tagErotic CouplingsCome To The Back Of The Bookstore

Come To The Back Of The Bookstore


After weeks of trading naughty emails and sharing pictures, we decided it was time to meet. Not a trip to a hotel room or a dinner date, just a quick meeting to see each other in real life, an opportunity to see if any spark arose. Fantasy doesn't always equal reality, so by arranging an encounter one afternoon there would be no pressure or obligations.

I walked into the bookstore a couple of minutes early and went straight to the back where you had told me you would be sitting. Rounding the corner behind a bookshelf you sat with your back to me, sitting in a chair, reading. I recognized you immediately from your blonde hair ... unforgettable, even from behind.

I walked past you, not saying a word, and sat in the chair opposite yours.

You looked up and smiled, setting aside your magazine, appraising me with your eyes, then smiling a little.

"Well, hello," you said. "You look exactly like who I was waiting for. And right on time, too ... I like that."

"It's a pleasure to see you too," I said. "Even more beautiful in real life than in pictures. And very, very sexy with your clothes on."

I meant it. I was stunned by your beauty. Deep, sensual eyes; a thin mischievous smile. And then you took off your jacket – showing a white blouse unbuttoned enough to show some cleavage of your stunning breasts, along with a gray, knee-length skirt.

"Thank you. That's very sweet. I like what I'm seeing, too."

No, my pictures hadn't lied. 5'11", 185 with brown hair and blue eyes. I had just come from a business lunch – dark gray tailored suit, black overcoat. No tie – I hate wearing them and had left it in the car.

"So, you like the way I write?" I said.

"Yes, you wouldn't believe the things I have to do to myself after reading your stories," you said, leaning back and stretching, making your breasts strain against the fabric of your shirt. "I've been so excited about meeting you in person ... thinking about it all day!"

"I can imagine what the stories make you do. That's why I like to keep writing them. And why I wanted to meet you."

"Here's a hint," you said, undoing one button of your blouse. "Look at that – I was at work reading one of your stories before coming here ... so I decided to leave my bra at the office."I smiled and straightened up in my chair, leaning forward. "Well, your shirt is so sheer, I can tell. And it looks fantastic."

In mock surprise, you raised your eyebrows. "Oh, these?" you ask, cupping your breasts in your hands. "You think a little glimpse through the fabric is enough? They should stay covered up?" You squeezed your breasts a little, lifting them and brushing your nipples with your thumbs.

"Not at all. Let me unbutton your shirt the rest of the way for you."

"Oh, what a gentleman. Please do."

I leaned over and placed one hand over yours, helping support one breast, and unbuttoned three buttons. You pulled the shirt aside and let your glorious breasts fall out and resumed rubbing your nipples with your thumbs.

"Here I am, my tits hanging out and they are so big there is no way I can get them back into my shirt if someone else comes back here," you mockingly pouted. "See what you make me do?"

"I can't imagine what would happen. But I'm so happy to see this. You are incredible looking. This has to be the sexiest sight of my life."

You leaned back a little, still slowly circling your nipples with your thumbs.

"Mmmmm, thank you. But it's getting a little frustrating, having a sexy guy like you watching me and doing nothing about it."

I smiled. "Do you mean frustrating or just getting you hotter? That can be the same thing."

"Either one," you said, closing your eyes, still rubbing. "But I need to be touched soon or we have problems."

I leaned forward and placed my hand on the inside of your knee, and lightly brushed my fingers upward, my hand disappearing underneath your skirt. I then leaned further in toward your chest and touched my tongue to the outside of two of your fingers, pressing it in to reach your hard nipple. My hand probed to your panties, and pressed against what I could tell was moist fabric. My two fingers pressed against the sensitive parts underneath, twisting lightly, making the panties twist and stretch and stimulate you.

"Ohhhhh," you sighed. "I want you. You could fuck me right here and I wouldn't care who saw."

I removed my hand from your legs and stood, running my hand through your hair. I reached down and cupped your breasts, then kissed your cheek.

"I'd be happy to fuck you," I whispered into your ear.

"Mmmmmm..." you moaned, reaching to my crotch, massaging my hardening cock through my pants.

"Oh, this is what I want," you whispered back, rubbing me a little faster.

"Keep going like that," I said, One hand leaving your breast and going to your waistband. I reached into your skirt and started rubbing the outside of your panties again – pressing to feel the lips of your pussy spread open a little, then my fingers down, straight back up, and circling back down. You inhaled deeply and spread your legs a little. Then you unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, taking it into your mouth, sucking hard and deeply.

I let your tits and pussy go for a second as I stood up. "Aahhh ... that's perfect," I said. And I put one hand behind your head in your hair and watched your beautiful lips work my cock, teasing the tip and then taking the shaft in deep to your throat. What an incredible sight.

I let you keep sucking, and started to feel my orgasm build. I wasn't ready. I wanted to come, but I also had bigger ideas about what to give you. So I grabbed your hair and pulled back, my cock slipping out of your mouth. I bent my mouth to your ear. As I lowered my body, my hard cock buried itself between your incredible breasts.

"I want to cum all over your face. Then I want you to walk out of the store and to my car. Where I will lick your pussy until you scream."

You looked at me surprised, but smiling.

"You want me to walk out of here with cum dripping off of my face?"

The thought was driving me crazy. I started pressing my cock deeper into your tits, feeling the warmth and softness.

"Yes. If you want to get fucked this afternoon, that's what it's going to take."

"You got me this horny so you've got to fuck me. You are going to blow a load now and be good and hard for me in a few minutes? You'd better be able to do it again. Don't be an asshole who can't perform. I expect to be fucked good."

"Promise. You won't believe your mind."

"Okay. Stop titfucking me, then."

I stood, removing my cock from your breasts and you took me back in your mouth. Sucking deeply, looking up at my face, both to show me how much you were enjoying the blow job and to see when I would be ready to cum. What a great cocksucker you are – long, deep waves of pressure, followed by a perfect amount of tickling.

I felt my load building. "Okay .. I'm ready."

You held my cock before your face and jerked it off, looking expectantly at it, wanting to see my cum but also not really wanting a shot in the eye.

"Noooww ... " I hissed, as an orgasmic wave washed over me. The first spasm went higher than I meant, missing your nose but hitting your forehead and hair. The line of cum fell across your face and dripped on top of your tits. The second and third waves went across your cheek and lips. You leaned back in your chair and sucked the remaining drops out. I stepped back, watching the cum slide down your face, hanging on your lips and chin, and one large drop sliding down your breast, pooling around the nipple.

"Beautiful," I said. "Do you like it in the face?"

You smiled. "I do. It's sort of a powerful feeling, actually. Warm. Meaningful, I guess."

I smiled back, zipping up my pants. "Well, I can't believe how hot it looks on you. You always let men do your makeup for you?"

"Only the ones that can really bring the goods. You talk big. So far I like what you've got. Lets see what else you can do."

"I told you I'd hold up my end of the bargain. Let's go."

You buttoned up your blouse and put on your jacket, wiping the drop of cum off of your nipple, looking at me and licking it off your finger with a loud smack. We walked out. There weren't many customers in the bookstore, but a couple looked up as we left.

You leaned close to me and laughed. "You know, that guy over there just looked at me like I have cum all over my face for some reason."

I laughed back, "Now why would that be?" I smiled and looked at you. It's the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

I looked over my shoulder. "Who, that guy back there? What a pervert. He's still watching us walk away. Probably thinking you are the hottest girl and I'm the luckiest guy in the world," and I reached down and squeezed your ass.

We went outside and turned toward the parking garage. You huddled toward me against the wind, then took out a Kleenex and started wiping the cum from your face. "Sorry," you said. "It's making my face cold."

"No problem. Where did you park?"

You pointed toward your car, near the corner of the garage.

"Oh, that's convenient," I said. "I'm parked right next to you. It makes a private spot for us."

I had backed my SUV into the last spot in the corner, and with your car next to us it meant we could go unseen behind my car. I took you back there, and pressed you up against the wall.

"Now," I said, opening your coat, and pressing against you. "Want to find out what my tongue can do?"

"Your tongue ... and your fingers ... and your cock," you breathed excitedly, as I ran my hand in your hair and kissed you deeply, our tongues mingling.

I slid my hand down your body, lingering at your breast, then down to your skirt. I bent down to reach the bottom of your skirt and pulled it up, baring your gorgeous legs. I looked at your white, lacy panties, then started sliding them down. As I pressed them toward your knees I kissed your neck, then brushed my teeth over your nipples inside your blouse.

I dropped further down as you undid your blouse, and I lowered your panties below your knees, then helped you step out of them. Crouching before you, I looked up at your glorious body – the beautiful, smiling, expectant face; the incredible, round breasts, and now my first view of your amazing, moist, bare pussy.

"You are so gorgeous, I breathed. I can't wait to make you quake."

"Hurry, then."

I kissed the inside of your knee, then your thigh. I slid one hand up the back of your leg, then firmly grabbing your ass and squeezing it. My other finger pressed between your legs, making you spread them a little. With two fingers I tickled the outside of your pussy and let the lips spread open, and I pressed into the wetness.

"Oooohhh .... Yessss," you said, as you leaned back and slid down the wall a little.

I pressed my fingers deeper into you, still kissing your inner thigh, rotating my fingers into you. I then slid my fingers out and forward, opening the hooded pussy lips so I could reveal your clit.

"You are ready," I said. "I can see by how full that clit is."

"Then do something about it," you said, eyes still closed, both frustrated and excited, as one of your hands held up your skirt and the other cupped your breast.

I squeezed your ass tighter and placed my two fingers on your clit, rubbing it slowly, circling around it. Even pressure with very little movement, almost stopping my fingers at the top of each circle. You started moaning slowly.

I continued circling your clit as I started kissing further up your leg. I took my two fingers and pressed into you deeply, replacing the clit pressure with my thumb. My fingers went in deep, curling and then coming out a little, bringing moisture with them. Your clit flickered as my thumb rubbed it. I felt tightness inside your pussy, and your breathing started to get louder. You moaned. "Ohhh ... I'm comingggg ...."

I stood and pressed my mouth to your tits, flicking your nipple with my tongue. My fingers kept circling deep in you. You moaned and bucked a little against the wall. Your pussy squeezed my fingers.

"OOoooooHHhhhh!!" You said, lifting a leg and wrapping it around my body. "Yes .... Your fingers .... Fuck ... fuck ..."

Then you were quiet, mouth open, as you came, trying to keep from screaming and alerting anyone to our presence in the parking garage. Your body shook as your insides squeezed my fingers tighter. The wave of orgasm passed through you as, and then you breathed in deeply.

"Oh yes!! Oh yes!! Come on, what about licking my pussy?"

I reached back and opened the hatch of my car. "Get in. Lay down."

You laid in the back, your head propped up on my briefcase, your legs spread open and your feet on the bumper.

I stood with my hands on your knees. "Ready?"

"Fuck yes."

Saying nothing, I traced my fingers down the inside of your legs, then kissing behind where my fingers were. I spread open your pussy and slid two fingers in, then used my other hand to expose your clit.

I leaned close in and blew on your clit softly. You arched your back and moaned.

Then I gently touched the tip of my tongue to your clit. You inhaled deeply and your legs twitched at the sensation.

I drew my fingers in and out of your pussy, inhaling the beautiful odor of your excitement. I could already feel my cock getting hard again. I pressed my tongue to your clit harder, pressed my fingers in deeper, and then started working my tongue in a small circle.

"Aaah..." you squealed, twisting your body to the side a little, watching me.

I spent several minutes slowly circling your clit with my tongue, refusing to alter my pace or timing. I was trying to tease you into needing to get it faster and harder, and it was working perfectly. Your breathing was coming in short, quick pants and you would twitch with each deep stroke my fingers took into you. Soon I started to feel that telltale pressure inside your pussy starting to build, and you lifted one leg, placing it across my back, trying to pull my tongue into tighter contact with your clit.

"Fu .. Fu ... Fu ..." you said, unable to breathe enough to get the word out before another passionate spasm would go through your body. Your pussy started to get even wetter, and my fingers made sucking noises as they slid in and out.

I hummed into your pussy, "Lovely!"

Your insides tightened, and I pressed my tongue harder against your clit. The orgasm hit you strongly, as your entire body clenched and you arched and was still for 5 seconds, exhaling loudly. Juices flowed inside your pussy, coating my fingers and squeezing out, covering my tongue.

You caught your breath.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!."

I swung my body into the car and placed my crotch over your face. "I'm ready. Get my cock out."

You reached up and unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out as I lowered my mouth back to your wet, bare pussy. You started jerking my cock as it hardened to your touch, but then had to let go as my tongue striking your pussy from a different direction sent another spasm through your body.

"Oh ... I'm going to scream ...I'm going to scream ...," And you put my cock in your mouth.

We laid in the 69 position as I moaned in pleasure into your clit because of the sensation of your sucking. My moans in turn made your clit vibrate even more, and as your body tightened again you slid my cock out of your mouth.

"OH FUCK IM COMING AGAIN!!!" You screamed at the top of your lungs.

I pushed my tongue down on your clit hard and spread your pussy lips wide open as you started to shake again.


After the wave passed, I turned to you.

"Bad girl, screaming like that. Now that anyone can hear, I'll just have to fuck you hard and fast."

You looked at me, in shock and a little surprised that you had yelled so loud. "Yes. Please. Sorry."

"Flip over."

I got out of the car and you rolled over, your feet on the ground, your stomach laying inside the car.

I gripped your lovely ass, spread you open a little, and slid my cock into you from behind. You arched your back up as I filled your pussy.

"Oh yes!!!" you cried.

I started pumping you quickly, hard, feeling your lovely moisture all over my cock, getting out onto my body. I went quick and deep, my body slapping your ass. I squeezed your cheeks with both hands, digging my fingernails in and pressing your ass together, clamping it against my body.

"Ohhhh myyyy," you squealed, as your wet pussy tightened against me.

You had another orgasm building, and I could feel the cum welling up inside me. I leaned in, getting my face closer to your ear. "I told you I'd bring you another load."

"Yes, yes, yes you did .... Oh no oh no oh no ... I'm CUMMING AGAIN!!!" you screamed even louder. You pressed both arms up, arching your back as the electric sensation of the orgasm bolted through.

As you held yourself up I leaned back, feeling your pussy clamping on my cock even harder. The orgasm surged through me, as I started pumping my cum into your tight pussy, sliding deep into you with my continuing thrusts.

"AAAHHHHH!!!!" you squealed in happiness, feeling my juice in you. We both held steady for a couple of seconds, breathing heavily, then you collapsed into the floor of the car.

I withdrew my cock, and zipped up my pants. Looking around to make sure nobody was watching, I helped you out of the car.

You straightened your skirt and buttoned your blouse. "Sure enough, you held up your end of the bargain."

Wiping off my face, I smiled. "Thanks. No problem. I'll remember this forever. One of the best fucks I've ever had."

You smiled. "Me too. I can barely stand. Next time I see an email from you I'll probably have to take care of myself before I read it. And before our next meeting, I'll have to leave all of my underwear behind, not just my bra."

We kissed deeply. "All right," I said. "We had better go."

We drove off in separate directions, heading for the exits at either side. As I pulled out of the garage, two police cars pulled in, lights flashing. Somebody must have seen us. I guess we didn't have much privacy after all.

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