tagIllustratedComing Out in Costume

Coming Out in Costume


Summary: Closet high school lesbian discovers her true self as Batgirl.

Thanks to Rebecca, the famous artist whose artwork inspired and was used for this new series. Especially her series 'Housewives at Play', 'Teens at Play' and 'Hot Moms'. Thank you for access to your entire book catalogue as well as your website for this massive series. Also, thanks for the dialogue from an older comic of Rebecca's that is used as the basis of the plot for the final encounter.

Note 1: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, tenzin_p and Wayne for editing this story.

Note 3: All characters in this fantasy are at least 18-years-old.

Coming Out in Costume

I've always been attracted to girls.

I've also always denied that I've been attracted to girls.

My father was a high powered attorney running for Supreme Court Judge, and the last thing he needed was a scandal from his daughter.

No one knew my secret desires.

To my family, friends, teachers and the community mothers, who I babysat for, I was the perfect daughter, friend, student and babysitter.

Yet, truth be told, underneath my sweet, girl next door looks, great marks, compassionate personality, hardworking attitude, and rich family history, was a confused 18-year-old trying to come to grips with her sexuality.

And lately, in my senior year, it has gotten harder.

Every time I'm in the change room getting ready for practice, or after practice, I slyly take glances of my fellow teammates. Each girl has an amazing body, and I wonder if any of them have the same sexuality questions that I have.

I wonder what every female teacher is wearing underneath her conservative teacher attire. Is she bi? What would she do if I flashed her my pussy to her? Would she make me her student pet? Would she make me lick her pussy under her desk?

I fantasized about each woman I babysat for paying me in pussy juice instead of money. I had read many online stories about how many housewives or older woman are bisexual and, even if they are not, would be, if given the right opportunity.

I even began to fantasize about, some of my friends, like Shelia, who had been my best friend since grade three, and had one of the most amazing bodies, and biggest tits I had ever seen. Lately, I had pleasured myself often to the vision of me burying my face in them.

Yet, I had ignored these lingering feelings and fantasies for years... but during summer camp, before senior year, my years of denial became impossible to ignore.

I was already eighteen in the summer of 2015, as I started school a year late because my parents decided to live in Europe for what should have been my kindergarten year. I have no complaints; I always liked being the oldest one in my class and I also loved that I had so many rich, worldly experiences.

My bunkmate, Ariel (that was actually her name), was also a redhead. She was an out and proud lesbian college student who described in vivid detail, while it was just her and I, her many lesbian sexual encounters. These late night stories awoke a sleeping curiosity that I had repressed throughout my high school life.

Even though it was 2015 and being bi was very common and being a lesbian or gay was nowhere near as taboo as it once was, it was still scandalous in the political world and I didn't want to harm my father's upcoming political campaign. He was a good man, and would make a great Supreme Court Judge. The last thing he needed was his daughter being outed as a lesbian.

Ariel said, near the end of summer, "I know the truth, Susanne."

"What truth?" I asked.

"That you play on my side," she smiled.

At first, I didn't catch on, but then I did. I stammered, and my face went red, which only implied the truth way more than my denial, "I-I-I am not."

She laughed, "Yeah, because that was convincing."

I wondered, if she could see through my false façade, who else could? I was doubly determined to hide my sexuality, yet Ariel's accusation was impossible to forget.

When she hugged me at the end of the summer, I felt her large breasts crushing onto mine, and my pussy tingled.

She said, "Don't keep pretending, Susanne. You are only hurting yourself."

"It's not that simple," I answered, no longer denying the obvious.

"It's never that simple," she shrugged, before adding, "yet, it also is that simple. You accept who you are and then deal with the aftermath of that decision."

"I wish I had your confidence," I said, admiring her 'damn with what other people think' attitude. I, on the other hand, always cared about what others thought.

"You do, Susanne," she smiled, leaning in and kissing me on the lips. It was tender; it was sweet; it changed everything. "You just have to believe it first."

From that moment, I had my first crush. A crush that happened too late to act on it. That said, Ariel became my first constant late night fantasy.

That said, now that I was outed, albeit only by one person, I suddenly began having lesbian fantasies like crazy.

I imagined Mrs. Merrinan, my History teacher, making me wait after school to discuss something. I imagined her making me crawl under her desk and service her. I imagined her waiting for me after a football game.

I began losing focus in class, my head constantly creating inappropriate fantasies.

That said, the fantasies also occurred outside of school.

While babysitting for Mrs. Long, I couldn't help but wonder what this beautiful mom of three (she had a seven, four and two year old) looked like under her usual short and tight outfits. Mrs. Long was also very touchy-feely and unbeknownst to her, she gets me very hot and bothered.

She was the poster woman for the male fantasy of a soccer mom, but for me she was the poster MILF for my lesbian fantasies.

That said, my biggest fantasy was being with my fellow cheerleaders. Although I was generally in control at school, as a cheerleader, my fantasies were generally of being somewhat submissive. Not in a kinky bondage sort of way, but in an 'eager to please' sort of way.

More times than not, my bedtime fantasy, with my vibrator on high, was being a submissive pussy pleaser for the entire senior portion of the squad.

I imagined coach watching as Sarah kissed me.

I imagined the others watching and learning that I was eager to please.

I imagined being in the dressing room and serving Peggy, Kara, Amanda, Josie, and even Coach Neubauer.

I imagined going to a football game and performing without panties.

I imagined being blindfolded and forced to please stranger pussy after stranger pussy.

All these fantasies were in my head as Halloween approached.

My desire to finally taste pussy, to explore my blooming sexuality, were driving me to the brink. I had started chatting online and had spent a few days chatting with another girl, who also lived in my city, who was a lesbian too. We hadn't shared photos, real names or real locations yet, but she was eighteen too, although she had already come out... although rather recently.

Superchick: What are you wearing for Halloween?

Shygirl9: I'm going to be Batgirl.

Superchick: No way.

Shygirl9: She's my favourite female superhero.

Superchick: She's my second favourite.

Shygirl9: Who's your first?

Superchick: Supergirl.

That made sense, I laughed to myself, her username suddenly making sense.

Shygirl9: There is a new show coming out about Supergirl.

Superchick: I know! I can't wait. She looks super-hot.

Shygirl9: Yes, she does.

Superchick: So you will be wearing a mask then?

Shygirl9: Yes.

Superchick: Want to spice up our online relationship?

Shygirl9: Um, okay.

Superchick: Go put your costume on.

Shygirl9: Why?

Superchick: Just do it. I will too.

Shygirl9: Okay.

I went and grabbed my outfit. I put it on, including the mask and returned to my laptop.

Superchick: Is it on?

Shygirl9: Yes.

Superchick: Let's go onto Skype.

Shygirl9: Really?

Superchick: Sure. You have a mask.

Shygirl9: What about you?

Superchick: I have a computer program that distorts my face.

Shygirl9: I should get one of those.

Superchick: It is handy. Although I'm hoping to actually meet you soon.

Shygirl9: Me too.

The past few days our chats had become more honest and more sexual. I had admitted my insecurities and my fantasies. I felt completely comfortable with a person who I had no idea of what she looked like. Now I could... kind of.

Superchick: So, want to officially meet? Kind of?

I was wearing a mask. So I shrugged, there wasn't much risk here.

Shygirl9: Why not?

Superchick: YAY!!! Let's do this.

Shygirl9: Agreed.

We both logged into Skype. I took a deep breath as I waited for the picture to come on.

Then it did.

She was real! She was blonde. She looked beautiful... even though her face was digitally blocked suddenly annoyed me.

"Wow, you look sexy," she said, her voice was sexy as hell.

"As do you," I said, already annoyed by not being able to see her face.

"Even with the digital box over my face?" she asked.

"Somehow, yes," I said, before adding, "although now I really want to see your face."

"You do?" she asked.

"How couldn't I?" I joked, "The rest of you looks amazing."

"Well, be a good girl today and maybe you will get a treat," she purred, her voice dripping with sexy innuendo.

She knew I was submissive and our previous role plays were where she was in charge. She wasn't dominant, she just was the one making the decisions, guiding the role play.

"Smile for me," she ordered.

I did.

"Do a sexy pose for me," she said.

I did, giggling while doing it.

"Looks like you have some nice perky tits," she said.

"They are small, but my nipples are big," I said.

"I can tell," she nodded. "Stand up and back away a bit, I want to see the full costume."

"Okay," I nodded, standing up, backing up a bit and posing.

"Back up a bit more," she ordered.

I did.

"What a hot costume," she said. "If I was there right now, I would devour you whole."

"Is that a promise?" I teased.

"A guarantee," she said.

"Maybe we do need to meet up soon," I said, the idea of her being my first was very appealing.

"If I had you once, you'd fall in love with me," she said.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take," I flirted back.

"Turn around," she ordered. "I want to see the back end too."

I obeyed.

"Can I see that ass?" she asked.

I bent over.

"Very nice," she purred. "Pull your costume down for me."

"Really?" I asked.

"If you show me your ass, I'll show you my face," she offered.

"Really?" I repeated, super curious to see behind the annoying digital thing.

"I promise," she said.

The offer was intriguing, yet a little nerve wracking too. But, after considering I was still wearing a mask, I figured what the hell.

"Okay," I agreed, nervously.

She said, "It's just between me and you."

I slowly pulled the pants down to show my ass.

"That's one fine ass," she complimented.

"Thank you," I said, always liking a compliment.

"Want to see me now?" she asked.

"Please," I answered.

"Okay, close your eyes and count to five," she said.

"Okay," I agreed.

"I'm going to give you a sexy pose," she added.

"Yummy!" I said.

"As are you," she replied, before saying "begin counting."

"One-two-three-four-five," I counted. I opened my eyes and gasped. Not only was I staring at a blonde beauty, I knew her.

"You like?" she asked.

"I-I-I do," I nodded, as my head was spinning. The girl I had been sharing my inner secrets with was the head cheerleader for my school's biggest rival.

"It doesn't sound like you do," she said, spinning around and back to the camera.

I quickly tried to recover as I said, "Oh, I do. I'm just in awe of your beauty."

She laughed softly. "Why thank you."

A couple of minutes later, her mother called, "Dinner, Sarah."

She said, "Uh-oh, now you know my real name."

"And it so fits you," I smiled.

"I want you to come to my Halloween party?" she asked.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, I really want you to come to my party," she repeated, stressing the word 'come'.

"Um, I," I began.

"I really want you to come," she said, again stressing the word 'come', before adding, "Wear your costume if you want to keep your identity secret."

I pondered this for a moment, before nodding, "Why not."

"You'll come?" she questioned.

"I'll definitely come," I responded, stressing the word too.

"Good," she said, "I'll send you my address."

"I can't wait to come," I said, keeping up the naughty word play.

"I can't wait for you to come too," she smiled. "Okay, I got to go. I'm pretty hungry. I need something to eat."

"I could use a nice snack too," I playfully retorted.

"See you Saturday," she winked.

"I'll be there," I nodded.

"Bye," she smiled.

"Bye," I said back.

Once logged off, I fell back onto my bed and immediately moved my hand instantly to my pussy over my Batgirl suit. I couldn't believe it was Sarah. I couldn't believe she had invited me to her Halloween party. I couldn't believe I had said yes.

I closed my eyes and pleasured myself imagining a rather kinky Halloween party.

As I pleasured myself, a new fantasy popped into my head: having Sarah just take me after a football game, in front of my fellow seniors.

After the game we just lost, Sarah comes up to me and says, "So you lost."

I shrugged, trying to look strong in front of my fellow cheerleaders, "Well, we lost, I guess. But only because all your players are on steroids."

Sarah laughed, "No, you lost."

"Excuse me?" I said, worried she was going to do this here, in front of my peers.

"Or likely, in your case, you won," she smirked.

"I usually do," I shrugged, trying to look strong in front of this beautiful cheerleader, yet actually kind of excited as to what was to come.

"Take off your outfit," she ordered.

"Yeah, right," I scoffed, even though I knew we had made a bet before the game that the loser would be the winner's bitch.

"Now!" she said, staring at me with a 'don't-fuck-with-me' attitude.

My pussy dampened, yet I was paralyzed with indecision, as I knew I had witnesses. Finally, I whispered, "Please, not here."

"A bet is a bet," she said, "now do it!"

"Fine," I said, as I quickly pulled my outfit off. "Are you happy?"

"Sports bra too," she ordered, looking over to my two best friends.

I didn't look behind me as I took off my bra.

"Knees, slut," she ordered.

"You can't be serious," I said, looking back to my friends who were staring in disbelief... yet oddly not saying anything.

"Now," she sighed. "I don't have all day to be in the slums."

"Whatever," I sighed back, getting onto my knees.

She moved behind me, pushed me down so my chest was on the ground, and then sat on me.

"What the hell?" I asked, startled, as she grabbed my ponytails and pulled me back up.

"Just doing my victory lap," she joked.

Humiliation burned through me, yet so did undeniable pleasure.

"You like being my pet?" she asked.

"God, no," I answered, lying for the sake of my pride and my friends, who were still watching; still not doing anything.

She pulled me back more, pulling my hair, "Really?"

"Please, stop," I whined.

She laughed, "My pet is probably hungry." She quickly got off me, rolled me onto my back, and sat on my face. "Eat crow, slut."

I could no longer see my friends, all I could see was pussy. Resigned to defeat, I leaned up slightly and began licking.

Suddenly, I came... hard.

I shook my head as I lay in my own cum.

Why did I always fantasize about being controlled?

Why did I get turned on by humiliation?

Why were my friends there watching? Did I subconsciously want them to know that I wasn't straight?

These questions and many more marinated in my head as I pondered the pros and cons of going to this Halloween party.

My body definitely wanted to go.

My head wasn't so sure.


For two days, I kept asking myself that same question.

For two days, I pleasured myself half a dozen times as I imagined Sarah and I having sex.

For two days, I flip-flopped back and forth between going and not going.

For two days, I avoided going online, but the temptation was there.

And then it was Halloween.

I went online to tell her I wasn't going.

There were a few messages from her.

Superchick: U there?

Superchick: My address is 1275 Washington Lane. It's a big brick house.

Superchick: Hi.

Superchick: I hope u r not ignoring me.

I felt bad as I read these. I wasn't ignoring her to be rude, but because I didn't trust myself.

Superchick: I expect u at my party!

Her firmness instantly had my pussy wet.

Superchick: It's time you made your fantasy a reality.

She was right, of course she was right. Yet, my insecurities still controlled me.

Superchick: Here is a picture to whet your appetite.

Then, I was in lesbian heaven. The picture had me drooling and had me changing my mind. How could I possibly say no to that?

Superchick: Party starts at 8. Come by at 7 for a pre-party snack.

I stared at her pussy forever.

I couldn't believe she would send such a picture in today's digital world.

She trusted me that much.

It was then that I knew that I had to go; I had to take the risk; I had to explore.

Shygirl9: I'll be there.

Shygirl9: At 7 exactly.

Shygirl9: I'll be starving.

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