tagExhibitionist & VoyeurConcert Audience Gives a Show

Concert Audience Gives a Show


When the concert started I was in a bad mood. I hadn't wanted to come in the first place, but my wife had already bought the tickets. She acted as if it was meant to be a fun evening out, so I had agreed to go along, although I hate classical music, and getting dressed up to listen to strings screeching sounded like a torturous evening to me.

Our budget didn't permit very good seats. In fact, we were almost completely in the back of the balcony. My wife Mary cheerfully pointed out that as we were there for the orchestra it didn't really matter what our view was. I agreed, but only because there was no reason to do otherwise. The balcony was fairly empty; we could have moved up from our purchased seats, but I didn't suggest it because I didn't see the point. My wife always felt doing such things was dishonest, so we settled into an empty row of a nearly empty section.

We sat quietly waiting for the concert to start. Mary occasionally commented on the splendor of the theatre, or exclaimed over a detail in the program. I was only listening enough to respond when I needed to, not wanting to start an argument but not particularly interested in actually having a conversation about how many light bulbs were in the chandelier, or compare the number of private boxes with the theatre across town. I glanced over the other audience members as they arrived, only vaguely noting the number couples and the varying ages of them.

It was the age, or maybe the legs – or perhaps some combination of the two – that made me notice the blonde when they arrived. The woman's dress wasn't indecently short, nor horribly low cut. It was looser than my wife's dress, but somehow it clung to her as she moved, showing off every beautiful curve and feature of her body. She was young, probably early twenties, obviously well toned, and on the arm of an equally young and attractive man. The couple climbed the steps and entered the row in front of Mary and myself, settling themselves into seats just off to one side of us.

The couple, I decided, were in early stages of their relationship. They touched often, and lowered their heads to speak quietly to each other, although Mary and I were the closest to them and couldn't possibly hear them. The blonde's face regularly lit up with a wide smile as she turned to smile at her date. I could only see the back of the man's head, but imagined he was smiling back just as widely. I glanced over at Mary and we exchanged half-smiles. All that we could manage after so many years of being together.

Mary brought up the subject of her nephew getting into college, and for the few minutes remaining before the concert started, I was pulled back into the drudgery of every day life. The lights eventually dimmed and the music started and I spent a little while staring vaguely into space. It was two movements into the first piece before my eyes wandered over to the couple in front of us again. The lighting was dim, but I could make them out easily enough. Her long slim legs were crossed towards the man she was with, and his hand was on her leg.

As I watched, his hand moved up and down her thigh in what appeared to be an absent-minded caress at first. After a few strokes though, I realized he was slowly working her skirt up. Before, I could just see her bare knees and an inch or so of thigh, but now I could see several inches more. And, a few lazy strokes later, I could see half of her naked thighs and was inwardly cheering the man on, hoping against all logic he'd somehow get the whole dress off.

As if hearing my thoughts, the blonde woman swatted at her date's hand, and pulled her skirt down, giving the man a mock-glare. But she hadn't pulled her skirt down all the way, I noticed. She also hadn't made the man remove his hand. Expecting him to wait a few minutes before he tried anything again, if that was even what he was doing, I directed my eyes back to the stage, gazing mindlessly at the violin section.

When I thought enough time had passed, I glanced out of the corner of my eye and wasn't disappointed to see the man's hand slowly stroking the blonde's leg again. He'd gotten her skirt another inch or two higher. As I watched he changed from stroking her leg up and down to rubbing it side to side. His hand slipped over her thigh, curving down and out of sight. When it came back into view, he had worked his fingers under the edge of the woman's skirt. He repeated this action, hitching the skirt up another inch or two in the process.

Unfortunately, the blonde caught his hand again. She turned her face towards him, I could see her teasing glare as she moved his hand away from her legs. I quickly directed my gaze back to the stage as I realized her head was turning further around – looking in our direction. She was checking to see how private they were, I realized with rising hopes. My cock twitched in my pants as I imagined the sort of show I might actually get.

I waited another minute before easing my eyes in their direction again. The blonde was facing forward again. She had uncrossed her legs, and they were angled slightly towards her date. My cock began to stiffen as I spotted the man's hand on her leg. He was stroking up and down again, still moving casually but less cautiously as before. Her skirt was sliding up her thighs at a slow, steady pace. In less than two minutes, I could see almost all of her creamy pale thighs.

My dick ached as I watched the woman's legs part ever so slightly. Her date didn't hesitate to slip his hand between them, angling his hand to rub against her privately. Suddenly I was frustrated at my angle. It had seemed so perfect before, but as I watched the muscles in the man's arm move, and watched the girl lift her hips, her legs falling slightly further apart, I wished I was below them. I wanted to see what sort of panties she was wearing. I wanted to run my own fingers over her lips, to slip them into her wet pussy.

I adjusted in my seat, trying to rub discretely at my cock to relieve some of the pressure. The blonde's head fell back, apparently too consumed in what she was feeling to continue pretending to watch the orchestra. She shifted her hips again, sliding down her seat, spreading her legs even further. The movement hadn't taken the dress with her, and I was instantly granted one of the things I had been longing for. With her skirt bunched up around her hips, even from here I could see the lacy black thong the blonde was wearing, and had a mostly unobstructed view of it pushed to one side as her date rubbed her shaved pussy.

Mary jerked me back to the present, leaning over to whisper in my ear that she was slipping out to the ladies room. I nodded, managing to turn my head away from the show to smile at her, hoping she hadn't noticed I wasn't paying any attention to the orchestra – and that she hadn't noticed what I *was* paying attention to. But Mary merely smiled back and quietly rose from her seat, slipping down the row away from the couple. I waited to give Mary time to get out of sight, but once she was gone I didn't bother watching the couple out of the corner of my eye. Instead I leaned over the arm of my chair, focused squarely on the enraptured couple. I grabbed my hard cock and rubbed it through my pants as I watched the man in the row in front of my finger-fuck his girlfriend.

The blonde was obviously mindless to everything but gaining satisfaction. With her head thrown back I could see her eyes were shut, and she was biting her lower lip. Dying for further release but knowing I could easily regret this, I shifted my position again, and slowly lowered the zipper of my pants. I wasn't fool enough to pull my dick out in a public place, but I slipped my hand inside my trousers, stroking the length of my hard on as I watched.

The girl either hadn't noticed or didn't care that her skirt was nearly up around her waist, and her thighs were widely spread at this point. With her lacy panties thrust to one side as they were, I could see the top of her pussy lips as her dates fingers slipped in and out of her. I imagined how hot she must be, how wet and dripping her pussy must feel, and tightened my grip on my cock. Mary wouldn't be gone forever, and regardless of whether she noticed the couple, she would definitely notice her husband jerking off at the orchestra.

The blonde's boyfriend was alternating between rubbing at her clit and plunging his fingers into her. His pace was increasing, and I quickened my own hurried movements to keep pace. The girl's mouth fell open and even I knew she was close. I watched with intense pleasure as she reached up to cup her own breasts, squeezing and massaging them. She pinched her own nipples and tweaked them, and her hips started thrusting upwards towards the boys hand.

I stroked furiously at my cock, completely caught up in this unknown couple's affair, unable to stop myself until I too found fulfillment. And then it happened. I watched as the blonde stiffened, her whole body trembled. She arched away from her seat as her orgasm consumed her, her mouth wide open, eyes shut.

It was a beautiful thing.

I could imagine the pool of juices between her legs, the tight muscles of her pussy clamping around her dates fingers as she rocked against him. I could almost feel the hot wetness on my own dick, and it was enough for me.

I came with a quiet grunt, my cum shooting down my pant leg in short bursting jets. It wasn't ideal, and I knew I'd regret it soon, but for the moment I was still caught up in the release. The overwhelming sense of satisfaction, and the intense joy of having watched a beautiful woman brought to orgasm. I gave myself another few strokes to empty my load, and sighed heavily, feeling my head spin. I took a few deep breaths before removing my hand. I could already feel the streams of cum I had released dripping down my leg, soaking into my trousers.

A sudden movement at my side startled me, and I jumped slightly as I realized someone was right next to me. An usher, I immediately thought, panic rising in my throat. My panic lessened a little when I realized it was Mary.

Her smile was as bland as ever as she regained her seat. No words were exchanged, no puzzling looks or inquiring expressions. She apparently hadn't noticed a thing. Directing my face once again towards the stage, I glanced one more time towards the couple who had so recently been giving me a show. The blonde's clothing had been tugged back into place, and both parties of the young couple were facing forward. No one but me knew anything else had just gone on between the two of them.

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