tagSci-Fi & FantasyConfirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 01

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 01


Several weeks have passed, and work continues in both cities. Tammy is making progress on her new toy...and an unexpected event alters the course for the future...


Confirming Carter Three, Changes

Chapter One

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0610 Hours

Sam walked across the living room and went into the kitchen, and was surprised to see it empty. Going back out into the living room, she looked at the marine by the porter.

"Have you seen her this morning?" She asked.

"Yes, ma'am." He said. "She went over to her lab. She took a team with her."

She nodded. "I guess I should go see what she's up to. Call ahead, and tell them I'm on the way over."

"Yes, ma'am." He said as she stepped into the porter.

When she stepped out of the porter, she turned and walk down the hall to Tammy's lab. The marines outside the door came to attention as she approached. She nodded as she walked by them, stepping into the room and around the partition just inside the door.

"What the hell are you doing?" She laughed. "And this is why you put that partition up, isn't it?"

"Hi." Tammy grunted, not stopping her steady up and down pumping. She was up on a table with Boris's midsection strapped to it, straddling it as she rode his cock. "I'm just giving him a test drive. I made a few modifications."

"Good morning, mistress." Boris said as Sam came into his sensor range. His upper body was on a table at one end of the table Tammy was on, and his legs were laying on another on the other side of it.

"Good morning, Boris." She said, feeling a little creepy talking to half his body.

"How long have you been down here?" She asked Tammy, walking around the table and leaning close, looking between her legs. "Did you make it bigger again?"

"A couple hours. And yeah, a little thicker." She looked up at Boris on the table in front of her. "Lubricate, then vibrate and shimmy. Clitoral probe full extension, half power." She told him.

"Oh god." She grunted, jamming her hips down as she rested her forearms on the table. Her body shook as she came again and again.

"You are such a slut!" Sam laughed, climbing up on the table behind her. She reached down and wrapped her arms around her, cupping her tits in her hands.

She smiled up at Boris. "Thrust Boris, full speed, full extension. Vibration and shimmy to maximum, add suction to clitoral probe, full power."

"No, Sam! Don't!" Tammy screeched as Boris's cock started pounding into her like a jackhammer. She tried to raise up off of him, but Sam was holding her down with her own body, and she couldn't move.

"Reduce thrust, quarter speed, half extension, lubricate, add quarter hip twist." Sam told Boris as she kissed Tammy's neck, her fingers pinching her nipples.

"Cum again, then I want my turn you greedy bitch." She laughed.

"O...okay." Tammy panted.

She looked up at Boris. "Thrust to zero, vibrate to half, gee nodule, quarter extension, quarter power, increase extension and power ten percent every ten seconds."

She groaned, spreading her legs wider as she tried to get the full length of his cock into her. The G-spot stimulator was working its magic on her, and she felt a fresh wave of orgasms bursting over her.

"T...thrust to Ro...Romeo, vib...vibrate to Dizzy." Tammy panted as she writhed under Sam, her body twitching and jerking as each new sensation worked on her.

Seconds later, she stiffened, her body going flat on the table as she orgasmed powerfully.

"Ejaculate Boris, full volume, and repeat." Sam said, humping her own dripping pussy on Tammy's ass.

"Oh god...oh god...oh god." Tammy whimpered as Boris shot off inside her again and again. His cock kept jerking and twitching inside her, even after the reservoir was empty. "En...enough...tu...turn it off."

"All settings to zero, Boris." Sam said. She laid out on Tammy's back. They lay quietly for a few minutes, then Sam slid off and smacked her on the ass.

"Get up, I want my turn." She said as she opened her pants and let them drop to the floor.

Tammy slid up on the table, letting Boris's cock slip from her, then collapsed again, breathing heavily.

"Good god, Tammy!" Sam gasped as she came back over to the table. "How big is that thing?"

"It's only ten inches, it's just thicker than the other one." Tammy said as she finally managed to slide off the table.

"Well, there's no way I'm putting that thing in me." Sam said. "Where the other one? The one I like."

"Right here" Tammy said, reaching over and picking up an attachment from the table next to her. "I'll put it on for you."

Sam looked over and shook her head. "No, not that one, I want the one with the foreskin on it. I like the way it feels. Where's that one?"

"Look on the shelf over there." Tammy said waving at a row of shelves across the room. "It might be over there. I'll clean the table off while you're looking for it."

"You better." Sam laughed as she walked across the room. "It looks like you pee'd all over it."

"Well, I told you that this was going to be a...damn, what now?" Tammy said as the comm on the table chirped. She hit the button on it. "Yes, what is it?"

"Good morning, Tammy." Andi said brightly. "Is Sam over there with you?"

"Yeah, she's here, Andi. What did you need?"

"I have that information she asked for, and I have a few other things I wanted to go over." Andi said. "Are you going to be much longer? The marines say you've been over there a couple hours."

Tammy looked over at Sam, and she nodded as she came over and picked up her pants.

"We'll be over in a few minutes, Andi." Tammy said. "Why don't you put a pot of coffee on, and order us breakfast?"

"I can do that." Andi said. "See you in a few."

"It's always something." Sam muttered as she pulled her pants on. She brightened suddenly, reaching under the table. "Hey, I found it!" She said, holding up the attachment she'd been looking for. "I'm going to take this with me, I want to play with it later."



Running headlong through the village, her breath rasping in her throat, she darted around the corner of a shanty to dodge a flurry of arrows, grunting as a bullet grazed her side, leaving a burning furrow of pain in its wake.

She knew that her only chance was to reach the portal while the merchants were still moving their goods to the next markets. Glancing over her shoulder as she turned another corner, she groaned when she saw that her pursuers were closing on her.

The impact of a body colliding with hers knocked the breath from her as she was lifted from her feet and fell heavily to the rocky ground. She screamed as the child was torn from her grasp. Fighting to get to her feet, she felt the sharp pain of a knife punching into her body again and again.

White-hot agony blossomed through her, searing waves beating at her senses. She fought them back even as she wrestled with her attacker, wrenching the knife from his grasp and slashing savagely at him. Her blows struck home, one opening a gaping gash across his throat, and he fell to the ground, a gurgling whimper issuing from his mouth.

"No!!" She screamed, her eyes going wide as she saw a woman scoop up the child and dash down the narrow lane, clutching it to her breast. She stumbled after her, then heaved back and threw the knife with all her strength.

The blade found its mark, burying itself between the woman's shoulder blades. The woman fell, her body tumbling limply, already dead. The body landed on the child, and moments later, she kicked it aside, grabbing frantically for him. She finally got him in her grasp, and staggered as quickly as she could toward the portal.

Sounds of pursuit grew louder behind her, but her goal was in sight now. There was still a chance.

"Stop her!" A voice behind her cried out. "By order of the Dorquan, she must not escape!"

Heads turned as she ran past, her frock soaked with her own blood now. She heaved a sigh of relief as she saw a merchant dialing the portal, and forced herself to go on.

Leaping onto the dais as the vortex sprang from the ring, she dove toward the portal. A dozen arrows struck home down her back and legs as the vortex receded and she disappeared into the event horizon.


0935 Hours

"Unscheduled gate activity." The Ops tech said, his hands working the controls on his console.

Moments later, a bloody figure tumbled through the event horizon and collapsed in a heap on the polished stone floor.

"Raising secondary shield. Medical teams to the Gateroom!" The tech yelled into his mike as he stood up and looked over the balcony. His breath caught in his throat as he stared at the woman by the gate.

"Colonel Sheppard to the Gateroom!" He barked in his mike, adding, "Security teams to the gateroom, immediately!"

"Ops, this is Sheppard. What's the problem?" He said as he turned around and stepped back into the porter. He had been on his way to his new office when the call came through.

"We have an unscheduled dial up, Colonel. A woman came through the gate. She's injured, and I have medical teams on the way." The Ops tech told him. "Colonel, I...it looks like...I think...You have to see this for yourself sir. And you need to hurry."

Sheppard punched in the code for the gateroom and stepped out when the doors opened. As he came around the corner of the stairs, saw several med techs kneeling over a body in a large pool of blood.

'Whoever she is, she's not going to last long.' he thought as he made his way over. He looked over one of the medic's shoulder, then pushed the man out of the way and knelt beside her.

"J...John?" She gasped, her eyes meeting his in a penetrating gaze. "Yo...you're dead. How?"

"Sshhhhhh. Save your strength." He said softly. "We're going to take care of you, you're safe now."

Shaking her head, she held the child out toward him. "J...Jacob." She breathed, then went limp as death finally took her.

Sheppard looked at the child, then held it to his chest as he stood and tapped his comm. "Sheppard to Tammy."

"Go ahead, John. What can I do for you?" she replied a moment later.

"We have a situation in the gateroom." He said tightly. "Have you seen Col. Carter?"

"Yes," Tammy laughed. "She right here with me. What kind of situation? Anything serious?"

"You need to bring the colonel down and see for yourself. And bring Jennifer." He answered. "I'm going to secure the area, and keep everyone involved isolated. You need to come down here, now."

"We're on the way." She replied.


0945 Hours

"If I wasn't seeing it, I'd never believe it." Tammy said softly as she stroked the woman's cheek lightly. She turned, her eyes filling with tears as she looked at Carter.

"Its okay, Tammy." Sam said, stepping over and taking her in her arms. "We've seen things like this before, or at least, I have. But we need to find out what's going on."

She looked at the Ops tech over Tammy's shoulder. "Why wasn't the shield up?" She asked him.

"It was, ma'am. That's why I put up the secondary." He told her. "I ran a diagnostic. The system says the shield was up. She came right through it. Don't ask me how."

"I am asking you how, and I want an answer." She said as she released Tammy and moved over in front of him. "Have Chuck do a complete check of the system, and tell him to brief me as soon as he knows something. I want answers in an hour."

She turned and looked at Jennifer as she started to pull the sheet up over the body on the gurney. She stopped her, staring at what could have been her own lifeless body. Shaking her head, she drew the sheet gently up over her and walked away.


1105 Hours

"There's no doubt, Sam." Jennifer said, glancing back and forth between her and Tammy. "It's a one hundred percent match on the DNA. It looks like another Samantha Carter came over from another reality, or a parallel universe."

"I can confirm that last part, Colonel." Chuck said from the door. "May I come in?"

"Yes, Chuck. Please, have a seat." Carter said, waving toward the place next to Jennifer. "What did you find?"

"Matthews was right. The shield was up on the gate when she came through." He said, sliding a folder over to her. "I don't have the science background to tell you why, but an energy source from Atlantis, our Atlantis, intercepted the wormhole she was in and redirected it here. Dr. McKay, or maybe Dr. Zelenka could tell you how. I don't recognize the energy signature. We've seen the same thing happen with solar flares though."

"I know, that happened to me. And I know what this signature is, and where it came from." Carter said as she looked at the printouts Chuck had included in his report.

"What I can tell you, is she got through the gate because the shield didn't recognize her as solid matter or an identifiable energy stream. Dr. Zelenka is trying to find out why." Chuck added as he pointed out where the entry occurred on the readouts.

"What about the baby?" Tammy asked quietly, looking at Sam.

"That's another positive DNA match." Jennifer said. "The alleles mat..."

"She was talking to me, Jennifer." Carter said, not looking up from the folder.

"Well, you have time to think about what you're going to do, because I'm going to keep him in the infirmary until he stabilizes." Jennifer said. "He's a newborn, one, no more than two days old. I don't know what happened in her reality, but she got out of a sick bed to run with him. From my post mortem, it looks like it was a difficult birth. And she wasn't going to have anymore children after this."

"She named him Jacob." Carter said softly. "That's my father's name. I was going to name my first boy after him."

"You still can, Sam." Tammy said. "There's no reas..."

Carter stood up, looking at Tammy for a long moment. She smiled softly, then turned to Jennifer. "Would you ask Andi to come over, Jenn. I need to speak to her." She looked back at Tammy and held out her hand. Tammy got up and followed her out of the room.


1125 Hours

"Before you say anything," Sam said as she walked over and stood looking out the windows. "I'm going to keep him. And I'm going to make him my heir."

Tammy came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist, resting her chin on her shoulder. "For once, I was going to keep my mouth shut." She said. "And I was asking Jennifer about him, how he was, and if he was going to make it."

Carter turned around, hugging Tammy to her. "What do you think happened? She was running for her life over there. Sheppard said that she knew him, but thought that he was dead. She gave him her baby, said his name, and died."

Tammy held her as she cried quietly into her shoulder. "We'll never know, but she fought with everything she had to stay alive, and to keep him alive. Just like you would. I think she'd like that yo...we're, going to take care of her son for her."

"I need to talk to my Dad." Sam whispered into Tammy's shoulder. She pulled back, looking at Tammy with a pained expression in her eyes. "Will you go to Ops with me? I want to ask Gen. Landry if they'll find him for me, and let him come through."

"We don't have to go to Ops for that." Tammy said as she led her over to the bed. She got her settled, pulling one of her big pillows down for her. "You just rest here for a few minutes. I'll be right back."

She went into the kitchen, and was relieved when she saw that Jennifer was still there.

"Jenn, call Susan and tell her to have the med bay ready." She said as she sat down next to her. "I doubt if we're going to need it, but I want it ready just in case." She looked at her closely, resting her hand on her leg. "And how serious were you about keeping the baby for observation? I may want to bring him over here later."

"He's healthy enough, but we do need to watch him." Keller said. "I just wanted to make sure he was getting fluids. I'm not sure if she was feeding him or not. She was lactating, but he's showing signs of dehydration."

"Okay, get some fluids in him. I'll let you know if we're going to need him tonight." Tammy said as she stood up. "Call Susan, and get her moving. I'll be in Sam's office."

Interior-Carter's Office

1155 Hours

It had only taken a couple of minutes to get Landry on a video conference. Tammy smiled as his face popped up on her laptop.

"Gen. Landry, I don't believe we've been formally introduced. I'm Tammy Ford. We've had a change in structure since the last time we talked to Earth, and I'm now Sam's sister queen. Co-equal partners if you will."

"I remember you from our first official meeting, and if I remember correctly, it was Capt. Ford before Atlantis declared its independence." Landry said with a smile. "You set a broken finger for me a couple of weeks before the Atlantis expedition left. You did a good job too."

"I had forgotten that!" Tammy laughed. "You slipped on the ice on the way down to the ancient outpost. You twisted your ankle too."

"Yes, thank you for reminding me." Landry laughed. "What can I do for you...I'm sorry, what should I call you? Do you have a title?"

"Officially, it's Lady Tammy, but please, just make it Tammy, everyone else does. At least for now." She said lightly. "I called because I need a favor, and I really hope you can do it for me."

"I'll do anything I can." Landry said. "Just what do you need me to do?"

"We need you to find Jacob Carter, and if possible, get him to Earth and send him to Atlantis. If you can't do that, I can give you the address of a gate that can reach Atlantis."

She paused, taking a deep breath. "I know that this is alot to ask..."

Landry held up his hand and reached over, picking up his phone. He spoke quietly for a moment, then hung up and smiled at her. "If you'll bear with me for a moment, Tammy."

"Hank?" A voice in the background said a minute later. "Your sergeant said you wanted to speak to me."

Landry grinned at Tammy, then looked at his visitor. "We have a request to send you to Atlantis, Jacob. What do you say, do you want to go?"

"What? Sure, I've been dying to see that place. And it makes what we were talking about a moot point." Jacob said with a laugh. He paused, and his voice was serious when he spoke again. "Is Sam alright? They wouldn't ask for something like this unless it was serious."

"Sam is fine, Jacob." Tammy said quickly. "But we have a situation, and she could really use her father to help her deal with it. She asked me to call for her."

"Who is that?" Jacob asked.

"They'll explain everything when you get there, Jacob." Landry said as he stood up. He leaned back down, his face inches from the camera. "Would it be alright if I came with Jacob? I'd like to see Sam again, but I'd have to be able to return, today, tomorrow at the latest."

"We'd be glad to have you visit us General. And I guarantee your safe return." Tammy laughed.

"Excellent. We'll see you in a few minutes."


1230 Hours

Tammy greeted them at the gate and took them up to Sam's suite. She pointed their bedroom out to Jacob, then led Landry into the kitchen.

"Sam?" Jacob said softly as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Are you okay baby?"

"Oh daddy! She died so horribly!" Sam whispered into her pillow. "And I don't know if I can raise him the way she would want. I just don't know what to do. I don't know how to be a mother."

"Who died, Sam? I don't know what you're talking about." Jacob said. "And you haven't called me daddy since you were ten years old."

Sam looked back over her shoulder, then sat upright, clutching her pillow to her tightly. "How? Oh my god! How did you get here?" She threw the pillow off to the side and scrambled off the end of the bed, then pulled him to his feet and hugged him tightly.

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