tagMind ControlCompulsions Ch. 03

Compulsions Ch. 03




Jennifer opened the backyard garage door and entered the dusty building. She didn't usually come back here. In fact, she didn't think that she had even been in here since her husband died a few months back. It was his place, and since his death, her son, Michael, had taken care of things.

Jennifer watched as the dim morning light pierced the darkness and fell across a stunning red and black monster of a vehicle.

Hearing something behind her, Jennifer spun. Michael was right behind her, so close that she jumped, involuntarily.

Michael grabbed her, quickly. "Mom, are you alright?"

"Michael, you startled me!"

"Sorry," he said. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought I heard you come out back," she said. "I wanted to know what you were doing." She traced her fingers across the Corvette's hood. "Where on earth did you get this?"

"I borrowed it from a friend," Mike said. "It's a car from your time, mom."

"My time?" Jennifer raised an eyebrow. "Michael, this is a '67 Corvette. It was made two years before I was born."

Mike frowned. "Okay, so it's a little before you..."

"With a car like this, you might find yourself popular with the girls," she said, and smiled deeply, like one of those aforementioned girls.

"I was thinking it would be more of a turn-on to women like you."

"Well, I suppose that it does turn me on, at that." She pulled him to her and pressed her body close. Their lips met and they shared a passionate, thoroughly inappropriate, mother-son kiss.

Mike pushed Jennifer and her shoulders slammed back onto the hood. He quickly pulled her pants off. Unbuckling his jeans, he thrust his wanting cock home inside her waiting pussy.

Jennifer cried out.

Mike pulled out and thrust again, pounding deep inside her. His hands went to her tits and he squeezed. She bucked beneath him and he fucked her all out, pounding for all he was worth, giving her long, deep strokes that quickly drove her to the edge of ecstasy.

"Now, Michael, now!" she cried out and came, shaking violently.

Michael gave his mother another dozen powerful thrusts and then came himself, blasting his come deep inside her.

"I guess I should be going," Mike said, a few minutes later.

"Michael, I need to talk with you," Jennifer said.

"Not now, mom. I have to hurry." Mike quickly pulled his clothes on. He was afraid that she was going to ask him more questions. Questions that he wasn't sure he could easily answer.

"It's important, baby," she said. "There are some things that I have to tell you, some things that you need to know."

"I really have to go, mom," he said.

"You can use the Power, can't you?"

Mike turned. "What power?"

"The Ways," Jennifer said. "You have the ability to control other's minds."

"You know about the Compulsion?" Mike hissed.

"Is that what you call it? Yes, son. I know about it. I should have told you before, but I didn't know how." She looked at him, eyes brimming with emotion.

"How do you know?" Mike asked.

"Because I can use it, too."

Mike was shocked. "You can?" he asked.

"Sit down, son," she said. "And I'll tell you what I know."

Mike sat on the hood of the car, with Jennifer beside him. She rested her hand on his leg. She looked into his eyes, her intense blue eyes meeting his.

"There are three Ways to use the Compulsion, as you call it," Jennifer said.

"The first is Suggestion. Suggestion is the influencing of a subject's emotions. Whenever you arouse someone's emotions or remove their inhibitions, you are using this. It's the ability that I am best at and, from what I understand, women are more adept with. It does have one drawback. When Suggesting an emotion, keep in mind that you never know how long the emotion will be in effect. An extremely powerful emotion, like love or fear, could be in effect for years or maybe forever. I used it on you the night we first made love."

"The second way is Manipulation. When you confuse the mind to influence or alter a person's decision making, you are using this Way. I know that you have used this on me before, probably without knowing it or understanding it. It is very powerful, but tricky to use. It can literally do anything, ANYTHING, to the subject's mind. You can instill hallucinations in a mind. You can alter or implant memories, conclusions or beliefs in a subject. The fact that you can do it at all, and without instruction, is very impressive. I still have difficulty using even basic Manipulations."

"The final Way to use your Compulsion is Domination. It is the most blatantly powerful of the Ways and the most dangerous. It subjugates the subject's will and forces their actions according to your desires. When you dominate someone, you can never be sure what they're going to do, or even if they will snap out of the Domination. Some may follow your commands exactly and to the letter, some may follow the meaning behind your commands and some few may even be immune to your Domination. It seems that men are more adept with this power than women. I, myself, am afraid to use it. If you do employ it, be very careful, Michael."

"You said that you used the Compulsion on me?" Mike asked. "And I know that I used it on you, even if I didn't mean to. Is there a danger in that?"

Jennifer smiled. "There is always some danger in using the Power, Michael. Each time it is used on a subject, it grows more and more powerful. Compelling a person more than twice can turn them into your mind-slave permanently and damage their individuality. But there is less danger for people like us who can use it. You can take control of me if your will is stronger or if you catch me unprepared, but the effects of the Compulsion will never last very long when one of us uses it on another. Usually not more than a day or two. And it cannot be permanent, if that's what you're worried about."

"How did this happen? I mean, why can I, we, use this power?"

Jennifer sighed. "You're coming to the limits of my knowledge, Michael. I know that it is passed down through the bloodlines. It's probably genetic, but who knows? Maybe exposure to the use of the power can allow someone to learn it. Or maybe others can be taught. I acquired all my knowledge from my father."

"You mean, he could Compel people, too?" Mike asked.

"Yes," Jennifer said. "Though... I don't think he was as powerful as you are. He taught me how to use all the Ways."

"What happened to him, anyway?"

"He died mysteriously, before you were born. I don't know what of and none of the doctors could ever explain it to me. I often think that it had something to do with the Ways, but I could never figure out what or how. For a long time after his death, I tried to limit my own use of the three Ways. Eventually, I gave them up, completely. Until your father died in that car wreck, and you started using the Power. Then, I knew I had to tell you, to teach you how to use the Ways and how to control them."

"I thought..." Mike began.

"That you were some sort of freak?" she asked.

"No. I was going to say: I thought I was alone."

Jennifer smiled. "No, you're not alone, Michael. Not while I'm with you." She hugged him, tightening her arms around his back and pressing her breasts to his chest. He closed his eyes and felt the warmth of her body, smelled her neck and hair.

"Where were you last night, Michael?"


"Tell me, please, Michael," she pleaded. "I won't be upset. I just don't want to lose you to a secret life."

Mike frowned. And he told her. Maybe he left out some of the gory sex details, but he told her the general idea of what happened. The phone call from Miss St. John. His anger. The orders that he gave Howard Winters.

"Mike, you shouldn't have done that..."

"You said that you wouldn't be upset!"

"I'm not upset. I just meant that you don't have to be my defender. I'm capable of taking care of myself."

"If I can't take care of my own mother," Mike protested. "Then what kind of man will I be? I had to do what I did." Mike shook his head. "What would you have done when he fired you?"

"I guess I would have looked for another job, Mike."

"You wouldn't have fought back?"

"What good would it have done?" she asked, helplessly.

"I suppose there are some differences between men and women." Mike said. "I wouldn't have given up with a struggle..."

"And some punishment," he thought, silently.

"I suppose there are differences, at that..." Jennifer said, and caressed his face.

"I have to go, mom."

She pulled her hand away. "Of course. I'll see you, tonight."

"I have a date, tonight, mom. Sorry, I forgot to tell you."

Jennifer smiled: a beaming, happy grin that Mike didn't quite know what to make of. "You'll have to tell me all about it."



"Michael Connors, please report to the office..." the order was blaring over the PA system when Mike walked into school.

Mike shook his head. Unless Robin wanted to give him a blowjob before classes, she better have a good explanation for this. If there was one thing that Mike hated, it was being summoned like a dog.

Mike entered the office.

The secretary, a young woman named Cameron Cox, gave him a solemn, embarrassed look and pointed to Robin's office door. She was around five-foot-five with shoulder-length colored blonde hair and dark eyes. She was fiddling with a small digital camera, one that she always had nearby.

Mike entered Robin's office.

"What can I do for you, Principal sexy...?" Mike stopped when he saw that Robin was not alone.

Another woman was there, standing beside Robin's desk, arms folded over her breasts. Robin was seated and bore a chastised look, her eyes down. She looked almost as if she had been crying.

"What's going on?" Mike asked.

"Have a seat, Mr. Connors," the standing woman said.

Mike looked, seeing her for the first time.

She was several years older than Robin, he guessed. She had shoulder-length black hair, shot through with silver at the temples and an angry pair of blue eyes that flashed warningly at him. A few years ago, she might have been pretty, beautiful even. Or maybe it was her stance and the look on her face that marred her appearance.

"Who are you?" Mike demanded.

"Superintendent Joan Wheeler," the older woman said. "And you're Mr. Michael Connors, aren't you?"

Mike strode up to her, unafraid. The days of him being intimidated by women were over, he decided. Whoever this bitch was, she would learn not to fuck with him. She was much shorter than Robin Walsh, maybe five-foot-four, and Mike himself towered a head taller than her. He looked down at her and she took an involuntary step back.

"Sit, please..." the superintendent said.

"Michael..." Robin said and gave him a look of embarrassment and defeat.

Mike sat.

The superintendent, Joan, turned a computer screen towards Mike and pressed a button on the keyboard. Immediately, a video started playing.

It was a recording. Mike instantly recognized it. It was a video of this very room, on Monday. On the screen, Miss Walsh was on her knees, gripping his cock and jacking him off.

Mike watched and listened.

"Jack me off onto your mature fucking face, Robin..." he heard himself say. Mike watched the video, entranced. The scene played out as it had in his memory, with her following all of his orders.

"Grab your breast... Put your finger in your mouth... Fucking blow me, Miss Walsh... I'm coming! I'm coming, Miss Walsh! Jack me, now!"

Mike watched as the jizz splashed all over Robin's face. She had such a look of passion and love. Love for him.

Joan Wheeler reached out to pause the video, holding on the look on Robin Walsh's face. Seen from another angle, it was more beautiful than before. Suddenly, the memory took on a whole new meaning for Mike.

Robin had her head in her hands, Mike saw, her face resigned. She was going to lose her job, she knew. She glanced up at him, just for a second, but Mike saw it again. Her eyes sparkled, showing love in a look.

A look for him, alone.

"Can you explain this, Mr. Connors?" Joan asked.

"I could explain it," Mike said, suddenly angry. "But I don't think that you could really understand what I feel for Robin. I was in charge. You should blame me, alone. I only made her do what I wanted her to do."

"You were in charge..." Joan scoffed. "I'm sorry, no. I don't buy that for a minute. I have no other choice. Miss Walsh, you are hereby terminated. You have until the end of the day to pack your things and leave your office. And you're just plain lucky that this young man is 18 years old. Otherwise, you would be going to jail."

Michael stood and took a step towards the superintendent. The older woman backed off, suddenly fearful.

"Michael!" Robin said. "Stop, please!"

Mike stopped. He didn't know why, but he did what she told him.

Robin stood to face the woman. "I'll accept the termination, but not your judgment. Who are you to lecture me? What does a woman like you know about love?" She stepped around her desk, crossed to Michael and took his arm.

"You're both crazy!"

"I'll be gone by the end of the day. Now, just leave..." Robin said.

Joan glared at her for a moment more and then left the office.

Mike almost tried to go after her, but Robin's arms held him. "You should have let me do something," Mike said.

"What could you do, Michael? She showed the tape to the whole school board. Even if you could convince or threaten her, the others would never agree. And you'd just get yourself in trouble."

"You'd be surprised what I can do..." Mike said.

"No. I'll take the punishment for this one."

"Miss Walsh, I'm sorry..."

"Miss Walsh is gone, Michael. Don't call me that. Don't ever call me that again. Call me Robin... or sexy... or baby... or whatever you want."

"So you still like me?" Mike asked.

"Of course, I still like you," Robin said.

Mike shook his head. "You're an amazing woman, Robin," he said, softly.

"Be careful of Joan Wheeler, Mike. She'll try to make trouble for you..." Robin hesitated for a second. "I don't doubt that she will inform your mother of our relationship... I... I'm sorry... I don't know what I can do about that..."

She was trying to protect him. The woman was unbelievable. Maybe that was what it meant to have an older woman. Or maybe it was just her way. Mike didn't know, but Robin Walsh was growing more attractive to him by the moment.

"Don't worry. I can handle it, Robin."

She laughed, throatily. "Yeah, I don't doubt it. You're a very capable young man."

She reached out to him, suddenly, and touched his stomach, lightly, caressing his abs through his shirt. Her fingers traced his ribs and his muscles.

Mike looked at her, at the lust in her eyes.

"You like strong men, Robin?"

"Uh, huh," she murmured and pressed her generous lips to his. The next few moments were long and impassioned, as their tongues dueled for supremacy.

Mike caught Robin's tongue with his lips and sucked.

"Mummm..." she murmured.

Mike released her and kissed her on the face and neck. Dragging his lips down her chest, he pressed his face into her heavy breasts and rubbed his cheek over the large blouse-covered mounds.

"Oh, Michael..."

Mike knelt before her and pushed her skirt up. Pulling the tight black panties down her legs, he slipped them off.

"Are you going to take those, too, lover?"

Mike smiled. "I'll let you keep these, babe. I already have a black pair." She smiled back as she stared down at him, hands caressing Mike's hair.

Mike pressed his face into her sex and his lips embraced her, sucked her and teased her.

"Oh, ohh, yess..."

He thrust his tongue inside her, tickling her delightfully, and felt her hands tighten in his hair and pull him closer.

"Oh, god! Fuck me, my young lover... Michael... oh, yes," she cried.

His teeth and tongue teased and tickled her to full arousal and she cried out, coming on her young lover's face. Mike lapped at her juices, eagerly.

Robin's tight fingers loosened in his hair, and she started rubbing and petting him, affectionately. Mike stood and Robin kissed him, tasting herself on his lips.

"You like that taste, don't you?" Mike asked.

"I've always enjoyed the taste of a woman, even myself," Robin explained. She looked at him intently. "Are you going to take me?"

"Not until I get you home. I want to fuck you in your own bed."

"Good," she said. "I want to get out of here."

Mike helped Robin pack her things. It was quite a few items because, after all, she had been the school principal for many years. Together they took the things to her car and left the school.

A few students and teachers stared as they left, and Mike didn't care what they were thinking.


Robin took Mike to her house.

Mike entered and looked around, admiring and enjoying what he saw. It was a simple, but comfortable place, more like where Mike thought a bachelor would live then a middle-aged single woman. It was cool and dark inside. Robin dropped her stuff on the dining room table, heavily. Un-tucking her blouse, she unbuttoned it and pulled it off, revealing her firm breasts.

Mike stared. "Do you ever wear a bra, Robin?" he asked.

She shook her head. "I need a hot shower. Why don't you look around for a while and then join me."

She winked and walked away, her firm breasts swaying slightly.

Mike watched her go, regretfully. She entered the bathroom and he heard her turn the sink faucet on. Mike shrugged and wandered around the place. He perused the living room, the study, the kitchen. He took a bottle of beer from the fridge, drinking as he explored. He entered the bedroom. It was dominated by a king-size bed with a frame made of heavy walnut. He threw himself on the bed. Comfy, he thought. Perfect for fucking. Mike stood and looked in the mirror. He stripped naked and tossed his clothes on a nearby chair.

He heard the shower start and smiled. It looked like Robin was ready for him. Why keep her waiting?

Mike started toward the door and passed the dresser. He set the beer bottle down and his eyes were drawn to a diamond ring lying beside another, heavier, unadorned man's ring. Mike picked them up. Both were lying atop an old photograph of a young couple. It took Michael a moment to recognize Miss Robin Walsh. Mike turned the photo over. It read: Phillip Jonathan Walsh and Robin Linda Barrett -- 1989.

Mike smiled. Robin had been married. He didn't know why he had assumed that she never had been. He took another look at the photo. Robin had been a looker back then, but, in Mike's opinion, nothing like now. The younger woman had the same devastating figure, but her face was full and youthful, unlike the older woman's strong, chiseled features.

Putting down the photo and the rings, Michael walked to the bathroom and entered. The room was bigger than he expected, dominated by a large walk-in shower. Inside, Robin Barrett Walsh ran her fingers through her long, wet midnight hair.

Mike entered the roomy shower. Coming up behind Robin, he slid his hands up her back and over her shoulder-blades. Moving his hands to her neck and shoulders, Mike massaged them, firmly.

"Uuuummm," she murmured. "Ooohhh, yes..."

Mike slid his hands around her neck, feeling the sensuous warmth of her vulnerable throat, and pressed his chest against her back. He kissed at the back of her neck and nibbled at her skin, playfully. He turned her to face him and kissed her on the mouth. He pressed against her, her tits crushed against his chest.

With sudden strength, Robin pushed him backwards, against the shower tiles. She put her hands on his chest and slid to her knees, drawing her fingernails down his chest and abdomen.

Mike felt the heat of her face and her lips, as she rubbed and licked around the head of his swelling cock. The warmth and wetness of her mouth went far beyond that of the shower and Mike luxuriated in the exceptional feeling. He looked down, and watched as Robin took him inside her.

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