tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 10

College Girls Ch. 10


Kelli scored four tickets to a concert in Kansas City. Amy and I are Kelli's best friends, so of course she asked us to accompany her to the concert. We've also grown very fond of our sorority sister, Jennifer, so we gave her the fourth ticket. Jennifer's parents live in Kansas City and they offered to let us spend the night at their house after the concert. Jennifer and I had just visited her parents the previous weekend, but her parents said that we were always welcome in their house.

We drove straight from our university to the concert on Friday night. After the show, we went to Jennifer's house. Jennifer introduced everyone to her mom, dad and eighteen-year-old brother, Tommy. Kelli saw that Jennifer's dad was tall, muscular and good-looking, just like I'd described him. Kelli could also tell that Mrs. Mills had a firm, well-endowed body, with a fresh young look about her. Kelli and Amy already saw Tommy in the masturbation video, so meeting him was no surprise.

The girls and I went upstairs to get ready for bed. Soon Jennifer's mom asked us to come downstairs and visit with the family. Jennifer declined because we'd already changed into our nightclothes. However, her mom insisted, stating that nobody cared what we looked like because it was just family.

I knew what Jennifer's mom was up to because of my previous visit. She wanted to excite Mr. Mills by parading four scantly clad twenty-year-old girls in front of him. Mrs. Mills knew that it would lead to some bedroom action for the couple later in the evening. However, I'll bet she didn't expect to see how bold Kelli and Amy could be.

Jennifer and I came down the steps first. It was no surprise to see Tommy sitting on the floor with his DVD camera rolling. I wasn't nearly as embarrassed this weekend, even though Tommy still pointed the camera under the hem of my short T-shirt. Once again, he was zooming in on my skimpy white panties. I didn't care if the shadow of my neatly trimmed auburn bush was visible through the thin fabric of my panties because he'd seen it all before.

It didn't even matter to me that the material of my white cotton T-shirt was very thin and the chill of the crisp autumn air caused my nipples to poke out prominently for the camera. Jennifer's pink panties were hidden because the T-shirt Jennifer wore was a little longer than my T-shirt. My T-shirt was so short that my underwear peeked out from beneath it while I walked. When I sat on the floor, Indian style, my T-shirt rode up in my lap, almost totally exposing my underwear to Mr. Mills and Tommy.

My little undies had the guys' undivided attention until Kelli and Amy started walking down the steps. Kelli is a five-foot, four-inch blonde with large, full breasts and she is rather free-spirited about showing off her body. Kelli knew that Jennifer's dad and little brother were waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, but that didn't stop her from wearing a T-shirt that was even shorter than mine was.

At first, the length of Kelli's T-shirt attracted everybody's attention because it was so short. However, when Mr. and Mrs. Mills took a closer look, they were shocked to discover that Kelli wasn't wearing any panties under her short T-shirt! Everyone, including little Tommy, could see Kelli's shaved pussy and bare ass exhibited from beneath her short T-shirt.

Amy is a little more conservative than Kelli, but she is no stranger to exhibitionism, either. She displayed her cute little five-foot frame in a flimsy pale blue crop-top that exposed her flat tummy. The top was so short that the bottom of Amy's ample breasts peeked out from below the hem of the crop-top. Amy was also wearing pale-blue underpants that were out in the open for everyone to see, including young Tommy and his dad. Amy and Kelli tried to act embarrassed as they sat down on the couch. The girls pretended as if they didn't know that Mr. Mills and Tommy were going to be waiting for them in the family room, even though Jennifer and I knew better.

Amy looked at Jennifer's mom and said, "I'm so sorry for the way I'm dressed. I didn't realize your husband and son were going to be here. I thought we were going to visit with just you."

Kelly said, "Me, too, Mrs. Mills. If I'd known that there were going to be men present, I would have worn some panties. I hope your son and husband don't try to look under my T-shirt!"

Amy suggested that maybe they should go upstairs and put some pants on. Jennifer's mom looked at the smile on Mr. Mills' face and told the girls not to worry about it. They should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. Then Mrs. Mills smiled back at her husband. I could tell by the look on Mr. Mills' face that Mrs. Mills' strategy of using the girls to entice her husband was working very well.

Kelli sat on the couch, while Mr. Mills and Tommy sat on the floor. The guys were eye level to Kelli's knees and Kelli didn't even bother to keep her knees together. She allowed Mr. Mills and Tommy to stare at her bald beaver as much as they wanted. That gave little Tommy quite a thrill. I'm sure he'd never seen a shaved pussy before. Mr. Mills also looked quite thrilled by the view that Kelli provided.

Amy was no better than Kelli. Every time Amy leaned forward, her little shirt fell away from her breasts. From their seat on the floor, Jennifer's dad and Jennifer's little brother could look right up Amy's crop-top at her bra-less breasts. They could easily see Amy's pretty pink nipples and Amy acted oblivious to their gawking.

Kelli even pushed the envelope a little further. She acted as if the pillow behind her was uncomfortable. Kelli stood up, turned around and bent forward to pick up the pillow without bending her knees. The hem of her super short T-shirt rode up in back and from their sitting position on the floor, Mr. Mills and Tommy could see right up her shirt.

Kelli flaunted her bare ass in front of the guys as she took her time rearranging the position of the pillow. When she leaned forward to reposition the pillow, the guys could even see Kelli's bald beaver from behind, as the guys were only a few feet away from her. She was teasing the hell out of Tommy, but Mr. Mills looked like he appreciated the show just as much. Finally, Kelli sat back down on the couch as if she wasn't aware that anything had happened.

It didn't take long for Jennifer's parents to declare that they needed to go to bed. The bulge in Mr. Mills' pants made it obvious that sleep was the last thing on his mind as the couple disappeared into their bedroom. Jennifer and I climbed into bed, but after a while, we noticed that Kelli and Amy were not around. Jennifer and I assumed that the girls were corrupting Jennifer's little brother, so we went into his bedroom.

Tommy was showing Kelli and Amy a video. Kelli was sitting on the bed with the hem of her short T-shirt riding up high enough to expose her shaved pussy to Tommy. Amy was standing next to Tommy in her little crop-top and panties. From Tommy's sitting position, he could see right up Amy's shirt at her bra-less breasts. The video on Tommy's computer screen must have been very important to him because he kept his composure, even though Kelli and Amy were flaunting their beautiful bodies right in front of him.

I met four teenaged boys the previous weekend. Tommy and one of his friends were handsome, athletic-built boys. However, of the other two boys, one was short and fat, and the other was slightly less that attractive. The two less fortunate looking boys worked up the nerve to ask a couple of cheerleaders out on a date. Without the boys' knowledge, Tommy hid nearby and recorded the event with his video camera.

The two boys conducted themselves very gentlemanly, and spoke with a great deal of sincerity when they asked the girls out on a date. Unfortunately, the cheerleaders' reaction to the boys' request was rather disingenuous. The girls responded by pulling down the boys' sweatpants and underwear right in front of the rest of the cheerleading squad! The mean girls made comments of how the boys suffered from a case of the small-cocks. Then the girls said that this should teach the boys a lesson about trying to date girls that were out of their league. All of the girls were laughing at the two boys, as they struggled to pull their pants up and quickly walk away.

The two boys were humiliated. Kelli and Amy said that someone needed to teach those cheerleaders a lesson! Tommy asked what he could do to get revenge on his friends' behalf without anyone knowing that he was involved. Kelli asked when the girls would be cheering again and Tommy said that there was a wrestling match the next day.

Kelli winked at Amy and then said to Tommy, "Leave it to us! These girls need to learn what it feels like to have their bodies exposed to everyone. They need to feel the same humiliation that your friends felt."

Tommy said, "If it involves the whole squad, that'd be great, but I especially want Becky and Madison to bite the dust! Those are the two girls that my friends tried to ask out."

Saturday morning, Kelli and Amy took off with Jennifer's car and Tommy's DVD camera. I was dying to know what they were up to, but I was sure that I'd find out soon enough. Later that afternoon, Kelli and Amy returned to Jennifer's house where Jennifer, Tommy and I were waiting. Tommy's three friends also attended the get-together.

Kelli announced that they'd attended the wrestling match at the boys' high school. She said that they took the video camera and got some interesting footage of the cheerleaders. Jennifer's parents weren't home and wouldn't be back until later that evening, so we all went into the family room to watch the DVD on the big-screen TV.

The video started out with the cheerleaders providing a few panty shots as they performed their cheers. Kelli found out who Becky and Madison were by asking some other students in the bleachers. They zeroed in on Becky and Madison during the match, but I must admit, I didn't really see anything on the video that would degrade the girls.

The fat kid was disappointed and said that the video didn't show very much. He complained that the video didn't show anything that would humiliate the cheerleaders on the level that he'd endured. Kelli told him to keep watching and he'd see plenty. Soon the match was over and the eight cheerleaders headed for the girls' locker room. Amy had the DVD camera hidden in a gym bag and she filmed Kelli following the girls into the locker room. Kelli and Amy wore sweatshirts and sweatpants, as if they'd just finished working out.

Kelli said, "Excuse me. My friend and I just finished running around the track. Would you mind if we used your showers?"

Since Kelly and Amy were so young and attractive, the cheerleaders thought nothing of it and said, "Sure. Help yourselves."

The boys instantly became excited because the hidden camera was facing the benches where the cheerleaders were disrobing. A cute blonde unzipped her short red and white skirt, and it fell to the floor. The boys identified her as Tammy. She took off her sweater, leaving her in her red trunks, but they looked like underwear to the boys.

Tammy was also wearing a matching red sports bra. Soon she pulled her sports bra up over her tiny titties. Her little pink nipples poked out like pencil erasers. The boys snickered at how small her breasts were, but they still enjoyed the view because at their age, all bare chests are attractive.

Tammy was about five-foot-seven. She was a brunette, with short hair and a muscular body. As she dropped her sports bra to the floor, she looked down at her trunks and began to dip her thumbs inside the waistband. The boys' hearts skipped a beat when they saw that she was about to take her trunks off. Tammy pushed her trunks to the floor, leaving her completely nude and standing right in front of the camera. The boys were admiring Tammy's hard nipples and hairy triangle as she stood there, waiting for her friends to get undressed.

From the camera's vantage point, the boys were able to see four other girls. Luckily, two of them were Becky and Madison. Madison was a short blonde and Becky was a brunette of medium height. Amber and Kat were also taking their clothes off in front of the camera. Amber was a voluptuous redhead and Kat was a little Japanese girl. Madison and Becky were facing the camera, while Amber and Kat had their backs to it.

The boys couldn't believe what they were seeing. Snaps were popping and uniforms were dropping. Madison and Becky were lifting their sports bras over their heads. The boys could plainly see Madison's cute little nipples, while Becky's ample breasts wobbled as she pushed her trunks to the floor. The camera was at the perfect angle to record Becky's dark pussy hair, and when Madison removed her trunks, the boys could plainly see her little patch of blonde fur.

Tommy's good-looking friend said, "This is great! Every guy in school is going to see what these girls look like naked. These girls are going to learn the meaning of the word humiliation!"

Amber and Kat's beautiful naked butts were visible, but Amber was still wearing her bra. She turned around to talk to Kat and the boys could see that Amber was not wearing a sports bra. Amber was wearing a lacy push-up bra. Amber slowly unclasped the bra from the front and then removed it, exposing a perfect set of titties. Her fire-red bush was also out in the open, right in front of the camera.

As the naked cheerleaders walked towards the showers, Amy turned the camera to follow them. Amy positioned the camera to catch all of the shower room activities. Suddenly Kelli and Amy stepped in front of the camera and they were both nude! Kelli and Amy were flaunting their bare bodies in front of the camera before turning and heading towards the showers. The boys stared at Kelli and Amy's bare butts on the big screen, and then the boys looked over at the girls in person. They couldn't believe the naked girls on the screen were actually sitting right next to them. Kelli had that smile as if she was soaking up the attention.

I glared at Kelli and she said, "What are you looking at, Mindy? We had to shower with those girls. If we'd just sat there, those girls would've gotten suspicious."

I thought to myself, "Sure Kelli. The truth is that you always have to be the center of attention."

Tammy turned and bent over to feel the water temperature. With her legs straight, her bare ass was right there for the boys to admire. She paused for quite a while. The boys agreed that Tammy's beautiful butt was her best feature, so they were happy to get a nice long look at it.

The other four naked girls finally entered the showers. As the girls began to lather up, the boys began to get restless. When they saw Becky work her soapy hands over her breasts, then move down between her legs, they almost lost control. I looked around and noticed that every boy had a hand moving around inside of his pants pocket and I was pretty sure that the boys weren't looking for their car keys!

The girls were running their hands all over their bare bodies. Amber was sliding her hands around on her butt cheeks, while Madison made sure that her snatch was nice and clean. When Kat dropped the soap and bent over to pick it up, Amber playfully slid her soapy fingers up and down the crack of Kat's ass.

Tommy turned to the fat kid and said, "Oh man, lesbianism! When this video gets out, you'll really have your revenge!"

Out of nowhere, two other girls moved right in front of the camera. They weren't cheerleaders, so they must have just finished working out or participating in some other school activity. Tommy said that their names were Traci and Monica. They were both beautiful girls, about five-foot eight with medium brown hair. They were aspiring models and spoiled brats. Their parents were wealthy and gave the girls everything they wanted. Tommy had asked Traci out once, but Traci blew him off. Traci said that she only dated college guys because high school boys were too immature for her.

Tommy said, "This is such a bonus. Every guy wants these girls, including me, but no one can ever get close to them. Traci and Monica dump on any high school boy that asks them out. Now it looked like everyone would be dumping on them!"

Traci and Monica had already showered. They were standing there and talking to each other while they dried off. When they were finished drying off, they dropped their towels, but continued to stand there and talk. Traci was facing the camera and Monica had her back to it. They were very attractive girls, but they were blocking the view of the shower room, although the boys didn't seem to mind.

Monica's firm young buns were only a few feet away from the camera. Traci was also nearby. Traci's perky breasts and medium brown pussy hair was completely uncovered. The boys studied every inch of Monica's naked butt, then turned their attention to Traci's beautiful bush. After Monica and Traci moved away from the camera, the boys could see Amber and Kat exiting the showers. Their bare breasts bounced a little as the young girls moved across the big TV screen.

Becky, Madison, Kelli and Amy remained in the showers. The boys had a good view of Becky's nice firm butt as she bent down to pick up the soap. She stood up and turned around. As the water splashed down on Becky's full breasts, the boys were able to check out the dark hairy triangle between Becky's legs.

All of the girls started washing their hair. Their hands were up high, massaging the shampoo into their hair. The boys were amazed at the view they had of the girls. The girls' bodies were magnificent! As the girls rubbed their heads with their hands up high, their breasts jiggled back and forth. The boys watched as the suds trickled down over the girls' breasts. Then the suds ran between the girls' thighs and down their legs.

Kelli and Amy were really getting into it. Kelli first massaged her big boobs, and then she teased and pulled on her nipples for the camera. Both Kelli and Amy made sure that they thoroughly washed their pussies. The girls leaned back and spread their pussy lips wide for the camera. Then Kelli and Amy turned around to repeated the process on their firm young butts. They bent over and spread their butt cracks wide, and then they slowly ran their soapy fingers up and down the sensitive area.

The fat kid looked at Amy and said, "Thank you" as he moved his hand around furiously in his pocket.

Amy blushed and just smiled back at the boy.

I thought to myself, "Kelli and Amy knew that Tommy and his friends were going to see this video. They also knew that many other high school boys were going to view it, as well, so how could they be such exhibitionists? I guess the girls figured that they didn't know anyone that would watch the film. Besides, it was probably a turn on to think that a lot of young boys would be getting off while looking at their naked bodies. It was obviously getting the fat kid excited."

After rinsing her hair, Madison ran her soapy hands all over her body. She turned around and bent over to wash her feet with her smooth firm ass pointed right at the camera. Next, she stood up and slowly worked her soapy hands up and down her butt cheeks before turning around and starting on her breasts.

As Madison massaged one nipple between her fingers, her other fingers were between her legs. Was she washing herself or masturbating? The boys got their answer quickly as Madison started to moan. Madison closed her eyes while working her fingers in and out of her young pussy. She moved her fingers faster and faster as Amy just stood next to Madison and watched.

Suddenly, Madison started screaming, "Yes! Yes! Oh yes," as she erupted with a powerful orgasm.

As Madison screamed, Kat raced over and looked into the showers. Kat was still in her underwear and her panty-clad butt was right in front of the camera.

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