tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 15

College Girls Ch. 15


I’m a twenty-year-old college sorority girl who used to have an eighteen-year-old girlfriend named Lizzie. Lizzie and I worked together at a coffee shop in the mall where we had a lot of fun teasing and flashing the customers. However, things got a little out of hand and Lizzie ended up paraded through the mall in the nude. When Lizzie’s parents learned of our escapades, Lizzie was banned from the mall and she was forbidden to go out with me ever again. Even though Lizzie and I no longer see each other, she is now very popular with the boys and I am happy for her.

Working at the coffee shop hasn’t been the same without Lizzie. My boss, Traci, was concerned about me, so we took a break from work. We left the coffee shop in the capable hands of our coworkers and drove to a public park near the mall. There was a playground that was deserted, except for a crew of several men working on the street in front of the park. Traci and I took a seat on the swings so that we could talk.

Traci said, “I understand that you miss Lizzie, but since men give you so much attention, you should just enjoy yourself until you get over her.”

I thought about it and said, “I guess I do get a lot of attention from men. They’re always telling me that I’m cute and they seem to like my reddish-brown hair. And even though I wear a bra at work, when I bend over to give men their coffee, they never hesitate to peek down the top of my uniform.”

Traci said, “I guess they like your tits!”

I said, “Well, I may not have the biggest tits in the mall, but they’re real and they’re full enough to offer an ample amount of cleavage.”

Traci added, “Your boobs do look pretty big compared to that little five-foot body of yours.”

I said, “Actually I’m five-foot-one.”

Traci continued, “And you’ve got a nice ass, too.”

I said, “I have noticed that guys seem fascinated with my butt. They’re always trying to get a glimpse of my little underpants when I bend over in this super short waitress dress you gave me.”

Traci said, “So you like teasing men.”

I said, “Yes, of course. It turns me on having men admire my body. I especially love flashing and teasing men until they have a raging boner in their pants. Then I send them away with a bad case of blue-balls, but you know what I’m talking about.”

Traci asked, “What do you mean?”

I replied, “Come on Traci. You have those nice big boobs and you always leave your uniform unbuttoned low in front. That way you can show off your cleavage to the customers, not to mention those pretty pink nipples.”

Traci said, “Pretty pink nipples? You know I always wear underwear.”

I said, “Maybe so, but your bras and panties are made of such a thin fabric that your underwear appears to be non-existent. Your bras offer no support for those big boobs of yours, so you bounce around the shop like you’re braless. And, the men can see your nipples right through those flimsy bras.”

Traci giggled and said, “I guess I never gave it much thought.”

I said, “Never gave it much thought? You can see right through your panties, too. You know damn well almost all of our customers are men and they’re always trying to get a look at your little undies. I realize you have a beautiful bush, but that doesn’t mean you have to show your pussy hair to everyone. Heck, those workmen over there are trying to look between your legs right now!”

There were several men in their thirties and forties performing road repairs right in front of us. The men were constantly looking over at Traci and I as we went back and forth on the swings. We were still wearing our little white waitress dresses that buttoned all the way down the front. The tops of our dresses were unbuttoned dangerously low, so we were showing plenty of cleavage to the men.

While Traci and I were talking, we really didn’t pay much attention to our dresses. However, the workmen couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off us. I quickly realized why the men were looking at us. The dresses we were wearing were extremely short, so when we went back and forth on the swings, our dresses would fly up and expose our skimpy little panties to the workmen. Both Traci and I had left the bottom button on our dresses open, which made it even easier for the workmen to see our panty covered pussies!

I said, “Traci, when our dresses fly up, those men can see our panties!”

Traci said, “No wonder they’re looking at us.”

Traci could see that the men were watching her, but she doesn’t need to flash a guy to get his attention. She is stunning even when she’s not showing off her body. Traci is twenty-five years old and stands about five-foot-five with long dark hair and big firm boobs. She has a beautiful face and a killer body, but at that moment, the men were only interested in her panties. Since the transparent material of Traci’s skimpy panties did very little to hide Traci’s dark pussy hair, it was only natural that the men would try to get a glimpse between her legs.

I tried holding my dress down to hide my panties from the men’s prying eyes, but Traci just let her dress blow in the wind. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that after what had happened to Lizzie, I felt a little shy about flashing my panties to the men. Traci told me that when you fall off a horse, you have to get right back on. I didn’t know what that had to do with putting my underwear on display for strangers, but Traci was about to show me.

A group of guys in the park came over near us and started playing catch with a football. Traci was in a playful mood so she led me over to some horses on springs that bounced up and down. Our boobs bounced as we sprung up and down on the horses. Traci’s bra was so flimsy that she looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra at all. With all those open buttons, the guys were hoping that she’d pop right out of her dress. Traci’s dress was open enough on top to give the men a partial view of her bra, but she never actually fell out of her dress.

After a while, Traci said, “Let’s go climb on the jungle gym.”

I said, “We bounced around on those little horses so much that everyone in the park is looking at us. I’m not going to climb up there in this short dress. They’ll be able to see my underpants! I’m just not in the mood.”

Traci said, “Come on, it’ll be fun. All you have to do is hang from your hands and climb across to the other side.”

I asked, “Do I have to?”

Traci replied, “Just do it once, for me.”

I didn’t want to do it, but I gave in and climbed up on the apparatus. As I hung from my hands and climbed across the bars, Traci stood on the ground below me. It felt like my short dress barely covered my skimpy panties as I moved across the equipment. I was getting a little nervous because everyone’s eyes were upon me.

I asked, “Traci, everyone is looking at me. Are my panties showing?”

Traci replied, “No…well just a little in front because the bottom button on your dress is open.”

I said, “Oh that’s just great. The men can see my little underpants. Well, at least they’re not transparent like yours are.”

Traci noticed that the workmen had taken a break and they were standing around watching us. She also saw that the guys playing football were watching us, too. Traci decided to have some fun at my expense, so she lifted up my dress.

I shouted, “Traci, what are you doing?”

Traci replied, “I wanted to see if you were wearing transparent panties.”

I screamed, “I told you they weren’t see-through, now let go of my dress. Those men are looking at me.”

Traci said okay, but then she slipped her fingers inside of my panties.

I shouted, “Now what are you doing?”

Traci said, “I wanted to prove to you that you are wearing transparent panties.”

Traci began to slowly pull my little undies down my legs. From my hanging position, I was powerless to stop her.

I said, “No Traci, please don’t pull my panties down. All of the guys are looking at me.”

Traci didn’t stop, she just slid my little undies all the way off. I was totally humiliated because I was hanging there in an extremely short dress and everyone knew that I didn’t have anything on underneath it. I felt so helpless and vulnerable, and then Traci lifted my dress again.

Traci said, “Gee, it looks like you’re wearing transparent panties now!”

I said, “The way you’re holding my dress up, it looks like I’m wearing transparent panties to everyone. Now let go of my dress!”

Traci let go of my dress and started to run away. Without thinking, I jumped down from the jungle gym and when I did, my short dress flew up past my waist, exposing my bare ass and hairy triangle to all of the men around me. I began chasing Traci, but when I saw how her dress kept flying up and revealing her panties to the crowd, I realized that my dress was flying up, too. I wasn’t wearing any underpants, so I was accidentally flashing my neatly trimmed auburn bush and bare butt cheeks to all of the men in the park.

I quit chasing Traci when she started climbing up the tall ladder on the slide. The guys playing football threw the ball so that they could get closer to us. When Traci was halfway up the ladder, the football bounced right below her and a guy bent over to get it. He looked up and had a birds-eye-view of Traci’s see-through panties. Beneath the transparent material, Traci’s butt crack was completely visible to the guy. He took his time retrieving the ball and Traci gave him a nice long look at her nearly naked ass.

Traci tied my panties to the top of the ladder and yelled, “If you want your underpants, you’re gonna have to climb up and get them!”

I was embarrassed because everyone knew that I wasn’t wearing any panties and I’d have to climb up the ladder in my short little dress. However, right now all of the guys’ attention was directed at Traci as she went down the slide. As she flew down, she threw her arms up in the air so there was nothing holding her dress down. The wind blew her dress up past her waist, treating the men to an unobstructed view of her transparent little underpants. Traci was flaunting her beautiful brunette bush as much as her see-through panties would allow and the men moved to the front of the slide to get the best possible view of Traci’s dark pussy hair.

The men were thrilled when Traci announced, “That was fun. I think I’ll do it again!”

One of the guys said, “I think I’ll go down the slide, too.”

As Traci climbed the ladder, the guy was on the ladder right below her. He was looking up her short dress at her skimpy panties. The guy was so close to Traci that I’ll bet he not only saw Traci’s butt crack, he probably also saw her pussy lips through her panties as she lifted her leg to climb up to the next rung on the ladder.

Again Traci threw her arms up as she flew down the slide, so there was nothing holding her dress down. The men saw Traci’s little underpants one more time as the wind blew her dress up past her waist. The dark triangle of hair between Traci’s legs was once again on display to the men and they enjoyed the view.

When Traci got to the bottom of the slide, she reached up under her dress behind her. Apparently, when she went down the slide, her panties got wedged in her butt crack and she was reaching up behind her to pull them out. Traci lifted her dress and inserted a finger into the leg hole of her little underpants. All of the men were watching as she slowly pulled the panties out of her butt crack. After giving the men a nice long look at her barely covered butt, Traci repositioned her dress and then walked over to where I was standing.

Traci said, “We have to get back to work, so go up and get your panties.”

I said, “I can’t go up there. All these guys are standing around and they’ll be able to see right up my dress.”

Traci said, “So what! When has showing off your butt ever been a problem before?”

I said, “I don’t know. I really feel self-conscious today.”

Traci said, “Well get up there now or we’re leaving without them!”

I should have left my panties up there, but instead I gave in and began to climb the ladder. With each step, I could feel my legs spreading apart and I was really nervous because I knew that I was giving a beaver shot to all of the guys standing below me. Everyone was looking up my short little waitress dress as I ascended to the top of the ladder. Since I wasn’t wearing panties, all of the guys had an unobstructed view of my bare ass and my reddish-brown pussy hair.

Then to make matters worse, a strong breeze began to blow while I was up on the ladder and it started blowing my dress around. I was hanging onto the ladder with one hand and trying to untie my panties with the other, so I was unable hold my dress down. As my super short dress blew in the wind, I was treating everyone to a presentation of my firm round butt and my neatly trimmed auburn bush.

I was humiliated because it seemed like I was up on the ladder forever. Traci had tied my panties on the ladder so tight that I couldn’t get them loose. I tried diligently to untie my panties, but I just couldn’t free them from the slide. My hands were trembling because I was so nervous about standing up there on a breezy day with all of the men looking up my dress. Knowing that the men could see my bare ass and naked pussy made me panic and I gave my panties a hard tug. That was a big mistake because my little underpants ripped apart and now they were ruined.

As I sat at the top of the slide trying to decide what to do next, the guys moved to the front of the slide to find out if they could see up my short dress. There was a look of excitement in the men’s eyes because they knew that soon I would be sliding down and I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress. I was really nervous, but I finally let go and slid down the slide. As expected, my short dress flew up, exposing my pussy to everyone. My face was red with embarrassment as the guys applauded. Finally, Traci and I headed for the car and the show was over.

As we drove back to the mall, Traci asked, “Did you see all of the bulges in those guys’ pants?”

I said, “What did you expect? You were showing my pussy to everyone!”

Traci said, “I know. That sweet little snatch of yours even got me a little wet between my legs.”

As Traci drove down the street, I pulled the bottom buttons of her waitress dress apart until her panties were showing. Next I ran my finger softly up her inner thighs until I touched her skimpy underwear. I moved my finger up and down between her legs and found that she was telling the truth. Traci’s pussy was wet!

As I continue to stroke her pretty pussy, Traci asked, “Mindy, what are you doing? You’re making it hard for me to drive.”

I said, “I was just checking to see if you were as wet as you said you were.”

Traci asked, “And?”

I replied, “You are!”

I didn’t stop touching Traci. After rubbing her pussy over her panties, I pulled her panties aside and inserted a finger inside of her. As Traci drove down the street, I moved my finger in and out of her moist pussy. Each time I pulled out, I made sure that I ran my finger all the way up the front of her sweet slit so that I could massage her little clitty.

Traci said, “Mmm, that feels good.”

Since I didn’t have any panties on, Traci started stroking my pussy, too. There were cars all around us, but we didn’t care. Traci and I were only interested in pleasing each other. A few cars even beeped at us, so I’m sure some passing motorists got an eyeful of our exposed pussies, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the sensation between our legs. By the time we’d reached the mall, we were really into it. Traci flew into a parking spot and then she sat back and spread her legs.

Traci demanded, “Finish me off!”

I said, “But were in a parking lot. Someone could walk by any second.”

Traci pushed her panties down her legs and said, “I don’t care. I need you now.”

Then Traci opened every button on her dress, unclasped her bra and said, “My titties need you, too.”

With Traci’s big full breasts and round rosy nipples staring me in the face, I leaned forward and began to kiss and suck on her boobies. Traci moaned as I inserted my finger into Traci’s bare beaver. I began making little circles inside of Traci as I continued to lick and suck on her firm titties. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and she began breathing heavy. Traci’s body trembled and then she reached a powerful orgasm.

Traci just laid back in the car seat with her dress entirely open in front. Her pussy was showing and her tits were hanging out. If anyone had walked by, they’d have seen everything. Then she leaned down between my legs and started licking my wet pussy. It felt really good when she started licking my love button while stroking my tight wet pussy with her finger.

I was really feeling good, but then a man leaned over on the driver’s side and looked into our car. Traci’s dress was completely unbuttoned and it had fallen down to her side. Her bare ass was completely exposed to the man. He could tell what Traci was doing to me, but the only thing he could really see was her beautiful butt pointed right at him. At first the man distracted me, but Traci made my pussy feel so good that I decided not to say anything about him.

The man reached down and his arm started moving back and forth while he watched us. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I had a pretty good idea. I could feel the tension building inside of me so I knew that I was getting close. Traci was touching my pussy in all the right places, which caused the feeling inside of me to build stronger and stronger. Traci continued to lick and stroke my bare pussy as the man continued to stroke himself. I was so tense and I started moaning because it felt so good. Soon my body began to quiver and I couldn’t take it anymore. I let loose with a powerful orgasm of my own.

The man was still looking in the window and stroking himself as Traci and I sat back in our seats. My neatly trimmed auburn bush was now out in the open for the man to see. With her dress completely open in front, Traci’s beautiful brunette pussy hair was exposed to the man, as well as her big full breasts. Traci’s eyes were closed for a moment, but then she looked up and saw what the man was doing.

The man was moving his arm real fast and I could see that he was breathing hard, too, so I think he was about to cum. At first Traci was offended and I thought she was going to cover herself up. Then Traci looked at me and smiled. She leaned over and pressed her big bare boobs up against the car window, right in front of the man. That was all the man could take and he finished himself off.

Some other guys started walking towards our car, so the man took off across the parking lot. Traci sat back in her seat, but I could still see her nipple prints on the window. As Traci hooked up her bra, the guys got into the car right next to us! I left my pussy completely exposed as Traci slowly pulled her panties up her legs. Her dark pussy hair was also showing, but the guys failed to look in our direction. They drove away without ever knowing that a couple of bare beavers were right under their noses!

After the guys left, I looked at Traci and said, “Boy, I miss making love like that.”

Traci said, “You’re not going to start whining about Lizzie again, are you? If you do, I might have to turn you over my knee and spank that little bare butt of yours!”

I said, “I do miss making love to Lizzie, but I also miss that embarrassed look on her face when we exposed her in public.”

Traci said, “I miss that, too.”

Then Traci paused and said, “Well, we still have Belinda!”

That put a smile on our faces because Belinda, the new girl that Traci had just hired, was a sweet and innocent girl, just like Lizzie. As we walked into the coffee shop, Belinda was standing there waiting for us. Belinda is eighteen, like Lizzie, but Belinda’s breasts are larger and fuller than Lizzie’s are. Belinda is an inch or two taller than I am, with a cute face and a firm little butt.

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