Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter


Cindy looked up at me, and took hold of my cock with her hand and let it fall from her mouth.

"What should I do?" she asked me.

Frustrated I responded "Keep doing what you were doing Cindy so pump my cock with your hand and tease the end with your mouth and tongue. When I start to cum you need to catch it all in your mouth."

She paused for a moment, but then she meekly nodded and took my cock deep into her mouth again. She started sucking hard and I could feel her tongue teasing the base of my cock head, making it throb in her mouth. Cindy suddenly squeezed my balls gently and that was final stimulation I needed.

With a groan of "I'm cummming," my cum sprayed from my hard cock and filled Cindy's mouth. For a moment she seemed like she was about to choke, but then she continued to pump my cock as I spurted my warm, thick cum into her small willing mouth.

Slowly my orgasm subsided and the last few drops of my thick cum dripped into Cindy's young mouth. I watched her pretty face as her blonde hair fell down and covered my leg. Slowly she knelt upright, my cock flopping from her mouth, still hard but no longer full of cum.

"Mmmmm," I heard her say, her mouth full of my cum, and without prompting she swallowed it, taking my cum into her belly. "Lovely," she whispered and bent and licked some of the dribbles of cum that had coated my cock.

"Do you like the taste of my cum?" I asked her.

"I love it Mr Matthews, I never knew how tasty it was," she answered, and I noticed that her hand was down between her legs and had dipped beneath her miniskirt and she was quite noticeably playing with herself.

My cock was still hard and the view of Cindy fingering her pussy was enough to get me horny again. I glanced at my clock on the wall and we still had half an hour before Cindy's parents would return. I would like longer but it will have to be enough time to show Cindy what a man's cock could do to her.

"I can see you want more," I said, nodding to where her hand was busy under her skirt.

Cindy shyly bent her head and mumbled, "I'm so hot, I just want more, Mr Matthews."

"Time for your next lesson Cindy."

I rose and helped Cindy to her feet. I didn't have much time and I wanted to bury my thick cock insider her tight pussy as soon as possible. I ran my hands through her soft hair and smiled at her as I looked into her beautiful eyes which were now sparkling with lust.

I moved my hands down to her waist and said to her "Turn around and bend over the table for me."

Obediently Cindy turned around to face my kitchen table and she leaned forward, placing her delicate hands on the surface to support her. She wasn't really bent over enough for me so I got her to move lower, so that she was resting on her elbows, and her sexy ass was raised in my direction. I noticed while I was arranging her position that her blouse was open and her pert tits were free and resting on the hard wooden table.

Cindy was still wearing her short skirt which covered her sexy ass but all that did was get my even more turned on, knowing I was about to sink my cock into her young pussy. I lifted up her skirt to reveal her smooth, firm ass and I noticed her panties had shifted to cover her pussy again.

I grabbed hold of her panties and slowly slid them over her hips and down her long smooth legs. She stepped out of them and now I could see her wet pussy clearly, which still looked tight even after her earlier orgasm.

I moved closer and I held my hard cock and teased her clit and pussy which spread her juices over her entrance and the end of my thick cock. I placed my hands on her hips, holding up her skirt as I eased my cock between her tight pussy lips. Slowly I pushed forward, watching as my hard cock spread her wet lips, stretching them wide as my thick shaft eased into her.

"Oh yes, Mr Matthews, I can feel your cock filling me."

Cindy was moaning as I continued to slowly thrust my cock into her tight pussy. I put my hand on her smooth back and pressed firmly, keeping her pinned to the table while I started to ease my cock in and out of her hot pussy. She was so eager to have my cock inside her young body that she started moving her ass back towards me, urging me to fill her up even more. I grinned as I realized that she would be back for more another day if this was anything to go by, but for now I needed to satisfy my immediate needs.

"Move back and forth, Cindy, feel my cock inside you" I instructed her. I used my hands on her hips to show what she needed to do, getting her to slide her ass back and forth while I stood still. Soon she was dictating her own pace, sliding her tight pussy up and down my engorged cock while I watched.

It wasn't the rhythm that would make me cum so I was about to take control again when I started hearing Cindy making some strange noises. At first she made some barely audible mewing sounds but soon she was moaning louder and she started to move faster on my cock, pushing her ass against me to force my cock deep inside her, and then moving away to feel it slide almost all the way out of her.

I glanced at the clock and saw that there would be enough time so I reached around under her and stroked her clit in time with her movements against me. Suddenly she was shouting out in ecstasy as she started to cum again, this time with my cock inside her pulsating pussy.

"Oh yes, oh my god, oh yess, Mr Matthews, I'm going to....I'm going to....oh fuck!" she shouted as she suddenly came all over my cock, her body shaking and her pussy clamped around my thick cock.

Slowly she slumped to the table, resting after her wild climax. But I needed to finish soon both because of the time but also because I could feel my cum rising in my balls from the sensations of her tight pussy on my engorged cock.

Looking down at her I grabbed her sexy hips again, and watched my glistening cock slide in and out of her slim body while she lay slumped on my table still overcome by her recent orgasm. I started fucking her fast, thrusting my hard cock deep inside her warm pussy and filling her up with each stroke.

I could feel my cock pushing up deep inside her pussy and spreading her pussy lips with each urgent thrust. I fucked her roughly, my strong hands digging into her thin waist to hold her still while I pushed my cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. Cindy started to respond to my fucking by moving against me again, and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. She raised herself on her hands while I took her, bent over my kitchen table.

I looked up at the back of her head where her soft blonde hair was swaying back and forward in time with my deep strokes. I couldn't resist reaching up with one of my hands and entwining her fair hair between my fingers. Pulling gently but insistently on her hair I raised her head and pulled her body against my cock in time with my strokes.

I was in complete control now and Cindy could do nothing except respond to my fucking as I buried my cock deep inside her sweet tight pussy. This control I had over her was turning her on again and she started making her mewing noises again, which I now knew would result in another orgasm if I continued. I could feel my own cum rising in my balls and cock and I knew I would soon be cumming inside this beautiful eighteen year old.

"I'm going to cum soon Cindy, I'm going to cum inside you," I said while I continued to fuck her.

"Oh yes Mr Matthews, I want your cum, please, fill me with your cum," she begged me, her words punctuated with her moans of an impending climax.

With a grunt I pulled back on her hair so her ass was forced against me and I pressed my cock deep inside her, and with a shout I started to cum inside her. Again and again I felt my hot cum spray inside her tight pussy, filling her up with my seed. I kept my cock buried all the way insider her body while my cum continued to shoot from my hard cock and I heard her screams of joy as she came again, her body shuddering and her pussy milking my cock while her orgasm consumed her.

Cindy slowly recovered and murmured quietly to me "Mmmm, I love the feel of you inside me, Mr Matthews, your cum feels so warm in me."

I glanced up at the clock again and suddenly realized her parents were due any minute now, so I didn't have any time to savor the feelings of my cock gently softening inside Cindy's young pussy. I squeezed my cock to deposit the last of my cum in her pussy, and pulling back I slid my cock out of her and reached for a towel, mopping the cum that was already oozing out of her stretched pussy.

"Quick Cindy, we must clean up," I said, pointing to the clock when she looked around.

She had a dreamy look on her face and wasn't moving very fast but I got her to put her panties back on to stop any more cum leaking from her and I helped her button up her blouse so that her tits were covered again. Taking a hairbrush from her bag she slowly brushed her hair while I make myself presentable. All the time she seemed to be watching me, a sparkle in her eye. Just then the doorbell rang and I quickly looked around my kitchen and I saw some of our glistening juices on the chair and floor which might give the game away.

"Come on Cindy, that will be your parents," and I grabbed her hand, leading her into the hall. Just before I got to the door Cindy stopped me and faced me and surprised me by kissing me hard, her tongue seeking out my own in my mouth.

Almost at once she backed off and exclaimed "Thanks Mr Matthews, that was the best night ever!"

Stunned for a moment she turned around and opened the door to her parents. Cindy immediately walked out telling her parents how helpful I had been and that I had be a true gentleman to her.

I could barely look her parents in the eye as they thanked me and left to take their eighteen year old daughter home, little knowing that her young tight pussy was full of my warm cum.

I closed the door as they left and let out a big sigh as I realized how close I had come to be caught fucking their daughter, but then my lips turned into a big grin as I recalled the evenings events and the feeling of being sucked off by Cindy and the amazing fucking of her young body. I hoped she would be back for more.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/20/18


i want to be fucked too.

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by Anonymous05/02/18

Me too

Like the another women, I too fucked my neighbor, an older gentleman who I had a crush on. It’ was during a summer when parents and younger sister were out of town and I was in college, and home alonemore...

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by RodThrustin04/28/18

So, Anonymous, What You Got?

This for the Anonymous reader who complained this was the same old crap and doesn't anyone have any imagination. If you must make negative comments, make them useful.
If you're so damn creative, writemore...

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by Anonymous03/09/18


When i was 18 i had a similar experiance with my older neighbour.

I kept going back for more becasue he fucked me so much better than my boyfriend!

In fact... i still see him and im 30 married to mymore...

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by aamethystt4802/05/18


As an older widowed father of 2 handicapped sons, I dream of something like this. What is worse, I teach college part-time. My neighbor across the street has a daughter like this albeit a little younger-more...

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