College Roommates


"I just want to please you, Robert Lee, and I hope you won't grade me against your hot, experienced dates. Please remember this, I may not know how to please you like those other girls did, but I know that I love you way more than all of those other girls combined, and I'm a very . . . fast . . . learner." "There, now I said it and its out in the open."

"What other girls are you referring to, Rebecca?" Bobby inquired.

"Well, I remember you went out with Jaylynn for what, two weeks. "Which in slut time is about 50 years". Becky thought. "And I know every guy she's ever been with has been inside her panties."

"I doubt that very seriously." Bobby replied in a serious tone. "Jaylynn doesn't wear panties." Becky laughed in spite of herself, and her nervousness.

"Becky, why do you think we only went out for two weeks? Yeah, she put on quite a show, opening her legs and all in short skirts, but skank is just not appealing. I thought it might get better with time, but it didn't. It actually got grosser. So I dumped her.

"I heard she dropped you." Becky replied.

"Not exactly. She didn't want me to ruin her "reputation", by being dumped by an uncool guy who wouldn't feel her up, let alone do her, so we agreed that she could tell everyone she dumped me. She probably would have, eventually, anyway, for lack of action." Bobby stated.

"Wow, Bobby. That is so sweet! And I feel SO much better, knowing you don't 'KNOW' Jaylynn. But Bobby, I'm scared because, well, I might as well say it: I've never had a guy before. Ever. In a, any way. You are the first man to touch me, let alone make love to me." She replied. "There, now I've said it. I hope I'm not a total disappointment. Loser girl. Chubs."

"You mean -- you're a virgin, Sis?" Bobby replied incredulously.

"Whoa, Bobby, what's that supposed to mean?" Becky exclaimed mischievously.

Bobby got all embarrassed as he realized this conversation may become hurtful if he wasn't careful. "I mean, I, not that I think you're a, you know, or anything, but woman, you sure know what you're doing for never doing it before! And, a, you're the only woman I've had too." Bobby stammered in reply.

"Oh?" Becky exclaimed.

"Of course, Becky. You are all I ever wanted. And I want all you have to give a man -- in every way possible. Just please be patient, and give me some time to figure out this lovemaking stuff. I'm not Captain Stud Muffin or Mr. Experienced in the woman department." he answered.

"So, this is YOUR first time too? With ME!? You saved yourself for ME?!!" Becky kissed Bobby passionately on the lips, over and over, as she hugged him tightly.

"Yeah. I had opportunities before, but they didn't feel right. But, this -- this feels right. I didn't know if I'd ever get the chance to be with you, but yeah, I only wanted to be with you, IN you."

"So -- do you mean my pussy is the first you've touched?" Becky probed with excitement.

"Yes. And you feel SO SMOOTH!"

"Just for you, Bobby." She cooed.

"How did you get so silky smooth down there?" Bobby inquired.

"Home electrolysis. Just for you." She answered.

"For me? That must have taken . . ." he stammered.

"A long time, lover." She finished proudly.

"For me?" He marveled aloud. "You've thought of me that long? That intimately?"

"Longer than that actually, lover." She answered tenderly. "I've been waiting a LONG time for you, Bobby."

"I thought of you, coming to my bed late each night. I've slept nude every night for you, just in case you came to me. Waiting for that first night when you would notice me, my womanhood, and perhaps consider me woman enough to finally sleep with. Kissing my lips as you fondled my new breasts, admiring their size and firmness. Looking between my legs, and admiring my smooth pussy as you stroke my hardened clit gently but firmly, up and down, then circling it with your thumb. Forcing your index finger deeper into my womanhood. My hand on your manhood as I slid up and down it, feeling your crop of hair at the base, full and bushy. Feeling your big balls hanging low below your cock. Imaging that sperm shooting out of those balls, and into my hand. Your balls pulled up toward your body as my clit pulled into my pussy. Both of us ready to come. Calling out your name as my hips bucked upward into your hand. Your penis pulsing your seed all over, spraying me with man juice, and making me glad I was finally a woman. I've had a thousand day dreams of our bodies together in my bed, loving each other late at night, as my fingers roamed my neglected clit, and explored the darkness of my empty, aching pussy. Each day feeling an even more womanly yearning for you, until tonight, when I could stand it no longer. I had to have you between my legs, in my bed, tonight, lover!"

"Sis, I don't know much about women. Anywhere I touch you, but your face and hands, is the first I've touched of a woman, Sis. Kissed -- yes, a few, but not like we just kissed. Nor has anyone touched me anywhere, but you."

"Bobby, you don't have to know about any woman. You only have to 'know' me. And there's only one way to learn." She said seductively.

"I've only wanted to know your body, Becky. You're all the woman I'll ever need."

"SO, how will either of us know we are doing this right at all?" Becky said playfully.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but I know this -- it feels wonderful!" Bobby answered, as his hands roamed her smooth firm breasts, feeling her nipples harden to his touch.

"I hope he doesn't regret loving me when he wakes up in the morning. Do I deal with that now, and perhaps blow it, or see what happens later? I love him -- better deal with it now, whatever may happen."

"How do we know we won't regret this in the morning?" Becky asked slowly.

"How many guys have tried to get into your panties, Sis?" Bobby asked.

"What's that got to do with YOUR feelings for me?"

"Just go with it for a minute, Sis. I'll show you."

"Well, Bobby, that's kinda personal, even for lovers. But I love so much that I have no secrets from you. Six other guys have tried to get into my panties, but none succeeded, until tonight." Becky replied tenderly. "But what does that have to do with 'morning after' regrets?"

"Just follow me here, lover. I didn't do any of my dates either, even Jaylynn." Bobby responded. "So, it appears to me that we don't just screw other people, even when we've been sexually aroused, and given opportunities. Yet, here we are, together, deeply in love. I think this is more than just a one night stand, Sis, or we would have had sex with someone else before tonight."

"Yeah, you're probably right. Do you promise to still love me in the morning?" Becky replied. "God I hope he says yes, because I'm gonna love him always."

"I'll love you forever -- and a day." Bobby answered.

"I'll love you forever, and two days! Yeah, I think we'll be OK together, big brother." Becky concluded.

Becky felt his penis harden more on top of her wet vagina. Her confidence went up as a result of his hardness, and his openness about his own lack of experience. "I want on top of you, Bobby -- cowgirl style. I want to ride you. Just let me get used to your massive cock inside of me, a little at a time."

"For a virgin, Sis, you sure seem confident about sex and sexual positions." Bobby replied in stunned amusement.

"Credit many issues of Cosmopolitan and a lots of Literotica stories on the web." She replied.

"You?! Reading smut?!" I replied.

"Studying smut! In every minute detail. I've earned a PhD in 'smut', Bobby! Specializing in brother and sister lovemaking! When a woman is in heat, and wants her brother, she'll take whatever she can get." Becky replied. "I've used my fingers on myself many a night, wishing I could come into your room and mount you and ride you into the land of multiple orgasms as I came." "And as you came inside of me." She thought to herself.

"Really?" I asked. "I never thought of Becky being all hot and bothered for me, though I've held many thoughts of coming in her while I relieved my sexual frustrations."

"Did you ever think of me, Bobby? Even just once?" She asked tentatively.

"Every night when I made myself come, sis." he replied candidly, his defenses melted away.

"Just me?!"

"Just you, Bec." "Giving you a big load of my come every time!" Bobby thought to himself.

"You thought of me when you came?" she exclaimed in surprise. "You mean you did it thinking of taking ME to bed, some nights?"

"ONLY you, sis. I tried thinking of girls I knew but it wasn't good enough. I've never seen a more beautiful woman, or wanted one other than you. And, uh, sis -- it was more than some nights -- it was EVERY night.

"I'm fat, big brother. You need to get out more, see the world, and see some beautiful women." Becky replied.

"You are not fat, you are pleasingly plump, and extremely beautiful! I like being between your sexy thighs and feeling your big bottom and your full, heavy breasts, and your curvy tummy. You are the perfect woman." Bobby answered.

Becky smiled seductively, and then silently slid out from beneath Bobby as he moved upward and to one side. He then laid down on his back, and Becky got on top of him, her curvy thighs straddling him, her voluptuous bottom sitting upright on top of his legs.

"You mean to tell me, stud muffin, that I'm the only woman in the whole wide world to ride this thing!" Becky exclaimed as she adjusted her wide bottom to scoot up, placing her vaginal lips on top of his throbbing cock. "He makes me feel so special, even doing something as common as sex. Most every one of my friends was fucked fast and abandoned, but my big brother takes his time. He hasn't jammed his penis up me yet, even though I know he's hard and wants me badly."

"Yep, I guess that's about it, and you are the only woman I'm ever gonna know. I'm gonna know only the insides of your sexy body. I'm gonna know you -- really well. Over and over." he replied back with a smile. "She's sure got a fantastic body -- I just wish she'd understand how much she turns me on!"

Bobby's cock, now 7½" long and almost 3" in diameter, was twitching with desire.
"Maybe I bit off more than I can chew here. He's AWEFULLY big, and I've never had anything bigger than my smallest hairbrush handle inside of my pussy." Becky wondered. Despite her full sized body, her wide expanse between her outstretched thighs, and her long, now gaping open slit, her virginal vaginal opening was narrow and her inner muscles strong and tight. Bobby had only fit one finger into her in the car, and she felt pretty full when he did that. And his penis was way bigger than three of his fingers combined!

"I don't know if I can fit all of you inside of me, Bobby. You're so big." Becky worried aloud.

"You don't have to do this. We can wait, if you need more time." he offered in concern.

Becky looked down upon her brother, into his eyes. She loved him so much, and now she had the opportunity to show him with her body. There was no way she was going to pass that up now.

"I don't want to wait any longer. I CAN'T wait. I've waited in frustration for you for so long. Your touch, your cock, along my clit, it's electrifying! And I want to do this, to do YOU! And your wonderful hard on says you want to do me too! I'm just trying to understand how we will fit our bodies together, lover. Just, please, go real slow and easy inside of me. I'm scared about how I'm going to fit your big cock inside of me. Oh, Bobby! I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, near tears. "I want to show Bobby just how much I love him -- I want him inside of my body; I to please him. But I'm afraid he'll split my vagina in two!"

"Becky, go slow. Take your own pace. I'm new at this too. I have faith it will work OK, if we are patient. I wish I could articulate how that will happen. But I believe if we are careful and slow, it will happen, without hurting you. But no matter what, I'm yours and you don't have to rush, or even do this tonight. I'll be here forever for you."

"You'll pull out when it's time, right, Bobby?"

"Of course, Becky."

"Come on my tummy?"


Becky bent down and kissed her brother deeply, then sat back up and took Bobby's meat in her hand, and guided it slowly toward her now gaping open vaginal lips. The head of his cock grazed her clit. I've always wondered if his cock couldn't get me off, by rubbing my clit. Now's the time to find out!" She was only able to get her hand around two thirds of the girth of Bobby's iron rod as she guided him up and down her hard, bloated clit. Sexual energy shot through her clit, into her vagina, then radiated up and down her body. Yep! This man's dick does the trick!" By the fifth pass, Becky's whole body began to shake with joy as his cock triggered her orgasm.

Seeing and feeling his beautiful, nude sister start to orgasm while she is on top of him, using his own penis to make her come, took Bobby's aroused state to a new, uncontrollable level. "God, I want inside of her beautiful body right now." Bobby thought to himself. That thought, along with his love for his sister, and the sight of her sexy, bare body in orgasm was more than Bobby could take.

Bobby's hips began to involuntarily buck upward, as he shot his first spurt of sperm. The first stream of hot seed drilled directly into the center of Becky's clit hard, really hard! It felt so warm, and there was so much, fully coating Becky's throbbing clit, and running into her gaping pussy. Such an intimate feeling, unlike any Becky had ever experienced, sent her budding orgasm into full bloom. "Oh, Bobby, I feel you coming! It's so warm, so thick, and so much!" Becky thought. Becky's orgasm veiled her earlier concerns about Bobby coming in or around her pussy.

Becky's vaginal opening spasmed in excitement and her body began to shake a little as Bobby's orgasm caused him to involuntarily thrust upward again, forcing the head of his cock between her swollen, spread lips. Her increased tightness stopped his involuntary insertion at the base of his head.

But by now, Becky was now shaking violently in the full throes of her own orgasm. Becky could no longer stay balanced on her knees over Bobby. Her bottom thrust forward as she began to sink down on Bobby's cock. "That's it! Put it in!" she thought, all fears of pregnancy now melted away.

Cockhead partially inside of her, Bobby's second squirt of come shot hard directly into her wet, virgin hole, giving even more lubrication for his quickly following cock. "I'm coming! So hard!" Bobby comprehended in a sexual daze. "I'm coming in you, Becky! We need to . . "

But before he could complete his offer to withdraw, she moaned, "It's OK. Come in me."

Bobby's hips again bucked involuntarily upward. Cockhead now all the way past her engorged vaginal lips, with a third spurt firing deeper into her, Becky let go of her position over her brother, and dropped her voluptuous ass down over his cock, as she screamed in the throes of the strongest orgasm of her life. "Gawd, Bobby, I'm COMING!" she said breathlessly.

The sexual release Bobby gave her consumed Becky! It was like no orgasm that she had ever given herself -- because this one was given in love, from her lover, her only brother. She could feel her brother's cock throbbing as it he put his third spurt inside of her. His warm seed filled her vagina. Becky's head flew back as she gasped for air between her elated cries. "Making love with him is even better than I imagined!"

Bobby's cock briefly stopped its inward travel to Becky's depths, pausing at her hymen, as it shot a fourth spurt so hard it splashed upon her cervix. "Oh God, she's got a tight pussy -- a throbbing, tight pussy!"

Meanwhile, Becky moaned as she felt the warmth of his seed splashing all over cervix, coating the opening to her womb, intensifying what was already her strongest orgasm ever. "Oh, Bobby, you feel so good! Don't stop!" She said between breaths.

Becky's ass now had a mind of its own, and quivered and bucked as she involuntarily dropped all the way down Bobby's pole. "I'm in her now! ALL the way in her!" Bobby realized. Becky's vagina spasmed up and down Bobby's cock, as he slid further into her, ripping her hymen as she felt his fifth shot of cum drilling deep inside of her.

"Deeper! Don't stop now!" Becky moaned loudly. Pregnancy was not of any concern. Her heart yearned for Bobby to put his child inside her tummy.

Having her pussy deflowered while in the midst of an earth shattering orgasm, consumed Becky's thoughts. All she could think of was Bobby's cock, up inside of her, and Bobby's seed filling her pussy. Those were the most wonderful thoughts she had ever had, and at that moment, the only thoughts she could think, even if she had wanted to think of other things. The goodness of her brother's love, embodied in his body and what he was doing inside of her body, allowed Becky to let her body go, and ride it out. "So far, so good -- REALLY good. It didn't hurt like I heard it would, but then again I didn't expect to be in the midst of the most mind shattering orgasm of my life at the moment I surrendered my virginity."

Meanwhile, Bobby thrust deeper into Becky, his cock now buried completely inside of her, as he let loose a sixth rope of cum, which drilled right into the back of her vagina, causing her to shake violently as she screamed out in joy, "Oh, God, Bobby! Yes! I'm coming. Oh! So hard! YEEEEEEES!!!"

Meanwhile, Bobby's orgasm continued, with several smaller spurts, until his balls were completely emptied inside of his sister's vagina.

Becky dropped her upper body onto Bobby, breasts heaving on his chest, as she panted, "Oh, God, Bobby. That was SO amazing! I LOVE the feel of you inside of me!"

"Not as much as I love the feel of being inside of you!" Bobby replied before he softly kissed her lips as he fondled her left breast.

"Good!" Becky exclaimed with a smile.

After a few moments of fondling her soft globes of tit flesh, Bobby softly said, "I'm so sorry. I came in you. Even though you asked me not to. Becky? Are using anything?"

"It's a little late for that question, Bobby, don't you think? I mean asking after you've come inside of me!" Becky replied with a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face, as she reassured her brother with a squeeze and a hug.

"So -- ah, did we just do it bareback?" Bobby replied incredulously.

"Yep." Becky replied soundly.

"Are you mad at me?"


Bobby caressed her face and pulled her thick, long hair back behind her ears. "Are you really ready to be a mother, Becky." Bobby asked thoughtfully.

"I think it's a little late to ask that question too, lover! You came A LOT inside of me! I didn't know a man could come so much! But my answer, which I backed up with my bareback lovemaking, is a resounding YES!" Becky replied.

"When you fingered yourself in your bedroom, and thought of me, I wasn't really coming in your hand was I, Becky?" Bobby asked slowly, with raised eyebrows.

"No." Becky said quietly, her eyes downcast in mock shame.

"Bobby, where did YOU come during your day dreams about me?" Becky asked softly.

"Where do you THINK I was coming?" Bobby replied with a smirk.

"Probably the EXACT same place where you came in my thoughts when I rubbed myself off, huh?" She said with a seductive smile.

"Just curious Becky: why did you ask me to stay inside of you, when earlier you asked me to pull out?"

Becky's head popped up and she looked straight into his eyes. "Well, for one thing, lover, you came at my opening and were running inside of me before I could consider changing my mind. You had already squirted a few times inside of me by the time I asked you to stay in me. But the truth is -- once you started coming, my fear of pregnancy faded away, and I didn't ever want you to pull out."

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