Hello everyone. This is part one of their story. Because I plan to add to their 'adventures,' I have worked hard to create their personalities and give you insight into the characters. It takes a while to build, but I hope I've made it worth the read by the time you finish chapter one.

Please take a moment to vote and give me feed back. If you like something, let me know. If there is something that you feel could be improved, please let me know that, too. My goal as a writer is to have as many satisfied readers as possible. I can only improve my craft with your help and insight.


May life leave you Breathless...


Adena tried to open her eyes, but she just felt so tired. The eyelids were so heavy. What had happened? She tried to think back, but it was a blur. She was at Calypso's last she remembered, and had just finished her set. She remembered her throat had been dry from singing, so she went to the bar to get her usual lemon water.

Forcing her eyes open, she was frustrated that she still could see nothing. She rolled over and felt around. Everything was soft. Like cushions or pillows. Crawling on her hands and knees, she searched until she bumped into a wall. It was soft as well. Feeling around as she stood up, her fear began to rise as she realized that she was in some kind of padded room. She walked slowly, feeling around, stumbling, finding nothing but the softness of the padding.

"Hello? Someone there? Hello! Where am I?"

There was no answer and Adena's panic grew as she found a corner and slowly sank into it.

'What happened? How did I get here? Who is doing this?'

Her mind was flooded with questions.

Adena jumped when a song began to play. It brought terror to her mind as she finally realized who was responsible for this. It was Logan. He had called this one 'their' song. She cried as she listened to her own voice, wondering what he had in store for her now. ...

Logan first saw Adena exactly eight months and twelve days ago, when he had pulled into Calypso's for a quick drink. She was up on the stage, singing. She was an angel. His angel. She almost glowed, she looked so pure up there. She was all in white, her auburn hair falling in ringlets around her face and cascading down her back. Her emerald green eyes shone against her porcelain skin. She literally took his breath away.

He changed his whole schedule to be able to come and watch her. She was always so happy, smiling and chatting with the customers and making everyone love her even more. Of course, she always smiled at him the most. He knew she had noticed him that first night as well. When she came to the bar to get some water between acts, she had stood right next to him. She smiled, making his heart race. She even extended her hand to him, introducing herself.

"Hi! I'm Adena. I hope you are enjoying the show."

He had eagerly taken her hand in his and nodded, not willing to take his gaze from her eyes.

"I'm Logan. And, you are an angel."

He remembered how she had blushed and even giggled a bit at the compliment, acting as if she was unaware of her beauty and gifts.

It took him a while to woo her, but eventually she couldn't ignore the love that she felt for him and she agreed to a date. He had known her for 42 days then.

An evening of dining and dancing had been cut short by a call from a friend in need. But, Logan had understood. He was going to have her for the rest of her life. Of course she should go and help her friend. It was a quality that he adored about her. She had given him a quick kiss on the cheek as a goodbye before leaving. Logan knew it was only on the cheek because she was so chaste. He was sure she was still a virgin, though he would never bring up the topic to her. He wouldn't want to embarrass his angel like that. Besides, there was a small bit of him that knew she had been saving herself for him. For when she met the man she would spend the rest of her life with. ...

Adena awoke to the sound of her voice still playing softly. But there was a bit of light in the room now. She struggled to focus as she realized she was no longer alone.

"Hello my Angel."

"Logan. Why? Why are you..."

But he was by her side, holding her, cuddling her, putting his finger to her soft lips.

"Because you were confused. You know we are meant to be together. And we will be. From now on. You listened to what those people had to say instead of listening to your heart. But, I forgive you. I love you, my Angel. And I know that you love me, too. I just have to help you remember."

Tears began to run down Adena's face as she listened to him. How had she been so blind? She had loved his attention at first. He was a steady fan that was always at her performances. He respected her, never trying to cop a feel or grope her. He treated her like a princess. No, like a queen. When he referred to her as 'his Angel' it creeped her out a bit, but she would put up with that.

Logan wasn't bad on the eyes, either. She had seen cuter, but his endearing quality of almost worshiping her had made him adorable. Dark brown eyes and sandy blond hair. A dimple on his cheek made him almost look like a little boy. He was taller than her, and she was tall. Five feet ten inches. And she almost always wore heels. She figured he had to be at least 6'2".

He had begged her to go on a date with him and she had finally agreed, but set it up for a friend to call half way through. She had a policy of not dating fans, but she just didn't have the heart to keep saying no.

Now, trapped in this room, with his arms around her, she felt like she was going to be sick.

"Logan, they are going to miss me. They will come looking for me. I don't want you to be in trouble. So, let's just leave here, ok? We can go to Calypso's...."

Pulling her to him, Logan covered her mouth with his own, enjoying how she pretended to struggle against him. Of course she would. They had never kissed before. He wondered for a moment if she had ever kissed anyone. She was probably saving all of her firsts for him.

Wanting to introduce her to kissing and all of its joys, he pushed her back on the floor and began to probe her lips with his tongue, pushing past to her closed teeth.

"Angel, you have to open your mouth. I know this is new for you, but I'll help you to learn."

"No," was all she got out before his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. He held her hands against the padded floor, pressing his body into hers so that she couldn't move from his embrace.

He felt almost light headed as he finally kissed his Angel. His love. His soon to be lover. His tongue caressed hers, exploring her mouth and savoring her flavor. Logan felt himself beginning to grow hard in response to her kisses and he knew that he had to control his urges. She was too innocent to take right now. She had to be reminded of their love so that she would give herself to him freely. He would have to show her, teach her, train her to be his wife and lover.

He allowed himself a few more minutes of ecstasy as he kissed her deeply, enjoying how she moaned against his touch. She still pretended to fight their embrace, but he knew that, once she realized that he would never let her go, that she was his one true love, she would welcome his love and his teaching.

His penis was struggling against his pants now, begging for attention. He moved himself against her body, moaning at how wonderful she felt. He wanted her so badly.

Forcing himself to stop, he pulled back from her.

"I know this is all new to you, so I won't request that we do more tonight. After all, we have really only been on one date. And I know that nice girls like you don't do the things that lovers do on only a second date."

He leaned down and kissed her once more, his hands still holding her arms in place.

"Tomorrow can be our third date. We will be able to teach you more things then."

Adena watched as Logan left and she was finally able to move again.

'Teach me things?' she wondered, the idea making her feel uneasy. She heard the music start again and she sank back down in the corner. She didn't stay there, long, however. Logan returned and walked to her, pulling her hands behind her. In a matter of seconds, he had her shackled.

She felt the soft velvet around her wrists and panic began to rise up in her again.

"Open your mouth, Angel."

She shook her head no.

"Please, don't make me force you. I want to take you to the restroom and allow you to shower and clean yourself. I want to show you I love you. Now, please, open your mouth."

Adena looked up into his eyes. Tears formed in hers.

"Please Logan. Please just let me..."

But she quickly closed her mouth as he brought a ball gag up to her face.

"Open up, Angel."

When she refused, he held her nose, making her gasp for breath. It was enough and he quickly pushed her mouth open enough to get the gag inside.

"Now, see, that isn't so bad," he said, tightening the straps. "I know you might be confused right now and I don't want you to try to scream when I take you upstairs. It is only for a little while."

He took her up to a bathroom that had no windows. It was deep inside the house. She knew that no one would hear her scream even if she could.

She was surprised, however, when the gag was removed once they were secure in the bathroom and he had the door locked.

"See, my Angel," he said softly, touching the red place on her face left by the straps. "I don't want to hurt you. Not ever. I only need to use these tools until you have learned to trust me and love me again. I know you do. You just have to listen to your heart again."

Logan leaned forward and kissed her softly on the red mark, then turned her around, undoing the shackles. Turning her to face him again, he held them up, a smile on his face.

"I tried to find something as soft and delicate as you, my Angel. They didn't have anything so accommodating in the gag department." He leaned down and kissed the pink spot once more. It was already almost gone.

"You'll see new clothes for you here. And towels. I should have everything you need. I'll be back in 20 minutes, so be ready."

He smiled at her, his adoration obvious, then turned and walked out the door, taking the gag and shackles with him. Adena heard the door lock and she sat down on the commode, fighting tears. How did this happen?

Realizing she was on a time limit, she quickly undressed and showered, thankful for at least something positive. She used the restroom and put on the clothes that he had provided for her. The dress was almost modest. Much less revealing than what she wore on stage to perform in. The only thing that even hinted at sexuality was the fact that it was very tight across her chest and dipped low in the back.

True to his word, Logan was back fairly quickly. Adena assumed it had been twenty minutes.

"Stunning," he whispered to her as he slipped in the door, his 'toys' with him. "I am always amazed by your beauty, my Angel."

He held the shackles up for her.


Adena held her hands out in front of her.

"No, my Angel, you aren't ready for that yet. Please, turn around."

She wanted to fight him, but decided it would do no good yet.

When Logan held up the ball gag, however she began to shake her head.

"Please, no. That hurts. I won't yell. I promise. Please?"

"No, my Angel. We must work up to that. Open up, make it easy on yourself."

When Adena refused, Logan sighed, bringing his hand to her nose once more.

Adena held her breath as long as she could, and then finally only opened her lips, trying to keep her teeth clamped.

Logan brought his hand over her mouth, cutting off her air. Adena struggled a few seconds more, but then gave way when she felt that her lungs would burst if she didn't get air.

As soon as her mouth was open the gag was returned.

Tears trailed down her face and Logan paused, looking at her with concern.

"My Angel, my sweet Angel. I'm so sorry. Next time, please just do as I say. I know what is best for you right now."

With his finger, he wiped the tear from her face and then leaned down, kissing her cheek softly.

Leading her back down to her room, Adena was surprised when he opened the door and she could smell food. It smelled delicious and she realized just how hungry she was.

Just as before, as soon as the door was shut and locked, the key securely put away, Logan released the gag from her and then the shackles.

"It is time for our evening meal together before you go to sleep."

Pulling the chair out for her, Logan waited for Adena to move to him. She approached cautiously, looking over the meal. No knives. Nothing that looked hot. Nothing she could use as a weapon against him. She sat down and felt him lift the seat slightly to move it back to the table. There was no way that it would slide on all the padding.

Logan walked to the other side and sat down. Serving them both, he took a bite first, then looked at her.

"See, I'm eating. Nothing wrong with the food. Not very hot, I'm afraid, but you can taste my cooking another day. Tonight is just to nourish you and allow you to rest. We have a big day planned for tomorrow."

Adena took a small bite, allowing the food to coat her tongue and swish around in her mouth before finally swallowing.

Logan watched her mouth move, focusing on the way her tongue ran along the insides of her cheeks and then across her lips. His penis began to beg for attention again. 'Soon,' he chided himself. He must not move too quickly.

The meal passed quickly, with Adena eventually eating all that was offered. If she was going to have a way out, she had to be strong enough to take it. Not eating would help nothing.

Logan made small talk as they ate, lavishing compliments on her and hoping to put Adena at ease. He had to remind himself that this was new to her.

When they finished, he shackled her once more, then opened the door and sat the table and chairs out side of the door. She thought about trying to make a run for it, but there was never a clear opening.

Logan turned to Adena and walked to her, embracing her. He kissed her softly, enjoying the smell of her hair and the suppleness of her body. He throbbed with desire for her, and he was sure that she could feel it as he pressed her body to his.

"Kiss me deeply once more, my Angel, before I must leave you for the evening. Give us something to sustain us until the morning, when we can have our third date."

Adena looked at him, questions in her eyes. She was afraid to speak, not wanting to open her mouth to his. Logan attempted to kiss her deeply, but didn't force the issue when she didn't respond. It broke his heart, but he said nothing. The hurt was obvious and his large chocolate brown eyes looked as if he could actually cry.

'Don't you try to make me feel sorry for you,' Adena thought, looking at him, trying to understand it all. At least he didn't force another kiss. She wanted him and his raging dick off of her.

The night passed slowly for both of them. Adena lie awake, wondering what he would expect on a third date and why it would be so special. Logan, meanwhile, worked to prepare for their date the following day. He would surprise her and make her remember that she loved him and wanted to be together always. Finally, exhausted, each tumbled into sleep in their own parts of the house.

Logan woke early the next morning, despite the little bit of sleep. He was too excited about their date and his plans to sleep for long.

Sneaking down to her room, Logan checked on her and found that she was still sleeping. Pleased, he crept back upstairs and packed the picnic basket with breakfast foods and juice. He started the music playing softly in her room and grabbed the small bag with his laptop and a few training tools he thought he might need for their date.

When Logan opened the door again, Adena was awake. She looked up, seeming disoriented as she saw him come in.

"Good morning, my Angel. I have breakfast for you, but first, we must let you go freshen up. Please, come to me and prepare to go."

Adena shook her head no.

"Logan, this can't go on. They are looking for me. You haven't done anything yet that they will lock you up for. I'll tell them that I was just spending some time with you because you are my friend. We were going over some songs." Logan said nothing, but held the shackles with the red velvet trim out to her.

"No, Logan, I won't."

He didn't move.

"Please?" she asked, looking up at him. "Just let me go."

Logan smiled down at her, pleased that she had such a strong spirit. It was one of the things he loved about her.

"Adena, my Angel, you surely need to go to the restroom and I'm sure a shower sounds good. Please, we have our date to get to. Don't make this difficult."

Her head dropping, Adena sighed. There was no talking to him. And, she did need to go. She turned and put her back to him, her hands behind her.

"No, my Angel. Now you are ready," he said, turning her back around and putting her hands in front of her. Carefully, lovingly, he placed the shackles on her wrists, then brought her hands to his lips, kissing and caressing her fingers.

"You are so lovely. And soon, we will share so much more."

Alarms sounded in Adena's mind. She didn't want to share anything with him.

He held up the gag.

"But, you just said that I was ready. Please. Not that."

"You are ready for some things, but not all. We can play this out again, or we can do it quickly."

She nodded and opened her mouth to his gag. Kissing her softly on the cheek, he smiled and then tightened the straps once more.

Her trip above to the rest of the house went as before, with him giving her some time alone to use the restroom and shower and brush her teeth. Today he has supplied her with a sundress and very lacy panties.

Once she was back below, he removed the gag and shackles and smiled at her, looking like a child awaiting Christmas morning.

"I have a movie for us to watch after we have breakfast," he said, leading her to the small picnic blanket and food displayed.

She sat down slowly, and looked at the laptop. If she could get to it, perhaps she could email someone....

"The laptop is an old one that I altered a bit. It is perfect for watching a DVD, but not much more."

His eyes studied her face and she felt like he had been listening to her thoughts. She shuddered. "This is our third date. I don't know how much experience you have, but usually if you agree to go on a third date, then that means you really like the person. That is when you move past just kissing and holding hands. You begin to explore to see if you are compatible in other ways, too."

He smiled as he handed her a small container of juice and then sat one in front of himself.

"I have fruit for us. Fruit is fun to eat, as well as to play with. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

Adena looked up at him and quickly shook her head no. She didn't want to hear more. She didn't want him to tell her whatever sick plans he had. She wanted to escape, if not literally then at least figuratively.

"The movie?" she inquired, drinking the juice and taking a bite of a pastry, avoiding the fruit.

Logan grinned, excited that she was beginning to come around.

"Yes! The movie. I had thought I would wait until we were finished eating, but perhaps it would be good to begin."

Setting the DVD, Logan leaned back so that he could watch Adena as he watched the movie. It was one that he had researched and felt that would have the most information for Adena to learn from.

She had barely taken a few bites of the sweet roll when the movie began. Adena paused and looked over to Logan. He was smiling at her and nodding.

"We will learn today. I will teach you."

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