tagSci-Fi & FantasyComing of Age Ch. 01

Coming of Age Ch. 01


Renna wasn't sure exactly when the changes started taking place. She had first noticed the changes in her self one morning as she sat gazing at the reflection of the blue Az'Reylin sky in the still, undisturbed surface of the pond close to her home. The transparent paper thin wings she had on her back since birth looked....well, bigger somehow. She knew from having seen others of her race during occasional trips to market that full grown, functional wings was a sign of maturity for her race, but had never really given it much thought. All through her childhood, the wings hadn't really done much, except flutter ineffectually against her shoulder blades whenever she got excited or angry. At the time she had stood looking at her reflection in the clear pool for several minutes before writing it off as a figment of her imagination, or a ripple in the water she had not noticed making them appear to have grown.

Renna had been orphaned at a young age during an Ashtarian attack on the small village where her parents had been living. The attack had claimed the lives of both her parent and all three of her brothers and sisters when their house had caught fire during the raid, and collapsed in on the sleeping family. By some miracle her life had been spared when one of their neighbors, a gentle Sadidan woman named Myrma, had seen the blaze and followed the sound of Renna's cries of distress to her cradle on the bottom floor and pulled her from the blistering inferno just as the structure collapsed. Renna had been too young to remember any of it, but Myrma would often smile as she talked about the angry little toddler she had pulled from the fire, that had fit perfectly into the palm of her hand.

Under the tender guidance of the sadi woman, Renna had grown quickly, from a curious toddler, to a rambunctious child, to an adolescent with lots of questions about what it was that made her so different from Myrma herself. The woman who had raised her as her own had finally told her the story one morning when Renna had asked why she was so much smaller than all the other Sadidans in the secluded forest village. It had been then that Myrma had pulled down an old leather bound book and dusted it off, opening it to reveal vividly drawn pictures of the different races that inhabited their lands. She had pointed to a picture of a tall muscular man and woman in forest garb with long hair that looked a lot like the people in their village and explained that they were Sadidans, and then flipping a few pages had shown her another picture, of small people with slender frames and sharp features, and wings coming off their shoulders. Renna remembered how her eyes had gone to the sharply pointed ears in the picture as her fingers had traced their way up to the sharp points of her own ears.

"The reason dear child you do not look like a Sadida, is because you are not supposed to."

That morning had been the first morning she had ever heard the word 'Eniripsa' and the degree of separation she had felt from her home and all she had know for the last two decades had been staggering. She had millions of questions about eniripsas, or 'Eenees' as Myrma had called them, but her guardian, having lived in the sheltering seclusion of the village most of her life, had been unable to tell her anything other than when she had finally grown up to be a mature eni, she would get her wings in.

Pushing the three year old memories into the back of her mind, she had turned once more to look at her back in the reflective water and stretching the short immature wings out as far as her unformed muscles would allow her to, decided that they were still the same as they had been yesterday. She didn't pay the wings any more attention till three nights later when a dull ache in the ridges of them left her feeling ill and unmotivated. After a good hour of picking at her dinner and leaving it untouched, Myrma had asked her what was troubling her, and when Renna had told her, Myrma had grabbed her spectacles and pulled her into the light to take a better look at her wings.

"Well my dear, you will be happy to know you are fine, the reason you are in discomfort is because you are having growing pains, your big eni wings are finally growing in!" at this Renna had about leaped out of her skin, unable to contain her excitement, her wings had started beating almost with a mind of their own, fanning them both with a gust of air and blowing several flax and hemp flowers to the floor. Myrma had simply laughed and chased her outside for some fresh air as she picked up the flowers.

As the week continued she was seeing a marked difference every morning in the size of her wings. Where they had been rumpled and formless before, they now had a thick ridge of hard material extending along the length of the top and she could see small blood vessels in the thin tissues in between the shape holding spines. Her muscles developed along with the rest and by the end of the week, her new wings were full sized and beginning to take on the same rosy shade of pink as the hair on her head, and she was strong enough to fly for short bursts, up to 5 minutes at a time.

It wasn't until the end of the second week she began to notice other changes. She had been practicing flying as often as she could get away with it and by now was able to stay in the air for several minutes before needing to land and recoup. It was one such time when she was landing for a rest, closing her wings against her back as she had always done when she noticed something else about her new wings. As one rubbed the other, an incredible sensation shot up the length of the ridges and into her shoulders making her gasp with surprise. Stretching them back out again, she repeated the process, this time more deliberately, the friction between the wing segments causing a small chirp and the vibrations from the small sound was almost enough to drop her to her knees as a small low sound of arousal escaped her lips. She looked around quickly to see if there was anyone around, but saw no one. She had roamed pretty far away from the village, tracing the trails back through the trees and out into the open fields where she could practice without the hindrance of trees or the speculation of curious onlookers.

Grinning wickedly to herself, she scanned till she located a small boulder and walked over and knelt in front of it. Taking one last glance around to see she was alone, she again opened her wings and rubbed them together rhythmically producing a pattern of cricket-like chirps. The vibrations travelled the length of the ridges in her wings and down her spine making her body ache in a way that had nothing to do with pain as a small moan escaped her. Closing her eyes and leaning her head forward she continued her 'song' for several minutes, completely surrendering to the pleasurable sensations sweeping through her body until a far off sound caught her attention and stopped her cold. She held her breath for a moment listening in the still morning air for the sound to repeat. When the sound DID repeat her mouth fell open in surprise... someone was chirping back at her....

No...that was impossible, she had travelled the areas around the village for a long way in every direction all throughout her youth and childhood, and the only place she had ever seen any others of her kind was on the two occasions when Myrma had taken her to Zalkania to shop in the multitude of stores there. Deciding it was probably a bird, she exhaled with a shaky laugh at how silly she was being, and rubbed her wings together a few more times for good measure, enjoying the full sweep of the feeling as her nerves tingled all the way to her toes.

Deciding she'd had enough and trying to clear her fogged mind, she stood up and was about to fly away when a rush of wind and much lower but still distinctive chirp sounded from just behind her and she felt a gentle hand stroke the top of her wing from its attached point at her shoulder blade all the way to the fragile tip before withdrawing. The gentle touch was enough to freeze her dead in her tracks wings outstretched and draw in a sharp breath as a fire exploded through her already heated body. Any and all thoughts of fleeing banished from her mind, she turned curiously to see who was chirping back at her.

The very first thing her eyes landed on were a glossy pair of black wings that looked very different from her own pale pink transparent ones. Where hers resembled a butterfly's wings, his were shaped with sharp looking spines covered in a shiny black webbing of thick skin. As she stood there staring at him, he flexed the tips of his wings again emitting the low chirp, sending a rush of sensation through her. Looking for the first time into his eyes she saw the same fiery heat burning in his eyes she was feeling, and moving only the tips of her wings this time, chirped back. The effect it had on him was obvious even to her inexperienced eyes. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment and he drew a sudden breath, the lean muscles of his torso tightening then relaxing under the open front of the black vest he wore as he swayed slightly on his feet. When he opened his dark glittering eyes again, they bored into hers with a look of pure desire. He was watching her closely and appeared to be waiting for something. A combination of curiosity and instinct made her extend her arm, her eyes fixated on the nearly black wings that glittered in the early morning sunshine.

As her hand drew closer to his extended wing, she heard him draw in a breath and hold it, and paused for a moment as she noticed he was trembling slightly. Then, following his lead, she gently ran her fingertips from the base where it attached to his shoulder blade up to the pointed tip, hearing him release the breath he had been holding in a low groan that ended in a small growl.

With no more hesitation he took a single step forward closing the distance between them as he wrapped one of his lean, muscled arms around her waist and the other around her ribcage. Using the palm of his hand, he put pressure on the center of her back in between her twitching wings and pulled her body tightly to his, the skimpy bikini style garments she wore doing nothing to lessen the sensation of the heat coming off of his body as the bare skin of her belly connected with his. Leaning his face in, he brushed his lips gently against hers, claiming her mouth in a deep kiss as her lips opened slightly in submission, a small sigh escaping between them. Finding no resistance, he slipped his tongue between her parted lips and brushed hers with it before pulling his mouth away and leaving her senses reeling. She locked her arms behind his neck, recapturing his lips with her own as she stepped closer to him, pressing her body even tighter against his, feeling his excitement pressed hard and hot against her belly and feeling her own body grow hotter in anticipation.

She felt his hand move from the small of her back lower to cup one of her ass cheeks as he moved his hips against her and the other hand released the clasp on the back of her top. He slid the palm of his hand up her back to her shoulder, sliding the strap down her arm and planting soft feathery kisses along the side of her neck and across her collarbone before biting her lightly on the shoulder and drawing a small whimper of excitement from her parted lips. Using the other hand, he repeated the process on her other shoulder, tossing her top to the ground as he leaned back to survey his handy-work. She could feel her face flush under his intense scrutiny, suddenly self conscious of her small breasts that had never held a candle to the well endowed sadidan women in her village. She started to draw her arms in to cover herself from his dark, glittering eyes, but he stopped her, running the backs of his hands lightly along the inside of her arms and smiling at her.

"Don't be shy," he murmured, "you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen....don't hide..."

She began to speak, wanted to tell him she had never done this before, but before she had the chance to utter a single word, he silenced her, stroking her bottom lip gently with the pad of his thumb before twining his fingers loosely through her hair to rest at the nape of her neck and leaning in with his lips barely an inch from her pointed ear.

"And don't be scared," he whispered, "a more gentle lover you will never know." He ran the tip of his tongue up the ridge of her ear, his hot breath and the feel of his tongue causing goose bumps to jump up on her arms. Then he surprised her by putting slight pressure on the back of her shoulder to show her he wanted her to turn around and moving to stand behind her. She did as he wanted, his words calming her skittish mind, missing his warmth as her over stimulated body was exposed to the air.

The next thing she felt was his hand at her waist, sliding around to her belly, fingers splayed as he stepped closer between her wings, then using his other hand, he ran his palm across the flat surface of one of her wings, causing her to gasp in surprise and utter a low moan as her legs gave out beneath her. As if expecting this reaction, he stopped her fall easily, lowering her down to the ground on to her hands and knees and kneeling behind her. He moved his hand up her stomach to cup one of her small breasts as he nudged her legs wider apart so he could kneel between them and move up behind her. As his thighs grazed the backs of her legs she realized he had taken his pants and vest off sometime after she had turned around. She felt him trail kisses along the tops of her shoulders and up the nape of her neck as his he gently pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger, bringing it to instant attention as it tightened beneath his touch. He gave the other one similar attention till it was in the same state, leaving her biting her lower lip to hold back a moan of pure pleasure. He was rocking his hips against her and she could feel his hardness rubbing her through the thin material of her bottoms, and there was no holding back her moans of longing as his mouth moved from her neck to her shoulders and he slowly licked across the base of one wing ridge then the other.

His hand moved away from her breast to slide down to her hip and around to her ass, slipping under the thin fabric between them to stroke her bare skin, sliding the bottoms down as his hand moved lower. She was trembling all over as she felt his fingers deftly spread her fleshy petals and gasped aloud as his finger tip penetrated her, but no sooner than he did, he withdrew it again and slid it forward finding her clit and rubbing it gently, his finger sliding easily over it, slick from her own wetness. She dropped her head, eyes closing tightly, a low sound coming from deep in her throat as the dull throbbing ache between her legs changed to a growing tension, her wings beating slightly in spite of her best efforts to hold still and not hit him with them. She heard him chuckle softly as he sat up a bit pulling his face a safer distance from her twitching wings. At the same time, he removed the pleasuring finger from her sensitive clit, using both hands to slide her bottoms over her butt and down her hips, shifting his weight and helping her out of them. She couldn't suppress a whimper of frustration and excitement as his hand left her, obediently lifting one leg then the other as he slid the bottoms down the length of her legs, freeing her from them.

Once she was free of her clothes she felt him get into position behind her again, then resting his hands lightly on her shoulder blades for moment, he slid his palms up the outside of both of her wings pushing them together, then using one hand, he firmly gripped them at the ridge about half way down pinning them, then pushing down slightly to fold them closed part way and make them easier to hang onto. She was near frantic by this point, squirming and whimpering beneath him, feeling feverish and impatient. He didn't leave her waiting long. She felt him grind against her with his hips, using his free hand to grip her hip for just a second before grabbing his shaft guiding himself between the wet petals around her opening, getting lined up and moistening the head for easier penetration. Then returning his hand to her hips, he rocked forward and entered her with one stroke. She let out a gasp followed by a startled squeak then winced slightly as her unused body stretched to accommodate his hard shaft. He went very still, all but his hand, which was stroking her belly gently to relax her. The slight discomfort she had felt as he entered her faded quickly as she started moving against him slightly. That seemed to be the cue he had been waiting for to continue, and he withdrew slowly pulling most of his length out of her before slipping slowly and fully back into her, hearing him groan softly and take a ragged breath.

The pace was slow at first gradually picking up speed as the tension in her built in her to a fever pitch, and she felt like she was on the edge of something wonderful but unknown.

"Please..." Renna whimpered, "please don't stop."

"I can't," he said, his voice strained and shaky, "not until you let me..."

She had no idea what he meant by this and didn't get a chance to contemplate on it as he bit her on the tips of her compressed wings, tearing a ragged cry from her throat as pleasure and pain collided driving her over the edge, the tension in her drawing her to the breaking point then exploding from her body in a blast of pure energy. As it hit she heard him cry out too, their voices intertwining in the morning air and startling birds from their hiding spots in the nearby brush. Feeling suddenly exhausted and replete, her arms no longer willing to support her, she dropped to her elbows as he gave a few more short thrusts and released her wings, nearly collapsing on top of her as the shuddering in his body subsided. He then lowered his head to her back, planting kisses along her spine as they both tried to catch their breath. After a few minutes had passed, he finally pulled out of her, falling heavily to the grass, looking a bit pale and as weak as she felt. Reaching over and grabbing her firmly by the wrist he pulled her closer to where he was leaning up against the boulder. She crawled slowly over to where he was and sat next to him, leaning into the protective curl of his arm. He stroked her face and nuzzled her cheek affectionately for a few moments before he started speaking.

"I wish you had told me it was your first time," he said, looking a bit embarrassed, "that was a bit clumsily done. I'm sorry if I hurt you...Are you okay?"

She wasn't really sure what he would have done differently, but nodded, her face flushing hotly at the memory of what had just happened. He then stood, the color of his skin looking more normal and started collecting his garments and handing her's to her as he dressed. She noticed a black Dreg claw around his neck on a skinny strip of leather than had been fashioned into a necklace of sorts. He pulled it off over his head, and then walked over to where she was just finishing fastening her top and placed it over her head and around her neck.

"My name is Raife by the way," he said," I have a hunting group waiting on me, or i would stay here with you. All you have to do to contact me is hold that claw and think of me, I'll hear you no matter where you are." With that he leaned in and brushed his lip against hers again, then flew off with a buzz of wings, yelling back to here before disappearing from sight,

"I'll see you tonight," Renna watched his retreating form with a wide range of mixed emotions. Wondering just what she had gotten herself into and what exactly had just happened. Taking a look at the position of the sun in the sky and knowing Myrma would worry if she wasn't back for lunch, she gave a buzz of her own and flew in the direction of home knowing somehow that this morning had changed everything, and nothing would ever be the same again...

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