tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCompleting A Frat Fantasy

Completing A Frat Fantasy


I've always had overwhelming sexual urges since as far back as I can remember, but I never acted on them, because until recently, I haven't had the courage. During these past few years I have ventured out of my shell and explored some of my desires, but there has always been one particular fantasy that's loomed in the distance.

I have forever been intrigued by fraternities. The thought of all that alluring testosterone in one place presents such a tempting challenge that it's hard for me to ignore. I have often planed and acted out that one fantasy night, not knowing if it would ever actually happen. I even picked out the fraternity. One night as I was getting ready for bed, I thought about my fantasy. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get up the nerve to try bringing my dream to life. I quickly made friends with the sponsor of the frat house of my choice, and during lunch with the him one day I decided to throw my idea on the table.

At first he thought I was joking, but then he saw the desire and seriousness in my eyes. He paused to think about it for a while, then said, "If this is what you really want, I'm not going to stop you." He told me that every Monday night the entire house meets for a weekly formal dinner, and suggested that the following Monday would be a good time. Each of the fraternity brothers has to be dressed in a suit and tie. On these particular nights, they are to expect speakers to talk to them about various issues, and usually these issues aren't real interesting. I, on the other hand, was going to discuss an issue with them that I knew they would enjoy thoroughly. The only rule that the sponsor had was, "What happens in the house, stays in the house."- which was fine with me. The fraternity houses over 75 young college guys, some of which haven't ever been with a woman. My mission is to sexually please all of them in one night, but not in any typical way. I want to be remembered for years to come. I want to be a legend.

As my night approaches, I search for the perfect thing to wear- especially taking into consideration what I'm going to wear under my red suit. I make sure to curl my long, blonde hair knowing how sexy it makes me look. After getting dressed, I put my hair up and put on my black leather coat before heading towards the house.

I show up at the house a half an hour after dinner and slowly walk into the dining room- acting professional the whole time. Unfortunately, I feel myself getting a little nervous, but as soon as I see all of the guys turn their heads to watch my every move, my nerves immediately subside. I also notice that the room has fallen silent upon my entering, and a sly smile comes across my cherry-red lips. The only sound is my black heels clicking on the linoleum floor. I step up to the podium, and begin my speech by introducing myself: "Hi Theta Psi, my name is Egypt. I'm here to talk to you tonight about something that I feel is very important, and that is conquering world hunger." There is a disappointed groan from the group of now-uninterested fraternity brothers. I smile again before continuing seductively, "... Actually, let's just conquer MY hunger." The guys stop their whispering and look back up at me, their faces full of question. "That's right, I'm very hungry, and I think you can all help me." My hand reaches up to release my hair from the clip that is holding it, as my golden locks fall to my shoulders.

I walk out in front of the podium so I can pace while I continue talking. "I have a proposition to make, but you have to follow my rules." I pause before continuing, "I will please each and every one of you handsome, young men if you promise not to disobey me. It's simple really. You obey me, I give you the greatest pleasure imaginable. Now, let me give you the rules. I am going to be crawling under these tables. If anyone looks under the table cloth, I will stop and go home. I also will be doing many different things to entertain you; if anyone says a word without my permission, I will go home. I might be either near you, or ON you; if anyone touches me without my permission, I will go home. Got it?" There is a series of eager nods. "Good."

All of a sudden the lights dim and a song starts. I begin to dance and move to the music. Quickly I say, "I give you all permission to talk right now, but as soon as I put my finger up to my lips to hush you, you had all better be quiet. Now please, egg me on." All at once the place erupts in cheers and shouts that bring me to a higher level of excitement. I continue dancing and strutting around the tables making seductive eye contact with the different guys that I pass. I step up onto one of the tables and slowly begin to unbutton my red suit coat. Underneath I'm wearing just a small, lacy, black bra that barely holds in my breasts. The coat slides off my shoulders and I fling it over to one of the tables as the guys yell louder. Then I reach behind my back to unzip my skirt and slide it down over my hips revealing the tiny, black, lacy panties that I'm wearing. The skirt falls to the table and I kick it off, sending it flying.

Dancing now in just my black high heels and the black, lacy lingerie, I begin to rub my hands all over my hot, sweaty body. Starting at my stomach, I slide my hands up to my breasts, squeezing them and leaning my head back in pleasure. Then I slide my hands back down my stomach and tease everyone by acting like I'm going to take off my panties. They all groan as they watch me touch my incredible body, knowing they will never have the chance. To please my audience, I call on one of the guys at the table to unhook my bra. I slowly get down on my hands and knees in front of him, arch my back and whisper in his ear, "I need you to help me. Please take my bra off, sweetie. And while you're at it, you can touch anything you want." The guy moans and slowly glides his hands over my back and my bra strap until he finds my ass. He squeezes it and slides his hands back up to unhook me. As my bra falls to the table, I sit back on my knees, flinging my hair over my head and I pull the guys hands onto my tits. He caresses and squeezes them until I stand up, pull away and shake my head. Then he pouts, and I smile.

All of a sudden I put my finger up to my lips, cutting the music. Everyone falls silent, just like I had asked. While my finger is at my lips, I slowly slide it into my mouth to get it as wet as I am. My heart beats loudly in the silent room while all the guys stare at my finger as I slide it from my mouth, across my soft chin, down my neck, onto my chest, between my tits, down my silky stomach, and down to my panties, where I reach with my other hand to start taking them off. I slowly wiggle my way out of them, as the silent room sighs with excitement.

It's time for me to move onto my next plan.

I seductively make my way down from the table and ask one of the guys, "Who do you think deserves it the most? Oh, you are allowed to talk to answer this." I wink.

He pauses for a moment, then says collectively, "me."

His confidence catches me off guard, but really turns me on simply because that means I can't let him down. Smiling, I get down on my knees and lift the table cloth so i can crawl under the table. As I look around at all of the nice dress pants and shoes, I notice that the majority of guys are hard, which gives me more confidence and pleasure. Carefully I position myself between the legs of lucky Number One. The fact that he has no idea where I'm at or what I'm going to do excites me even more. I love all of the power I have. Suddenly I place my hand on his right inner thigh and he jumps at the surprise of it. I can hear a few laughs from above the table, which makes me assume that he also made a funny face. I slowly slide my hand up his leg towards the obvious but pleasantly large bulge in his pants where I begin unzipping them. I can only imagine what is going above me, but I am impressed at how silent the room still is. After unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, I search to find the opening in his boxers so I can pull out his raging hard cock. As soon as I wrap my fingers around the long shaft I can feel it stiffen even more. Craving the taste of cum on my tongue, I lick the top, praying for possible precum, and fortunately the prayer is answered. I get all that I can before sliding my lips over his hard cock and letting it go deep into my throat. I hear him groan loudly as some guys laugh. I pull back a little, moving my tongue around the tip, and then I go deep again before pulling off and going faster. He thrusts his hips with the movement of my mouth and I suddenly feel his cock fill my mouth as it grows before shooting warm, wet, delicious cum onto my tongue, I enjoy the taste for a while before swallowing the quenching liquid, and even then I enjoy the feeling as it slides down my throat.

Smiling at my first accomplishment, I crawl over to the next lucky guy at the table. Again, this guy has no idea what's going to happen to him. I begin the same way, by sliding my hands up his thighs before unzipping his pants to reveal my next treat. His shaft is even larger than the first one, but it only takes the touch of my soft wet tongue once for him to cum. Since it was so unexpected, most of it got all over my face. The milky, sweet substance drips off my chin and onto my chest. I take my hands and scoop up all that I can, disappointed that I might not get all of it into my mouth.

Not wanting to bore my audience of 75 hot fraternity boys, I crawl out from under the table to entertain them some more. I walk over to a table of football players and sit on the edge, with my long, sexy legs dangling over the side. I lean over the guy on the right of me and whisper into his ear, nibbling his earlobe and neck between words. He smiles and does what he's told. The house watches in amazement as this big football player stands up and takes off all of his clothes before standing up on his chair. Meanwhile, I have crawled up on my hands and knees on the table in front of him. He stands at the perfect height, his hard shaft taunting my mouth- which is inches away from tasting the glistening precum on the tip. I slowly arch my back and lean in to take all of him into my mouth. I smile to myself as I realize that every guy in the room has a good view of me ruling this powerful man with my tongue, especially the guys sitting behind me at the table. I lick, suck and massage his cock while he stands strongly before me, holding my head, like I had instructed. My body sways back and forth with the motion of his, and I hear him moan loudly before exploding into my mouth. I hear a group of guys cheer, and I quickly look over at them as they fall silent. I speak seductively, "No, you guys are right, that kind of performance deserves an applause." After such a long, silent tension, the entire room bursts with cheers and applause. At this point, I stand up on the table and smile. I can't believe I am actually going through with my ultimate fantasy.

My next plan is to get to as many guys as possible. I instruct the entire room that they can speak and carry on like normal, while I sneak from table to table to suck them off one by one. I tell them that since the whole room can't see where I am, they need to be loud enough or have enough of a reaction that their brothers will be able to figure out where I am.

I crawl beneath one of the tables and look around for my next victim. I see a man wearing nice black dress pants, whose hands are nervously fiddling in his lap. Crawling over to him, I know I'm going to make his day. Carefully I position myself on my knees, and set my hands on top of his. He jumps and I hear the guys at his table laugh. I grab his hand and bring it towards me, singling out one of his fingers to slide in my mouth. My soft, wet lips close around his finger as I foreshadow what is going to happen to him once I unzip his pants. I glide his finger in and out of my mouth, and listen to the murmur of masculinity around me. After setting his hand aside, I pull his poised cock out from its shelter and mimic what I did to his finger just seconds before. He starts to moan, and the room falls silent. So far he has the loudest, most erotic response to my touch as he groans with extreme extasy while shooting warm cum onto my tongue.

I continue in much the same way as I sweep from man to man. My mouth is starting to tire, but my tongue can't get enough of the taste. My body is dripping with not only sweat but my own cum, for I continually have to play with myself to keep sane around such tantalizing treats at my disposal. As I'm on my knees under one of the tables, working on one of the last few guys, I feel a draft of cold air on my back. I quickly realize what has happened. I turn around to see a few guys peeking under the table cloth. Quickly, I get out from under the table and start to walk towards the door. I'm furious that they couldn't follow just that one instruction after the night I had given them. All of a sudden, someone yells out, "Egypt! Wait!" I take a few more steps before turning around. I see one of the frat brothers standing up with a pleading look in his eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad. It's just that I'm so excited, and you haven't gotten to me yet. I just wanted to see you, and watch you. Please stay."

The room waits in anticipation for my response. I open my mouth and begin to speak, "I only had a few rules, I even let you guys talk for the majority of this." I pause to think. "I guess you've all been so good this whole time, though. How about I just have you make it up to me and I'll stay," The guys turn their heads to hear what he has to say.

"I'll do anything you want," he replies, and the crowd cheers. I smile and walk towards him, excited that I myself will get pleasure soon. "Alright," I say, "I'm going to need everyone to be quiet. And you," I look at my slave, "you had better know how to get a girl off, because I have quite a bit of sexual tension right now." He smiles and nods before I grab his hand and lead him over to a couch towards the front of the room. I lay on my back on the couch, and put my arms behind my head.

"Ok, I'm not going to tell you what to do. I just want to have the best orgasm of my life. Can you please, please do that for me? I'm ALL yours."

The guy smiles again and kneels beside the couch on the floor. I close my eyes, and my body eagerly awaits his touch. The first thing I feel is his warm lips on my stomach. His kisses send tingles up and down my spine as he moves up towards my breasts. Slowly and carefully, he slides his hands up my stomach and caresses my breasts, nibbling on one of my nipples. I let out soft moans while my body takes in all that it can. I want all of the men to know exactly how much this night has meant to me, and I plan to make them understand.

The guy continues kissing me all over. He breathes down my neck and whispers into my ear, "I want to be the one to make you cum, Egypt." I moan and continue to keep my eyes closed. I can tell that he is undressing beside me, and I'm curious about how far he will go. I feel his hands between my legs, as he spreads my knees apart. His warm breath is suddenly on my thighs, close to my wet pussy. I feel myself shudder with excitement, my clit is dripping and ready for him to please me. His lips and soft tongue move in towards my clit, and he teases me, driving me crazy with his patience before sticking his tongue inside me. I scream out with pleasure, unable to believe how good it feels. He continues massaging my wet pussy with his tongue, and I can feel myself already getting close to an orgasm. Suddenly he stops, and he pulls me up off the couch. I refuse to open my eyes, because the mystery of the situation is what adds to my excitement. He stands behind me, and puts his hands on my back while bending me over so my ass is in the air. I feel him come in close and slide his hard, large cock inside me. I yell out with pleasure as he pumps in and out of me, and I shudder with the best orgasm I've ever achieved. Then, to make the feeling even better, the whole room cheers as I fall down to the couch, exhausted.

I thank my mystery guy and lie in the aftermath as long as I can before getting up to complete my task. I look around at the guys I know I have left to please, and wonder if I can actually accomplish all that I wanted to. Suddenly an idea pops into my head.

I walk over towards where most of them are and begin to plead, "Look, guys, I know what I promised and I don't mean to be a presidential candidate about it, but I don't think I can deliver." They all groan with disappointment, and I continue, "But I have an idea that will ensure that I will get to drink all of your cum, just not have to do the work." They wait for me to continue. "I will do a nice little dance on this table over here, and you guys can do the work for me. Then, you can all use those wine glasses in front of you to catch every ounce of your precious cum that I really want to taste. And when you're all done, I will drink it. ALL of it. Do we have a deal?"

The guys agree, so I get up on the table and start to dance. Someone turns on some music and I sway my hips back and forth while rubbing my hands across entire body. I watch some of the guys that are pleasuring themselves beneath the table. As my hands pass over my pussy, I notice that it is still wet, so I stick my finger inside me and pleasure myself for awhile before bringing my hand up to my mouth and licking every bit of my cum off it. One by one, guys began bringing crystal wine glasses full of milky cum to the table. I continued dancing until there were 20 glasses. I began to pour all of them into one large glass for me to drink at once. What a grand finale, I think to myself. I lift the full glass and toast the air, "I want to thank all of you for the most incredible night of my life." I tip the glass back and enjoy every last bit of delicious cum as it slides down my throat. At last, mission accomplished.

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