tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 11

College Girls Ch. 11


College Girls - Part 11 (Final Exam)

Math was always my weakest subject and it was time for my final exam in Calculus. My teacher, Professor Blackburn, was a sweet man in his mid-forties. His wife had just left him, so he was feeling a little lonely. I decided to pay him a visit at his office in the Math and Science Building. I thought that maybe I could raise his spirits and raise my grade in the process. My friend Kelli once seduced another one of my teachers and I ended up with the best grade in the class. I figured that if I wore a revealing outfit, history might repeat itself.

I chose a very short light-blue mini-skirt made of sweatpants material. The skirt had an elastic waistband and it had our college logo across the butt. I had to position the waistband all the way down to where my neatly trimmed auburn pussy hair started. Otherwise, my skimpy white panties would hang out from under the hem of the short skirt. The waistband was so low that the top of my butt-crack was actually hanging out in back.

I also wore a white cotton blouse with light blue pinstripes. It was a sleeveless top and my braless nipples were visible under the thin fabric. I only buttoned one button right below my breasts, and then tied the bottom of the blouse in a knot. Even though my breasts are only medium sized, they were full enough show an ample amount of cleavage. With my blouse tied up so high and the waistband of my skirt positioned down so low, I was showing my bellybutton and a great deal of my flat tummy. Professor Blackburn seemed to enjoy the view as he locked his office door and took a seat behind his desk.

He said, “You’re Mindy Sparks and you’re in my afternoon calculus class, right?”

I said, “Yes, that’s right.”

He asked, “Well Miss Sparks, what can I do for you” as he gazed at my revealing attire.

I replied, “I need to do well on the final exam next week or I won’t pass your class. I was wondering if you could give me some assistance.”

He took a good look at my short skirt and said, “I believe we can work something out. I have a study guide here that you could review and then you could let me know if you have any questions before the test begins.”

I said, “Okay, I’ll take the study guide and leave.”

There were so many open buttons on my blouse that when I leaned over in front of him to pick up the study guide, my top fell away from my breasts. The professor could see down my blouse and he caught a glimpse of my rosy round nipples inside of the gaping material.

He looked at my breasts and said, “You know what, I have a copy of the exam right here. You could take the exam right now in my office and I could help you if you have any questions.”

I said, “That would be great!”

As I bent over to pick up the exam, my teacher tried to look down my blouse again. I made eye contact with him and then held the exam in front of my breasts. He started to blush because he knew that he’d been caught.

I didn’t want him to feel uneasy, so I said, “I’m sorry for the way I’m dressed. I just threw these clothes on because I thought I’d just be hanging out at the sorority house. I didn’t know I’d be hanging out here.”

He chuckled and said, “You can hang out all you want.”

I said shyly, “I guess its hard not to hang out in this skimpy outfit.”

He quickly said, “Don’t worry, you couldn’t possibly be threatened by an old man like me.”

Then I told him that even though I’m only twenty-years-old, I find comfort in the company of mature men. Older men make me feel appreciated, whereas younger guys make me feel used. This is especially true after being jerked around all year by college boys.

My teacher started feeling relaxed and asked, “It can’t be that bad. How could a cute girl like you get jerked around by some simple minded college boys?”

I replied, “Maybe because of too much alcohol or because I’m a little naïve, but somehow I always end up naked in a room full of boys. Oh, you don’t want me to bore you with my stories.”

He perked up and said, “Oh please do! Err, I mean why don’t you pull up a chair and tell me about it. You might feel better if you get it off your chest.

I said, “You mean you might feel better if I talk about my chest!”

We both laughed as I looked around the room for something to sit on. I saw a stool across the room, so I walked up to it and, with my back to my teacher, I bent over to pick the stool up. I could feel the bottom of my little white panties hanging out from below the short skirt because I didn’t bend my knees. When I stood up, the waistband of the skirt slid down a little further on my hips. There were now a few strands of pubic hair hanging out over the waistband and more of my butt-crack was showing in back. I pretended not to notice, but the professor sure took a good look at me as I placed the stool beside his desk. I sat down on the backless stool and watched his eyes get big as I slowly crossed my legs. He got a good look at my white bikini underwear in the process.

I said, “So you want a story about how these college boys mistreated me. Well, for example, I went to a guy’s dorm room to study. He was attractive and eventually seduced me right out of my clothes. No sooner did I have my clothes off when the door burst open and his beer-drinking buddies barged in. I was sitting there, stark naked, as the boys feasted their eyes on my exposed flesh.”

My teacher asked, “You didn’t have any clothes on at all?’

I said, “Nothing at all! My titties and pussy were out there for everyone to see…Oh, I guess I shouldn’t talk like that.”

He said in an excited voice, “No, please do…I mean you have to tell the story. So why did you take your clothes off?”

I replied, “I don’t know. I guess I wanted to show him that I appreciated his help with my homework.”

My teacher looked down at the exam that he was about to help me with, and then he looked up at me and grinned. I looked down at my outfit and blushed because I started to think that I was going to have to remove my clothes to pass the exam.

My teacher broke the short silence and asked, “Didn’t the guy you were with try save you?”

I replied, “No. Instead of coming to my defense, my study-buddy, who was still fully dressed, humiliated me by parading me around the room in the nude like a trophy. My firm breasts, smooth ass and hairy triangle were all on display for the boys to look at. I felt betrayed, as if the whole thing was pre-arranged. Soon the guys were touching, groping and probing my bare body.”

The professor looked concerned and said, “That’s awful. Did they…you know...have their way with you?”

I said, “No. Somehow, I managed to run out of the room. I didn’t stop running until I made it back to the sorority house.”

He asked, “You mean you were naked when you ran down the street?”

I blushed and said, “Yes. Luckily it was dark out, but I’m sure a lot of people got an eyeful.”

Professor Blackburn asked, “So is that the only time a guy showed you off to his friends?”

I asked, “You mean naked?”

He said, “Err…um, yes.”

Professor Blackburn was beginning to squirm around in his chair. My stories seemed to be getting him hot, so I decided to throw a little fuel on the fire. I uncrossed my legs and spread them apart just a little. My teacher tried not to look obvious, but he was sneaking peeks up my short skirt at my panty-covered pussy. I felt like I was doing well on the exam and I hadn’t even started it yet! I wanted to insure that I would get a good grade, so I spread my legs just a little further and began telling another story.

I said, “So, you want to hear another naked-in-public story? Well, another time I had a similar experience to my study session fiasco. I was dating a cute guy that I trusted and he took me back to his fraternity house, which had a hot tub. I thought it would just be the two of us, so I emerged from the dressing room in my most daring bikini. The string bikini top consisted of two tiny pink triangles that barely contained my firm breasts. Tied behind my neck and back were two thin strings that held the tiny triangles in place.”

I ran my fingers over my breasts to show how much, or how little the bikini top covered and my professor seemed to enjoy the visual aids. I leaned forward in front of my teacher and pushed my breasts together.

I continued, “My breasts are only medium sized, but they’re firm and full. See, I do have quite a bit of cleavage.

He said, “Yes, I see.”

I said, “I guess with my five-foot-one-inch petite body, my breasts don't have to be very big to look good.”

He said, “That’s right, and I’ll bet they looked good that night.”

I said, “My boobies looked really good, considering they were barely concealed by the tiny top.”

My professor looked very interested and asked, “Were the bottoms of the bikini just as revealing?”

I answered, “Oh yes, they didn’t hide much at all. The bottom of the bikini had a pink triangle that matched the top. It was a thong with a thin string that disappeared inside of my butt-crack. The string formed a Y in back and I connected the string to the triangle in front by tying two bows on my hips.”

He asked, “And you were alone with your date?”

I replied, “For the moment. We were drinking wine and having a romantic evening when four of his frat brothers joined us in the six-man hot tub. I was now a little embarrassed by my skimpy attire, but my date was proud of the fact that he was able to lure me into the tub. The drunken guys tried to untie my suit, but my date stopped them.”

My teacher said, “Well, at least he protected you.”

I explained, “Not for long. He said that he had to go to the bathroom and got out of the hot tub, leaving me at the mercy of those immature jerks. One guy got out of the tub and untied the string around my neck. I was so embarrassed because the tiny triangles slipped down in front of me, exposing my puffy pink nipples to the guys. I turned around and tried to cover my breasts, but another guy untied the string behind my back and the top fell into the water. It was quickly whisked away and my breasts were now out in the open for everyone to see.”

Professor Blackburn said, “Well, since you weren’t facing the boys, they couldn’t see anything, right?”

I said, “Wrong. With my back to the boys and the thin string of the bikini wedged in my butt-crack, it looked like I wasn’t wearing any bottoms at all. To the guys, I looked bare-assed naked! I pulled myself out of the hot tub and sat on the side with my feet dangling in the water. As I climbed out, the force of the water pushed the front of my tiny suit down. Even though my auburn bush was neatly trimmed, a little bit of pussy hair was hanging out above the small triangle of pink material in front of me.”

My teacher stuttered as he asked, “If you don’t mind me asking…I mean so that I can follow the story…how low was your swimming suit?”

He just expected me to point to my skirt to show him how low the swimming suit was, but I pushed the waistband of the skirt down a little lower for a real visual effect. Unfortunately, my skimpy white bikini panties were hanging out above the waistband of my skirt and blocking his view of my pussy hair.

I said, “Well if I wasn’t wearing panties, I’d really be able to show you what the boys saw.”

Professor Blackburn rubbed his hands together, took a deep breath and said, “I guess you don’t want to push your panties down so that I can really understand what’s going on in the story.”

I blushed and said, “I don’t know Professor Blackburn. Are you really trying to follow the story or do you just want to get a look at my pussy hair?”

He replied, “Oh Mindy, I assure you that I’m just trying to follow the story. Now if you could just push your panties down a little bit, I’d know what the boys saw.”

I said, “Professor, I shouldn’t tease you like this, but to really understand what’s going on in the story, I’ll need to take my panties all the way off. Is that okay with you?”

He replied, “Certainly!”

I started to reach under my skirt, then I stopped and asked, “Are you really sure? I don’t want to give you a bad impression of me. I’m only doing it so that I can tell the story.”

My teacher said, “I totally understand. This is completely innocent and I won’t think anything bad of you at all.”

I blushed again and shyly said, “Well, okay then. I’ll take them off.”

My professor’s mouth dropped open as I reached up under my skirt and slowly pulled my panties down my legs. I turned around and dropped them on the floor. My skirt had worked its way down far enough that a few inches of my butt-crack was showing above the waistband. Then I turned around and pointed to the front of my skirt, which was now down so low that about a third of my auburn pussy hair was hanging out.

I said, “See, that’s how much of my pussy was showing.”

He took a long look and then asked, “Didn’t you pull your suit up?”

I sat down on the stool and said, “My hands were covering my bare breasts, so I couldn’t reach down to pull up the little piece of fabric between my legs. I had to just sit there and let my pussy hair hang out, just like I’m doing right now.”

My teacher focused his eyes on the soft tufts of my auburn pussy hair as he asked, “Then what happened?”

I said, “A couple of the boys climbed out of the tub and sat on each side of me. As the boys observed the pussy hair hanging out of my bikini bottoms, they began to develop bulges in their swimming suits. I felt abandoned by my date and mortified by the fact that I was practically naked in front of a group of boys. However, I was also a little turned-on with the idea that the boys were getting excited from looking at me.”

My teacher asked, “So you wanted them to pull your swimming suit off.”

I replied, “Absolutely not. I got really nervous when each of the boys sitting next to me suddenly grabbed onto the strings that help my bikini bottoms on. They slowly began to pull on them. As an instinct, I let go of my breasts and tried to put my hands over the bows of string on my hips. There was a chill in the spring air, causing my pretty pink nipples to become firm and erect. I was totally embarrassed because my hands no longer covered my breasts and my nipples poked out in plain view of everyone.”

He asked, “Then what did you do?”

I said, “Even with my hands on the bows, the boys were still pulling on the strings. I knew that I’d better do something quick because I was about to loose the bottoms of my bikini, so I stood up. I thought that I could get away from the boys, but as I rose up onto the deck, the boys hung onto the strings and they untied the bottoms of my bikini. The little pink suit fell off, leaving me standing there in the nude. The boys grabbed my suit and dove into the water, leaving me standing above them with nothing to hide my nakedness from their view.”

My teacher said, “So you ran into the dressing room.”

I said, “No. I was mad. I just stood on the deck with my hands on my hips and demanded that the boys return my suit.”

My teacher moved around in his chair as if he needed to adjust himself as he asked, “Standing there like that, I guess the boys could see you naked.”

I said, “Yes. My firm breasts and auburn bush were completely exposed. In fact, with me standing up on the deck and the boys down in the water, I bet they even looked up between my legs and saw my pussy lips.”

My teacher took a deep breath as he tried to imagine the image that I’d just described and then he asked, “Didn’t you try to hide from the boys?”

I replied, “No. I was so mad that I made no attempt to cover up my nudity. I guess I should have run into the changing room, but I continued to stand there. Subconsciously, I guess I liked teasing the boys and I enjoyed the attention that I was receiving. I stood there with my naked body in full view of the boys and demanded that they return my suit. However, they just held it up and said that if I wanted it, I would have to jump into the hot tub and get it. I wasn’t about to get close enough for them to touch me, so I continued to stand there in the nude. Finally, I decided that the boys had seen enough of my titties and pussy, so I headed towards the dressing room, although I walked slowly to give them a good look at my firm bare ass.”

He asked, “Did your date ever show up?”

I replied, “He finally showed up after I was already dressed, but I just returned to the sorority house with no intention of ever dating him again.

Professor Blackburn said, “I guess you never went back to that fraternity house again.”

I said, “Actually, I was exposed again at the same frat house a few weeks later.”

He laughed and asked, “How did that happen?”

I replied, “My sorority sisters and I put on our shortest skirts and attended a party at the frat house. After drinking a little too much, we wanted to dance, but the boys were watching a basketball game on TV. We decided to bet on the game and the guys lost. The boys had to put our panties over their beer bottles and drink their beer as it filtered through our dirty underwear. One by one, the girls reached under their short skirts, slid their panties down their legs and handed them to the boys.”

I picked up my panties from the floor, handed them to my professor and asked, “Could you imagine drinking beer through these?”

He held my skimpy undies up to his nose, ran them over his lips and said, “I’d drink a beer through your panties anytime!”

I blushed and said, “You’re sweet, but there’s more to the story. Some of the girls decided to rub their snatches through their panties and then pull the fabric up into their butt-cracks before taking them off. They wanted to get their underwear as juicy as possible before handing them to the boys. Then, before removing her panties, one bold girl stood up and started to pee, right in front of everyone. The boys cheered as the pee ran down her legs, forming a puddle on the floor beneath her. When she was finished peeing, she took off her panties and handed them to some poor guy who drank his beer through those wet undies as if it was a treat.”

The professor said, “So you won the bet.”

I said, “No, I think the girls and I were the real losers because we had to spend the rest of the evening at the frat party wearing our shortest skirts with no panties on underneath them. When we bent over to get a beer out of the cooler, our short skirts would ride up in back, exposing our bare butts to the boys.

Professor Blackburn said, “Exactly how did you girls bend over to expose yourselves to the boys?”

I asked, “You want me to bend over? Here? Now?”

He replied, “Well, I’m just asking so that I can follow the story.”

I said, “But I don’t have any panties on. You’ll be able to see my bare butt!”

He said, “You’re right. That wasn’t very nice of me.”

Professor Blackburn looked upset, so I said, “Don’t feel bad. If you need me to demonstrate so that you can follow the story, then that’s what I’ll do.”

The professor smiled as I got off the stool and bent over in front of him. My little skirt rode up in back, exposing the bottom half of my bare butt-cheeks.

I asked, “Can you see my butt-cheeks?”

He replied, “Um yes…yes I can.”

As I remained bent over, I continued, “Well then, you can just imagine how embarrassed I was when a room full of boys were looking at me in this position. As you can see, a short skirt doesn’t hide much when you bend over, especially when you’re not wearing any panties. Those boys were able to see my bare ass just as easily as you can see it right now. Also, sitting down comfortably without giving the guys a beaver shot was a real chore, too.”

My teacher asked, “A beaver shot? What’s that?’

I replied, “That’s when you sit down and the guys can see between your legs.”

I sat down on the stool and slowly began to cross my legs. I stopped with my right leg in the air and my left leg on the ground. My teacher was looking right up my short skirt at my reddish-brown bush!

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