In fact regular discipline is healthy. Athletes become great through focused training and discipline. I shall apply the same principles to train and condition you to be my slave."

The thought of being Lori's slave never crossed Joe's mind when he met her. Joe couldn't even figure out how he went from dating Lori to being her slave. It was all a blur that happened so fast. It didn't matter at this point. Joe had been taken to a fantasy world well beyond his own imagination. The thought of being her slave was exciting to Joe.

Lori's crop playfully slapped Joe's ass and Lori said, "Mistakes will happen Joe, but through regular discipline you will learn from your mistakes and you will learn what is acceptable and not acceptable. What you don't want to do is disobey me. If you disobey me you will be punished...." Lori slapped the crop hard across Joe's ass and he jumped and yelped at the quick burst of pain. Linda laughed in amusement. Lori finished her thought, "...and punishments will not be quite a pleasurable, got it?"

Joe was still feeling the sting when he replied, "yes ma'am."

Lori's voice turned pleasant. She patted Joe on the head. "That's good my pet. I think you've learned quite a bit tonight. Now it's time for some fun. Let's go back to my room."

Lori made Joe stand up. Once again his cock was used as a leash and he was led back to Lori's bedroom. Lori had Joe lay on his back on the bed. Then Linda and her quickly tied him down. His wrists were tied to each side of the bed and a chain was used to connect his ankle cuffs together. The chain was about 3 feet long so it provided Joe with some movement of his legs.

Next Lori straddled Joe's waist, trapping his cock between her panties and his stomach. The hardness felt good pressing into her wet pussy. Linda sat on his legs, increasing his feeling of helplessness. Lori ran her hands through his hair and said, "Poor helpless Joey. What have you gotten yourself into? Do you realize you're at our mercy now?" She reached up and pinched his nipples hard causing his whole body to flinch. Joe actually enjoyed the feeling. "Big strong Joey is defenseless against us sweet little girls." Lori was enjoying her control over Joe. She started bucking her hips, rubbing her soft panties over Joe's cock.

The rubbing felt incredible to Joe. The feeling of helplessness and being restrained added to his arousal. Joe's senses focused on the wrist and ankle restraints locked around him. He became more aware of the feeling of his cock and balls restrained in a harness. He could feel the tightness of the stockings over his legs.

Lori stopped her bucking. She took the marker that Pam had been using and wrote 'Fuck Toy' on each of Joe's arms and said, "Tonight you are going to be our fuck toy Joe. You are a toy for us to use as we please. I don't want you to think or react to anything. Do what we say and nothing else. Got it?"

"Yes Miss Lori," replied Joe.

Linda went over to the bureau and returned with a tube of lipstick. "Lori, I think we need to decorate our toy a little bit."

"Great idea. Pucker up Joe."

Joe puckered his lips and Linda applied an overly generous amount of lipstick on his lips. Then she used the lipstick to outline his nipples and colored over them. As she colored in the circles she commented, "I just love nice red nipples."

When Linda was finished, Lori squeezed Joe's cheeks causing his mouth to form a circle. Then she asked Joe, "Do you know what this is?"

Joe managed to squeeze out the words, "My mouth."

Both Linda and Lori giggled. Lori replied, "Not tonight sweetie. Tonight it is a fuck hole." Lori wrote the words 'fuck hole' above his lips with the marker.

Then she got off Joe and grabbed his cock. She looked at the words 'Miss Lori's cock' written on his cock and then spit on the underside of his cock. "I'm going to change this a little." She rubbed off the word 'cock' and replaced it with the word 'dildo'. Then she read it out loud for everyone to hear, "Miss Lori's dildo. Tell me Joe, when does a girl use a dildo?"

Joe guessed, "When she wants to pleasure herself."

"Yes....and she uses a dildo to pleasure herself when what?.... when there is not a real cock available." Lori firmly squeezed his cock, "And this is not a real cock." She pushed his cock away causing it to slap against his stomach. Both girls giggled at their toy with amusement. Lori continued with her questions, "And tell me Joe, what is nice about using a dildo?"

Again, Joe could only guess at what she was trying to get at, "You can do whatever you want with the dildo."

Lori replied, "yes....that's true and I will do WHATEVER I want with this dildo tonight...Dildo's are also nice because they don't squirt out any nasty boy cum."

This time Linda grabbed his cock and said, "This is a dildo so there will be no cumming, got it?"

"Yes Ma'am," replied Joe, uncertain if he could follow through on that promise.

He was tested immediately. Linda suddenly jerked his cock up and down at a fast pace. An orgasm was building quickly and Joe was worried that he would cum. Desperately he moaned, "Please can I cum?" Just as quickly as she started, Linda stopped. She pulled her hand away and than slapped his cock with her hand and yelled, "No cumming! No talking fuck toy!"

Linda and Lori laughed as Joe tried to hold back. A small amount of cum leaked out of his cock. Joe was worried that he would be punished for it but the girls didn't seem to care. Lori commented, "That looked like fun. Let me try it." Lori stroked his cock with short fast strokes and almost instantly he felt an orgasm rising again. He was just about to plead to be allowed to cum, when Lori let go of his cock. It fell back against his stomach and more cum oozed out. Lori slapped his cock with her hand and lectured, "Bad dildo. No cummies allowed!"

Joe moaned out loud, "ohhh...you are driving me crazy...please let me cum?"

Lind replied, "Silence fuck toy! You talk too much." Then she slid her panties off and held them over Joe's face. "This should quiet you down. Open up," ordered Linda.

Joe opened his mouth. "Wider," shouted Linda. Joe opened his mouth as wide as he could and Linda pushed her damp panties into his mouth. Joe could taste her pussy juices. Linda and Lori giggled and then got up from the bed. Joe watched as they held each other in their arms like a loving couple and then looked down at Joe.

Lori said to Linda, "How do you like our fuck toy?"

Linda admired her toy. She loved his helpless state and nervous look. Her pussy throbbed at the sight of his balls tightly confined in the leather harness. She was both amused and aroused at seeing his body covered in humiliating words, stockings, and girly lipstick. She was going to take great pleasure in teasing him and using him for her own selfish pleasures. "Mmmm. I think our toy is lovely. Should be a lot fun to play with."

The two girls deeply kissed each other. Slowly they undressed each other and caressed each other. Lori caressed Linda's nipples and slid her fingers into Linda's wet pussy. Linda returned the favor bringing Lori into a heightened state of arousal. Little by little their breathing increased and their groping became harder and more in rhythm. Joe watched as they humped each other standing up. Pussy grinded against pussy, nipples rubbed against nipples, and tongues danced and tangled together.

The pornographic display infront of Joe added to his sexual torture. He could smell the heavy scent of their arousal. He sucked on the panties in his mouth, tasting Linda's wonderful juices. He shifted his body trying to get a better look, but was held back by his restraints. Joe wished he could be right between them.

The girls continued to pleasure each other. Soon their bodies tensed and their moans grew louder. Both girls feverishly grinded against each other as orgasms coursed through their bodies and enveloped them in hot pleasure.

Joe was extremely aroused from the erotic show. His cock was dripping cum and he was in need of an orgasm. Lori reminded him off his compromising position, "oh, that was an incredible orgasm. Too bad fuck toys don't have orgasms. No..no...Fuck toy's are for making orgasms. I'm going to love playing with you fuck toy! You will bring me lots of orgasms."

Joe just moaned into the panties. Linda grabbed a digital camera. "Before our fuck toy gets all used up, I think we should get a picture." Linda snapped several pictures. She made sure she took a few close ups so that the humiliating words could be clearly seen in the photo. When she was done, Lori stood over top of his cock and said to Linda, "Come play with my pussy with our dildo."

Linda grabbed Joe's cock and slowly rubbed the tip of his cock back along the length of Lori's pussy. Lori's pussy was hot and slippery and felt incredible rubbing over the tip of Joe's cock. Having his cock teased at the opening of Lori's pussy was pure torture for Joe. He desperately wanted to feel her hot pussy all around his needy cock. He pushed his hips upward, trying to push deeper into the pulsing hole. He managed push in slightly more, but Linda had a firm grip on his cock and prevented him for pushing in too much. He tried again and Linda commented to Lori in an amusing voice, "He's trying to push it in.....yes....he's trying to push in further." Then she slapped his cock and let it fall on his stomach. "Bad dildo," she exclaimed and then laughed.

Joe moaned in frustration into the panties in his mouth. He was unsure if he could take the torture much longer. Somehow he managed to last. For the next 30 minutes Lori and Pam played with their fuck toy and had a tremendous amount of fun. There was lots of giggling and teasing. Joe sucked each of their pussies until they came on his face. He sucked their nipples and even licked their asses. He did whatever they wanted and they wanted a lot.

Eventually the girls gave Joe a break. Linda left the room and Lori straddled his chest allowing him to stare at her pussy for a few minutes and inhale her musky scent. Then she said to Joe, "I must feel MY dildo inside of me. I'm going to ride you until I cum. Are you ready slave?"

Joe pleaded, "Please Miss Lori, I can't take it. Please you must let me cum. There's no way I can last with my cock inside of you."

Lori reached around and grasped his balls hard. "I can see you need more training. First of all this is MY cock...not yours. Secondly, we agreed that is not a real cock. It is a dildo. You will refer to it as MISS LORI's DILDO!!"

"Yes ma'am," replied Joe.

Lori released her grip. Then said, "Fuck toy, you can not cum. Don't worry I have something that will help. I have a cream that will help keep you from cumming and I have a condom that will also help take the pleasure away from you. Would you like them?"

"Yes, please."

"You've got to earn them sweetie. Show me what a good cock sucker you are and if I'm impressed I'll let you use them."

Right on cue, Linda walked back into the room. She was wearing a large strap-on cock. Aside from the purple color, it was realistic looking. "Is our little cock sucker ready," asked Linda.

"Let's get him on his knees," said Lori.

Joe's restraints were undone and he kneeled infront of Linda. The dildo seemed large to Joe. Strangely he was turned on from kneeling infront of Linda and her strap-on. She seemed more dominate and intimidating with the strap-on. Linda ordered, "Suck it sissy-boy."

Linda loved having a guy suck her strap-on. The power exchange was incredible. She was immersed in erotic bliss as she watched Joe, who was physical bigger and stronger than her, kneeling like a little girl sucking her cock. She felt powerful and controlling as she pushed the phallus in and out of his mouth. She grabbed his hair and controlled the rhythm. Joe sucked and licked her cock with amazing enthusiasm. Lori and her encouraged him along.

"Suck it you naughty girl!"

"Show us what a slut you are!"

"That's a good sissy....that's a good cock sucker."

"Open that fuck hole up...fuck toy!"

"You're just a dirty fuck toy!"

Joe seemed to get more excited the more the girls yelled at him. Each thrust of the dildo made him feel like less of a man. Linda took great pleasure in seizing Joe's male power. It made her stronger and more excited. The psychological thrill of fucking Joe's mouth ignited an orgasm within Linda. Her body tensed and her mind exploded. Her chest and legs shivered in uncontrollable pleasure as she fucked her fuck toy.

Lori was pleased with Joe's performance. As a reward she had Joe lay on his back and she massaged the cream into Joe's 'dildo' and she rolled on a condom. Lori was hot and aroused from watching Joe suck Linda's strap-on and so she wasted no time mounting him. Her wet pussy easily consumed Joe's cock. The sensation was strange for Joe. He could feel pressure on his cock, but the condom and cream masked the pleasurable sensations the he would normally experience. Mentally he was stimulated and ready to cum but physically his cock was not reacting. Joe thought how ironic it was, that this was his reward.

Lori humped Joe's cock with all her might. She knew he wanted to cum but just couldn't. She reveled in this power and control that she had over him. He was so close to paradise, but not quite there. There was something deliciously exquisite about torturing the male creature in this fashion. It sent Lori over the edge in record time. Her insides burst with hot pleasure and her body radiated in sexual energy. Her pussy squeezed Joe's cock for it's own delightful pleasure.

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