tagLesbian SexComing Clean Ch. 03

Coming Clean Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Tiffany's Ride

Hello and welcome to my readers, my thanks to you for your votes, personal comments and e-mails on my previous stories. You may wish to read the preceding chapters of 'Coming Clean' to familiarize yourself with the characters portrayed here. Thanks also to Stella Omega for permission to include her characters Gloria and Jessamine in this chapter. Enjoy.


"Are you positive they won't mind if I ride with you guys this weekend?"

Tiffany fastened her skintight jeans and put on the leather chaps Melodie had leant her.

"I mean I don't know anything about motorcycles. What if I lose my grip and fall off? If I miss any classes and lose my scholarship my folks will kill me."

"Relax Tiff." Melodie zipped up her leather jacket and smiled at her sorority sister. "Kat and Kitten want to meet you."

"Well you know I thought they were so rough at first, not like anyone I know. But you like them and I like you, I mean we're sorority sisters and all; and when you said they wanted to meet me, well I just freaked you know."

"It'll be fine, Tiff. We'll go riding and enjoy ourselves. We better get a move on; they'll be here any minute."

Walking down the stairs of Gamma House, Melodie and Tiffany heard the unmistakable rumble of Harley-Davidson motorcycle exhausts. Melodie flung open the door and ran to greet her friends, Tiffany walked shyly up to the trio as they kissed and hugged, all talking at once.

"Well, well, who have we here?" boomed the tall blond woman. "You must be Tiffany. Mel's told us all about you." She offered a hand, "I'm Kat."

"And I'm Kitten," the shorter brown haired woman added. "How ya doin'? Ready to go ridin'?"

Tiffany's face reddened, "I…I…yes, yes I am. Thank you for inviting me. I've never ridden a motorcycle before."

"Oh, we have a virgin in our midst," Kat roared. She winked at Kitten and Melodie, "We like virgins don't we?"

Both women nodded and grinned. Tiffany noticed a change in her 'sister'; she seemed more like Kat and Kitten; more self-assured, swaggering when she walked. Kat and Kitten were looking at her with hungry eyes. Tiffany felt a thrill of fear as Kat hugged her, she was so strong; and the three of them kept grinning and winking at each other. However, she felt warm and comfortable in Kat's arms and almost instinctively snuggled against her, her head resting on Kat's jutting breasts.

"You'll ride with me Tiff," Kat declared. "Just hang onto me and you'll be all right." She threw her leg over her Harley Fat Boy, started it with a roar and motioned for Tiffany to sit behind her. "Hang on cutie, here we go."

They rumbled away from the curb, Kitten and Melodie following behind on Kitten's Harley Softail. Rolling through the campus and the town, they swept onto the interstate, accelerating to the speed limit. Tiffany was terrified and yet she was excited. She had never traveled this fast and not been in a car. Hugging Kat's waist, she avoided the buffeting wind; however, Kat kept wiggling her ass into her riders' crotch making Tiffany wet from the intimate contact.

Kitten and Melodie were too involved with each other to pay much attention to how Tiffany was enjoying her ride. Melodie had molded herself to Kitten's back, nibbling her ear and playing with her breasts. Kitten moaned in delight, rubbing her ass on Melodie's increasingly wet pussy. Each could feel the heat from the others body as their arousal grew.

Both saw the sign for a rest stop ahead. Kitten gunned the engine and motioned Kat to follow. Kitten roared into the parking area, shut off the motor and hand in hand with Melodie ran into the bathroom.

Kat pulled up and shut her engine off. "Look at them run," Tiffany observed. "They must have to go really bad."

Kat chuckled. "Yes, I think they do." She would have liked to join them but there would be time for that later. Besides Tiffany didn't need to know everything right away.


Kitten and Melodie scrambled into the last stall, locked the door and began tugging at their clothing. They pulled their jeans and panties down, pulled up their t-shirts and began writhing against each other, kissing wildly.

"I missed you so much Mel," Kitten moaned. "I wanted you all week."

"Now you have me," Melodie breathed. "Fuck me lover. I want you too."

Kitten thrust two fingers in Melodie's wet pussy, her thumb stroking the engorged clit. Melodie sighed and clung to Kitten's neck, their open-mouthed kisses becoming more passionate. Melodie spread her legs wider as Kitten added another finger, working the G-spot. Melodie rode Kitten's wiggling fingers, her pussy muscles clamping down on them as they moved against the soft walls.

Kitten felt Melodie shudder and knew her climax was near. Pumping four fingers in her lover's wetness she gasped, "Cum for me my angel. Cum for your Kitten, I love you."

Melodie stifled a scream of joy on Kitten's lips as her climax burned through her, bathing Kitten's fingers in warm cum. Kitten continued to finger her until she had another orgasm. Unable to stand, Melodie slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Kitten tried to help her up, but Melodie shook her head. She tugged on Kittens legs and made her sit on the seat. Kitten smiled and spread her legs. She knew what would happen next.

Kitten gave a gasping moan as Melodie's mouth covered her pussy, tongue reaching deep inside the pink folds, nose brushing her clit. Her fingers tangled in Melodie's red hair, pulling her face against the wet lips as her hips rose from the seat. "Ohhhh …yes…you eat so good…eat baby, eat…"

Melodie devoured Kitten's pussy until she felt her lover's body stiffen and knew she was cumming. Kitten's orgasm raged through her body as she filled Melodie's mouth with salty juices. Melodie worked a cum-covered finger into Kitten's asshole, giving her a second orgasm when she felt the welcome penetration. She pulled Melodie into her lap and they kissed and hugged in the warm glow of love and satisfaction.


"Why are they taking so long?" Tiffany asked, restlessly walking about. "They've been in there like for hours."

"They'll be along," Kat replied, reclining on the motorcycle's seat. "What are you studying in college Tiff?"

"Well, right now I'm so fascinated with women's literature. I mean all these fantastic authors, and their ideas. I just love all of them. Some of them are lesbians you know and their work is so exciting to read."

Kat chuckled. "I bet those women are exciting too. I'd like to meet a few of them."

"Oh I would too," Tiffany enthused. "Maybe have a discussion with them about their work and what motivates them. It would be so empowering."

"It would be exciting for both of us…," Kat began. "Hey, there are our girls now."

Melodie and Kitten walked up holding hands, faces glowing.

"Are you guys okay; I mean you were in there so long. We were beginning to worry…" Tiffany began.

"We're fine Tiff," Melodie said, looking at Kitten. "Just fine."

"Couldn't be better," Kitten added, winking at Melodie. "Ready to roll Mama?"

Kat started the engine and Tiffany climbed on behind her. She loved to have her arms around Kat, resting her head on a broad shoulder, feeling her warmth. Kat sighed as Tiffany clung to her, she was so cute and her body made her mouth water. Kat promised herself she'd lick that pussy before the weekend was over.


Two hours of riding brought them to the shores of Fire Lake. They cruised down the dirt road run smooth by thousands of motorcycles, stopping at a secluded spot. They removed their jackets and chaps, followed by their t-shirts. Surprised at first, Tiffany removed her shirt. The sun felt good on her breasts, and she noticed the other women looking at her. She smiled, lifted her arms and stretched luxuriantly.

Kat's pussy was wet looking at Tiffany's perfect breasts, gently rounded spheres with puffy pink nipples and pebbled areolas. She sat down in the grass, pulled Tiffany into her lap and kissed her. Tiffany flinched, then returned the kiss, her hand cupping Kat's jutting breast. Kat responded in kind as their kisses and caresses became more passionate.


Melodie and Kitten walked down to the lakeshore holding hands and gazed at the water.

"Wanna take a swim?" Kitten said.

"I'd love to," Melodie replied.

They removed their boots, jeans and panties; stepping tentatively into the cool water. "Cannonball!" Kitten cried, pushing Melodie in and diving after her. Splashing and laughing, they chased and dunked each other until they tired, standing in the shallows to catch their breath.

Melodie brushed Kitten's wet hair from her face and kissed her tenderly. Kitten sighed and gathered Melodie into her arms, their wet bodies molding against each other.

"I love you Kitten."

"I love you Melodie."

"I'm so happy you and Kat seduced me that night."

"I wanted you the minute I saw you. I wanted to see if you were a real redhead."

"I thought I'd go crazy when you first licked me. I never wanted you to stop."

"I never wanted to either. I almost died when you made love to me the first time. It felt so damn good."

"What about Mama Kat? Will she be okay with us…?"

"Kat and I go way back. We met at a bike rally in Sturgis 8 years ago. We've been pals, business partners and fuck buddies since then. We have affection for each other, but love never entered into it."

They kissed once more, then walked over the pebbled shoreline and sat on a rock.

"Melodie, I love you and I want us to be together. Do you really want to get involved with me though? I'm older than you. I never went to college. I'm not smart like you. I'm just a bike mechanic with grease under my fingernails."

"Oh shut up! Stop that talk! I don't care about all that. I love you Kitten and that's all that matters. You don't learn everything in college. You can take apart a motorcycle engine and put it back together blindfolded. I can't even turn a wrench. I'll give you a manicure and all that grease will be gone. Now be quiet and kiss me."

Kissing and hugging they rolled happily in the grass, hands roaming as they began making love.


Kat's hands caressed Tiffany's breasts as she sighed in pleasure, wiggling against Kat's wet pussy. Stripping off their remaining clothing, Kat pulled Tiffany into her lap, her hands exploring the younger girl's body. Tiffany spread her legs as Kat's hand danced down her belly, fingers fluffing her blond bush and disappearing into her gooey pussy. Her hips rose as Kat's finger twisted against her pink walls, thumb stroking her erect clit, her other hand kneading her breast and rubbing the erect nipple.

Tiffany's heart beat wildly as Kat pleasured her, her body responding to the stimulation. She had dreamt of making love to another woman, but was afraid to make the first move. Kat's body felt so wonderful against hers as she sucked on a brown nipple, Kat's moan telling her she liked what she was doing. Tiffany felt as if she would explode as Kat stretched her pussy, finger fucking her harder as their lips met in a passionate kiss.

"Ohhhh…Mama Kat that feels sooo good," Tiffany moaned. "Please don't stop, don't stop ever."

"Mmmm…I don't intend to," Kat murmured. "Your sweet pussy is all mine little girl." She felt Tiffany shudder and knew she was close to orgasm, "Cum for Mama Kat Tiff, cum for your mama."

Tiffany's back arched as her orgasm seared every nerve, screaming with joy she drenched Kat's hand in her love honey, cumming again as Kat's fingers probed deeper. She collapsed against Kat, her head between the woman's large breasts.

Kat hugged her, rocking back and forth, as Tiffany savored the afterglow. She looked up at Kat with half-closed eyes, seeing blue eyes looking at her lovingly. "That was so good Mama. I've never felt like this before. You were fantastic."

Kat chuckled and kissed her. "Was that your first time with a woman, Tiff?"

"Yes, oh yes. It was better than I ever dreamed." She lifted from Kat's lap and knelt before her. "I want to make you happy too, can I, please? Tell me what to do."

Kat sighed, lay back and held out her arms to Tiffany. "Come here little girl, make love to your Mama all you like. Do to me what pleases you." Tiffany lay on top of the larger woman, rubbing her pussy on Kat's belly, filling her hands with silken breast flesh, thumbs flicking the hard nipples. Kat moaned in delight as Tiffany kissed her neck and shoulders, her lips replacing her hand as she licked and sucked on a breast.

Kat gently removed Tiffany's hand from her breast, placing it on her quivering pussy. Tiffany slid her finger into Kat's wetness and began to explore; the woman's moans telling her she was doing right. She fucked Kat as she writhed beneath her, sucking and nibbling on her breasts.

Tiffany suddenly felt the desire to taste Kat's juicy pussy. Kissing her way down Kat's body she settled between her outstretched legs and tentatively licked the engorged lips, the taste and aroma making her shiver with desire. She gripped Kat's thighs and buried her face in the blond curls, sucking the wet flesh into her mouth as Kat squealed in pleasure.

"Ohhhh…yesss," Kat moaned, her fingers tangled in the younger woman's blond curls. "Yesss my little girl…you're doing fine. Eat your Mama, lick me, suck me…" she chanted as Tiffany devoured her pussy. Kat raised her hips, pushing her wet slit harder against Tiffany's busy tongue. She began sucking on Kat's erect clit, her fingers spreading apart and sliding in the gooey pussy, Kat's moans and whimpers guiding her as she brought the older woman to orgasm.

The world spun before Kat's eyes as her orgasm suffused through her body, every nerve ending on fire she screamed lustily, covering Tiffany's face and hand with sweet juices. Tiffany was startled when Mama came in her mouth, instinctively swallowing the warm fluids as she savored the taste and went after more. She sucked Kat to two more orgasms until she gently pushed her head away and lay panting in the grass.

Snuggling against Kat, Tiffany asked, "Was that okay, Mama? Did I do well?"

Kat hugged her, "It was marvelous Tiff. My little girl is a born pussy eater. I haven't gotten off like that in a long time. You make your Mama so happy."

Gathering their strength after resting, they decided to see where Melodie and Kitten were. Walking in the direction they had gone, they neared the lake and heard the slurps and little cries of pleasure. Following the sounds, they saw the two locked in a frantic 69, Kitten on top as they sucked each other's pussies.

"They look so good together," Tiffany said quietly. "Melodie told me she and Kitten were in love. It's so romantic."

Kat felt a brief pang of jealousy as she watched the lovers. She and Kitten had been together for some time and though they never admitted any affection other than a deep friendship, she assumed they would always be together. A tear trickled down her cheek and Tiffany saw it.

"Don't cry Mama", she said hugging Kat. "You have me if you want me. I want to be your little girl."

Kat hugged Tiffany and kissed her, "You are so sweet. Mama loves you. Mama loves her little girl."

"I love you too Mama," Tiffany replied, her face between Kat's breasts. "I want to make love again." They sank onto the grass, their sighs and moans echoing those of Melodie and Kitten.


"They should be right around this bend," Kitten hollered. "She said to meet her…there it is!"

Melodie and Tiffany looked in amazement at the rows of motorcycles parked on the edge of a meadow and a milling throng of women in motorcycle garb and various stages of undress. Some were laughing and talking, others making love, others indulging in drink and drugs. Everyone seemed to be having a good time as the four parked their cycles and joined the party. Women of every description immediately surrounded Kat and Kitten, hugging, kissing and caressing them.

The sorority sisters hung back shyly, holding hands, thoroughly intimidated. Their blond and red hair and their beauty immediately attracted attention. They were kissed, hugged, stroked and propositioned by many of the women; soon their clothing was in disarray and their pussies wet from all the touching.

Kat and Kitten pushed through the crowd and put their arms protectively around their lovers. "You horny bitches leave our babies alone," Kat bellowed good-naturedly. "Our little girls are new to this scene. Be nice."

"You lucky old slut."

"Where'd you find her Kat?"

"Red's my favorite color."

"Don't you wanna share Kitten?"

"I've got some great blow."

"C'mon and join my bitch and me, we'll party."

"Is she really a blonde? Lemme see."

"Spread out you guys," Kitten said, grinning. "We'll join you all in a minute. We have something to do first."

"Ha ha ha."

"Yeah, sure."

"Don't be long."

"Have some for me."

The women walked away and the four were alone.

"That was like so incredibly cool," Tiffany said breathlessly, tucking a breast back into her bra. "I must have cum three times just from them touching me."

"Mmmm…me too," Melodie said zipping up her jeans; her voice a low purr. "What's going on here Kitten, some kind of party?"

"In a way," Kitten replied. "Someone gets the idea to have a get together, someone else suggests where, the word goes out, people show up and you have this." She shrugged, "We all ride bikes and pretty much know each other, so everything's cool."

"You two are new to this scene," Kat cautioned, "And not experienced. You have all types here; Domme's and subs, leather women, committed couples, fuck buddies, switches, tops and bottoms, you name it. Booze and drugs aplenty, whatever you want. Things can get wild, but they're all good people. You may see things that look brutal, but both partners have agreed to it. No one is forced to do anything, and if you're invited to do something you don't want to, just say no thanks. You won't be bothered any more. Now, are you girls ready to party?"

Melodie and Tiffany looked at each other, grinned and nodded.

Hand in hand, the four walked into the crowd.


Kat had not exaggerated what was going on around them. Women of every size, shape, color and stage of undress were talking, drinking, snorting, toking, fucking and having a great time.

Tiffany paused for a moment to watch a slim dark-haired woman double penetrated by two dildo-wearing heavyset women with orange and green hair, all three kissing and moaning. When she turned, her companions were gone. Uncertain what to do, she suddenly felt vulnerable among all these strangers.

"Now what's a pretty thing like you doin' all alone?" said a drawling voice behind her. Tiffany squealed as strong arms pulled her against a firm body. "Your daddy's plum crazy lettin' you get away."

She turned her head and met the gaze of a beautiful black woman with brown eyes alight and a dazzling smile.

"What's your name sugar plum?" she continued. Tiffany shivered in delight as firm hands cupped her breasts, her nipples hardening in response.

"Tiffany," she replied seductively. "What's yours?"

"Josephine. Most folks call me Jo."

She relaxed her hold. Tiffany turned around and her throat was suddenly dry. Jo was slightly taller than her and naked except for cycle boots and a black dildo strapped to her hips. She was well proportioned; full breasts with dark brown nipples, slim waist, wide hips, and skin the color of mahogany. She wore her hair close cropped and tinted yellow. Tiffany was already imagining those red lips on hers when Jo said, "Wanna join me at my tent over there?"

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