tagIllustratedCollege Girl Learns New Lessons!

College Girl Learns New Lessons!


This story was first published some years ago and, in fact, precedes the story 'Another lesson for Debbie' which is already on this site by the same author.

College girl learns new Lessons!

Debbie was looking forward to the weekend. It was Friday afternoon on a hot July day and she had just got home from college and had enjoyed a hot shower. She was 18 and her parents had gone away that morning for the weekend, and Debbie was footloose and fancy free.

Not that that meant too much to her! Her parents had brought her up very strictly, the way she dressed, how she spent her free time, the friends she kept...God, life had been very restrictive for Debbie, but now she had some free time to herself, and she just relaxed after the wonderful shower.

She lived on the borders of Scotland and England, and it was unusual to get a really hot spell, but the last few days had been wonderful, and Debbie sat on her bed, enjoying the warmth and the sun streaming in through her window.

And it was no wonder that her parents, particularly her father, had kept a close watch on the teenager, because Debbie had developed an awesome body from an early age. Father knew that wherever she went, boys would be lusting over Debbie because of her attributes. At family gatherings, at school/parents evenings, at church, family weddings and funerals etc, it was always the same. Her parents could see people ogling their daughter, some dribbling with lust, trying to get near her or into conversation with her, and she was never allowed to be with another male on her own.....mother and father saw to that quite firmly. And even other women could see that Debbie would become a really sexy, attractive young woman as she got older!

She was about 5'9, with long brown hair, a lovely face, and every curve on her body had been created with seduction in mind! Her breasts had developed even as early as 12 years old, and now at 18, she sported a shapely and sexy 37FF which attracted admirers like bees round a honey pot.

Although Debbie had enjoyed the attention, she wasn't quite sure she wanted it to go any further, as mother had always said that 'good' girls didn't indulge until they were married, and Debbie had more or less stuck to this rule.

Since going to college, however, there had been one or two boys who had managed to have a wonderful fumble with Debbie on occasions. Her big, stunning breasts had always been a target, and she had felt strange hands enjoying her nipples under her sweater quite a few times, as well as feeling hands slide inside her panties to finger and tease her cunt two or three times. But it had never gone any further as Debbie lived in fear of her parents if the truth were ever to get out. Being late home always resulted in an inquisition from mother and later from father when he got home, so she never took the risk of being late.

So, at 18, Debbie was still a virgin, even though she had wild fantasies like any other healthy young woman.

She had thought about going out on Saturday night, but where would she go? Her parents had left strict instructions about what she had to do around the house, like cleaning and washing, keeping the beds tidy, and they had specifically told Debbie that she was to have no friends round and, if she went out, she was to be back indoors by 9pm at the latest. She also had to attend church, as normal, on Sunday morning. It didn't worry her particularly, because this was the life she was used to and she had plenty of interests anyway, including watching the TV, cooking, and writing to a pen friend in Australia and so, right now, Debbie just bathed in the sunlight and thought of what she might cook for her tea.

It was while she was making her parents bed, still just dressed in only a thong and a tiny little halter neck bra after her shower, that Debbie made an awesome discovery. A pillow had fallen onto the floor, and she bent down to pick it up. There, peeping out from under a bedside cabinet, were a couple of paperback books, and Debbie pulled them out. They were on her father's side of the bed and Debbie let out a long gasp of air. There was no doubt that they were 'adult' books, and she quickly flicked through the pages taking in the graphic pictures and some of the words.

'My God,' she whispered under her breath. 'My father reads this kind of thing?' She couldn't believe it, but she wasn't going to miss the opportunity of looking at some of them more closely while she had the house to herself. She quickly finished making the bed and then took the magazines into her own room and made herself comfortable on her bed. The sun was still hot and filtering through the window and Debbie began to relax as she flicked through the first book.

Suddenly she found pictures and dialogue that really grabbed her interest and, already, Debbie could feel her tiny thong getting damp. She felt a little guilty at her thoughts, but pushed those straight to the back of her mind and began to read the words. The pictures were of two women together, naked and caressing, kissing and stroking each other's bodies, and the words began to describe a long bout of lovemaking between the two attractive women.

The more she read, the more Debbie got turned on, and her hand gently strayed down to her thong, stroking between her open thighs. On occasions she had thought what it would be like to be caressed and fondled by a woman. Surely it would be different and more gentle than any man, who only seemed to want to grab her tits or stick his fingers up her cunt?

This had confused her, as being with another woman was not something that had ever passed anybody's lips in their household. To her father and mother, she thought the idea would be disgusting.....but apparently not!!

Debbie tried to imagine herself in the situation she was reading and looking at in the book. Being with another woman intrigued her, but big cocks also excited her, so Debbie wondered what her sexuality really was. Forget it, she thought to herself, she was still young and learning, so just enjoy whatever happens, and by now her thong was definitely getting wetter.

Her fingers strayed inside her thong, now, and she began to enjoy her own body as she looked at the pictures and read the words. She caressed the little tufts of trimmed hair above her cunt lips, she felt the wetness of her juices on her fingers and she felt her clit become rock hard to her touch. My God, this is so good, so naughty, but Debbie didn't care, she was all alone and could do this all night if she wanted to!

She rubbed some more, her fingers slid into her body and, eventually, the book fell from her hand and her eyes gently closed. Still she rubbed, her knees now bent up, and her imagination running wild. This was good, this was great, this was sending shivers all round Debbie's body and she was not going to stop until.......until.........!!

'Hello Debbie....don't stop!' Debbie's eyes shot open and her fingers stopped moving, and she made to get up from the bed.

'No, no, Debbie. Stay there......and carry on what you were doing!' It was Debbie's Uncle Mac standing at the door to the bedroom, grinning lecherously on his face, his eyes sliding up and down that wonderful, awesome, young body.

In her excitement, Debbie had not heard him arrive, but then he knew the house well and had probably just come in the back door and made his way silently up the stairs. Her mind was reeling now, frightened of her uncle's reaction and even more frightened that he would tell her parents. That would be the end! Her father would discipline her even more than he did already, knowing that she had been abusing her own body while alone in the house.

'I'm sorry, Uncle Mac. I'm really sorry,' she tried to bluff her embarrassment. 'I didn't.......I didn't hear you come in and.......oh God.....!' Her face was red and flushed with embarrassment, not knowing what to say or what to do, and Mac just stood there grinning, still admiring the firm body. 'Please don't tell my parents,' Debbie pleaded. 'I really am sorry, but please don't tell......my father would kill.....' but she couldn't finish as Uncle Mac interrupted the frightened and nervous girl.

'It's OK, Debbie, it's OK! I won't tell mum and dad, I promise.......but I want you to carry on, just as before, you look so delicious! Just lie back again and do what you were doing......and your secret is safe with me. Go on!' His eyes were so firm on her body and his voice was so commanding. Oh my God, thought Debbie, this is so embarrassing, but what choice do I have?

Mac was her father's brother, nearly 6' tall, about 50 years old, and still fairly muscular and fit looking. As Debbie thought about it, he had always seemed to take an interest in her, getting her up to dance at weddings and family parties, even when she was younger, and Debbie remembered the time that he had taken an innocent picture of her in a beautiful pink dress one evening when she was 15, and he was always smiling and joking with her, and perhaps Debbie had enjoyed the attention. But now he was here, in her bedroom, catching her playing with herself in only a miniscule set of briefs.....oh my God, Debbie was shaking.

But Mac was married to her Aunt Mary, an attractive lady in her late 40s, and Debbie had always had great respect for Aunt Mary and her wise words, and she remembered her telling Debbie that there was no need to worry about Uncle Mac. He was a nice man, she said, and, like her, they both thought that Debbie was a really beautiful young lady and it was a pleasure to have her in the family. She also told Debbie,

'Everything comes to those that are patient, Debbie,' and Aunt Mary squeezed Debbie's hand at the time, and gave her a little peck on the cheek. Debbie always enjoyed being in Aunt Mary's company and always came out in goose pimples whenever Mary held her hand or gave her a wonderful hug, but what did she mean by 'Everything comes to those that are patient?' By now, though, Debbie had forgotten all about that!

But that was a year or two ago, and Mac was standing in her doorway now, telling her to carry on playing with herself! Debbie tried to play for time and divert attention by asking,

'Where's Aunt Mary, Uncle?' but Mac just carried on smiling and replied,

'Don't worry about your aunt, Debbie, just do as I say and carry on enjoying yourself. You really do have a beautiful body! Don't forget, I wouldn't like to tell your father, and I promise not to' and he moved slowly into the bedroom as he watched every curve on his young niece, nodding his head towards Debbie's fingers. Oh God, there's no alternative, Debbie thought, and she closed her eyes and gingerly moved her fingers down to her thong again.

For the first time ever, a man was watching her, her own uncle for God's sake, but although it was totally embarrassing, and frightening, Debbie found that by gently caressing her little thong, knowing that a much older, experienced man was watching her, the exciting thrills worming around her body seemed to increase two-fold. Could this be right? What was happening? Her inexperienced mind couldn't take in how this unbelievable scenario was unfolding before her, and she was just swept along in a sea of eroticism and youthful submission.

Oh my goodness, what a situation to be in! From having a quiet evening all by herself, she was suddenly caressing her panties in front of her uncle, dressed only in her tiny underwear. She carried on caressing herself, and the wonderful feelings were slowly returning and surging up inside her body once more.

She tried to forget about Uncle Mac no more than a few feet from her, but Debbie heard rustling and partially opened her eyes trying to take a furtive glance. Oh my God! He had taken his shirt off and, now, Uncle Mac was undoing his trousers. He was still a fit, muscular man but what in hell was going on......Debbie endured a mixture of horror and excitement at what she was suddenly having to endure.

'Take off your top, Debbie,' he told her quietly but firmly. Debbie couldn't take her hand away from her thong but, after mentally fighting her feelings and thinking that obedience was the best way forward, she used her free hand to release the catch on the bra, and slipped the knot on the halter top.....and her breasts were free. She heard Mac take in a deep breath, and felt her firm breasts suddenly judder and her nipples become like rocks in seconds. Uncle Mac was seeing her wonderful, big breasts for the first time, as well as watching Debbie play on her thong.

Through her squinting eyes, Debbie saw Mac drop his pants and......Christ.....ohhhhhh my God......her juices oozed onto her cunt lips........she saw her uncle's frightening cock! Debbie hadn't seen many cocks fully hard in her young life, and this was definitely the biggest she'd ever seen. He was thick and long and all she could do was gaze in wonderment at the big thing that Mac had between his legs, and then she stared at his eyes. Her fingers seemed to increase the pressure on her thong quite without effort!

Mac was still grinning, and had grabbed his cock, but then he spoke again.

'Put your fingers inside your thong, Debbie.' By now, Debbie was mesmerised, excited and obedient. She gradually lost fear of her parents being told anything, as Mac was an active participant in this wonderful new game, and Debbie's fingers went straight under the band of the thong and onto her clit.

'Uhhhh, ohhhh..........ummmm,' she sighed, trying to keep her sounds muffled in embarrassment, but not succeeding. She watched Mac begin to play with his cock as he stood by the side of the bed, and was fascinated and astonished at the same time. She couldn't take her eyes off this full-sized, hard penis, and her whole body started to move as her nerves tingled and her body shook with the experience. Her legs opened wider, her fingers went deeper into her cunt, and her clit became as hard as her nipples.

There was silence for a few minutes as each watched the other, both smiling and concentrating on their enjoyment, but Debbie couldn't believe how beautiful and filthy a cock could look when it was being repeatedly stroked by its owner! It stood straight up in the air and looked like a thick cucumber.

'Sit on the edge of the bed, Debs...come on, sit here...but don't stop playing.'

As he stroked his cock in front of her, Debbie was by now completely awe struck and obeyed her uncle without question. The shock of being caught had worn off and, as though in a trance, she shuffled her 18 year old body to the edge of the bed, smiled up at her uncle, and allowed him to stroke her hair and then move down to gently take one of her wonderful breasts in his big hand. His touch was so nice, playing with her flesh with experienced fingers.

His cock was no more than 3 or 4 inches away from Debbie's face and she just stared at it again in excited amazement. She had a good idea what was coming next......and she was right!

'You look so beautiful, Debbie....now, suck me, Debbie....suck my cock. There's a good girl,' and Mac's hand went to Debbie's head and eased it forward slowly until the only option she had was to open her mouth and take her uncle between her lips. She had read about this and seen a few pictures, but this was Debbie's first time......sucking a big cock.........and all of a sudden, she relished it.

She looked up into Mac's eyes as his cock slid back and forth in her mouth, and she found the experience so good, so taboo.....so adult like. Mac's hand held her head while his other hand was enjoying the mammoth breasts, the skin on her face, under her chin, and he just kept pumping gently into Debbie's mouth, enjoying the sensation of having his sexy, shapely niece for the very first time.

'Is this your first time, Debbie? Is this the first time you have sucked cock?' She nodded her head 'yes' as she continued to take Mac deeper and deeper into her mouth, and when he said, 'good girl, good girl.......you are really very good, Debbie,' she felt so powerful, so mature and grown up, even though all she could do was look up to Mac again with her warm, smiling eyes.

She could have screamed blue murder, of course, she could have run down to the kitchen and told her uncle to get out of the house, but the frightening thought of Uncle Mac telling her parents what she had been doing had kept Debbie in her room, and now she was almost naked with her uncle's cock deep in her mouth...............and Debbie was now so pleased that she had stayed to 'face the music'.....and what music!!!

The sucking was becoming more frantic, Mac was holding her head much firmer, and Debbie was sucking much deeper now, and her fingers were rubbing much harder between her legs. The thickness felt beautiful in her mouth but, suddenly, Debbie saw something move in the crack in the open door, and knew straight away what it was. She was shocked again, but Mac had hold of her head, and the feelings were too good to stop.

Debbie's heart beat faster at the next shock of the afternoon, because the movement then appeared quite clearly in the open doorway.

It was her Aunt Mary, Mac's wife! Oh my God!

But Mary was just smiling, relaxed and looked so normal, accepting what she was seeing as though it was an everyday occurrence. Mac and Mary looked at one another and it was obvious that they had entered the house together and Mary had waited while her husband had gone upstairs.

Mac carried on gently fucking Debbie's mouth, and Aunt Mary silently walked into the room, never taking her eyes from her niece's body.

'Oh, that's so beautiful, Debbie. I see your Uncle Mac has found you.....and please don't be frightened or worried......you look so gorgeous and mature...just keep going,' and Aunt Mary sat down on Debbie's bed right next to her. Another total shock for the teenager! Her aunt discovers her husband with his cock down his niece's throat, fucking her welcoming mouth, and all she can say is 'that's so beautiful!' My God!

Debbie felt the warmth of her aunt right next to her on the edge of the bed and, in the next moment, Aunt Mary put her arm round Debbie's shoulders and was gently fondling her naked breasts, cupping them, caressing the hard nipples, running her hand down to her naked stomach and onto her thong. God, Debbie's feelings were going into outer space.

Were her uncle AND her aunt both intent on taking advantage of the young woman in her own house while her parents were away? Debbie's brain was now buzzing with unanswered questions and she knew she was caught between a rock and a hard place! Did it matter...did she care? Well, what options did she have?

Certainly, the feelings going round her body were amazing, particularly Mac's lovely cock in her mouth and, now that Aunt Mary had started to caress her body in such a soft, feminine way, Debbie tried not to think of the implications of all this and just concentrated on how her own body was feeling.....and it was feeling good!

Aunt Mary slid her hand down into Debbie's thong and Debbie quickly took her own hand away, wanting her aunt to caress her in her own experienced way, and Debbie just concentrated on the thick cock in her mouth, which seemed to be going faster and faster. Mary's fingers knew just the right spots to touch and the feelings were getting hotter and hotter.

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