tagLesbian SexColour of Change - Warmth

Colour of Change - Warmth


The next day dawned bright and warm and I eagerly made my way out onto the property as early as I could escape the house. It was hot enough outside that I needed no more than a day dress with my shift underneath, though I rolled a shawl into my basket just in case. It was the first time in months that I'd been able to stand out in the sun without the world rocking beneath me. I found myself wandering the grounds, marveling at the fields of growth, the trees at the edge, and most spectacularly, the clearing just a little ways into the woods full of an array of wild flowers that I had never seen before. I had made my way out to look for berries, but instead I filled my basket with the rainbows of color that greeted me in that clearing. I walked back and forth until the basket was heaping and then sat down in the center of it all, marveling at the loveliness around me. It was incredible. Never in my life had I seen something so beautiful.

At least that's what I thought. A hand touched my shoulder and I turned to look up at Safara. I could feel my entire face light up, knew she could see the sparkle of delight in my eyes because it was mirrored in hers. She brushed her fingers against my cheek and then leaned down to gently kiss my lips. It was even better than I had remembered, soft and sweet, her hands against my face, dark against my pale flesh. She tumbled me onto the bed of flowers, her fingers making quick work of the stays on my dress, slipping me free of it before pulling off my slip. I felt her hands slide away from my body and opened my eyes to see her gazing down at me, a strange sort of expression on her face.

"You, little one, are amazing," she murmured, "my Kumani." As she whispered this, she came down to kiss me again. I allowed my lips to part, gave her access to me as her fingers found access elsewhere, sliding into the slick passage, moist and ready for her touch. I was soaring. The encounter two nights prior had been rushed, a quick taste of what we could have. This was different. She took her time as she pressed her lips to my throat, placing soft kisses along my flesh, fingers thrusting into me with meticulous care. Each time it felt as if I might be close to completion, she would slow, gently stroking along the slippery lips until I had calmed down. She knew how to drive me wild. I was so far gone, I barely noticed as her lips made contact with my chest and I startled when they wrapped around the firm bud of my nipple, teeth nipping lightly. She curved her fingers slightly, pressing against the soft bud of nerves and I saw stars, flew over the edge and only because she caught me was I able to recover myself. She drew her fingers slowly out of me, running her large hand over my mound and then bringing them to her lips, gazing into my eyes as she licked them clean.

"Safara..." I whispered, watching her in wonderment. My seductress, how quickly she had me wrapped around her finger... literally. She returned her attention to my chest, using one hand to support herself while the other ran firmly along my side, her lips fastened around pert flesh. She bit again, harder than before and I was shocked at how the small pain seemed to intensify everything, make the pleasure that much greater. I had no interest in harsher pleasures, but the press of her teeth on my flesh, the gentle dig of her nails against my hip were almost innocent, exciting things. As she kissed her way across my chest, to give the other nipple equal attention, I kept a loving eye on her. I was captivated by the shimmer of the sunlight on her skin, the movement of her hair, short and curly, tousled by the wind. I could hardly believe that it was her lips, thick and full, that were touching my skin. It felt like a dream.

She rose finally to steal a kiss from me, one I gave willingly, melted into, reaching up to peel her vest away from her strong chest, marveling at how natural she appeared in her men's clothes, completely at ease with the world. I placed my hands flat against her chest above those small perfect breasts, examining for the first time the contrast between us. Years of gentle living with little need for running around outside had left my skin ivory and until I met Safara, I had thought it beautiful. Now I felt terribly sallow, too pale by half. I had always thought myself too thin -- the most beautiful women of the time were curvaceous creatures and even corsets had always done little to help my lack of curves -- and now I worried that the lack of work had left me soft, for though I was not out of shape, neither could I compare to the hardness of my beloved. When she broke the kiss to watch my fingers trail over her skin, her look told me otherwise and I knew I needed to be nothing more than what I was, because she found me beautiful. When my fingers brushed across the hard dark nubs, she exhaled sharply and dug her nails lightly into my side, raising me off the ground with a startled gasp. I cupped her breasts gently in my hands, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples, lower lip caught between my teeth.

"Such concentration," she chuckled, "what makes you think so hard little Lily?" she rarely used my Christian name, it made me look up, meet her eyes and blush.

"I... don't want to do it wrong," I admitted shyly. This made her laugh harder and she rolled onto her back, drawing me in against her side. Startled, I could only lay in the circle of her arms, wondering why what I'd said was so amusing.

"Lily," she murmured, "nothing you do is wrong, that much I can promise," she tipped my chin up with two fingers, kissing me lightly, "you are my Kumani, we fit together like the sun and moon. Let it come naturally," she pressed her lips to my forehead and relaxed.

For a long time we lay there on the pile of crushed flower, basking in the ability to just be together.

"Safara?" I asked softly


"What's your Christian name?" I felt her stiffen in my arms


I hesitated before explaining, "My uncle has assigned a girl to 'take care of me' and I thought perhaps... I should suggest she be replaced? Perhaps... with you? But I doubt he's bothered learning any of the workers..." here she interrupted me,

"Slaves, Lily. Calling us workers suggests that your uncle pays us, suggests we might be human beings," she looked down at me, "and you doubt he's learned any of our birth names? You're right," she stroked my hair, contemplating, then finally spoke again, "Sarah. My Christian name is Sarah,"

"I didn't mean any insult by calling you workers," I said softly. She shook her head.

"I know. It's a touchy subject," she murmured. We were silent again for some time, watching the sun move across the sky. It wasn't until sunset that we moved.

"They'll be missing us," Safara said finally, helping me to my feet as she rose. When I was on my feet, she drew me into a crushing kiss, barely an inch between us. I clutched at her arms, nearly forgetting that we had to get back to the house, so intoxicated by her was I. As we parted, laughing and breathless, she looked down at me and grinned, brushing her fingers over my bare shoulders.

"Might want to get back into your dress," she teased, "your uncle may not be impressed." I looked down, startled that I had somehow forgotten my nudity, flushing and moving to cover myself.

"Don't..." she said hoarsely, grasping my hands, "if I had it my way, you'd be naked all the time, you don't need to cover yourself in front of me." She picked up my slip, gently helping me into it, hands lingering too long on my body. I couldn't blame her; I hesitated the same way when I slid her vest over her shoulder. I pulled my dress on and she laced the stays with the same confidence she had unlaced them, smoothing the material over my hips and passing me my basket.

"I'll see you soon my Kumani," she murmured, pressing her lips to my forehead and disappearing the opposite direction, leaving me as I turned towards the house and began my walk home.

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