tagErotic CouplingsConfessions Ch. 09

Confessions Ch. 09


Chapter 09 - Tim

Thank you Krissta for editing.

Amanda and I have been friends for a long time. She is a beautiful woman mind and body but we never dated. The attraction was there, but we were friends and didn't want to lose each other if we couldn't make it as a couple. We had done so many things together, and knew everything there was to know of one another. We kept no secrets from one another, which had caused some of our respective partners to become jealous, but we had decided long ago they would have to deal with it, or not be with me or her.

One day we were watching a movie where a woman was getting photos taken of her. She was dressed, but was sexy. Amanda laughed and said, "that would be really fun, to have pictures taken in all different poses."

I laughed with her, but didn't really think of it. As weeks passed and our external relationships soured, the idea was mentioned several more times. And we began to even joke about going to my father's cabin and me taking pictures of her in a different poses and outfits.

That fall, she mentioned it again, telling me that she just wanted to feel sexy, wanted to feel erotic. So I called her out on it.

"Pack a suitcase with a few outfits and we will go this weekend."

She smiled and winked at me. "Deal!"

I was surprised, but willing to do it. She was a good friend, and her smile had disappeared over the past few months. Jokingly, I added, "And bring some toys with you."

She giggled and slapped my arm. "Fucking pervert!"

Although she had said she would do it, I was surprised to see her car pull up my driveway that Friday night. I went out to her as she was opening her door, she smiled, "I hope you're packed. I am."

I stuttered with my words. "Give me five minutes."

She giggled and added, "don't forget the camera!"

"You got it," I responded and rushed back into the house and packed quickly.

When I stepped back outside she was sitting in her car, her legs hanging out the driver side door. She greeted me with a shy smile.

"I'm kind of nervous."

I chuckled. "Yeah, me too. But hell, we will find your smile."

I went around the car and got in, she closed her door and we headed off.

Throughout the ride we did less talking then usual. More then likely I was as nervous as her, and discussing it would increase the chance of one of us backing out. So we stayed with very subtle talk, and kind of allowed the music to take precedence over conversation.

We got to the cabin as dusk hit. The moon was full, the sky littered with stars, the trees loomed large around us, and for the first time in a long time I felt a wave of relaxation with my friend. Even if we didn't do any pictures of Amanda, spending time with her out here would make a great weekend for me.

We went to the cabin door and I unlocked and opened it for her with a deep bow. "After you my lady!"

She chuckled and pushed me as she entered, dropping her suitcase for me to grab. I took a hold of her suitcase and my own as I entered behind her. I set them down and found the light switch, flicking it up, lighting the small cabin.

As I closed the door I looked at her from the back. Her black pants were tight on her, giving me a great view of her ass. Her shirt was blue and loose fitting, her brown hair was in a long ponytail. She looked amazing, which made me wonder how she could ever think that she was not a beautiful, sexy woman.

She turned to me, biting her lip. "So what do we do?"

I shrugged with a slight laugh. "I guess you look good and I take a few pictures. Then you can change into another outfit, and we will take some more. We can do whatever doesn't make you feel uncomfortable."

She nodded. "You got it. Go ahead and get your camera and I'll put my suitcase in the bedroom, and come out here. I'll get some taken on the recliner and sofa. Then I can change. Maybe more out here after, and if it is feeling good, I'll get some on the bed."

"Sounds good." She retreated with her suitcase to the other room and I dug out my camera and started getting ready.

She peaked out of the room, her fingers on the doorjamb, and just her head viewable for me. "Are you ready?"

I took a couple snapshots of her like that, and her smile grew a bit with each flash. "I am, are you?"

She stepped out, and spread her arms out, displaying herself and I took a few more shots. She giggled. "How do we do this?"

I shrugged. "I guess you just be sexy, and I'll keep taking pictures."

She nodded and walked over to the recliner, I snapped a few of her walking. She sat down and crossed her legs, smiling at me. I flashed a few more.

"Now bite your lip, Amanda." She did, and I took a couple more. "Now uncross your legs, and put one up on the arm of the chair."

She moved fluently, like she was made for the camera. I kept the shutter going. "Very sexy, Amanda. I love it." She smiled and slid her hand on her stomach, then moved it slowly up, over her breasts to the top button of her shirt and unfastened it. Her fingers then moved down to the next and unfastened it, showing me more cleavage then I had ever seen before on her.

I kept the camera singing and figured I should coax her through it with some words. "That's it Amanda. So sexy, so hot."

She laughed and blew me a kiss. "I want to put on something else."

I nodded, "Sounds good, but I'm taking pictures of that nice ass of yours as you leave."

She chuckled, and shifted to her side, stuck out her tongue and slapped her ass twice, both times caught by my camera.

As she stood and walked into the other room, I let a barrage of camera flashes capture her.

I sat on a chair near the door as I waited for her, examining the pictures on the camera. She was made for this, far sexier then I had thought. In fact, it was almost like I was looking at a model instead of my friend.

I heard the knob on the door turn and flicked the camera back to the capture mode readying myself for her.

She was gorgeous; her feet had black heels on, her lower legs bare. Her thighs were wrapped in a blue and black checkered skirt with a shiny, thin black belt around the waist. Her shirt was white with small ruffles along the buttons, the top two open for me to see her cleavage once more. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, and her face had a distinct glow to it.

I smiled at her and quickly took a few pictures of her in the doorway. She adjusted her body so she was leaning against the doorjamb, and had one foot directly in front of the other. She moved slowly across the room to the sofa, resting her hands on the top, then turned her head to see me, and lifted one foot behind her.

I shuttered off a few shots, and waited for her to reposition.

She huffed at me. "What the fuck! You have to talk you know? I just do what you tell me. I cant talk, asshole!"

We shared a laugh. "I thought it might make you uncomfortable."

She shook her head. "Hell no! It makes me feel way fucking sexier!"

I moved down to my knee and readied myself again. "Okay Amanda, get on the couch and lay on your stomach, but keep looking at me." She did as I told her, sliding her body over the arm of the couch and laying there for me to take all the pictures I wanted.

"Now bend your knees so your lower legs are up and cross your ankles." As she did this, I had a hard time focusing. I never realized how sexy she really was. I tried to remain calm. "Damn. Yes, very sexy Amanda."

I started talking quicker, flashing the camera rapidly. "Now perch up on your elbows. That's it sexy, blow me a kiss. There you go. There you go. Damn, nice! Now onto your side, lift that skirt up a bit. Show me that thigh."

She did as I told her without complaint, and I found myself wanting her to remove her clothes so I could see every inch of her sexy body. I was starting to desire her, lusting for her. I tried staying on task, tried not letting her know that I wanted to see all of her.

"There you go, Amanda. So sexy. Now cross your legs and put a finger to your mouth, tell me to be quiet. Ah, yes, perfect. Very sexy. Okay, put your back on the couch, your legs on the back, and hang your head so I can see you upside down."

She giggled and it took a couple seconds for her to maneuver for me, but when she was done I could feel my pants tightening. She was so hot, and when she was like this I could see her breasts clearly firm, not to big, not to small, perfectly round. I snapped a few more pictures as I tried to plan her next move. But she slid slowly off the couch and onto the floor before I could say anything.

I stood above her and let the camera take her. She moved around slowly twisting her body, moving her hips. Her hands slid up her torso and she caressed her breasts. I took in a breath to calm myself, trying not to get over excited.

She stopped and looked up at me, her smile wide. "Excited? Your hard as a rock aren't you?"

I could feel my face redden with embarrassment, and tried playing it cool. "No, just thinking that you are sexy. I'm good."

She laughed as she stood up. "Fuck you! Your getting horny over me!"

I stuttered my words but managed to get them out. "You are pretty hot, and these pictures are exciting. That's all."

She laughed again, and kissed my cheek. "Okay, I have another outfit I want to try. But this time I want them taken on the bed." She spun on a heel and hurried to the other room.

I watched her go, finding my eyes focused on her ass. She closed the door and I tried to remember that she was a good friend of mine, and this was a favor I was doing for her. I could not cross the line with her. I had to behave.

I flicked through the pictures I had taken as I waited for her to be ready. I couldn't believe how hot she was. I had been friends with her forever and never got excited with her, but this was unreal! She was sexier then any woman I had ever been with, and here I was taking pictures of her, very sexy pictures of her. I switched my camera back to taking mode and sat on the couch, trying to put myself back in a photographer's mind. I had to stay cool, had to act like a professional.

I heard the door open and she called for me. I stood and steadied myself once more before I went to her. Taking a couple deep silent breaths I stepped into the bedroom and with my camera ready. She was laying on her back with her legs curled up, and her arms stretched up, hands behind her head. Her jeans were tight against her, and her breasts were covered by black bra with small pink hearts on it. Her hair was tied in pigtails and they laid flat upon the sheets.

She slid her hands down to her shoulders, over her breasts, then slowly down her bare stomach, stopping them with her fingertips just touching the thin belt around her waist. She nibbled at her bottom lip as she giggled and I found myself, once again, very excited.

She lifted her upper body and looked at me with a grin. "Can I go further?"

I laughed a nervous, goofy laugh. "You can do what ever you want, Amanda."

Her smile widened. "I feel like being really fucking naughty. Can you handle it?"

I snapped another shot off. "I guess there is always the bathroom if I need to relieve myself." Joking was always a good thing, always made me relax a bit.

Amanda slid her hand back up to her breast and cupped it with a small moan. "I will have to take you to the fucking edge, then!"

I laughed, at this point that wouldn't be so hard, I was tempted to go take care of myself before we continued just so I could get my concentration back. But I had to try to remain cool, even if she knew she had me all worked up. "Be as naughty as you want, Amanda."

She smiled and jumped up onto her feet, easily balancing on the bed. Her hands went behind her neck then over her shoulders once more, at her breasts she stopped her hands and caressed them for a short while allowing me to take several pictures of her. She kept one hand on her breast, while she slid the other down her smooth stomach, over her belt line and to her crotch, she slid it back and forth slowly. "How do you like that, fucker?"

I laughed and took a bunch more pictures. "That is super hot, Amanda. You are such a tease."

She giggled. "I'll show you a fucking tease!"

I shook my head and starting lighting the room with flashes from my camera.

She moved her hand up to her belt and slowly unbuckled it, taking it by the buckle she slid it out of the loops, painstakingly slow, as she moved her hips in small circles. She tossed the belt over my shoulder and blew me a kiss.

I rolled my eyes at her. "That almost hit me, you know."

She scoffed at me and laughed. "Shut the fuck up! I know you are enjoying this as much as me, you little fucker. Keep your camera ready."

I laughed with her and put the camera back up to my face, flashing away at her wonderful body.

She slid her hand from her breast around her back and in one quick flick of her fingers, unsnapped her bra, and let it hang from her shoulders. She winked at me and shrugged, dropping the bra to the bed in front of her. Her breasts were wonderful, far better bare then I had thought they were when they were covered, and I couldn't help but focusing on her plump nipples staring at me.

She slid her fingers over her breast, pinching at her nipples for just a moment before sliding them down her stomach once more. Her fingers stopped at her waist and she flicked her fingers unbuttoning her jeans, and looked to me.

"You sure you can fucking handle this?"

I swallowed hard, trying to remember that this was a game and I was a photographer, here to do a good job and leave. "Of course I can Amanda, be as naughty as you want. You are so sexy, the camera loves you."

She laughed. "You fucking love me! Fuck the camera, it just goes where you want."

I shrugged, trying to stand straight, trying to hide the growth in my pants. "Anybody standing here would love you."

She smiled. "Okay, then. I'll keep being fucking naughty."

She moved her hand to her zipper, and pulled on it, her jeans spreading and showing me the waistband of her panties.

"I wore special panties just for you because I know you love them you sick fuck." She stated with a laugh.

I held my breath as she moved her jeans down her body, first giving me a look at her black panties silky fabric, with a big pink heart begging to be touched. She continued to move her jeans down her legs, to her knees, her creamy fit thighs demanding the cameras attention. I heard her sweet giggle again as she crouched to slide them the rest of the way down her body exposing her little knees, then her shins, covering her feet with the jeans.

She stood and pulled one foot free of the jeans then kicked them at me with the other. She placed her hands on her hips, pushing out her chest and I let the camera taste her entire body, starting at her cute little feet, working up past her knees, to those wonderful thighs. Her panties received a few extra flashes before I moved up to her stomach, and over her breasts. I let the camera lick at her neck before the beauty of her face was captured in my frame.

I kept the camera flashing as she lowered herself onto her hands and knees, and looked to me, licking her lips. "I hope you're fucking ready for this!"

I managed a sly laugh. "I'll keep flashing Amanda. But I have to say, I had no idea you were this hot."

She blew me a kiss and started to crawl toward me, I kept the camera as steady as possible, the sleek panther on the prowl teasing my lens.

She reached out and caressed my thigh as she moved closer to me, her hand slid up my leg and she found my crotch. With a grin she looked up at me. "You're one excited fucker, aren't you?"

I remained still, trying to remain calm with her.

She brought her mouth to me and kissed my cock through my pants. "Don't stop taking the pictures, that makes this so fucking hot!"

I took a deep breath and did as she wanted, letting the flash brighten the room.

She growled and started to unfasten my pants, her mouth licking at my jeans. She looked up to me as she pulled my jeans off of me and licked her lips, then lifted my shirt and kissed my stomach. Her hands slid to the waistline of my underwear and she removed them quickly. Her hand moved over my cock and she slowly stroked me as she began to kiss down my stomach.

Her lips kissed to head of my cock and she purred, "you are so fucking hard, so fucking ready!"

My breaths came to me faster, and I tried to concentrate on taking the pictures of her playing with my cock. My words were stuttered. "Holy shit, Amanda, you are so fucking hot! So fucking naughty!"

She purred again and opened her mouth, sliding it down the entire length of my shaft, her fingers moving down with her lips, and when they ran out of room, she wrapped them around my balls and caressed them gently. She slid her mouth back up my cock and rolled her tongue over the tip, then placed her lips of the side and slid down the shaft again. She moved her tongue to my balls and licked them slowly, teasingly before she looked back up to me with a grin.

"Don't forget to take the pictures, fucker."

I collected myself and started snapping the photos once more, releasing a small moan as she sucked on my balls.

She began to stroke my cock with one hand, her other grasping around the back of my thigh as she kissed and sucked on my balls. Then she licked up my shaft to the tip and lightly sucked on it.

Her mouth went back to my stomach, and her hands moved to my sides, lifting my shirt as her mouth climbed my body.

"Okay, put the camera down. New plans for the horny fuck."

I reached behind me and set the camera on the desk, just as my shirt hit my armpits. I lifted my arms and she climbed my body, her kisses following the shirt as it went over my neck. She stopped lifting as the shirt passed my mouth and pressed her hot lips to mine. I open my mouth for her and as she deepened the kiss, I took her hungrily.

She pulled away and then gave my lips little nips as I tried to kiss her more. She giggled and finished removing my shirt.

"Stay still," she demanded.

I did as she wanted, standing in the buff before her as she fell back onto the bed, her arms outstretched across it, and her legs bent, her knees close to my cock. She licked her lips and moved her hands to her panties, then lifting her ass slightly she slid them down her beautiful legs, and kicked them across the room.

I started to move toward her but she lifted a hand stopping me. "You have to wait, there are rules."

I nodded. "Okay, rules."

She smiled and started to move her legs, bringing them around my waist and pressing me closer, almost close enough for my cock to touch her pussy. "Yes, tonight, you will fuck me, and make me come. Tonight you will come inside me, and when we are done you will lay beside me. And if you do a good job, I might let you do whatever you fucking want tomorrow. Understand, fucker?"

I nodded again. "Yes, I do, Amanda. I'm going to fuck you good and hard, and tomorrow I will ravage your entire body."

She purred. "Promises promises!" Her purr turned into a growl. "Now fuck me!"

I took hold of her hips and moved in. I positioned my cock so the head so it rested against her folds and slowly moved my hips in a circle so it would push in a bit then pop back out. Then I moved so my shaft slid against her folds and slowly pumped, sliding my cock against her pussy, and getting the head of my cock to press against her clit.

She bit her lip with a moan, then reached up and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me close to her.

"Stop fucking teasing, and fuck me!"

I kissed her, deeply, and pulled my hips back, then moved so the head of my cock was just inside her. She bit at my lips and I pushed hard, slamming myself deep inside her pussy. She bucked her hips at me as I started to pull back, and I pounded my hips forward again, filling her.

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