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Commando Mission


He woke up groggily to the sunlight hitting his face. He was lucky that he had a programming internship, where he could afford to sleep in that late on a random Thursday. He checked his phone. 9:35 am, July 14th. His calendar was showing some random event: National Nude Day.

National Nude Day?, he thought. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? Seriously, way to make me feel even shittier than I already do. I haven't had sex in four months. No one wants this body.

He went to the bathroom to shower, and looked in the mirror. His hair dye was still holding up well -- dark red highlights on one side of his previously-businesslike dark brown hair. He liked the alternative look, kind of to his surprise. He'd let some friends dye his hair after a night of drinking and thought he'd regret it immensely. Instead, he's gotten lots of nice comments on it, and he thought he'd caught a couple of girls checking him out. Guys too. That was a bit weird. Even though he wasn't into it, the attention was flattering, and he wanted to dye his whole head next time.

But still. Could anyone really fall for this body? It wasn't hideous, or even particularly unattractive, just...average. He'd never been super muscular, but what had once been the definition of a skinny teenager was starting to get some flab. Too much time staying up late and coding, not enough trips to the gym. But he never liked the gym, or even paid that much attention to his body. Now he was paying the price.

National nude day, though. Wasn't it all about paying attention to your body? I never even really look at myself. Not like this. He began doing some poses in the mirror. First flexing his arms and pointing, like a lame stereotype of a muscleman at the beach. Ok, still something there. That doesn't look too bad actually. He turned around and tried different poses, checking out his shoulders and torso. That gut is pretty visible from the side. But hey, if I suck it in, it mostly goes away. Oh, and you can see abs! I have abs! Maybe I shouldn't get that excited, but honestly I thought those were long gone.

Hey, I'm not even naked. Oops. He slipped off his boxers and stood up. The dark curls of his pubic hair sprang up, and his flaccid penis bounced a bit with the movement. He was momentarily fascinated. I've never even noticed that before. I kind of get why girls are so fascinated by dicks. But then that brought up the question of size. I mean, six and a half inches erect last time I measured, and I don't think it's changed. But that's not all that matters. He looked down. He was making sure he could still clearly see his flaccid penis.

If you can't see your own soft dick, then you're too fat. If you can't see it even when it's erect, you have serious problems. You're either way too fat, or your dick is tiny. He exhaled. By this measure, he was still fine, at least when he sucked in his stomach. But if he stuck it out all the way, he had to bend over quite a bit. Damn. I'm going to have to do something about that. He grabbed gently behind the head and pulled his penis to its full length. It looks so funny like that when it's not really erect. Still, I'm fine by that measure though. He was now aroused enough that when he released it, his dick was semi-hard. He looked at it in the mirror. Wow, it's so much bigger from that angle. That's pretty hot, actually. But how does that even work? And then a second track running in the back of his mind: Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Wait -- what? That doesn't even make sense. Then the reflection would look smaller than it is. Dammit. Oh well.

Anyway. Side track. This body's not bad, but I should do something to keep in shape. How about a run? He hadn't ran in a long time. Yeah, good idea. Might suck, but that's what it takes to toughen up.

But it's National Nude Day. Shouldn't I do something special?

Then he had an idea: I'll go commando. I get to feel my junk being free, but no one else has to know. It's perfect. He'd never had a problem with chafing, luckily. And it was still early enough in the day that he wouldn't be drenched in ball sweat.

Well, if I'm going commando I'll want to at least trim a bit. Don't want pubes pricking through my running shorts. He went and got a pair of scissors and started trimming, gently, throwing the excess hair into the garbage. It was amazing how much of it there was. And it made his cock look bigger. Or maybe he was just aroused by the exposure to air.

He soon finished up and went to go put on running shorts and a shirt. He had to stop himself from mechanically putting on a pair of boxers. Dammit. And it still feels like I'm missing something. But actually, that feels really good. He grabbed some headphones, went outside, and locked the door behind him.


Alright. Commando mission time. He was very aware of this -- all of his attention was on the feeling of unfamiliar fabric against his dick and the air flowing past his balls. Dammit. I'm on a mission.

He started a workout playlist and took off down the street. He ran by rows of houses, towards a forest trail. He wasn't going that fast, but it felt good to be moving. The exertion was giving his body something else to focus on, too.

He checked his pace. 5:32 over the last kilometer. Not bad, but not great. Wait, it was already a kilometer? He wasn't even sweating!

As he ran, he saw a garbage can lying across the sidewalk ahead. Normally he'd just go around. But this was a commando mission. He had to jump over it. He increased his speed and cleared it, hurdle-style. Damn, this is so much fun. It's like being a kid again!

This mission was getting serious. It wasn't just about fitness anymore. It was a race against time across difficult terrain. Where all that counted was speed, and being a badass. Fortunately, the streets were deserted, since everyone else was already at work.

He ran across a series of rocks out front of the library. He swung around street signs and kicked in imaginary bad guys' faces. He was remembering a few moves from a long-ago parkour class in high school.

He came at last to the park. There was a little playground on the edge of the forest, with a low wooden fence around it.

He ran up and vaulted the fence in one smooth motion. Hell yeah! That was awesome. He was almost too surprised to keep running -- how was it that easy? Why didn't he move around like this all the time? Focus. You're on a mission. Capture that structure! He kept running straight towards the play structure. There was a double-wide plastic slide coming down from the highest of a series of platforms, with a climbing wall going up the other side. A swinging bridge connected to another platform with a simple staircase on one side and a fireman's pole on the other. On the ground, a separate structure had monkey bars. This would have been great place to play grounders or something as a kid. But now I have to capture it. Go go go!

He ran straight up the plastic slide, only having to use his hands a little as he stumbled at the top. No time to waste! Cross to the other platform. But quietly! The pieces of swinging metal in the bridge would make a lot of noise. He ran up to the edge and jumped, bringing his hands down on the railing and swinging across to the other side. He just barely avoiding stepping on the bridge. Now make sure they're not hiding underneath! He slowed down and nervously walked out to the fireman's pole. He grabbed it low down and leaned his torso out over the edge. Then he pulled himself around and kicked his legs under the platform. All clear. Now move out. He squeezed the pole with his legs. There was momentary discomfort as the metal pushed against his recently trimmed commando crotch. Ooh, I'd almost forgotten that. But that feels kind of hot. Dammit, focus on the mission. Move out!

With a heave of his biceps, he bought his body back up, awkwardly swinging one leg and then the other. He headed back across the swinging bridge -- again, no noise -- and before he could second-guess himself, ran off the open edge where the climbing wall came up. Drop and roll. His feet hit the ground, hard, but he was already collapsing into a crouch. His momentum carried him forwards, and he brought his shoulder to the ground. He rolled over, found his feet, and stood back up. They won't be catching me any time soon!

The spell was broken when he realized his headphones had become unplugged. He stopped for a seocn to plug them back in to his phone in his pocket. The mission's not over. Work the rest of that body too. He went to the monkey bars and grabbed the first one. He swung for the next one, but found it hard to reach without his grip breaking. Focus. Find your rhythm. He gipped the bad with both hands, then swung forwards and back. On the next forward swing, he grabbed the next bar with his right hand, pulling and quickly following with his left. He was lucky his headphones had stayed on through all of this. He made his way along the rest of the monkey bars. His muscles were sore. A drill sergeant voice came into his head: You're not done yet! Gimme ten pull-ups and move on out! He stood up, took a deep breath, and started pounding out pull-ups. His arms burned. One...Two...Three.......Four. Fuck this hurts.

Five. Six! Seven. Ow shit I don't think I can do this. ...seven. Come on. Eight. Nine! .... One more ...ten.

His arms hurt like hell, but he'd done it. He smiled. Good work. But this isn't over yet. He still had about 3 km to go on his route.

He ran on towards the woods. There was a patch of grass over to one side. As he ran, he saw a figure out of the corner of his eye.

A girl was standing there, stretching. She was doing lunges, leaning forward on one leg. Damn, she's hot! Her yoga pants gave a nice view of her ass. She was wearing a purple athletic shirt and

He kept running, propelled by a burning shame at his public acts of weirdness. Shit, did she see me? God, this is so embarrassing.

As he came closer, she waved at him. Not really a friendly wave, more an awkward wave. The kind between strangers recognizing that you don't know each other, but have a mutual bond because you're both working out. He returned the wave, awkwardly. His body was still moving, even if his brain wasn't. I've made such a fool of myself. And I'm not even wearing underwear. Does she know? What if she knows?

He ran by and she smiled at him before continuing with her stretches. She bent over into a downward dog pose. He had a great view of her yoga pants hugging her round, firm ass. Must... resist... temptation... to... stare.

He ran on, propelled by self-conscious arousal. He was making great speed, putting the awkward flirtation behind him. Was she even flirting? He always found it so hard to tell.

He couldn't get his mind off her. He kept going back to the image of her bending over, ass in the air. National Nude Day. She could be nude too. He imagined the inviting smooth curves of her ass cheeks, without the yoga pants. He imagined coming up behind her and squeezing it. Then she moans and I run my hand down to her dripping wet pussy and tease her. She grinds her smooth ass against me and I grab her breasts with both hands. I squeeze her nipples as she begs me to fuck her. She's bent over in front of me and I slowly ease my hard cock inside her. Then I fuck her wildly.

Well fuck. No way that's going to happen. And it's pretty creepy to image fucking someone who you've never even met. I'm such a fucking creepy loser.

Like, seriously, how would that go? "Hey, sexy stranger. Can I see your naked body and fuck you?" He pushed himself to run faster to deal with the shame. I may be a creepy loser, but at least I'm working out.

Putting in some distance helped him calm down. Ok. She might have been actually flirting, or she might not. But I don't want to just leave a possibility behind. I've got to at least go back. She's probably gone anyway. Still, it would be worth the chance just to see that ass again...

He looped around and slowed to a walk. He was getting out of breath after pushing himself this much. He retraced his steps, coming back along the same path he'd gone up. Not the route I was planning on. But there's good reason for that. Hey, this is kind of a nice forest. There's a chipmunk, and some birds over there....damn, I'm distracting myself. Why am I so nervous? There's no way she's still there.

He came back through the woods towards the playground. He stepped up his pace. Don't want to seem slow. His heart was beating wildly for reasons that had nothing to do with exercise. He almost chickened out and went another way. But he forced himself to keep going.

She was still there. What. She was still there!

She came out onto the grass by the side of the trail.

She had been waiting for him. She was standing next to a bush, where she had a good view but couldn't be seen herself.

He didn't trust himself to speak. Fortunately, she spoke first.

"Hey, sexy stranger."

Whaaat? She was actually that into him? Also damn, that was his line! But she wasn't done talking.

She came towards him, walking purposefully. And not even attempting to hide the fact that she was checking out his body, especially his crotch.

She stopped a few feet away from him. He stared while trying not to stare, and just came away with the impression of shoulder-length brown hair, framing a wonderfully full pair of breasts in her exercise top.

"Can I see your penis?" she said softly.

YES! Fuck yes. (What?!) Is this even real? Crap, now I have to say something coherent. He couldn't remember how to talk.

"Um. You're pretty hot yourself. Um. About your other question." The part where you wanted to see my dick. "Yes. Yes please. If you want to."

He reached for her hand, lightly. She didn't resist at all. The same hand that just waved so awkwardly. Raw lust surged through his body. He could feel her pulse throbbing in her wrist -- she must be as nervously aroused as he was.

Still holding her hand, not daring to say anything, he walked her over towards a stand of trees. It brought at least a feeling of privacy, even if they were right in the middle of a fucking park.

He brought her hand slowly to his groin. She ran her hand along the front of his crotch and lightly squeezed his junk. He was still pretty soft -- he'd been exercising, and his penis had not fully kept up with what just happened. The arousing touch sent shivers up his spine.

"That's so fucking hot," she said quietly. She looked up into his eyes. He stared down into her eyes -- they were green. A very intense green, looking back at him.

"You were pretty specific. You said you wanted to see it," he said, not breaking eye contact.

She lifted up his shirt with one hand and pulled at the waistband of his shorts with the other.

"You're not wearing underwear?"

"Um. Yeah. I'm going commando."

She broke out giggling. "Were you on a ... commando mission?" She looks so sexy, smiling and laughing like that. I mean, it helps that she's got her hand on my dick. But her boobs are jiggling too.

She pulled herself together down a bit. "I was wondering what was up with that."

He shrugged a little.

"It's National Nude Day," he said by way of explanation.

"I know," she whispered. Her hands pulled back his shorts even further.

"Ooh, you even trimmed." She ran her fingers down his newly shorn pubes. It felt so good. "And you're all sweaty too. I like that."

"I am so fucking turned on right now," he said.

Her roving fingers brushed against the base of his penis.

"Are you sure? You're not even that hard," she teased.

"I am so fucking turned on," he repeated. "I'm about to be really really hard if you keep this up."

"Good. I like seeing men get hard," she breathed. She pulled his shorts all the way down. Her other hand was lightly brushing the base of his penis. Now the hand that had pulled his shorts down came back to fondle his balls. His cock was overwhelmed with arousal and kept getting harder with each beat of his heart.

He reached his hand forwards and felt her breasts through her shirt. They were warm and soft, and she squirmed as he brushed her nipple.

But she pulled away.

"Hey, this is about you right now." She reinforced her point by wrapping her thumb and index finger around the head of his penis and tugging gently.

"Well...if you're sure," he said.

"Oh, I'm sure," she breathed into his ear. Then she knelt in front of him, without releasing her hold on his straining penis.

"Can I lick you?" she asked.

"Yes." Her tongue came out and licked his head almost before he finished speaking. She's so dirty. I fucking love it. "Yeah, you like that. Put your mouth on it."

Her hand started going up and down his shaft as she licked his head. She held back for a while, just teasing him with her hands and tongue. She ran her fingers lightly along the underside of his hard shaft. She licked along the edge of the tip. She tugged at the hairs on his balls. Then her hand cradled them as her tongue licked all the way along his penis.

Her hands roamed around to his butt and squeezed the sweaty muscles they found there, conveniently pushing him further towards her. He couldn't keep his hands still either. He grabbed the top of her hair, simultaneously playing with it and forcing her mouth forward.

She looked up at him, her green eyes wide with the arousal of submission. Then she took him into her mouth.

He moaned involuntarily. It felt. So. Good.

For a few moments he was blissed out on the sensation of her warm, wet mouth. Then he realized her hand was still squeezing his butt. He responded by shoving her head down, so she had to take him deeper into her throat. She didn't even gag. He kept thrusting, hard. Take it. Take it, you mysterious sexy slut. Take it like I'm going to fuck you against a wall later.

Wait, had he said that out loud?

Soon, he felt the throbbing rush of sensation that meant he was about to cum.

"Going. To. Come." He groaned out. Then he held her head, stilled his thrusting, and got out a complete sentence: "You'd better swallow."

And she did. He came explosively. She took spurt after spurt in her mouth. Some of it even came out her nose and stained her shirt.

He pulled his now semi-hard dick out of her mouth, and took stock of the situation.

"Um. That was. Um. Amazing." Coherent, as always. He gingerly pulled his shorts up.

"Thanks, sexy stranger."

"Sexy stranger yourself. How about we get you cleaned up. Say, back at my place. And then can I see your vulva?" What the hell. He wasn't normally this forward, but she'd just sucked him off in a public park. Nothing was normal

"Hmmm well..." crap, was she turning him down? She just wanted to blow and go? "...normally I'd say no. But since you used the anatomically correct term, how can I turn that down?"

He took her hand, and led the way to his house. After a few steps, he leaned into her ear, and whispered "and then I'll fuck you against a wall."

She blushed and looked at him. "And they say romance is dead."

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Good fantasy

Short, sweet and too the point. Would have been slightly better if she were nude in the bushes when he came back.

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