tagInterracial LoveCollege Daze Pt. 02

College Daze Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

The next Saturday was match day. They played another college team from Boston. The game was tight and close. Jeri still felt a pang of jealous, watching Dee play from the sidelines. But when they won, due in part to a couple of excellent throws from Dee, Jeri was the first one to leap into the air and celebrate. Stacy was sitting in the crowd, watching the game. She did not really care much for the game, in fact, she found it rather boring, but she liked to see big, muscular men in tights. Her eyes were all on Dee. She liked the way his firm, sexy ass clenched and unclenched in his white tights.

Jeri congratulated Dee and said supper was on him. The three of them returned to the Hostel, sat together on Dee's bed, eating some Chinese take away and sipping wine. After supper, Jeri rolled one fat joint after another.

Dee stood up and yawned.

"I hope we are not boring you," said Stacy, smiling. Dee looked down at the reclining, busty Southern Belle. She was such a dish, dressed in a sleeveless white top that was glued to her huge bust, and low riding hip jeans. A pair of red thongs were peeking out, riding high on her hips.

"I am definitely not bored with you," Dee chuckled, eying her openly. "But I am rather hot. Mind if I take off my shirt."

"No, go ahead. Flaunt that beautiful body," Stacy giggled. Dee pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his superb abs.

"You can take off the pants too. My girlfriend has seen you so often in your boxers anyway.." Jeri added.

"But you gotta do it too. Come on, lets get naked and turn the Southern Belle on..." Dee laughed, as he dropped his beach pants to the floor.

"Yeah, go on boys, strip for me..." Stacy laughed, patting Jeri's ass.

Jeri stood up and dropped his pants too. Now both sexy, muscular hunks were dressed in crotch hugging boxers.

"What about you Stacy, drop those clothes girl and show us that body. Its only fair..." Jeri teased.

"You want that huh?" Stacy smiled teasingly as she stood up. She hooked her fingers under her top and pulled it over her head. Both guys leered at her bombastic tits. Her huge, creamy breasts stood proudly in a red bra, threatening to spill over. "Hope you guys like what you see," she teased the ogling males.

"What about the jeans. Take them off too. Or are you chicken, darling?" Jeri pushed her on.

"No! You guys will laugh at my big booty."

"No. You know I love your butt. And Dee is a black man..."

"So that doesn't count or what?"

"No, what he means is that we black guys like a woman with a big, thick ass that we can just bury our faces in..." Jo said with a horny laugh.

"Yeah, let him see your booty baby."

"Alright then," Stacy smiled cheekily as she unbuttoned her jeans. She started easing them down her hips.

"No darling, turn around so we can see that glorious ass emerge..."

Stacy smiled and turned her back to the boys. She slowly eased her jeans down, exposing a thick, heart shaped bubble butt. The tiny straps of her red thong were like shoe laces. Stacy made a show of it. She bent down to ease the jeans off her feet, letting the men gaze and gasp. The tiny ass strap of her thong covered just the middle of her puckered, pink anus, and a tiny, sheer gusset hardly covered the mouth of her fanny, leaving the shaved, silky sides exposed. Both men exclaimed.

"So, you guys satisfied now?" she asked, wiggling her hips.

The threesome reclined on the bed, Stacy in the middle, as they smoked another joint and chatted. Stacy could not take her eyes off Dee's dark body, and he was openly ogling her. Jeri eased Stacy's head onto his lap, and let her rest a cheek on his hard cock. He eyed Dee's body openly.

"You know what Stacy, you didn't congratulate Dee properly, for winning the match."

"I did man. He played greatly, I told him."

"You didn't hug and kiss him, that's what I mean."

Stacy looked up from Dee's beaming face, to her boyfriend's equally beaming face. She decided that if the boy's wanted to tease her, she could play the game too. She sat up and rose to her feet. She stood before Dee, her tits on level with his face.

"Come and get your kiss, Dee."

The dark man stood up, and moved into her arms, pressing his chest into her big, soft, firm cleavage. Dee hugged Stacy real close, wrapping his arms around her. She slid her arms around his shoulders and moulded her body into his. Stacy was the same height as Dee. She pressed her full lips into his thick dark ones, and gave him a loud, smacking kiss.

"Come on Stacy, you just pecked him. Give him a proper kiss."

"Yeah Stacy, I don't bite, yunno!"

"If that's what you guys want..." Stacy smiled naughtily at Jeri.

Then she pressed her lips into Dee's- Her mouth opened, and she eased her tongue between his lips. They kissed wetly, deeply, gently. Stacy had meant to just briefly tongue kiss him, but it seemed to go on for ages. Now Dee's tongue was wrestling with hers. They were licking each other's lips. Their hands were roaming all over each other's backs. She felt dizzy.

Finally, Stacy broke off the kiss and giggled.

"Sorry. I kind of got carried away there darling," she said down to her reclining boyfriend, flushing deeply, but making no move to leave Dee's arms.

"That was so beautiful, watching your pink lips on his dark ones. Please do it again..." Jeri said huskily.

"You heard your boyfriend girl. The cat is not away, but the mice may play..." Dee chuckled, and his lips closed over Stacy's. Stacy opened up her mouth and welcomed him. This time they kissed hungrily, greedily, noisily. Dee started running his hands all over her butt cheeks. Her cupped the bubble butt, squeezed and fondled it, as he devoured her mouth.

A tiny voice told Stacy that she should not be doing this, but she ignored it. She was stoned immaculate and feeling horny. She rubbed her crotch against Dee's crotch, feeling his hot hardness push into her sogging cunt. Stacy was horny as hell. She hugged him tightly, shivering as she felt him slide a thick finger between her gorgeous butt cheeks. He stroked her sensitive crack, up and down, and she gyrated her hips round and round. He slid his finger under the tiny thong, and found her puckered hole. Stacy shuddered mightily, moaning into his chest.

"No Dee. Stop it..."

"Oh don't worry about me darling. I am enjoying this..." Stacy turned at the sound of Jeri's lust filled voice. She saw him reclining, watching them and stroking a huge bulge in his pants. He was obviously just as turned on as they were.

Dee dropped his ass onto the bed and pulled Stacy astride his hips. Her wet, steaming cunt pressed into his hard cock. His hand never left her ass crack as they kissed hungrily. Dee buried his face between Stacy's big tits. He brushed her bra cups off them and they spilled into his hands.

"Wow!" he exclaimed at the gorgeous, creamy mounds. Then he dove them, nibbling and chewing on them, sucking and pulling on them with his lips.

"Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful. Go ahead Dee, suck them big tits. That just drives her wild," Jeri moaned hoarsely.

Dee fed himself greedily as Stacy started humping her hips against his cock, moaning, as she fed her tits to his mouth.

"Damn! Dee, you know Stacy has got such big tits she can reach them with her mouth. Why don't you both lick her nipples..."

"Oh yeah Stacy, do that freaky shit girl." Dee moaned.

Stacy indeed raised a big tit and sucked on her own nipple. She shared it with Dee, both of them sucking and licking it, and tongues meeting, kissing each other.

"Gosh, this is hot. The two of you are so beautiful together. Dee, why don't you let her suck that big black cock of yours? She would love it, wouldn't you, Stacy?"

Stacy's heart leapt with excitement and lust. But she dragged her feet cautiously. She did not want to seem like a desperate slut. And she was not too sure about what was happening.

"Are you sure about this darling?" she asked her boyfriend.

"Yes, I am. Go ahead and gorge yourself. I don't mind, just as long as I can watch."

Stacy turned to Dee and kissed him deeply. Then she started to slide down his thighs. But Dee stood up, carrying her easily, and started walking.

"Where are we going?"

"I wanna see that fine ass whilst you suck me off..." Dee replied, depositing her on her knees on a thick carpet, before a floor to ceiling mirror.

"Please turn a bit so I can see too," Jeri quipped in, easing his raging cock out of his pants.

Dee cupped the back of her head and pulled her face to his crotch. Stacy felt his hot hardness through his thin boxers.

"Oh my gosh. Is all that for me?" she giggled.

"Yeah baby! Its all yours!" Dee responded in a deep groan, as he arranged his cock so that the thick, bulbous head was looking out of the top of his boxers, trapped against his belly. He pushed it at her face. "Give us a sweet kiss baby..."

Stacy dipped her mouth to the cock head and bathed it in her kisses. She sucked at it, trying to get her lips around it. She reached a hand between his legs and took a firm hold of his big balls, fondling them softly as she licked his head.

"Oh yes darling. That is so beautiful. Suck on his black cock!" Jeri moaned.

"Oh yes. He tastes so good darling. Cant you see me drooling..." she moaned, and indeed,

Dee's boxers were all wet from her saliva.

Stacy peeled his boxers down his hips, and his cock sprang free, to point at her mouth.

With a greedy groan, Stacy took it into her mouth immediately. She moaned around it, rolling it around.

"Ah yes Stacy, suck my cock baby," Dee groaned, his eyes roving from the fine thick ass in a thong in the mirror, to the site of her pretty, full, glossy, pink lips stretched around his cock. ay was in heaven as his hips danced, sending his cock into the warm, wet, velvety mouth. Stacy slurped and sucked away at him with wild abandon. The real black cock looked, felt and tasted much better than a rubber one. She gorged herself greedily on it.

She became aware that Jeri had come to join them when he rested his cock on her shoulder

"I hope you don't mind if my girlfriend sucks me off a bit Dee. I am so horny man. This is the bomb!"

"Go ahead man. Share and share alike, like I said..."

Stacy pulled her lips off Dee, leaving his rearing black cock glistening. She palmed and wanked a dick in each hand.

"Damn! Its like I just woke up in heaven..." She kissed from the tip of one to the other.

"Thank you so much for making this happen darling," she looked up at Jeri sweetly, then she gobbled his cock. She banged her head at his cock, sucking him greedily. Then she pulled her lips off him with a plop, and gobbled up Dee's black cock. She had the black man dancing and moaning.

"Go on Stacy, slide your fingers up my crack. And do it to Dee too. Pull on her tits Dee, she likes that!"

As he felt her fingers slide up his sensitive crack to probe and tickle him, Dee groaned and tweaked on her thick, hard nipple just like Jeri was doing to the other one. Stacy went wild, throwing her face at one cock after the other. She was in a frenzy, saliva was drooling down her chin in gobs, onto her huge, heaving tits.

Jeri grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and shoved his cock deep down her throat. He pushed his cock a few times against the back of her throat...

"Ah fuck yeah! This shit is too hot. I 'm fucking cumming!!! Yeah!!!" Jeri shouted, his body shuddering mightily. His balls erupted and his cumm poured down Stacy's throat. Stacy drank him down, milked Jeri's spent cock dry, before letting it flop out of her mouth.

"She's all yours buddy. Why don't you fuck the taste out of her mouth with that black cock!" Jeri said, patting Dee's shoulder.

"Yeah, gimme some of your cream sir..." Stacy said with a giggle. She gobbled Dee into her smeared mouth and started sucking him with a vengeance, wanking his cock and stroking his crack.

Jeri dropped onto the bed and started rolling another joint, watching his girlfriend suck off the black man.

"Oh yes! Gosh! Look at that! She loves your black cock man! She is fucking hungry for it. Stuff her mouth man. Give it to her..." Jeri commented, starting to wank as soon as he fired up the joint.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" was all Stacy could respond with as her head whipped back and forth, Dee's black cock squelching loudly in her mouth.

"Yeah Stacy, suck on that dick Mama..." Dee grunted, grabbing her by the hair and cramming her mouth full of cock. She was deep throating his entire length now. She held him deep inside, and started licking his balls with her tongue.

"Shit! She's swallowing that big black cock whole. Damn! This is so nasty! Shoot her mouth Dee. Give her your cumm! That's what she needs." Jeri commented huskily, whipping his cock in a frenzy.

"Oh fuck man! This is some hot shit!" Dee bellowed and his cumm erupted like a rocket. His cock swelled up enormously as he shot his first spurt down her throat. She started gagging and coughing. He pulled it out and shot a load on her forehead. He came all over her face, and her chest.

"Gosh darling, look at you. Your face is such a mess," Jeri said, dropping to his knees before his gasping girlfriend. She was indeed covered with cumm.

"Shit!" Stacy gasped as she saw herself in the mirror. "That's yuck! Lemme clean myself up with a towel.

"No. Lemme do that for you..." Jeri hugged her, cupped the back of her head and pressed his lips to her cumm stained ones. He kissed her greedily. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and licked her. Stacy was so turned on. She rubbed her cunt against her boyfriend's cock and moaned as he licked her face and tits clean, chasing every drop of his and Dee's cumm.

Dee dropped onto the bed, spent and drenched in sweat. He watched, smoking a joint, as Jeri cupped his girlfriend's fat cunt.

"Oh fuck. I have never been so horny in my life. I need a dick bad. Please darling..." Stacy moaned, shivering in Jeri's arms.

"Lets go to Dee, so you can suck some more of his black cock whilst I eat you," Jeri rose to his feet, scooped her up and put her down on the bed, with her face in Dee's lap. As Stacy grabbed the lolling black cock and showered it with kisses, Jeri knelt between her thighs. He pulled her gusset off her dripping, gleaming fat, pink fanny, stretching the elastic material.

"Mmmm! Look at that beautiful, fat pussy Dee. Isn't she gorgeous!" He held her thighs apart letting the black man admire her cunt.

"Oh yes she is, eat her cunt Jeri..."

Jeri gave the fat fanny a loud slap. Then he dove face first into her cunt.

"Ah fuck yeah! Eat my fanny! Yeah!" As his tongue made contact with her, Stacy was so excited she came immediately, writhing and pumping her hips at his face. Then she started sucking Dee with a passion, mewing and grunting away and soon had him rock hard.

"I got her all wet for you now Dee. Come and give her that dick..."

Dee pulled his rearing dark cock out of her mouth. Jeri eased her onto her back, her ass hanging over the edge. He raised and parted her thighs, leaving her fat fanny wide open. He made room for Dee.

Stacy propped her self up on her elbows and watched as Dee knelt between her thighs.

"Please lemme put that black cock in, Dee. Please man!"

"Go ahead..."

Jeri grabbed the rearing dick and ran the fat tip up and down Stacy's wet, pink slit. She shivered and moaned.

"Oh yes darling. Put it in. Shove that black cock inside me..."

Jeri brought Dee's fat cock head to her opening. He lodged it in. Dee started pushing it in. Her cunt opened up and swallowed him in greedily. Dee pushed it in through Jeri's fist. Stacy moaned sweetly on every centimetre. Dee sank it in till Jeri's hand was trapped between their bodies.

"Oh yes" Look at that black cock all up in your pink cunt Stacy. That's so fucking nasty darling, isn't it?" Jeri groaned huskily.

"Oh yes! Fuck yeah!" Stacy moaned back, starting to roll her hips, fucking Dee's cock.

Dee grunted like a beast, enjoying fucking the bubble butt southern belle through her boyfriend's hand. He fucked her slowly, deeply. Jeri reached and started rubbing her clit with his other hand. Stacy threw her head back and moaned at the ceiling, her big tits heaving.

"Oh yes. Rub my clit darling. Fuck!"

"Suck on your tits for us Stacy. Suck those big fat tits..."

Stacy scooped up her tits and fed her nipples to her mouth shamelessly licking and biting them, in delirium. Her hips whipped against Dee's cock.

"Suck her clit Jeri..." Dee said cupping the back of Jeri's head and pushing him down. Jeri dove at it, licked and sucked on the thick, excited clit, pulling and stretching it with his lips.

"Ah fuck! I'm cumming!" Stacy screamed and her hips bucked hard and fast against the black cock and the white face. She fell back on the bed and moaned long, tossing her head.

Dee pulled his cock out and slapped it onto her shaved pink mons. It lay there obscenely, gleaming darkly.

"Oh fuck. Look at that black cock on that pink pussy. Fuck! This is so gorgeous... Its all covered in your pussy juices baby. Yummy. Dee, may I please taste her juices off your cock! Please"

"Go ahead, taste your girl's pussy off my cock..." Dee groaned, pushing Jeri at it.

Jeri licked the entire length, kissing it lovingly. Then he swallowed up the head between his hungry lips.

Dee looked down at Stacy, who was now propped up on her shoulders, watching with wide open, excited eyes.

"Oh, that's so beautiful darling. Suck his big black cock..." she moaned, reaching down to rub her clit. "Oh Gosh!!!"

Jeri bobbed his head up and down, sucking Dee with greed. He slurped and sucked loudly, smacking his lips and groaning with pleasure. He rolled the black man's balls in his palm as he went to town on his cock. Dee pumped his hips at him, stuffing his mouth full of cock.

Dee finally pulled his cock out and slammed it back into Stacy. She gave a sharp moan as he buried his entire length into her.

"Oh yeah Dee. Fuck me baby. Fuck me with that black cock!" she cried frenziedly.

"You heard her. Fuck the shit out of that white pussy with your big black cock!" Jeri said huskily, giving Dee's ass a smack!

Dee grabbed her thighs and hooked her feet over his shoulders. Then he started humping her hard and deep, his hips slapping into her pliant ass. Stay was in a delirium. She was throwing her hips at him, frigging her clit.

"Oh yes! Oh yes. Fuck me!!!" she cried long as she took the thorough rutting.

Jeri gave a running, lewd, dirty commentary, wanking his cock as he watched his girlfriend being thoroughly fucked by his black room mate. Stacy took the relentless fucking for several minutes. Soon she and Dee were drenched in sweat. Now she was just tossing and a turning and a howling and a screaming. Man it was so hot you could have grilled a buffalo over it.

"Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me harder! Shove that black cock up my pussy" she farted loud and then she was cumming harder than ever. She reached for Dee and pulled him on top of her, wrapping her arms and legs around him. She hugged him closely and glued her lips to his. Dee continued fucking her, nailing her ass to the bed. Stacy came like a bitch, having one huge orgasm after another.

Jeri knelt between Dee's parted thighs, getting a perfect view of the big black cock entering his girlfriend's stretched cunt.

"Oh yes Dee. Fuck the shit out of her. That's it!"

"Oh! Please stop! Don't move anymore! Just stay inside me but please don't move..." Stacy finally begged, going crazy from the huge orgasms. But Dee continued fucking her, until her head flopped back and she was knocked out. Dee lay on top of the moaning, gasping woman.

Jeri reached between Dee's legs and started stroking his balls. They were fat, hard and full of cumm.

"Damn Dee! You are full of cumm again man! You are such a fucker man!"

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