tagGroup SexColton's Special Birthday

Colton's Special Birthday


Colton's birthday had been coming up in a few days and Toni was at a loss for some time to get him the perfect gift. She had looked in many stores and catalogs, but nothing piqued her fancy.

At one point, she had giggled to herself, thinking jokingly she should hire a stripper for him, but dismissed the idea. She wasn't sure how he'd react to her bringing a strange woman into the house just to take off her clothes for him, when Toni could do that herself, and then some.

Putting the birthday idea aside for awhile, she went to clean out some closets, when she came across some old men's magazines of Colton's. Opening one, she flipped through it, finding nothing interesting, but she put them aside in case he kept them for a reason.

Reaching back onto a shelf, a centerfold photo of a woman very familiar to Toni had fallen to the floor. Picking it up, she saw it was still open and saw a little bit crusty residue on it that she recognized as dried cum.

My God, Toni thought, Colton had been jerking off while looking at an old centerfold of her bi girlfriend, Danielle--Paul's daughter!

Toni wondered if Colton thought about Danielle when he and Toni had sex as Toni stared at the photo of Danielle's sexy nude body on display for the camera and she felt herself becoming horny, a familiar wetness forming between her legs.

She propped the cum-covered centerfold of Dani next to one of Colton's pictures, then, stripping off her shorts and thong, got on the bed. Toni spread her legs wide, fingering herself while staring at the photos in front of her, fantasizing Colton's nine-inch, hard cock fucking Danielle's willing pussy and Dani's lovely mouth around his throbbing cock, all the while while Toni would be watching them, the way Colton had watched Toni fuck Paul during that holiday weekend.

After getting lost in her fantasy, Toni rubbed her clit and finger fucked herself harder, imagining it was Danielle's expert tongue in and on her pussy instead, bringing herself to a crashing orgasm.

Then she got an idea.

Colton had watched her fuck Paul and joined in on the fun afterwards...so why couldn't she watch him fuck Danielle and do the same when he finished with her hot bi lover? It would make a perfect birthday present! After all, judging from the dried cum on Danielle's old centerfold, Colton had been fantasizing about fucking Dani for some time.

And Toni could make that come true.

Toni's luck was with her that week; Danielle's husband had taken the kids out of town, Dani's own 'fuck stud' on the side was on vacation, and Dani was starved for sex as a result. So when Toni called, Dani was more than willing to come over.

Danielle had barely come through the front door when both her and Toni's tongues had entwined during a deep, passionate kiss as they tore at each other's clothes once they got into the bedroom.

Danielle lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, her stunning, tanned nakedness and shaven pussy ready for her lover. Toni dove between her thighs, licking and sucking Danielle's clit and she pushed two fingers into Dani's wet cunt and a thumb into her ass.

"Toni!" she gasped. "Oh my love, fuck me!"

Toni pushed her fingers and thumb deeper into Danielle's openings, thrusting harder as her tongue worked on the outer lips of Dani's slit before coming back and nibbling her clit. Danielle writhed and moaned above her, begging Toni to fuck her deeper and faster.

This beautiful former centerfold model at her sexual mercy, Toni pulled her fingers out of Danielle's hot box, replacing them with her tongue. She could hear Dani's breaths getting shorter as Toni probed her tongue deeper into Danielle's cunt, thrusting it in and out as her thumb continued to pump out of Dani's asshole.

"Toni, fuck me, baby! Make me cum...I need to cum!"

Toni knew exactly how to make Dani cum, and cum hard. She slipped her tongue out of Danielle's pussy, slipping four fingers inside her, as Toni's tongue made its way back to Dani's swollen clit. Toni licked and sucked around it again as her fingers fucked Dani hard and her tongue drawing out numbers from one to ten on Danielle's hot button.

"Tonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniii!" Danielle screamed as she exploded in orgasm, he body shaking as Toni's fingers were third knuckle deep inside her, fucking her the hardest Toni ever had while eating out Danielle's sweet, soaked pussy and lapping up every drop of her lover's orgasm.

Dani panted softly once she had cum, then smiled.

"I've taught you to fuck and eat pussy well," she giggled. "Maybe too well. Damn, Toni, I don't think anyone can make me cum as hard as you do."

Toni came up and rubbed Danielle's massive tits, laying a wet kiss on her. Danielle could taste her own juices on Toni's hot mouth, and she loved every second of it.

Dani then shoved Toni on her back and spread her younger lover's legs. Dani kissed and licked Toni's own large breasts, gently biting the nipples, before kissing and licking her way down to Toni's own waiting snatch. Danielle then ran her tongue up and down Toni's slit, from her clit to her asshole and back, for a few minutes, then got up and went over to her bag by the bedroom door.

"Keep your legs spread, baby," Danielle said, reaching into the bag. "I have something for you." She pulled out her vibrator. "Remember the first time we got together and you fucked me with this?"

Toni nodded, feeling herself getting wetter with anticipation.

"I never returned the favor. I want to make you feel so good."

Danielle went back between Toni's creamy thighs again, eating her out for a few minutes before turning on the vibrator and pushing it deep into Toni's cunt as far as it would go in. Dani moved it in and out of Toni slowly at first, teasing her lover, then gradually sped up the thrusts as Toni bucked her hips, sighing and moaning above Danielle. Dani then dove her face back onto Toni's pussy, nibbling her clit and licking the outside of her cunt up and down as she fucked Toni with the vibrator.

"Dani!" Toni finally called out. "I'm going to cum!"

Danielle took her mouth off Toni's pussy and fingered her clit, still thrusting in and out of her with the vibrator. "Cum for me, my love. I want you to cum for your Dani and show me how much you love me fucking you."

"Yessssssss..." Toni hissed as she exploded. "Fuck me, Danielle!"

"My Toni, my love...you are cumming so hard!"

In the midst of Toni's orgasm, Dani pulled out the vibrator, replacing her tongue in Toni's saturated pussy, taking in her lover's cum. Toni whimpered softly as she came down from her climax as Danielle licked the last drop of her lover's orgasm.

She rubbed Toni's hairless mound afterwards. "I don't even have to ask if you enjoyed that, baby."

They lay together on the bed for awhile and Toni had told her about her discovery of finding one of Dani's old centerfolds with Colton's dried cum all over it.

"Mmmmm," Dani said, massaging on of Toni's globes. "You didn't tell me you were still with your hot boyfriend."

"Well, I didn't know he'd been jerking off to you for awhile," Toni joked.

Danielle giggled. "Seems like a lot of guys jerked off to those. I think they'd kill to be you or my husband, or even my fuck stud, right now."

Toni gave a sexy grin. "Well I know Colton would. How would you like to be his birthday present?"

Danielle looked at her. "Are you asking me..."

Toni nodded. "He's obviously fantasized about it, today's his birthday, you're here and naked already, so why not?"

"Wait...you want me to fuck your boyfriend?"

"While I watch. He's got a nine-inch cock and knows how to use it," Toni encouraged.

"And you're really okay with this? I mean, I did this one other time...the girl wanted me to do her and her husband, and when I did, I guess he spent a little too much time on me, because she became a real bitch after that and told everyone at her job what a slut I was and for them to watch their husbands and boyfriends around me. Thank God I hadn't met my husband yet at the time."

Toni rubbed her back. "I'm sorry, baby. But I won't get bitchy. You can fuck Colton all you like. As long as I can watch and then join in."

"Mmmmmm...some nice hot pussy and a hard cock in one day? I think I will give it another try. After all, I'm not seventeen anymore."


Colton had just come home and went looking for Toni. He had been gone a week and figured she would be horny as hell and needed a good fuck. Outside of the hot-looking escort he had hired the first night on his trip (and fucked her for over three hours), he hadn't seen any action the entire time he had been gone either. He couldn't wait to get her into bed. But first, he had to find her.

"Toni?" he asked, taking off his shirt as he headed toward the bedroom. The door was ajar and he could see her in there, already naked, but not alone, locked in a passionate embrace with another woman!

He pushed the door open, startling them, then became shocked himself to see his centerfold fantasy in bed with his girlfriend!

"Still being a little whore, only now I see you're fucking a woman!" he mock scolded Toni, and she saw him growing hard in his jeans almost instantly. Danielle too eyed up his rising crotch in appreciation.

Toni got behind Dani, rubbing her female lover's body, making sure it was on full display for him. "Happy birthday, baby. You like her?"

"My God, yes," he panted, taking in Danielle's beautiful body. He didn't know which woman he wanted to fuck first.

Toni's hands roamed over Danielle's tits, never taking her eyes off Colton as she fondled Dani's body. Danielle too stared at him, licking her lips, obviously wanting him as much as he did her.

"You want to fuck her, don't you? Wouldn't you like to put that nice big hard cock in Danielle's sweet little pussy and fuck her?"

Colton's hard-on was raging, dying to be free of his pants, which he stripped off immediately.

"Oh, baby...ladies...don't tease me like that," he groaned.

Toni's voice changed a moment. "Well, you can't fuck her..."

Colton looked as his girlfriend, shocked and a little pissed she teased him that way.

"...until Danielle sucks your cock," Toni finished.

It was all he could do not to cum right there and then. Damn! How many women give their guys a chance to get a blow job from and fuck a former centerfold model--and for their birthday at that?!

Danielle got up off the bed away from Toni, pushing Colton down into a chair, her blue eyes transfixed on him as she kneeled down and took his cock. Her mouth was hot, and he felt a small electric charge as soon as Colton felt the warmth of her mouth around his massive dick.

She started by taking him all the way into her mouth, until he could feel the tip hitting the back of her throat. She held Colton there for a second, and then slowly pulled back, lightly sucking all of the time, until Danielle had her lips around Colton's cock head.

Then, she used her hand, stroking his shaft while sucking on just the head. Slowly at first, but after a few strokes, she began to increase the speed of the strokes and the intensity of the sucking. Faster and faster, harder and harder she sucked, until Colton felt his cum starting to build. He let out a groan, and she responded by sucking even harder.

Back on the bed, Toni kept her eyes on the action in front of her; rubbing her clit as she watched Danielle orally service him.

Finally, with Danielle's obvious expertise in cock sucking, Colton couldn't take it anymore, and groaned again as he felt the cum rushing through his cock. Danielle's mouth sudenly became full of come, and she moved her head away while still stroking him, pulling his dick down toward those fabulous melons of hers.

Another spurt of cum rushed forward and flew straight onto her tits, followed by another and another. Toni was fingering herself wildly now, ready to cum herself, and Danielle was grinning from ear to ear, with cum still on her lips and tits. Colton was elated as she slowly stroked every drop of cum from him. She then let go of his limp prick, stood up, and walked back to the bed, where Toni had just finished her own orgasm and licked Colton's cum from Dani's tits.

"You were right, Toni," she moaned, looking back at Colton. "He does have a nice big cock and it felt so good in my mouth. I bet it will feel just as good in my pussy. Think you can get him hard for me so I can show him my special way of fucking?"

Toni happily obliged, beckoning him over to the bed, giving him her own oral performance until he was rock hard again. The women then made room for him on the bed, with Danielle eyeing his cock hungrily.

As she came toward him, Colton put his hands around Danielle's firm ass and started to probe her bald slit with his lips and tongue.

She pushed his face away. "No," she said firmly. "I'm ready to go. I want to fuck you now."

Colton looked up at her, surprised at her not wanting to be eaten. She looked down at him and smiled again. "Just lie back, stud. I want to show that nice big cock a real good time!"

He lay back on the bed, his dick stood at attention. She looked at it hungrily, while Toni gave Danielle's pussy a few rubs with her fingers. Then, Danielle mounted him, a leg on each side, and Toni slowly guided his fuck tool inside Danielle's cunt.

"Aaaahhh," she said, "Colt...you cock feels so good inside me!"

Her pussy was warm and very wet, revealing that she was also very turned on. It held his dick firmly as she began to move up and down. Her tits were bouncing with each movement, and her eyes were closed in an expression of ecstasy. She pushed herself up, and then slammed down on his shaft, faster and faster and faster.

"Oh Colton...fuck me!" Danielle panted as she rode him harder. "I need all that cock!"

The sight of Danielle bouncing and the feel of her hot, wet pussy on him was almost unbearable, not to mention the sight of Toni's tongue alternating between Danielle's firm ass cheeks and his balls as she finger fucked Danielle's ass and Dani rode his cock with a vengeance got him closer and closer to exploding. Colton wanted to hold out longer and feel more of the inside of Dani's cunt, but couldn't.

"I'm going to cum!" he cried.

"Fill her pussy, baby," Toni told him. "Shoot it in Dani's cunt for your little slut!"

Danielle also looked down at him, and, still smiling, said, "Cum for me then. Cum for me, Colton. I need your cum inside me. Cum for Danielle. Cum in me now, baby!"

That was all he needed. With a groan, he felt the rush of hot, thick cum shoot through his dick and into her pussy. Danielle must have felt it too, because she began to shake uncontrollably. Half a second later, he felt another surge, and then another, until Colton had flooded her with his semen.

"Yes, Colton!" she cried. "Fucking cum in me!"

The look on her face was unforgettable as they came together. When their orgasm had passed, she collapsed onto his chest, her breathing still heavy, but returning to normal.

When it had, she turned her face up to his and kissed him deeply.

"Thank you, Colton," she said, climbing off him. "God, I needed fucked so bad today."

He was already trying to jerk his cock back to life. "Glad to be of help, baby."

Toni then leaned over and kissed him deeply. "That was only part of your present, lover."

She then pushed Danielle back on the bed, spreading the legs of her female lover. Kissing Dani so Colton could see their tongues entwine, Toni then made her way down to Dani's crotch by licking, kissing and sucking on every part of Dani's tanned body. Once Toni got between her thighs, Colton realized his girlfriend was eating his cum out of Danielle's pussy!

Danielle was writhing in pleasure as Toni ate her cunt. "Yes...Toni, my love, suck his cum from me, baby! Eat that pussy...oh, baby, that is so fucking good!"

Colton couldn't stand it any longer as he watched Toni's face between Danielle's legs. He got up and positioned himself behind Toni, slipping his cock inside her.

"Mmmmm...Colton," Danielle cooed. "That's it, baby, fuck your lover while she eats me!"

Toni's moans of pleasure muffled from her head being between Danielle's thighs, Colton fucked her deeper, never taking his eyes off Danielle and watching her reaction to his cock sliding in and out if Toni.

"You like this, baby?" he asked, pumping in and out of Toni harder. "You like watching me fuck my girlfriend while you get that hot pussy eaten by her? You're a couple of hot sluts, you know that?"

Toni, enjoying Colton's cock deep inside her, licked Danielle even harder, then shoved her tongue into Dani's box, tongue fucking her in time to Colton's dick slamming in and out of Toni's own wet cunt.

Danielle clamped her thighs around Toni's head as she began to cum, never missing watching Toni being fucked by Colton.

"Come on, baby," she encouraged him. "Give Toni a good fuck...fuck her harder...come on, baby, make our girlfriend cum with me!"

Suddenly, he had reached his point, watching both Danielle cum from Toni's magic between her legs and Toni's own body quivering in climax from his doggy fucking her.


Within seconds, as Danielle cried out her own climax, Toni felt a hot liquid being spilled deep into her as Colton shot streams of his cum into Toni's well-fucked pussy as he thrust his cock the hardest he could as he came, until the last shot went inside her cunt and her body stopped shaking from her own orgasm.

As he pulled his cock out of Toni and collapsed on the bed, Danielle released the clamping of her thighs from Toni's head.

"Oh God," he panted. "You girls are insatiable."

Toni was stroking his cock again with both hands as Dani caressed his balls. "And we're not even finished yet," Toni grinned. "You're both the birthday boy and our slave to use for sex. Danielle's a horny girl, and she really needs it."

She then leaned over and kissed Dani as Danielle continued working on his balls. "Your turn again, baby," Toni cooed. "Let's make sure he has a real happy birthday today."

As Toni moved out of the way, Danielle took Colton's semi-erect member into her mouth, deep throating him to full hardness. As she once again straddled his cock, Toni did the same to his face. He was not only about to be fucked by the hot and sex-starved Danielle, but also going to be getting off Toni orally at the same time. He was in total pussy heaven!

Colton snaked his tongue in and around Toni's slit, giving her practically the same eating out he had seen her do to Danielle not long before. The sound of Toni's multiple orgasms as Colton ate her soaked pussy made Dani ride his cock even harder until she also began to cum over and over onto his cock and balls.

"Oh Colton..." Dani moaned as he bucked his hips to thrust deeper into her pussy. "Baby, fuck me! I love how your big cock makes me cum!"

Between all of this, Danielle and Toni shared some French kissing and rubbed each other's tits, as Danielle fingered Toni's clit while Colton was working to give both of these horny women sexual satisfaction of his own.

Toni then broke their kiss. "Ohhh my GOD, he eats my cunt so good! How does that nice big cock feel inside you?" she asked. "Is he satisfying that hungry pussy of yours, baby?"

"Toni, oh God...it just fills my cunt and he can fuck me so deep!" Dani answered as she rode him harder.

Toni felt a climax approaching, then ground her hips more into his face.

"Yeah...don't stop baby...eat that pussy...lick me...OHHHHH I'M GONNA CUM!!!"

Danielle reached over and grabbed Toni by the hips, pushing her down more on his face. "Cum, my love. Cum for us. Show us how good Colton eats that pussy."

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