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College Girls Getting WeT & WiLd


Copyright © 2001 by lil^pearl

This story is a tribute to a sexy girl who turned my world upside and inside out. She helped me realize just how much power lies behind a woman's softness, her gentleness, and even the way she giggles. Human sexuality need not be masked by the roughness and ruggedness of a man. Perhaps now is the time to embrace the hidden passion behind a woman's every curve. There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman breathless with passion and made so vulnerable with desire. Those are the moments when she is awakened…most alive, and so amazingly beautiful.

Jessica and I first met during our freshman year in college. We were assigned the same dorm room, and were both excited about starting our "college years" together. We've been roomies now for about four years and have had our share of the ups and downs. When I first met Jessica, I was struck by her friendliness and playfulness. She was very easy-going and her sexy giggle was contagious. Jessica was what most college guys considered a "hot Asian chick" with her long black hair, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, luscious red lips, and petite frame. In contrast, I was the "cute Asian chick" with short black hair, sexy dark eyes, a set of dimples, and dangerous curves. There was instant chemistry between the two of us, and we spent every minute of our freshman year together: walking to class, eating in the cafeteria, doing homework, attending parties, and sharing our most intimate secrets. You could say that we were almost like a "couple"…two college girls practically joined at the hip.

Wherever we went, I noticed that guys couldn't keep their eyes off of her. Jessica was a very provocative, and yes, slutty, dresser. She would wear the thinnest and tightest tops, and you could always see her big, dark nipples peeking out from under. When the weather was warm, she would lounge in a pair of skimpy denim shorts and show off her toned white thighs and her hot little ass. Because we were always together, we would tease and flirt with the guys, saying that we were lesbians and had hot sex with each other every night. We even went as far as moaning and calling out each other's names when our dorm room was closed. Sometimes, she would brush up against me in public, press her breasts against mine, and giggle as all the guys gawked and drooled. We both were blessed with C-cup sized tits, and we learned never to take them for granted!

Eventually, we both got boyfriends and saw less of each other. But over time, I felt myself growing jealous. I wasn't jealous of who Jessica was. I adored her. I was jealous that she was spending less time with me, and more time with her boyfriend. She was always going out with him and even spending some nights at his place. But who could blame her? He was a tall, dark and sexy! Either way, I was shocked to realize that I had a crush on her, and even more shocked when I found myself fantasizing about her.

Our beds were only three feet apart, and sometimes, I would wait until she was asleep to turn around and look at her. I would admire how her long, black hair draped over her big, white breasts, and was mesmerized by the heaving of her chest as she breathed in her sleep. I would study the outline of her soft, red lips, and imagine myself just tasting them and sliding my wet, pink tongue into her mouth. I would stare at her big, dark nipples as they poked out from her tank top, imaging their roughness against the soft of my tongue. I wanted to take them into my little mouth and wrap my lips around them…sucking on them, milking them, and massaging them. I longed to here her moan in my ear as I touched her body and gave it pleasure. I couldn't believe that I was lusting after my roomie! Just watching her as she slept would cause my clit to ache with desire, my body to heat up with passion, and my pussy to drench with wetness.

On this particular night, Jessica was wearing a pink, cotton tank top with no bra, and matching shorts. She was sleeping on her side and facing my direction. Her full breasts were nestled between her arms, and…her right hand rested between her legs, right underneath her pussy! This sight alone caused my heart to skip a beat.

I began to imagine that it was my own hand, and how I longed to slide it under her shorts where I could feel the outline of her pussy lips through her panties. I wanted to rub her pussy just like I was rubbing my own now…the softness of my palm making circles around the outer lips of my pussy. Slowly, I drew my knees up to my chest and parted my legs so that I would feel my hard, swollen clit press up against my panties. I began rubbing the entire length of wet slit with the palm of my hand, allowing my fingers to vibrate up and down whenever I reached my clit. My eyes continued to fixate on Jessica's dark nipples as my left hand reached under my top and found its way to my already firm and erect nipples. After swirling my tongue around the tips of my fingers, I began milking and pinching my nipples hard while pulling my panties to one side and rubbing my clit with two fingers. With my back arched and my eyes half closed, I imagined being naked on top of Jessica, pulling both our pussy lips apart so that our swollen, pink clits would touch. I wanted to hump that hot puss and use my clit like a little penis to fuck that hot Asian pussy of hers. I began to thrust my hips upward while jacking off my little pink clit, just thinking about how hot it would be to have my pussy nestled against hers. Tiny beads of sweat glazed the surface of my skin, and my mouth curled as if to moan, but I knew I couldn't. I could feel my entire body tighten as I pinched my nipple mercilessly and continued to rub my clit raw. My back arched further and my hips began to thrust harder. I could feel my orgasm beginning to erupt from the depths of my passion. Just one more stroke….one more rub….one more…

"Cindy, are you alright?" said Jessica. I was startled half way through my mind-blowing orgasm. Quickly pulling my pillow over me, I continued to massage my clit slowly and allowed the orgasm to subside. I tried controlling my deep pants, but I needed all the air I could get after that climax.

"Of course I'm alright. I'm just having a hard time sleeping because it's so hot in here." That was all that I could mutter while wiping the sweat off my forehead and rolling over to a drier area of my bed. I could feel the hot blood coursing through my veins, and my heart pounding fiercely. How long had she been awake? How long had she been listening to my deep pants as I masturbated in my bed, completely consumed by my lust for her? I started to feel nauseous at the pit of my stomach. I felt so guilty and dirty for having lustful thoughts about another girl. My world turned upside down and inside out. I didn't know who I was, or what I was.

"Yeah, it's so hot in here. The windows are all open, the fan is on full speed. What else can we do to keep cool? Take off all our clothes? *giggle*" I'm sure she thought that last comment was funny, but she had no idea how much I really wanted to see her naked body.

"Well, guys sleep in the nude ALL the time, so why don't we? Besides, what's there to be shy about? We've been living together for four years, and besides, our bodies will be hidden under the covers, right?" I couldn't believe what I was suggesting. Oh, the self-torture of lying just three feet away from her sexy, naked body, and not being able to ravish even an inch of it. This was too much!

"Well, I suppose we could just slip off our tops and bottoms, and sleep in our panties. That's kind of what guys do anyway, and it's not like you haven't seen a set of tits before *hehe*," said Jessica.

"Well then, let's do it," I said while pulling my top up over my head. I could feel a warm breeze caress the tips of my nipples, making them firm and erect. I heard a small gasp just a few feet away, but I continued to slide my hands down under my sheets, quickly removing my shorts and tossing them to the floor. It felt so liberating to be lying there in my panties...feeling the crisp, clean sheets on my thighs, between my legs, and just barely over my hard nipples. I turned over and looked at Jessica, "Okay, your turn sweetie."

Jessica gave me a mischievous smile. She tugged her top up over her head, exposing her milky breasts, and pulled her shorts off. She immediately began to pull the sheets over her body…

I laughed and said, "Hey, since when did you get to be so shy?"

"What do you mean, Cindy?"

"Well, you're always wearing those really thin, tight top and everyone can see your dark nipples when they pop out, especially when the AC's on. You never seem to shy away from that, so why are you covering up now? *hehe* It's not like I don't already know what your tits look like."

"What?! Have you been spying on me when I change?"

"Well, I can't help it. Sometimes you don't even tell me you're changing, and when I turn around, I get an eyeful. Sheesh, don't have a cow. You have a really sexy body. You've got curves in all the right places!"

"Hey, I was just kidding. I know you're looking at me when I change sometimes. Do you really think I have a nice body?" Jessica pulled her covers down to her waist and turned sideways, looking directly at me. I gazed into her eyes as a wicked smile form on my lips. I allowed my eyes to openly caress the tops of her breasts and dark nipples. I continued my gaze down the sexy slope of her waist and right to sexy hot spot between her legs that was hidden by her sheets. I could feel my clit starting to stir again.

"Of course you have a nice body, Jessica!" I said, while averting my gaze. I didn't want Jessica to catch a glimpse of that lust that was building in my eyes. I was already losing myself in the moment, and I could feel my pulse quicken. My pussy began to pour out more wetness, and I couldn't resist the urge to touch myself. Slowly, I slid the tips of my fingers down to that wet spot of my panties and rested them just above my swollen clit. My covers slipped, exposing the tips of my rosy nipples and full breasts.

"Thanks. I've always envied the way your body looks, believe it or not. You're taller, your hips are wider, and your curves are fuller. You're a real man's woman, Cindy. I still look like a little girl sometimes." I watched her eyes caress my neck, my breasts, and my waist while I carefully spread my legs and began rubbing small circles around my clit. I was so fucking horny again and couldn't imagine falling back to sleep right now.

"Hey Jessica…do you ever catch any girls checking you out? You know, when we're out shopping, or walking to class?"

"Of course I do. Some girls are just as bad as the guys, looking me straight up and down. Others just stare right at my chest and don't even turn away," said Jessica.

"Well, does it turn you on when girls stare at you that way? I'm sure you're use to the guys gawking at you. *hehe*"

"I must admit, some girls are very sexy themselves, and of course I get turned on. I'm flattered that any girl would check out my body. It gives me such a rush, and I know it's taboo."

"It is NOT taboo. There's a lot of bisexual females out there who get the best of both worlds, and I think it's totally hot," I said.

"What?! So what are you saying? You're bisexual?" In response to her question, I pulled off my covers, stood up slowly, and walked over to her bed. I got down on my knees so that our lips were almost touching, and began stroking her cheek.

"Jessica…what I'm saying is that I'm one of those girls who check you out all the time, and I fantasize about being with you." And with that, I pressed my lips against hers, kissing her and sucking her lips into my mouth. I let my wet tongue probe into that hot mouth of hers while sliding my hand down to her breasts and pinching her firm nipples. To my surprise, I felt Jessica respond to my sweet seduction by pressing her lips back against mine with the same heated passion. Her mouth fell open and a low moan escaped her lips as I sucked on her tongue, sliding my mouth up and down as if it was a little cock. My lips soon found the soft slope of her neck where I began licking it and sucking gently as she wrapped her arms around my back and caressed my ear with her soft, urgent moans.

In between her moans, Jessica managed to say, "Cindy! We can't…we shouldn't…be…doing this. It just isn't…right." She was saying one thing, but her body was responding in a totally different manner. Her chest was heaving, her skin was hot and flushed, and her tongue continued to probe my lips. I could hear in her soft pants that she was just as aroused as I was. Slowly, I eased my body onto her bed, drawing her body close to me, and stroking her cheek.

"C'mon Jessica, we've done everything else together. What's wrong with just having a little fun tonight?" I continued to stroke down from her cheek, to the sexy slope of her neck, and rested my warm hand along the curve of her breast. With my fingertips, I caressed the soft flesh just around her erect nipple in slow, circular strokes.

And as my finger and thumb clasped around her nipple in a gentle pinch, I slid my tongue into her ear and whispered, "Doesn't it feel good when I touch you Jessica? You don't want me to stop now, do you?" I could feel her body just undulating with pleasure under my touch. She started moaning as I continued to tease and tug on her nipple, and her fingers were soon entwined in the dark locks of my hair. I sucked on her earlobe and licked that soft flesh just around the ear, causing her to arch her back slightly. My tongue slid down the right side of her throat and my warm lips wrapped around her soft flesh, sucking on it, and tasting it.

"Ohhhh Cindy…I don't…want…you to stop," moaned Jessica. "I've never been so turned on before, not even with Robert. He's always too rough with me and I hate that." My mouth found her other nipple and I began sucking on it…flicking and vibrating it against the tip of my tongue. I couldn't help but revel in the ecstasy of it all. Here I was, touching, kissing, and making out with my hot female roomie!

I let my eyes wander down and noticed that her legs were completely spread apart, and her hips were thrusting about madly into the thick air surrounding our hot bodies. I ran my hand down and over her smooth tummy and rested it just above her pussy. I immediately felt her body tense up. I could feel the heat rising from her soaking white panties, bringing warmth to my fingertips. I cupped the curve of her sex, allowing the entire palm of my hand to bathe in that warmth and wetness. With two fingers, I slowly traced the outline of her pussy lips through her panties, starting from the crack of her hot little ass, to the point where her clit swelled up against the fabric.

Everywhere I touched, wetness seemed to seep out from her panties. I could see a thin layer of wetness forming at the surface of her panties as I began masturbating her pussy…running the tips of my fingers up and down the length of her sex, and rubbing circles around her swollen clit. I brought my fingers up to her clit and started vibrating them against that soft, swollen piece of flesh, causing it to protrude more noticeably through her panties. My mouth wrapped harder around her nipple, drawing in more of her flesh while I sucked and licked. And I began to graze my teeth gently over the sensitive tip of her nipple, causing her to moan in pleasure and pain.

Jessica's undulating body glistened with her own sweat. Her nipples were rosy and her cheeks were flushed. Her long, dark hair was wet and enveloped the curve of her neck. Her knees were bent and her legs were spread wide so I could have access to that hot, smoldering pussy of hers…and her hand cupped her left breast and lifted it to my hungry lips. She was the perfect vision of lust and beauty. Her mind and body soared with pleasure, and I was her only link back to reality. There she was, offering herself entirely to me.

I moved to the other end of the bed and put my face against her pussy, inhaling that sweet musky scent that permeated the air. I was intoxicated by her rich scent, becoming light-headed and oooooh how I had to ravish her and have her! I slid her panties off her body and spread her legs wider. With both my hands, I parted her swollen pussy lips and exposed her pink clit. I brought my mouth over her pussy and I blew hot air over her swollen clit, causing her entire body to squirm with anticipation. I wanted to torment her and drive her to the edge of passion. I ran my fingernails gently up the side of her fleshy thighs while drawing her swollen pussy lips into my mouth…sucking on them and lapping the wetness off of them like her little puppy slut.

Her sexy mouth was open and soft moans escaped from her lips while she played with her own nipples…pinching them and squeezing her breasts. I drew one of her hands down to her clit and motioned her to start masturbating. I got up on my knees and watched her touch herself. I watched her spread her legs wide and slip her fingers expertly over her clit…rubbing them swiftly, yet rhythmically, over the sensitive spot. Her fingers glistened with wetness and she placed her clit between them…pumping that hot little flesh between her fingers like a little cock.

As I watched her, I began pinching my own nipple and spread my legs wider so I could slip my own fingers between my wet pussy and give my clit the attention it so desperately desired. I watched whatever Jessica did to herself, and mimicked her actions. When she brought her hard nipple to her mouth and started suckling, I did the same. When she pinched that swollen clit of her, I pinched mine. There was something so extremely sexy about copying her every move, and knowing that she was watching me. I was so turned that I mounted her right thigh and started rubbing my pussy against it while watching her touch herself. I wanted her to feel the hot, wet passion building between my legs, and I wanted all my pussy juices to coat her thigh.

"Cindy, I want to feel your pussy against mine. I want you to get on top of me and fuck my pussy," said Jessica. I got on top of her and lowered my pussy. I could feel the heat and wetness between us as I started to hump her…grinding my pussy lips against hers while lowering my mouth to give her a sensual, rough kiss. We were both moaning and panting as we thrust our hips against each other. I reached down and spread her pussy lips so that the tips of our sensitive clits would touch. I used my swollen, hard clit like a tiny cock to fuck her. I could feel it sliding into her hot, wet pussy and rubbing against her enormous hot clit. I continued to pump my pussy faster and harder against hers while drawing her nipple into my mouth…sucking on it, biting it gently, and swirling my tongue around it. God, I wanted to feel her hot cum shoot all over my pussy sooooo badly.

"Ohhhh Cindy..fuck me harder and faster. Fuck me with that hard clit of yours," moaned Jessica. I could feel her body starting to tense up as she held in her breath to intensify the sensations. I started pounding my pussy against hers faster, sliding my clit up and down her clit, and feeling our wetness soaking my thighs.

"I want you to fucking come for me Jessica. I know you like feeling my hard clit up inside your pussy. You are a slut. You'd fuck anyone who could make you cum. C'mon slut, come for me," I whispered as I started tongue-fucking her ear. Jessica wrapped her arms around my back and started thrusting her hips upward. She was trying to fuck me back, that little slut.

"That's it you little slut. Fuck my pussy. I want you to spread your legs wider so I can feel that big clit of yours fucking me back," I moaned. We were both getting sooooooo close as our pussies and tits were grinding against each other. And right when our eyes locked, we both screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept through us. Our clits throbbed, and our bodies ached from such an intense sexual release. I closed my eyes and felt myself riding each wave of pleasure that was taking me higher and higher to ecstasy. There was no turning back…no undoing what had already done…

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