tagErotic CouplingsCollege Swingers Ch. 01

College Swingers Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Party Massage

I met Ann at a party. It wasn't a big loud event, just some folks hanging out, drinking and listening to music. She was there with Scott, her boyfriend. I was there with Julie, my wife.

Ann was a coed, a freshman actually, and very hot. She was tall and thin, with long dark hair, long legs and a tight belly, which she was showing off to great effect with the midriff-baring halter top and low riders she wore. We chatted, flirted, and hit it off. She liked my hair. Somewhere toward the end of the evening, she was lying on the living room carpet, feeling mellow, and I was sitting next to her. Scott and Julie were sitting next to each other on the couch, and a bunch of other folks were just hanging around.

On impulse, I reached over and ran my fingers along her bare side, from her hips up to the edge of her halter top. Hell, I thought, that bare taut young belly was just laying there. I half expected to get slapped, but she just arched her back and purred like a cat. I slid my fingers up and down along her skin a few more times and she just purred. I figured, what the hell, let's see where this takes us. So, I slipped my hand under her side and started to massage the small of her back. Ann closed her eyes and her purr became a little moan. I leaned over her, slipping my other hand under her opposite side, and started gently but firmly kneading her back. Ann just sighed and melted against my hands.

It suddenly occurred to me that half a dozen people were watching, including my wife and her boyfriend. Now, Julie wouldn't particularly have cared if I'd pulled Ann's jeans off and fucked her then and there on the carpet, as long as Ann was into it. I'm just a lucky guy and my wife's like that. Scott, on the other hand, I didn't know. Wondering if I was about to get my teeth knocked in, I glanced over at him. As it turns out, he didn't mind much either. In fact, judging by the huge bulge in his pants, he was obviously loving the show.

That being settled, I turned my attention back to the lovely young coed laying underneath me. I worked my hands up Ann's back, under the fabric of her halter top. Casually, as if by accident, I started to push it up. She just arched her back again and her little top slid up to reveal her perky young breasts. They were lovely, pale and cone-shaped with little nipples hardening in the cool air of the living room. It was all I could do not to bury my face in Ann's tits, but I held off. I was putting on a show, after all. I casually brushed against her tits with my hands, pushing them together and stroking the sides with my thumbs. Soon, her perky little nipples were hard as diamonds.

I decided it was time to move this show on to act three. I slid my hands downward, massaging her back and then moving over to caress her taut belly. From there, I didn't wait. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her low-rider jeans. My fingers brushed against her neatly trimmed bush. She wasn't wearing panties. Ann arched her hips and groaned. I took that as a yes.

Without further ado, I unbuttoned the top of Ann's jeans, opening them just wide enough to reach my hand into her pants. I slid my fingers slowly along her trimmed little landing strip. I could hear her breathing, quick and shallow, anticipating what would happen next. I reached lower, slipping my fingers down between her thighs. Ann squirmed. She spread her legs slightly and, as she did, the tight fabric of her jeans pressed my fingers against her flesh. Her pussy lips felt warm and soft under my fingers. I could feel the growing wetness between them.

Ann let out a soft moan as I traced my fingers along her pussy, teasing the edge of her lips. She squirmed some more, shifting her hips in an effort to loosen her jeans. My fingers continued to trace the edges of her pussy. Gently, I pushed one fingertip against her wetness, slipping between her pussy lips. She moaned louder. I pushed my finger deeper in and Ann lifted her hips slightly to meet it. My fingertip circled the opening of her vagina. Wet with her juices, I dragged my fingertip between her lips, spreading and lubricating her pussy until I reached the hard nub of her clit. Ann gasped and her hips bucked involuntarily as my finger grazed her clit. Firmly, I started to run my finger in a long, slow circle around her clit.

Ann was moaning now in time to movements of my fingers. Her hips wiggled and bucked gently. I looked down and saw that her jeans had been pushed down further. Her trimmed pussy was plainly visible, framed by the fabric around her open zipper, and I could see my middle finger plunging up and down across her clit while my other fingers held her pussy lips aside.

Ann's hips started to buck fiercely and her moans gave way to great panting cries. Laying next to her, I could feel her body tensing and quivering against me. Giving in to an earlier temptation, I leaned my head over her chest buried my face in her perky little tits. While my finger continued to vigorously rub her clit, I licked the slopes of her breasts and sucked her hard little nipple into my mouth. Her whole body arched, pushing her tits against my face. My hand shifted and I abandoned rubbing her clit for the moment. Instead, I pushed my hand lower, thrusting my finger deep into her pussy. The first finger was followed by a second, and then a third. Ann cried loudly as my three fingers pushed deep into her, fucking her pussy.

All the while, I continued to lick and suck on her lovely tits. Her hand came to rest on the back of my head, tangling in my hair, which she loved so much, and holding my face against her breast. I stopped finger-fucking her and returned to firmly rubbing her clit. She cried out again, a long deep groan. Her hips tensed and quivered. My finger rapidly twirled over her clit while my mouth sucked on her nipple. Sensing how close she was, I took her nipple between my teeth and lightly bit down. It pushed her over the edge. Ann shrieked and her whole body convulsed in a massive orgasm.

As she came, bucking and quivering, I kept my fingers firmly in her pussy, and continued slowly rubbing her. Each time my finger touched her clit, her body spasmed and she whimpered, her hips thrusting and rocking involuntarily. I could tell it was almost too much for her but I mercilessly kept on. The aftershocks of her orgasm blurred into another steady climb. Her hips thrust wildly and she panted and moaned as I drove her to a second shattering orgasm. Finally I stopped, leaving her limp and spent.

I leaned over and gently kissed her lips. Taking my hand from her pussy, I lifted it to my lips and tasted Ann's juices, savoring them. I brushed my wet fingers against her lips and kissed her again, sharing her flavor with her. Ann smiled at me.

The sound of clapping reminded me again that we were not alone. Looking up I saw that our audience had clearly enjoyed the show. Pat, our host, was standing in the doorway of the living room clapping while a bunch of people watched the action over his shoulder. A couple of single guys who had been in the living room with us had their pants open. Their hands were either moving in their laps as they jacked off or resting as they held their cum streaked dicks. In another corner a lovely brunette coed whose name I hadn't caught was on her knees with her head bobbing up and down as she sucked off some lucky guy.

On the couch, Scott had his pants around his knees. Julie's hand was wrapped around his still hard dick, which was spurting ropes of sticky white cum down her fingers. Julie had a wide smile on her face. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and Scott's fingers were still slowly plunging into her pussy. They had definitely enjoyed the show.

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