tagErotic CouplingsConfession of a Catholic Schoolgirl

Confession of a Catholic Schoolgirl


I solemnly bowed my head and crossed myself, sighing inwardly because I still had yet to go into the Confessional, which was my least favorite part of church. I eyed it with distaste, telling God he could strike me down then if He wanted and I wouldn't be all that unhappy.

Maybe it was just because I had a few naughty things to report...

Opening the door, I closed it behind me and sat on the hard wooden bench, taking a deep breath before the inevitable.

The little window slid open. I waited a moment before saying all in one breath:

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession."

The priest said nothing, and I took that as a good ahead to begin. "I have let the sins of the flesh overtake me, Father. Last weekend I let a boy...um...touch me..."

"Touch you where, my child?" the deep male voice said. I frowned. That didn't sound like the Father...but I didn't know that for sure, and I had to confess.

"My...my private place, Father."

"How did it feel?" he asked.

I flushed. "It felt good."

"How old are you now, my child?"

"Eighteen, Father." I said proudly.

"What did he do to your...private place?" he continued. That was when I heard the first shuffling noise.

I paused briefly. "Are you ok, Father?"

"Y - yes, my child," he said quickly. "Continue with your confession."

For a moment I considered peering through the mesh of the window, but decided against it. He was probably just trying to get a little more comfortable on the hard as shit bench. I cringed and scolded myself for mentally swearing.

"Well, it felt so good, Father. I couldn't help myself. I let him rub me for awhile, and then he wanted to...well, lick it...with his tongue." I murmured haltingly. I waited to be reprimanded.

"All young girls have these feelings, my child. Did you allow him to taste you?" he asked. I heard another shuffling, and this time I saw the Father's face flash past the screen...as if he were bending down to pick something up and straightening again.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Did you cum in his mouth?"


I heard a soft groan. "What happened after that, child?"

My face burned as I felt my cunt begin to throb from relaying the events I had liked so much. "He asked me to put my hand around his...um, penis."

"Yesssss...did you rub it good for him?"

"I rubbed it until he shot off." I whispered, and unable to resist any longer, opened my thighs a bit and slid my hand down into my panties, finding my clit. "He shot it so high it hit my face..."

"Did you lick off his tool after that?" the mysterious priest murmured, his voice sounding strained. I began rubbing my clit in slow circles, hoping the Father could see nothing I was doing. I felt so deliciously naughty with what I was doing...

"He was still hard...so I put it in my mouth. He held my head down until he shot in my mouth again, Father. Will God forgive me?" I asked urgently.

There was silence, except for ragged breathing and stuttered moans. "Did you let him put it in you? Did you spread your little thighs and open your tight pussy for him?" he asked.

I frowned again, pulling my hand from my panties. Something was definitely up. There was no way a priest would talk like that!

I got up and flung the door open, grasping the door to the Father's side and opening it. It wasn't the Father...but it was some man, and he had a huge cock in his hand. I opened my mouth to cry out, even though I knew I was the only person in the chapel, and the man stood up in a flash to grab me and close the door.

"Shhhh," he said in my ear. "Be quiet, I wont hurt you, I promise."

I ripped his hand away from my mouth and turned to glare at him, my eyes, seeming of there own accord, going straight to his big dick and drinking it in. It was so thick and long...

"Wh - what is going on?" I stammered, walking backwards until I was pressed up against the door. The man was very good-looking, with jet-black hair and forest green eyes and a lean, muscular body. He wore a button-down shirt and tan khaki's, which were pushed to his ankles.

"What's your name?" he asked quickly. "Jenessa," I said cautiously. "Well, Jenessa, this is going to sound really fu - I mean - messed up, but me and my girlfriend were doing a little role-playing..." his voice trailed off, and he suddenly looked down with an embarrassed smile at his cock, which was still very stiff and pointing straight at me.

"Why does this involve me?" I asked curiously.

"It really didn't...until you came into the booth when I was expecting her. I have no clue what happened to her." He explained.

"Why didn't you make yourself known?"

"You were so cute...and started talking the way you did...I couldn't help it." He said red-faced, and then added: "At first, I thought it was her when you sat down. She has blondish brown hair and the same build you do...curvy, nice big titties..."

It was my turn to blush to hear a stranger commenting on my body. I felt a little more at ease and shifted, just then realizing how wet my pussy had become. My eyes went to his thick dick again, which if anything had hardened even more, and I watched in dim amazement when his hand wrapped around it.

"You want to watch me jerk it off?" he asked huskily. "I'll cum for you, sweetie. I saw you rubbing your wet cunt in there."

He sat back on the bench and started working his hand up and down the length of his shaft, paying special attention to his mushroom-shaped cockhead, which was already oozing pre-cum. I couldn't take my eyes off what he was doing...a trickle of cunt juice was running down the inside of my thigh, and the booth suddenly seemed very warm.

"Show me your tits." He gasped quietly. "Please."

I was wearing the traditional uniform, a white button down blouse and plaid skirt, and my own touch to the plain outfit were white, thigh high stockings. I knelt down on my knees and unbuttoned the blouse, slipping it and my white bra off and tossing them aside. His green eyes widened when he took in my big, firm tits and little pink nipples, and the hand on his cockmeat quickened in pace.

"Rub your nipples," he moaned. "Pinch them."

Feeling like a slut, and liking the feeling, I took each of my nipples between thumb and forefingers and lightly rolled them, rubbing them in slow circles, letting a soft groan escape my lips at the delicious sensations that surged through my body.

"Mmmm, my little schoolgirl slut," he murmured, a small, satisfied smile stretching across his face. "Lift your skirt for me."

I eagerly grabbed the hem of my plaid skirt and raised it up as far as would allow, showing him my white cotton panties. His green eyes delved between my thighs, his free fingers rolling and rubbing his large, swollen balls, and he began breathing a little faster.

"Spread your thighs." He ordered lustily.

I did so and blushed when he chuckled. "Look at those soaked panties. Is my little slut wet for me?"

"Yes," I whispered, my cunt on fire and begging for the cock that was not a foot away. I had never felt so hot in my life...all wet for a perfect stranger who was stroking his stiff meat in a catholic confessional.

"Push your panties to the side, baby," he said.

He groaned and his hand picked up pace once more when he saw my bare, hairless cunt glistening wet. "Oh yes, a shaven little cunt...do you want me to taste it?"

"Yes," I whimpered. "Oh yes, please lick my pussy!"

"Come here and sit on my tongue." He said and managed in the cramped space to lie down on his back. I stripped my soaked panties off and threw them in the pile with my blouse and bra, eagerly lowering my sopping pussy unto his waiting mouth, holding my skirt up, my thighs on either side of his face. He reached up and tweaked my hard little nipples, squeezing them gently as his hot tongue flicked lightly against my horny cunt. I bit back my cry of pleasure and arched back, trying to get more of his tongue, grinding into his mouth, moaning softly as he ate my pussy. His tongue lapped up my juices and he sucked my clit into his mouth, his fingers still pinching and pulling at my sensitive nipples, and I reached back to grasp his throbbing rod in my hand. I quickly began stroking it firmly up and down, jerking him off, enjoying his low groans of pleasure. I cried out when his hot tongue plunged deep in my cunt hole, fucking in and out, and then wiggling back up to my clit and lapping vigorously at it until I was shaking with a pending orgasm.

One of his arms curled around my hip and his fingers scissored around my clit, squeezing it between the knuckles of his index and middle fingers. I bucked against his mouth when he zeroed in on it with his hot tongue, sucking and nibbling teasingly, and I felt his cock harden even more in my clenched fist.

"Stand up, Jenessa," he said. "Stand up and bend over that bench."

With shaking legs I stood, turned, and slowly bent over, placing my hands palm down on the bench. My ass was high out in the air and he yanked my skirt up, shoving it up to my belly and letting his warm hands wander over my tight ass cheeks. He smacked my right cheek lightly, the sting sending tiny shivers of pleasure down my legs and throughout my pussy, and then did the same with the opposite cheek. I whimpered like a wanton whore, spreading my legs farther apart, feeling my cunt lips open up.

"Fuck me," I begged. "Put your big cock in me...please!"

He chuckled. "My little school slut wants it in her, doesn't she?"

"Yes! Please yes...fuck me!"

I closed my eyes when he nudged the head of his stiff prick at my steaming opening, slowly slipping it up and down between my puffy lips, teasing my clit, and then gripping my hips hard as he began pushing inside me.

"Tell me what you want, Jenessa." he asked huskily.

"I want your dick in me," I cried, trying to stifle the desperation I felt deep inside me. "Fill me up with your big cock!"

"You want me to stick my dick in you?"

"Yes!" I groaned and tried to push my ass back, to take him in, but he stood fast. My pussy was reacting, trying to suck him in, taste him, and milk his cum from the rock hard meatpole he was sliding in.

"Tell me, baby." His fingers tightened painfully on my hips.

"Fuck me!" I sobbed, so hot, so fucking hot I almost came there.

He thrust inside me with one smooth push, deep, all in the way in my tight, achingly horny fuck channel, my cunt muscles gripping and suckling his throbbing rod.

"Ahhh Jenessa," he groaned. "Sweet, tight hot Jenessa..."

He began fucking into me, his balls slapping mercilessly against my swollen clit, our thighs slapping together wetly, and I felt the orgasm already building inside me. He used one free hand to reach underneath me and roughly rub my clit, and I rocked back into his fuck thrusts, taking as much of him as I could.

"Yes...harder! Harder!" I panted hotly. "Fuck me...cum in my cunt...oh please shoot your hot cum inside me!"

"Ohhh yes, my little fuck slut...I'll cum in you..." he growled, pounding into my tight, wet pussy, his finger working quickly on my clit. I was so close...so close...

"I'm going to cum!" I cried. "Shoot inside me...oh please, give me your cum...let me feel it in my cunt!"

And then I was cumming; cumming so hard, so deep, so long my knees almost gave out, and he groaned loudly and I felt him shoot hot spurts of his creamy cum into me, his fingers digging sharply into my skin and loosening as the intensity passed.


We both froze. I looked at the stranger I had just fucked questioningly. I watched as he stood and buckled and zipped up his pants, and then stretched out his hand to me. He kissed the back of my hand.

"You should come to confession on this day more often." He winked and dashed out the door. I opened it slightly and peaked out, gasping when I sighted Father Simon. The stranger quickly trotted up to him.

"Do I have to put a collar on you to keep track of my own son?" Father Simon joked, clapping him on the back.

My mouth dropped open. Father Simon's SON?

Jason as I know knew him gave another glance at the booth I was in and blew one last parting kiss. I smiled, redressed myself, and snuck out of the confessional.

A week later...

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned." I intoned, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

"Tell me all about it, my child." The familiar male voice said. "Remember...God sees everything, so don't bother leaving one detail out..."

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